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Preference: Sleeping In

request: Can I please request Evan’s character preferences on wanting to sleep in OR your first kiss with them? It’s completely your choice, I love reading your preferences and one-shots and everything it always makes my day. Thank you.

a/n: omg thank you so much i love to write them and i love you guys



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You waking him up gently.  He’d just groan.  When you say you need to get ready for school he’d whine, “No, stay just a few more minutes,”  He’d be pulling your arms back around him and you just have to give in.


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You wouldn’t even get one foot out of bed before he grabs you.  Him hugging you close and saying, “Angels are allowed to sleep in,”  You snort at his cheesiness but ultimately give in.


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You telling him to wake up, to which he’d grunt and roll over.  You using your powers to pull the covers off him.  Kyle standing up, “Ky wait- argh”  Him tossing you over his shoulder and dropping you on the bed, then climbing in and snuggling you tight.


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“Babe you know it’s late, we should really get up..”  Trying to get out of bed but Jimmy grips you and pulls you back down onto his chest.  He squeezes you tightly to him in a cuddle and tiredly whines, “But you’re my teddy bear..”


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James would always sleep with one arm securely around you, so when you wake up and see he’s watching you, you say, “James, I could’ve moved.  Why didn’t you wake-”  He shushes you, “It’s alright dearest, you are so beautiful when you sleep.  Go back to bed.”  Gladly, you nuzzle back into his muscular chest.

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This morning when the smell of fresh poured coffee woke him up, he felt like something was off, it was like his own brain was sending him warning bells but he was too troubled to notice, he got up and took a shower, dresses and rushed to the door without a second glance at the girl that was waiting for him, his day was going ok he even let out a relieved sound escape from his lips when he managed to put the final touches on the new album, he even felt happy, Teddy hyung smirked at him.

“What?” he asked with a satisfied smirk on his lips

“Nothing, I just though you wouldn’t come today” he said making him frown, why wouldn’t he come today?  “Y/N must be an angel and truly understanding of you working on her birthday” he said with a smile “I called her wishing her happy birthday and send with Seungri my present” he said as an after tough, but he stopped listening, your birthday, today is your birthday and as he saw his watch it was already late your birthday was yesterday, his mind just froze, Teddy hyung voice was no longer in the back ground, he turn to look at him, teddy looked at him in shock  “you forgot?” he asked half yelled at him, he run to his car, your birthday, he forgot that and also their anniversary last month, the anniversary of your parents deaths…  if he was honest he didn’t recall a day when the two of you shared dinner or spend more than an hour together, you didn’t say anything to him, there was no yelling or emotional fights, you just took it…

He managed to get there in no time at 3 in the morning there was no traffic and no people around, his apartment was dark when he went in, he turn on the lights he saw various colored wrapping papers, some boxes and soft blue and silver star balloons in the living room, but you were not there, in the kitchen was a half eaten cake and dirty dishes in the sink, he went to their room just to find it empty, he found himself in yet another empty space, but right there in the night stand he saw the ring he gave you, a note stood beside it, he lifted afraid of what it might say but he had an idea of its contents.


Oppa, don’t worry I understand. you have an important job and many expect a lot of you so I won’t burden you with petty fights or feelings that you so clearly don’t want or care about, so I will remove myself from your life but still I wish you the best, happiness, health and everything good because I love you.

I took my stuff already, don’t worry about the mess, I was leaving when friends came and surprised me but the cleaning lady comes early in the morning so go to sleep and rest, I programmed the coffee maker and the alarm clock for you, I really hope you take care of yourself better, eat healthier and sleep more.

Love you, always  Y/N

Pd: Congratulations on the new album, Teddy oppa and Youngbae oppa say that is getting quite awesome and that you are working really hard at it, like if I didn’t knew that already…but I know, it will be amazing… Fighting!

