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“what it comes all down to, megatron, is us. you and i. we could end this war right now — right now — with a handshake. look me in the eye—look me in the eye and say you want it ended, and it will end.

I didn’t think I was underrating Harry before — I always looked sideways at the critics who didn’t get his old band — but I have to admit I never expected this. The persona he gives us here feels so complete and distinct, developing hints dropped on 1D album cuts into a fully realized character you want to meet in the hallway and ask for a hit of whatever he’s on. He’s strung out on the 20th-century rock canon, mainly, as you’ve all noted — madly in love with The Beatles and The Stones, ready to make some noise in a hotel room but even more stoked to get bittersweet and acoustic afterward. And while he clearly wants his solo debut to be a major statement, he’s also smart enough not to get lost in the ego traps that snare some other male pop stars on their way there. It’s the little details that make these songs work: I like how he ends the refrain of “From the Dining Table” with a half-sighed “by the way,” trying to sound casual but only making it clearer how hurt he is. And I love it when he lists “she’s got a book for every situation!” as one of his crush’s top three most alluring qualities on “Carolina.” There’s something so charming to me about how giddy he is to be hanging out with someone more well-read than he is (that’s how I hear that line, at least), and it speaks to the album’s underlying generosity.

I was told in no uncertain terms that the Abbey wasn’t where I was meant to end up. It’s just a step along a path. You know, god allegedly has bigger plans for me.
Something tells me you don’t entirely believe that.
I suspect that’s because I don’t.
Well, maybe they’re right. I mean, just think, if you hadn’t got fired we wouldn’t have met.

I Need You - Sherlock x Reader

Requested by @trilbygirl212​ I hope you like it!!

Prompt 20: ”Have you been crying?“

Prompt 69: ”When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!

Prompt 110: ”You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Word Count: 1783

Warnings: drug use/overdose, so much angst

It had been a long day. An extremely long day. When you came into work that morning, Greg handed you three different files each containing a different set of murders. You’d started optimistically; evidence was screaming at you from the pages and within a few hours you were sure you knew who the culprits were. But as time went on, you knew you wouldn’t be getting home for much longer than usual.

Everything came up negative. Every piece of forensic evidence you’d asked to be tested came back either unusable, unrelated to the crime or just plain wrong. Witnesses refused to speak or gave completely contrasting stories. You’d even been screamed at by a middle-aged woman for wasting her time when she had ‘far more important things to be doing.’

No matter how hard you tried, things kept going wrong and for the time being you just didn’t know how to fix them. All you wanted to do was go home, curl up into a ball next to Sherlock, and fall asleep.

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Do you have hcs for Trimberly lap sitting?

  • Kim sits in Trini’s lap more often then Trini sits in Kim’s. Trini just prefers having Kim sit on her’s because Kim’s weight grounds her somehow.
  • Trini loves when they’re back to chest and she can loop her arms around Kim’s stomach and kinda squish her and rub her cheek all over Kim’s shoulders and back of the neck
  • Kim never admits it out loud but sitting on Trini’s lap makes her feel safe and loved and cared for and it’s the deal. 
  • when Trini is having a bad day Kim still sits on her lap, but this time they sit chest to chest as Kim kind of straddles her so Trini can hide her face in Kim’s neck or chest
  • It doesn’t happen that much but Trini loves sitting on Kim’s lap from time to time and almost always plops herself sideways so they can talk
  • Kim is the best for piggy back rides, lap sitting aside Trini is fucking shameless in jumping on Kim’s back and demanding she carry her places 
    • look Trini doesn’t have to walk
    • also she gets to snuggle Kim while she goes places and that’s just a win-win-win situation
  • Trini plays with them hem of Kim’s shirt every time Kim’s sitting on her lap.
    • most of the time she doesn’t have any intent, it’s just a nervous habit. 
  • Kim likes threading her fingers through Trini’s and lifting her hand up to kiss Trini’s knuckles
  • they probably say their first i love yous while Trini is sitting on Kim’s lap trying to have a serious conversation and it somehow comes out.
WWRD 03: Freedom Doesn’t Exist

Originally posted by princeuji

→ angst, implied smut, vampire/war!au
→ when a forbidden relationship between the general’s daughter and a vampire used as a military tool takes place during the war.
prologue: “I know” | 01 I swear on my honor | 02 “Marry me” [M] | 03 Freedom doesn’t exist | 04 On the Other Side

