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I'm cracking up at the thought of the vase becoming a thing. Like Simon rooming with him waiting his turn for the bathroom in the morning and Magnus just walks out with a vase under his arm. People keep going to see him at his loft and the vases are just getting larger and larger. Everyone is confused and trying to work out what is with the vases, are they used for spells? Potions? For High Warlock Stuff??? Really it's just Magnus fucking with everyone.

AOWJEFA STOP I AM HERE FOR THIS. Magnus is such a little shit he would honestly do this. I need him fucking with people for his amusement all season, like I imagine he does this a lot???

Like, I bet Magnus will claim he needs a super rare jewel or unicorn horn or something for the spell. It’s crucial we can’t do the spell without it, and the Clave finally agrees and they scramble to get it for him. It costs them a ton of time and money.

And then he fucking hangs it on his (sideways) belt.