The tears never stopped, he wanted to scream and break everything but that wouldn’t solve anything the fact that he missed so many things, he can remember now all the times you wanted to start a conversation with him and he didn’t even glanced at you, the times you made meals for him that he never tasted, the times he found you asleep on the sofa waiting for him to come back home, he cursed at himself and he felt so empty so… alone…


You are exhausted, if you were honest with yourself you have been waiting for Jiyong who has come home pretty late every day, you knew he was busy making the new album for their comeback so you haven’t complained about it, the silence of his part was discouraging when you tried to talk with him, your job was getting demanding and tiring but still you managed to get home and cook for him even if he didn’t tasted anything you had done, slowly but steady you have been feeling like you lived with a complete stranger and you hated it, you cried and got angry at him, but at the end you understood that he was after all G Dragon.

You watched Jiyong last night or better said early in the morning enter your shared bedroom, change and freefall in the pillows next to yours, he was asleep instantly, according to Teddy oppa call that morning he didn’t want to see your boyfriend today in the studio so you knew that he would be staying in; that your boyfriend needed rest, and a healthy meal, so you left quietly the apartment to go to the grocery store.

At your return the apartment was in silence, you left the bags in the counter, put things away in the right place and began to cook, trying to reach for a plate in the other side of the stove without looking you grabbed a hot pot with your bare hand making you yell and throw the hot pot in the process, the hot liquid splashed in the floor making you jump in pain when it hit your bare legs, you stepped away turning off the stove…

“what the fu… Y/N!” Jiyong yelled making you jump and turn to look at him surprised you forgot he was in the house too, you have grown accustom  that he was always out

°Oppa° your voice was soft, your eyes were wide rimmed with tears and your lips formed a pout in pain “I’m so sorry, I forgot you were her… sleeping; I’ll clean this, just go to sle…”

“oh my god Y/N I’m sorry, god I’m so sorry!” he said cutting you off and running to hug you

“oppa?” you asked shocked forgetting the pain in your hand, you have never seeing him this upset and this behavior was worrying  you “babe, what’s wrong, did you had a bad dream?” you asked holding him, he froze and separated from you, then he turn to look at the apartment you looked at him and then at the apartment soft rays of light entered the apartment making it bright and homey, he looked at you again you were frowning  worried, then he saw his clothes soft gray sweatpants and white t shirt.

“what day is it?” he asked you before you could ask anything

“uh, Sunday?” you asked confused by his behavior, tears were still in his eyes

“no, the date?”

“are you trying to trick me to tell you if you forgot an important date? Because you haven’t you still have a month for our anniversary” you said, he smiled and you had to smile with him because you haven’t seen that smile in a while he hug you again and started to kiss every surface of skin that was visible “oppa you ok?” you ask; he was worrying you more by every second that passed

“yes!, god I love you, Y/N  I love you, never forget that, I know I been busy and distant but I love you and I’m sorry” he said in your ear, you embraced him and hissed when your hand touched his back, that made him pull back and look at your hand which was red and hurt a lot

“I’ll take you to the hospital come on” he said pulling you by your good hand, you followed him still a bit confused, in the car he was quiet and at every opportunity he stared at you, it was making you over conscious of your appearance

“jiyong, is something wrong, do I have something on my face or something?” you asked pulling down the small mirror in front of you, you didn’t noticed anything different maybe the dark circles under your eyes were a bit more dark and big, or maybe it was the paleness of your skin, but apart from that you looked normal

“is nothing” he said, he parked the car and before he could get out you stopped him

“Jiyong, you don’t need to come, I’ll go you return home and rest ok, you need it” you said, smiled at his surprised face and opened the car door with your healthy hand, you closed the door and began to walk to the entrance of the hospital, he jogged to reach you and took your uninjured hand in his, you stopped surprised and turn to look at him, he was looking at you with fear in his eyes, you frowned

“I don’t want to lose you” he said making you more confused

“What? They are probably just going to put some cream and bandages” you say “you can go home Ji, seriously you need to sleep” he denies

“no, I… no, come on” he says pulling you to the hospital, you follow the medics are fast and you were right cream and bandages…

“Kwon Jiyong what is it, you are starting to scare me” you ask because he hasn’t let go of your good hand and hasn’t stopped staring at you for the last few hours, he bites his lower lip and look at your interlaced hands, you saw how he began to blink away tears, you were getting nervous, was he going to tell you that he really didn’t love you anymore, or that he was tired of you?