And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

A/N: I should be studying for chem but this happened! ASFAEFflkj ENJOY

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T'challa and Bucky doting over Tony pls,,, with cheek kisses and surprise hugs and cuddling together on the couch,,,they both want Tony to sit on their lap so Tony always ends up sitting sideways so he's on both of them

All the softness I could have ever wanted *sighs contently* I can’t really think of a full scene right now, but here’s what I think (some of them are probably classics by now but there’s a damn good reason for that and, more importantly, I don’t care):

  • Tony always sleeps in the middle. It works well, because his boyfriends prefer being able to get out of the bed in half a second–and keep Tony from running off to engineer in the middle of the night–and Tony just feels so much safer when he’s surrounded by their warmth.
  • Bucky loves massaging Tony. It started out as more of a therapeutic activity–doing something with his hands that’s not killing, and all that–but he’s not just getting pretty good at it, now he also genuinely enjoys it. Especially with how easily Tony melts into his touches, and how often he really needs one, with all those hours spent bowed over papers and projects.
  • T’Challa loves doing all these small, affectionate gestures that make Tony flush and say crude things to distract everyone and himself from how touched he is. He likes kissing Tony’s fingers when he hands him stuff, likes placing butterfly kisses all over Tony’s face, likes to press their foreheads together and simply breathe the same air, likes to embrace Tony whenever possible (and appropriate) (and sometimes when it’s not too)
  • The wars over who’s lap Tony sits on are legendary. No dirty trick is too low. And you better believe that the rest of the team frequently bets on the outcome. Until Tony finds out about it and promptly sits on Clint’s lab for a week. (They are a lot more subtle after that.)
  • When one of them is gone, he always comes back bearing gifts. It doesn’t matter whether it was un undercover mission in Austria, a business meeting in Japan, an important political gala in South Africa. They always come back with something small for their lovers (and often manage to call in between, but don’t tell Fury)

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“You always this quiet?” (for the 4-word prompts)

This is set after I Want To Believe I hope you like it :)


  It’s your first night back in the unremarkable house.  After several painful months spent living with your Mother you finally believed you and Mulder were in the right place for you to return home.

  He’s been gazing at you from across the kitchen table gently stroking the inside of your palm while he holds your hand.

  “You always this quiet now Mulder?”

  “I’m just, figuring out how to tell you something.”

  You get out of your chair and settle yourself in his lap, placing a soft slow kiss on his lips.

  “Just tell me.”

  He smiles at you as he smooths your hair behind your ears, brushing his lips over your cheek.

  “My whole life I’ve always felt tilted, sideways, slightly out of place.  Like I was constantly waiting for something to happen, something to even me out make me feel like I belonged.  I can remember being a teenager lying awake in bed at night thinking I just want to go home.  Which in and of itself was a surreal sentiment, for all intents and purposes I was home, but I could feel it in my gut that place wasn’t meant for me.”

  “Oh Mulder.”  You say as you run your hand through his hair slowly trailing your fingers down the back of his neck.

  “Just let me get this out Scully.”  he takes a deep breath and continues.  “Then I met you and little by little I could feel things inside me start to shift, I could feel the dread inside me begin to dissipate.  Then one day all at once I looked at you and I just knew, I was home.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that place I was always looking for didn’t exist, because it was never really a place at all, it was a person, It was you Scully.  Nothing is ever more right or centered then when I’m with you.  You’re my home Scully, and I never want to be away from home ever again.”

  You can feel a tear slide down your cheek, your mouth agape unable to find the words to match his declaration.  You kiss him tenderly whispering your response against his lips.

  “You never will Mulder, I promise, you never will.”

"One of these days."

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Trying to find the right time to have a little fun is not so easy.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married and they’ve been sneaking around Alexandria so that they can have sex together but every time they try, they always get caught so Daryl decides to go to jail cell with the reader so that they can have their alone time but someone accidentally walks in on them as they finish and Daryl gets mad but the reader calms him down with a kiss. :)

Hope you like it ^-^!

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 1,622
  • Warning: Light smut. Bad words.

