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in the first few fairly oddparents shorts cosmo is way more smart and not nearly as unfunctional as he is now - so i made a tragic backstory out of it, to give cosmo’s increasing stupidity throughout the show a reason :’D

(although timmy is probably just surprised to hear cosmo talk in sentences that have internal logic)

(also: philip the nickel cameo!)

yall i get padparadscha is cute and pure and we love her but ,,, there’s a polyamorous gem, a conjoined gem and ANOTHER fusion yet theyre shoved to the side for the most normal lookin one um?

you have fluorite, who’s probably not the fandom favourite (bc she’s not tiny, femme and cute!! fucking tragic) but she’s made of SIX GEMS. that takes a lot. her components must be so loving and committed to be able to stay in a stable, polyamorous, six-gem fusion and i really admire that. also she’s so gentle, softspoken and sweet what the heck. protect caterpillar grandma

and my personal favourite, rutile !! my twin children ! sapphire isn’t the only one who has it rough (since she can’t really do her job bless her);; the other rutiles deadass ran away from our rutiles when they emerged ?? and they’re so cute they have opposite opinions/ repeat each other’s sentences and gosh. they saved steven and lars from the robonoids too? i love them so much + theyre not a negative portrayal of conjoined twins !! fucking fabulous

i don’t really know what to say about rhodonite since we have quite a lot of fusions anyway but she’s so brave living on homeworld (not that she has anywhere else to go but still? u go) when different-gem fusions are obviously frowned upon. and our rhodonite is rumoured to be a ruby and a pearl !! personally i love that since rubies and pearls are shown to be completely different gems and the character herself is just. so pure. always worrying, concerned for her friends? A True Mom

so yes i’m aware that padparadscha sapphire is adorable but please ?? show some love towards the other off colors?? it’s too early to be favoring the only one not misshapen have a good day and thanks for listening


i love aroha’s because you guys aren’t like, “i wish they’d do more,” you guys are like, “i wish they finally get a chance to rest and eat well and see their families,” and it’s just so wholesome and warms my heart, thank you aroha for caring so much about these sweet boys

You were always so concerned with how you looked… with your own reflection. And I’m not talking about your hair or your clothes… you were never that shallow.
It was how you looked to other people… your reflection in their eyes that plagued you.
I guess I never understood why you always had to be ‘Mr Perfect’, ‘Mr Nice Guy’ to everybody, all of the time.
Because you were perfect - you were nice.
You just weren’t ‘that guy’. The guy you always pretended to be.
It was like no one ever told you it was okay to be unsure. To be unhappy. To be angry.
To be exactly who you were and exactly how you feel.
And I saw that.
More than that - I saw past it.
I saw the real you …. and I loved him.
I just wish you could’ve been that guy all the time.

More than that …. I wish he could have been my guy.

I will never understand why white people and other POC are always SO concerned with what a black Woman or a black girl puts on her head 🙄

I went to the post office with my mom and she had braids and I currently have crochet hair in, and the older white man who worked behind the desk at the post office had been staring at me and as we where getting ready to leave he began to ask if I was wearing a wig. He stopped himself and smiled before saying, that it was a stupid question. He knew a wig when he saw one and my hair was obviously my hair.

I mean, if it is on my head it IS mine. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

cas works at the butterfly pavilion of the natural history museum and dean is a kindergarten teacher. dean takes his kids on a field trip to the museum, and cas seems like a grump at first cause he’s always so concerned for the butterflies and is a stickler for the rules. but the kids are so amazed at how the butterflies all gravitate to cas, and cas is so gentle as he explains to the kids which ones are which. 

dean has to admit he’s a little fascinated by the guy too. 

bones exposed

Title: Bones Exposed
Pairing: Blurryface/Reader (slight Tyler/Reader)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Name-calling, dirty talk, handcuffs, unprotected sex. (Also, there’s some fluff, and vague mention of a self-destructive streak.)
A/N: Hella long word count once again, like 5.6k or something. If this goes over well, I will write more; potentially, I’d make him even rougher, but only if you guys wanna delve into that. Sorry it took so long, lots of personal stuff + writer’s block are not a good mix. Enjoy, and keep requesting. (And I don’t know how people write Blurry in their stories, but this is what I thought felt the best so idk???)

If you guys don’t like it, I’m so sorry, lmfao.

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why r the cis always so concerned about deadnames? what was your last name before your fifth marriage, barbara, huh? wanna tell me that?

Having healthy hair as a Black girl is better than just having long hair. Please don’t ruin your hair as a means to keep the length. You’ll end up regretting it. Long hair isn’t everything, no matter what you grew up being told.

RFA+SV - sensitive MC cries because of a book

I’ll be a little flexible with this, because I wanted to tie in actual books with different MCs.  And the sad part isn’t always at the end.

SPOILER ALERT because I’m referencing books!  I’ll mention the title with the person…but yeah.  You’ll know that something tragic happens.  So.


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❗️I’m probably going to delete this very soon❗️
Before you go attacking me for posting “provocative” pictures or body shaming me because I’m too “fat”, hear me out. First of all, I want to state for the record that I’m not doing this for anyone else other than myself.
My entire life I’ve had self esteem issues. I was always so concerned that I didn’t fit the ideal standard of what beauty is. Magazines told me I needed abs and a thigh gap. While those things may be beautiful, they aren’t the only thing that make someone beautiful. They are not a confidence necessity and they are not a beauty necessity. I have spent so damn long being afraid to show my body to others. I would be so insecure that I’d wear jeans in 100 degree weather because I was so afraid of what others might think. But I’m so sick of hiding. I realize that no one can make me feel beautiful except for me. The change I seek is within me. By posting this today I hope that I can take the next step into believing in myself and loving myself for who I am. My hope in doing this is that you’ll realize it’s okay to love yourself first. I’m trying to and I hope that you all sincerely try as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this! .Xx