“I… I had a nightmare” he said in a soft broken whisper, you felt relived at the admission but frowned

“What was it about?”

“I lost you” he said still not looking you, you frown

“Babe, it’s ok, I’m here, nothing has happen to me” you say he denies

“I neglected us, I pushed you away, I ignored you, I came home late and leaved early, I… forgot…”

“You forgot what?” you ask because this doesn’t sound like a nightmare, its pretty much what has been happening for a few months now.

“Our anniversary, your parents… birthdays… everything” he said still not looking at you

“so I left you” you say simply your voice sounds estrange to your own ears he looks at you now, tears flowing freely now but he nods, and in that moment your heart breaks because maybe you have been thinking in that yourself, your relationship hasn’t been good at all, you verily speak to each other, you don’t see each other anymore and yes maybe the alternative of leaving was a choice that popped in your mind in your darker days “I’m sorry” you say he looks at you searching for something in your eyes, his eyes grow wide at what he sees there the fear returns and more tears roll freely in his cheeks, you pull your hand from his and the fear spreads like fire all over his face, you clean his tears with your fingers

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you that won’t change, we will work hard for this relationship, I won’t give up if you don’t” you said he nods fervently making you smile and he smiles widely tears still flowing but you know that smile is a happy one, you press your lips to his and he responds immediately.

OTP Imagine

Person A always sleeps with a teddy bear, but they are going on a trip and don’t want anyone to find out they do.

Person B is sleeping right next to Person A.

Person A sometime in the night, or right before they go to sleep, cuddles person B like their teddy bear.

The next morning Person A has to explain to person B why they are in the position they are in.

Angel (Piercer!Yoongi)

Plot: #021: “He/She’s quite stunning, isn’t he/she?” with piercer!Yoongi

Word Count: 467

A/N: so before I start this, I just wanna say thank you for 3,700 followers my mind is so blown I’m so so grateful for all of you so thank you thank you thank you, onto the drabble this is gonna be a shorter post bc I don’t have much time to write today unfortunately, this will feature piercer!Yoongi and father!Yoongi (all father related posts are here) I don’t have an official piercer!Yoongi post, the closest thing I have to it is tattoo artist!yoon (here)

Yoongi didn’t let your daughter visit the shop too often. He didn’t like her being around so many people, most of which were customers, strangers to her. He didn’t like the chance of her seeing someone get a needle pushed into their skin or seeing a tattoo drawn onto someone. She’s barely over the age of three and he wants to wait a bit before exposing her to all of that. But during lunch time, when the shop closed down for an hour or two, she was more than welcome to visit.

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HC: When Christine is sick Jenna posts stuff like "Send Prayers" and "Stand together in this time of tragedy" all over her Instagram "Jenna it's just a cold it's not a-" "ITS IS A BIG DEAL"

God I love them so much… I can totally see christine wanting lots of hugs but also “NO I’M SICK GO AWAY” and being the pouty sickie and she sleeps buried under teddy bears
Jenna is always posting shit like “remember chrstine 2017” and taking lots of pictures of christine laying around but then will lay with her and let chrstine be in her lap and just scroll through Instagram with her

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Can you do a fluff scenario with the vampires snuggling with their s/o (or Yui)? If you still want to do the night snuggling, then by all means go for it ;)

Admin: so many vampires ! Dang ! <3 I had typed it al in my notepad and accidentally erased everything ! *cries*

Ruki: “what was that livestock ? You’re cold ? ” he smiled “come here I’ll warm you up ”  he slowly wrapped his arms around you. “Oyasumi…” He softly whispered in your ear before slowly brushing your cheek with his lips and tenderly kissing it.