Daryl lifted you up for you to sit in the counter of the living room, his lips crashing against yours in a hard kiss as his hands pulled you close to him by the waist. Your hands tangled in his hair kissing him back, his tongue playing with yours, and he made a low growl when your legs pulled him close where the bulge in his pants pressed against you. He pulled apart to take your t-shirt off and his hand caressed your soft skin as he kissed your neck, missing the contact with it. It’s been a while since the last time you two made love because of his long tired runs and your work in Denise in the infirmary, besides, do it at night with Carol at home felt wrong. You pushed his vest out of his body and start unbuttoning his shirt while he did it too; too excited to waste the time before he left.  

He kissed the skin between your breasts, making you moan as you worked blindly to undo his belt.    

“Do we really have time to do this?” You asked pulling down his pants a little.

“Yeah…” He said, going down to unbuttoned your jeans. “Let me get ya ready.”

His hot words made you lick your dry lip and you bit it feeling his lips on your belly. He was going to pull your jeans down but then someone knocked the door, insistently.

“Shit…” He growled getting up.

“Coming!” You got off the counter and you put your t-shirt back while he pulled his pant up that hung from his hips. You fixed your jeans and walked toward the door to open it, feeling your cheeks red while you smiled at Denise. “Hey…”

“Hey, (y/n).” She smiled back. “Is Daryl home? I hope he hasn’t left yet.”

“Not yet.” You tried not to laugh and walked out to close the door a little. “He’s getting ready. Something happened?”

“No, no…” She moved her hand in the air and pulled a paper of her jean pocket. “I forgot to write some things on the list I gave him yesterday.”

Behind you, the door opened and Daryl walked out, dressed and with his crossbow and his backpack around his body. He looked normal, his hair was kind of messy, but it usually was.

“Oh, hey…” Denise smile at him, and he nodded once at her. “I just wanted to give you this. Sorry to bother you.”

“No. It’s okay…” You said and looked at your husband. “Daryl has to go now.”

He looked at you, frustrated for your interrupted play time.

“Yeah. I better go now.” He kissed your temple and looked at Denise before he walked. “Bye.”

He went down the steps and walked away.

“Remember to keep it cool.” You chuckled, referring to his erection that would take time to get down, and he just waved walking away. “Be careful. And bring something nice for me.”

“Always.” He answered.

Sitting sideways on the first step of the stair of the porch, with your back against the railing and your left leg over his lap, you watched the night sky above you as you breathed the fresh. It was quiet and relaxing, He was there, without talking, just sharing enjoying each other’s company. At least until you left his left hand sliding over your naked leg. His soft, warm movement made you gulped, but the fierce look in his eyes never let your, talking to you without words, telling you to stay quiet as he reached your thigh under your big black sweatshirt. It felt exciting, again, hot, and you held your breath when he just stroked your skin.

“We shouldn’t do this here.” You whispered feeling your cheeks burning.

“Do what?” He teased you, his hand reaching the button of your shorts. “I can do it nice and slowly if ya remain quiet.”

He unzipped it, and his expert hand moved palm up to cup your womanhood above your underwear.  His middle finger slid against your folds as his other hands caressed your leg on his lap. You bit your lips to retain a moan, but the sensation made you shiver when he started rubbing his finger. The tension on your body increase as he moved his hand a little faster, feeling the moisture against his finger. You had enough from his light fingers, and you pushed his hand out of your body and climbed to his lap. His hands held you against him as his mouth took yours in a hot kiss. He growled feeling you against his erection and he rubbed himself against you, dying to be inside you.

“Let’s do it here.” He said against your mouth. “It’s dark and everyone is sleepin’.”    

“That’s kinky.” You chuckled, your hands searching for his belt as he kissed your neck. But it wasn’t the right time. Through the window, the light of the living room turned off and you saw Carol coming closer to the door. “Wait…”

Daryl growled in frustration when you got down of his lap, but he learned forward a little bit to hide the bulge on his pants when Carol opened the door.  

“Hey, guys, I thought you two were sleeping…” She said, smiling affectionately at you two. “I was looking for some water and I saw the kitchen light was already on, but… did I interrupt something?”

“No.” Daryl said in a low, hoarse voice.

She looked at you, but you only smiled shaking your head.

“Okay, then.” Carol stopped before enter the house. “Good night.”

“Sleep tight.” You said watching her disappear behind the door. You sighed, for body falling against the railing and you chuckled when Daryl lay down on the floor and covering his eyes with his arm. “Strike two.”

Standing, you stopped reading from the book on the desk in the infirmary when you felt him behind you. Some minutes ago Daryl was walking around the place, reading the medicine descriptions or touching the medical implements, but now his hands slipped on the skin of your belly under your t-shirt. Your palms pressed against the wood when his hand got down, almost inside your underwear.

“Really?” You breathed in, feeling the tingling between your legs. “Now?”

“Denise is with Tara.” He whispered, his crotch pressing against your butt. “And we haven’t done it in weeks.”

“But– Ah…” You gasped through your parted lips when he rubbed his middle finger against your folds.


But that wasn’t his voice. Daryl removed his hand cursing under his breath when you two saw a person standing from the other side of the blur glass of the door. You sighed in frustration but you chuckled walking towards the door to opening. It was Rosita, and you let her walked in.

“Hi, Daryl.” She said.

“Hey…” Daryl said back, leaning over the desk.

“Sorry to bother you but I need something stronger than an aspirin. Abraham fell on his butt during the run and he keeps complaining.” She rolled her eyes. “Do you have something?”

“Yes, of course.” You walked toward the shelf on the wall behind Daryl, chuckling to yourself as he tried to hide his erection. You took two painkillers and went back to Rosita. “If a man as big as he complains of pain it must be serious.”

“He’s just a big baby.” But she smiled at you and Daryl. “Thank you. Bye.”

And she left, closing the door behind her. When you turned, Daryl didn’t seem to be so frustrated as you thought he would be.

“I got an idea.” He smirked. “And this time ya won’t be able to escape from me.”

Your head fell back against the mattress, the view of the white ceiling disappearing when you closed your eyes and your mouth fell open with a hot moan when he made you cum. Your grip on his hair lost strength as he got up to kneel, his hand replacing his tongue as he rubbed his finger against you to help you ride your orgasm. You let the air of your body go, finally going down from that high ecstasy. Daryl climbed to you, shirtless, with his pants hanging from his waist, and he kissed you hard. You hugged his lower back until he pulled away.

“That was just an extra.”

Your chest rose and fell with each breath.

“Yeah… I noticed it.”

Daryl chuckled getting up, but his smile fell when you two heard someone opening the front door of the basement where the cellblocks were.

“Stay here.” He said fixing his pant as you put on your sweatshirt that covered your thighs.

Daryl walked out of there putting on his vest as you put your black boots. Counting the seconds as you wait for something, he went back frowning.

“Oh, no.” You chuckled. “What happened?”

“He just came to read.” Daryl said with sarcasm, lifting up his hands to mock of that person. “Yeah, right… I’m sure he just wanted to jerk off.”

You laughed falling on the mattress, and you lay down sideways to look at him.

“Who?” You asked.

“Eugene.” Daryl growled walking around the place. “Fuck…”

You bit your nail as you looked at him: Daryl was frustrated even after making love, and he looked so funny complaining for something so little.

“Come here.” You said opening your arms for him. “Come.”

Daryl smiled sideways; he walked towards you as you lay down on your back with him on top of you, and you held his face to kiss him softly before pulling apart to look into his blue eyes.

“Calm down, tiger: everything is fine.”

“Yeah…” He whispered: his lips an inch from yours. “Now it is.”

A Little Fall of Rain

A/n: I would say that I am sorry, but I am actually really not. Inspired by A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables.

Tagging: @kamuithedragonlord, @birbs-and-the-bat, and @cait-writes-stuff

“Why do the good jobs always go sideways?” Jason fumed as he led the way out the back door. They had been trying to finish a deal and get the cash they were owed, but it appeared someone had gotten there first.

The messenger was dead and the cash was nowhere to be found.

“Probably has something to do with all the bad karma.” Y/N said dryly. She nudged the body out of the way as she walked out of the room.

Jason huffed a laugh before turning to face her. “Bad karma my ass. The universe has been out to get me since I was born.”

“Aww, poor baby.” Y/N mocked. She was smiling at Jason when suddenly her face went pale. “Look out!” She shouted as she pulled him out of the way. He was startled as he turned to find the assassin who must have killed their delivery guy.  He thrusted a sword into Y/N’s abdomen before Jason could react.