Kou: “oh? What are you doing here M-Neko-chan ? Can’t sleep ? Come here I’ll sing you a song then ” he cheerfully accepted you in the bed and began humming your favorite lullaby. “Hhmmmm….mmm ….mm…..~”

Yuma: “What are you doing here sow? Huh…? You don’t want to sleep alone ? ” he sighed “fine, you can sleep here but only for tonight….” Yuma carefully pulled the covers over you and gently hugged you from behind with his strong arms. “I’ll protect you tonight…” You the fell asleep while listening to his soothing breath Rhythm and heartbeat.

Azusa: “eve …. can’t sleep….?” He tilts his head “you….can….sleep….with me…I…don’t mind….being …with you…eve…. ” He softly smiled and played with your hair until you fell asleep next to him. “Sleep….tight….Eve…”

Shu: he sleepily raised his head and looked at you. “Why are you awake at such late hours ? Oh? Can’t sleep uh? Well come here …” He offered you to lay down and took out one of his earbuds and offered it to you, you listened to music until you fell asleep in his arms. He then softly whispered in your ear “goodnight…Yui”

Reiji: “you’re afraid of the dark again? I guess it can’t be helped then….come here ” the dark haired vampire made some space for you to lay down with him. “But this is the last time alright ? Tomorrow you’ll sleep in your bed otherwise I’ll have to punish you …” He slowly pulled you to his Chest and hugged you tightly.

Laito: “awe Bitch-chan can’t sleep without me huh? Nfufu it’s alright I don’t mind sleeping with a cute woman at night ~ Or perhaps we should do adult things before we sleep to tire you a little nfufu I’m joking of course we would do this tomorrow nfu ~” he smirked and hugged you from behind “nighty night bitch-chan ~”

Kanato: “If you really can’t sleep I’ll… ” he offered you half heartily teddy’s arm to hold “here… Holding teddy always helps me sleep…it might help you too…”

Ayato: “Oi chichinashi…don’t just stand at the door and come here already… I know you’re scared of sleeping along at night …. ore-sama will keep you company for this once!” Ayato gently pulled you closer in her bed and gently breathed on the back of your neck. “Sleep tight…chichina….shi…” He fell asleep before you and couldn’t finish his sentence.

Subaru: “tsk … Why are you here again? I told you last night was the last time… You’re scared of the dark ? You should be more scared of me…I’m a monster…” The tsundere vampire looked away “what was that ? You feel safe with me ? Well I….I guess you can come then… But this is the last time got it ?” He slowly pulled the blankets over you. “D-don’t expect me to sing or hug you … ” he turned away from you, once you were drifting into slumber you felt him gently embracing you and whisper in your ear “goodnight…”

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Teddy often found himself taking Bacon outside at night either because he couldn’t sleep, Bacon couldn’t sleep, or both. Tonight, it was the latter. Teddy always had trouble sleeping when he was getting settled back into the tower after being gone for a while. He figured it was some weird ‘survival instinct’ that he’d temporarily become unfamiliar with his surroundings and therefore he couldn’t feel completely safe there.

Instead of tossing and turning in bed, huffing and sighing with frustration, Teddy got up and started roaming around to pull on clothes and hunt down Bacon’s leash. Except the leash wasn’t in his room or the kitchen or even the bathroom. He quietly cursed to himself and silently went in search of it fully throughout the floor. He knew he could take Bacon out off the leash but that wasn’t allowed, Bacon was registered as a ‘therapy dog’ and part of that was having to keep him on a leash.

He was surprised to find Brayden in the common area and Teddy mumbled a ‘hey’ as he started looking under furniture then climbing on it to look on top of shelves. “Have you seen a leash anywhere?” He finally asked Brayden, “it’s blue and…well, it’s a dog leash.” It wasn’t like there were going to be many of those just hanging around the tower.

Inquisition sleeping headcanons

Sera sleeps on her back, mouth open and limbs splayed everywhere. Her clothes become dishevelled pretty quickly from all the fidgeting she does even in her sleep. She doesn’t care that she snores.