Jason screamed and shot all his rounds at the guy’s head. The man managed to dodge all the bullets and made his escape into the night.

Jason turned to see his best friend lying on the ground, sword still protruding from her stomach. He got on his knees, taking off his helmet and throwing it off to the side as he cradled her as close as he could without moving the weapon. He reached for his phone to call anyone who could help.

“They aren’t going to get here in time, Jaybird, and you know it.” Y/N whispered.

“Don’t say that. You are going to be just fine.” Jason said as he dialed the number. Y/N reached up and took his phone from him.

“Aw, Jason, you like to pretend you are so cynical, but you are really so hopeful, my little optimist.” Y/N laughed and coughed. “Oh, laughing makes it hurt. Don’t let me laugh.”

Jason smiled and brushed some of the hair away from her face.

“You know, I was hoping I would get to tell you this under completely different circumstances, but if this is my only chance then I guess I have to take it.” Y/N took as deep a breath as she could. “I love you. I love you more than I have loved anything in my entire life and you have made me so happy just by being with me.”

Jason started to cry as Y/N brushed the hair back from his face. “I want you to do something for me. Can you do something for me, please? It is so important.” He nodded quickly and clutched her hand to his face. “Don’t go dark again. The light in you, the part of you that I love and I know to some extent loves me back, don’t let it go away. It is gonna hurt, darling. I know it will. It hurt when I heard you died so I know, but you gotta keep strong for me, okay?” He nodded again and kissed the back of her hand. He could feel the tears coursing down his face, despite Y/N’s best efforts to wipe some of them away.

“I don’t have a lot of time left, Jay.” Y/N said as she finally broke down crying. “Tell Roy and Kory I am sorry. They will probably blame themselves for not working this job with us, but that can’t really be helped now so no wasting time on those sort of shit thoughts.”

Jason just shook his head as tears continued to pour down his face. “I love you, Y/N. And I am so sorry I couldn’t prevent this.”

Y/N smiled weakly. “I know you do. This isn’t your fault. I pulled you out of the way, remember? My stupid need to protect you no matter what is what caused this.”

Jason was about to say something when Y/N coughed again. “Well, Jay. I’ve said my goodbyes so I guess it is time for me to go.” She rasped, the light beginning to fade from her eyes.

Jason leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead. He felt her hand come up and cup his face before falling limp back to her side. Y/N sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

Jason very carefully laid her body back down on the ground. He brushed the hair away from her face before standing up. He put his helmet back on and reached for his gun. Y/N had told him not to go dark, but you can avenge the love of your life and stay in the light, right?

You’re Hurt (Dick Grayson x female reader)

Prompt(s): 10. B. “You idiot!” - “I know.”  

Pairing: Dick Grayson x reader

Words: 1676

Warnings: Cursing, Violence, mentions of torture

Notes: I don’t know…just an idea that popped into my head.

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“Nightwing, you better hope I don’t get out of these bonds,” you growled. You and Nightwing had been on a mission together and, as per always, it went sideways. Only halfway through did you realize that had been Nightwing’s plan the whole time to get captured. Oh, you were ready to pulverize the idiot.

“Come on, it’s not that bad. It’s not like they’re going to kill us,” which was the precise moment that the two most annoying villains decided to enter the room.

“Oh, that sound like a,” the Joker’s voice changed from a upbeat tone to a darker one, “great idea.”

“You two have been a pain in the ass these last couple of years. Moreso that the Bat himself. You’re going to die… but not before we have some fun,” Two-Face states as he smirks at the both of you.

“You idiot,” you harshly whispered to Dick.

He sighed and quietly replied, “I know.”

“I hope you have a plan to get us out of this considering it’s your fault we’re in this mess because of you.”

“Of course I have a plan.”

“You don’t have a plan,” you deadpanned.

“It’s a work in progress,” he replied.

“I don’t think we need both of them, Twosie,” Joker laughed, “how about we kill the girl!”

“Not yet, Joker. We still need them. Grab her, she’s step one.”

You fought against the bonds as you saw Nightwing doing the same, “you think she’ll be able to give you what you want? There’s no way. I know more than she ever will,” he was shouting.

Joker cruelly smiled at you, “we’re going to have so. Much. Fun,” his voice was deep and dark as he grabbed your hair and pulled you (and the chair you were in) behind him.


You hadn’t made a noise the whole time they beat you other than the occasional grunt. Joker was getting pretty frustrated and taking it out on you. “If you just scream, it’ll end.”

“In your-” you panted, “fucked up” you took a deep breath “dreams.”

You don’t remember what happened next. You don’t know how much time passed but you finally became aware of your surroundings again. You bit your lip hard as every part of your body screamed at you when you moved. “Are you awake,” Dick asked quietly.

“Yeah,” you whispered and looked over to him. He wore look that conveyed how guilty he felt. You sighed, “it’s not your fault. I went along with you on this mission even at the insistence I stay back. Sounds like they would have come to get me anyway. So stop blaming yourself.”

“Y/H/N, they almost killed you in there. That’s on me-”

“No, that’s on me. I couldn’t get out of my bonds. I was unable to fight against them. I didn’t even try much after-it was my fault, not yours,” you stated. You angled your head to be able to look at Dick, wincing as it pulled sore muscles. “I’m alive. That’s what matters.Now stop feeling guilty and figure out how to get us out of here.”


Your fight against your bonds were futile as they took Dick away. All you ended up doing was injuring yourself more. You knew what you’d been put through in that room…it was a very likely assumption that they would do a lot worse to him. Even after he was gone, you continued to fight against the bonds. You had to get out and stop this before they actually decided to kill you both.

You knew what they were doing. You had seen the camera during your session with the two villains. They were either livestreaming to the Justice League and Young Justice, or they were filming it to send it to the two teams.

Part of you hoped they had been livestreaming it. That gave the teams a chance to find you both. Both teams had prized hackers and with them working together, they’d be able to find you in no time…unless Two-Face and Joker had outside help as well.

You felt your bonds give slightly and you laughed quietly to yourself. There was no telling when or if the Justice League and yours and Dick’s team would find you, you best start rescuing yourself and Grayson. Once your hand was free, you freed the rest of yourself.

You forced away the pain as you stood and made it to the door. You reached for it, silently praying that it wasn’t locked. The door opened and you stared at it for a second; did the villains learn nothing in all their fights and capturings of different heroes?

You glanced around before heading down the right passage. You guessed that they would take Grayson to the same room they had taken you earlier.

You were right. As you reached it, you peeked in, seeing Dick chained to the ceiling (much like you were) and Joker heavily going at him. There were quite a few more grunts on his end…but you could see why. They were more abusive towards him than you.

You looked for Two-Face, finding him behind the camera. You looked for other entrances or exits, but found none other than the one you were next to. You quickly and quietly slipped in when Harvey wasn’t looking and hid in the shadows. You had to time this right, or you’d end up getting yourself and Grayson killed.

You wanted to take out Joker first. To stop him from hurting Grayson even more, but if you attacked him first, Harvey would have a clear shot of both you and Grayson and could kill either one of you. If you went after Harvey first, Joker could easily kill Grayson. You didn’t want to bet on his obsession with Nightwing to save your best friend…to save the man you had fallen in love with.

You glanced over at the torture tools. There were multiple knives…if you could grab a couple of those, you could repel Joker backwards and keep Harvey occupied. You had learned how to throw knives when you were seven. You had never thought it would come in handy because it always made Bruce nervous to have you carry knives (you’d almost killed someone who had hurt both Dick and Damian and just couldn’t stop yourself). Your weapon of choice had become a blunt katana…but obviously, you didn’t have that on you currently.

You flinched slightly as you heard Dick’s pain through his grunt. You didn’t have time to make a plan for this all to work. You jumped out and grabbed four of the knives, throwing one at Joker’s left shoulder to push him away from Grayson. You threw one at Harvey that knocked him to the ground.

You ignored your pain and jumped on Joker, sinking another knife into his right shoulder and ramming it into the ground. You whirled around in time to meet Harvey’s fist. You stumbled backwards, the last knife in a defensive stance. You could see Dick struggling to get out of his chains as you looked over to Joker who was beginning to try to get the knives out of his shoulders.

You jumped over Harvey, kicking his back and making him stumble into the wall in front of him. You had one shot. Either nail Harvey with the knife, or free Grayson. You turned on your toes and shot the knife across the room, hitting the mechanism that held Grayson’s chains up and caught him as he fell.