Solas also sleeps on his back but takes up a lot less space. He sleeps pretty much in a straight line. He looks almost catatonic but entirely peaceful.

Dorian sleeps completely nude. While he doesn’t have his signature sleeping pose per say he loves lots of big fluffy pillows and holds onto them quite tightly as he sleeps.

Cassandra sleeps in the fetal position. She always shares the bed with her teddy bear (even if she has to hide it when in company). She looks completely angelic and at ease. Her face seems softer when she’s sleeping.

Cole sleeps sitting up. It’s cute but kind of unsettling. Some swear they’ve seen him sleep with his eyes open.

Iron Bull has little choice but to sleep on his back. He also sleeps naked and most nights the sheets barely keep his modesty covered. One had on his belly (he scratches it in his sleep a lot) and the other behind his head. He wears a constant smile as he sleeps.

Blackwall wears a short tunic to bed and mostly sleeps on his stomach. His hands underneath his pillow, propping him up slightly. He’s got a deep grumbly purr of a snore. He looks years younger while he sleeps.

Varric keeps Bianca close by as he sleeps. He’s quite a light sleeper and tosses from side to side a lot. His mouth doesn’t seem to stop even when he’s sleeping and the rest of the party can often hear him mumbling none sense to himself as he dreams.

Vivienne wears a face mask and fine night clothes. She’s a relatively still sleeper and (being somebody who values their privacy) sleeps mainly on her side facing away from either the door or her companions depending on where she is. She looks just as beautiful and intimidating asleep as she does awake.

CNU Tweet Time (Final) [14.07.14] [TRANS]

So CNU definitely tweeted less than the other members, but hey, he was dedicated to the cause, he was teaching people how to use the hashtag, haha.

So that means that Baro is the last one! Hopefully he’ll be up a little bit later :)



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You asked for this! NaruMitsu: teddy bears (technically these are two words BUT I'M A REBEL)

but of course i will answer this anyway


Miles was the kind of kid who couldn’t have fallen asleep without clutching his favourite teddy bear, but he was very ashamed of this fact. He got it as a gift from his father when he was three and he spent every single night with it. 

When he eventually befriended Phoenix and Larry, he didn’t tell them because it’s so childlish and immature and boys like them definitely don’t sleep with teddy bears so they’ll probably laugh at me and hate me.

As soon as they all became really close friends, Miles invited the boys for a sleepover. He would never admit it, but he was so excited!
He finally had friends who wanted to spend time with him, and this night had to be just perfect.

The evening was great - it was one of those evenings Miles was sure he will remember forever. Even though not everything went according to his plan, he couldn’t remember when was the last time he had so much fun.

Gregory put up a small tent in the living room, so they would feel as if the were camping. It was already past midnight, so they were just lying on this soft, king-sized mattress, and talking about things nine-year-old boys talk about.
Larry admitted loudly that he will definitely not sleep for a whole night, but even ten minutes hadn’t passed until he started to snore loudly.
Miles smiled to Phoenix and turned off the torch he was holding.
‘I think we should go to sleep, too.’
‘Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to fall asleep in this noise, though.’
Miles snorted and hid his head under the blanket.
‘Good night, Miles.’
‘Good night, Phoenix.’

The second he closed his eyes, he automatically reached out to his head to grab his teddy’s little arm. But then he reminded himself, that there’s actually no teddy by his side.
Miles bit his lip. He didn’t want to look like a baby that cannot fall asleep without his favourite teddy. But… he really can’t fall asleep without him.
So, what should he do? Try to fall asleep without him? Go for Mr. Frederick and bring him down?
‘I know. I’ll go and ask father. He will definitely know what to do.’

He wasn’t sure whether Phoenix had already fallen asleep, so he waited a few minutes and then started to slowly crawl out of the tent. Just when he was unzipping the tent’s entrance, he felt a soft touch on his neck.
‘M-Miles? What are you doing?’
Miles almost jumped when he heard Phoenix’s voice.
‘U-uh, nothing. I am just… a bit thirsty, so I’m going to get some water. You better go back to sleep, you are my guest and you have to rest properly.’
His eyes got used to the darkness, so he could see how Phoenix shakes his head.
‘But… I can’t, you know?’
Miles was already leaving the tent, but he stopped, with his feet still halfway in the air.
‘What is wrong, Phoenix? If it’s too hot in here, I can open the window. Or if your stomach hurts, I shall go and ask my father for some pills. Or maybe you want…?’
‘No. It’s not like that. It’s just… you know, back at home, I-I always sleep with my teddy. Her name is Tina and I have her since I remember. And, ugh… I just can’t sleep without her, okay?!’
Miles almost forgot he’s still standing on one leg, so he put it down.
‘I didn’t want to bring her here, though, because I thought you’d mock me. Cause only crybabies sleep with teddies, right?’
He could hear that Phoenix’s voice starts to tremble.
‘Okay, laugh at me. I don’t care. I-I just want my Tina…’
Miles put his finger on Phoenix’s lips.
‘Shhh… Don’t cry. You’ll wake Larry up. So, ugh, the thing is… I, I also sleep with my teddy. And I was not going to get some water, I was actually thinking of bringing him down here, but I couldn’t make my mind. Because, you know, I was sure you would laugh at me, too.’
Phoenix put his head up and looked at Miles.
‘’re serious? I mean, I never thought you would do such thing! You’re so collected and you act like an adult, so I assumed you’ll think I am too childlish to be your buddy.’
Miles suddenly stood up again and looked down at his friend.
‘Do you want me to bring you my teddy, Phoenix?’
‘Y-your teddy? But what will you sleep with then?’
‘That does not matter, you are my guest and I have to make this night as comfortable for you as it’s only possible.’
He reached towards the zip again, when he felt Phoenix’s finger clutching on his wrist.
‘No, Miles, you can’t. I won’t let you sacrifice yourself for me.’
‘Then the only fair thing to do is for neither of us to sleep with Mr. Frederick.’
Phoenix sighed and nodded.
‘You’re right, as always.’

Miles didn’t really know what to do, so he just sat down again and patted his friend on his head like he would always pat his dog. They were sitting like that for a moment in silence, if you could only ignore Larry’s snoring.

‘What is it, now?’
‘Would you.. I mean, is it okay if I hug you now? I think I won’t be able to fall asleep otherwise.’
Miles hesitated for a second.
‘Please, Miles…’
‘Uhm, if-if you insist…’
He cleared his throat.
‘I mean, I am your host, and I shall provide you with anything you need. And if you need to hug me, I will stay here for you.’
They lied down again and Phoenix’s chubby arm wrapped around his neck.
‘Thank you, Miles. You are the best friend I have ever had, and the best I will ever have.’
Miles smiled, even though he knew Phoenix won’t be able to see his smile.
‘I am only doing my duties, Phoenix.’


Okay I know this was supposed to be a headcanon but my hand slipped I’M SORRY
anyway, i hope you like it!

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(1/2) Head cannon time. So, Thorin is a predominantly tactile learner and lover. He is incredibly gifted at understanding something through demonstration and touch which lead to him being a really talented blacksmith, thus "the blacksmith king" wasn't a mocking title like he thought it was, it was actually men being like "...his stuff is good. scary good." This also means that Thorin shows affection though touch. So when he was younger he was the ridiculously affectionate kid who hugs everyone

thorin of course after that turns into a super teddy bear
and in mirkwood he’s always sleeping SUPER CLOSE TO BILBO and always patting him on the back all “good job master baggins”
and of course in the barrel scene where thorin’s screaming for bilbo he finds him maybe twenty metres away flailing in the water and is all like BILBO IM COMING and he pulls bilbo out of the water and hugs him to his chest and in laketown BILBO YOU ARE COLD I SHALL CUDDLE YOU
and as they’re walking to the mountain thorin. just. won’t. leave. bilbo’s. side. and bilbo doesn’t think about it, while all the dwarves are just “oh mahal that dork”