You quickly turned so you were in the line of Harvey’s attack instead of Grayson. A soft grunt left your lips as you turned to him and fought to keep him away from you and Grayson. You periodically looked over to Joker, making sure he hadn’t moved yet.

You got knocked back and into the chains. You gripped them tightly and waited for Harvey to attack you. You saw Grayson over at the camera and computer, most likely trying to get a signal out to the Justice League, or even just Batman himself.

You brought the chains up and wrapped them around Harvey’s neck as he came at you. You started to choke him, repeatedly getting thrown into a wall while on his back. He slowly sunk to the ground and you hopped off of him, coming face to face with the Joker and the two knives you had nailed him with.

You flipped away and evaded him as much as possible. “Come on, little girl, don’t you want to play?” He caught your arm and threw you into a wall across the room. The air left your lungs and it took you a minute to get your surroundings back enough to push yourself up. You were met with a burning on your left arm as you saw a knife cut across your skin.

“Any time now,” you grunted as you were thrown backwards, “Nightwing!”

Before the Joker could land another blow to your body, Dick was throwing him away from you. “Get out of here,” Dick stated.

“Not without you.”

“Damn it (Y-”

“Nightwing. I don’t leave a team member behind.”


You looked across the room to the bed Grayson was in. He was currently trying to get out of the bed. “You’re suppose to be resting.”

“There’s work to be done. I can’t just sit here and rest.”

“You’re no good to anyone hurt.”

“I can’t just do nothing.”

“Then I’m going with you.”

“No you’re not.” You started pushing up and undoing all of your wires. “(Y/N), stop. You need to heal.”

“Funny, I know you need to do the same, but if you’re going to go get yourself killed, I might as well come with you.”

“Why do you always do this,” he asked, his movements stopping.

You rolled your eyes. “I care about you. I’m not about to let you hurt yourself more than you already are. I don’t like seeing you hurt, okay?”


Bancroft - 4

As my foot hits the chilly night, I sense his presence beside me. This time, I’m ready, and the 10 plus years of martial arts kick in - low grounding, always in position to defend organs and face, and short calculated hits, pulled back quickly. I have him on his back, ruining that pretty jacket, in five moves.

“Urgg.” He groans and, to my pleasure, his smirk seems momentarily absent. “I was wondering when you were going to come after me.”

Then, there it is - the flash of teeth, sideways  curve - always up his left side. I hope he wrinkles funny from all that crooked lip bending his face does.

“I knew you couldn’t stay away from me for long.” He adds, pulling himself up to a seated position and wiping a few bits of concrete dust from his back.

“I cannot stand you.” I keep my stance, eyeing both sides to make sure he doesn’t have friends. “But you are going to tell me who you are.”

“Relax.” He holds out his hand as if asking me to help him up. “I want to tell you everything. But not now, not here.”

I shake my head. “Oh, and I’m sure you have the perfect location for sharing time? No, I am not going anywhere with you. Right here is as good a place as any for you to tell me who you are.”

“Fine. If I tell you my name, will you let me talk to you in private?”

“No that’s not how this works. You tell me your name, and then I decide what to do with you.”

He reaches behind him and pulls out a cube shape - his wallet. He tosses it to me, and I snatch it out of the air without taking my eye off him. Cautiously, my fingers spread the folds of fabric, and I read the name on the ID out loud.

“Shelton Hyde.” I drop the wallet. “Shit.”

“What’s the matter?” He chuckles. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I stare at the name and birthday on the ID - still lying open on the dimly-lit sidewalk. “I am not sure I haven’t.” My eyes reach his somehow still-smiling face. “You are supposed to be dead.”


This one’s for @bothwaystrustgoes​. They requested a happy Ace Tony fic and everyone knows that I love that :D I hope you like it, love<3

Camping was never a good idea in Tony’s book. 

It had dirt and mosquitoes and sleeping bags, none of which he was a fan of. Sleeping bags, in his polite opinion, were squishy coffins and he always felt a sense of doom when one was zipped around him. He wasn’t a germophobe but he didn’t see the excitement in sleeping on mud. Mosquitoes, them nano warriors, were organisms he deeply respected but from a distance. So no, camping was not a good idea.

But nobody in the Carter family thought so and the nature & adrenaline junkies that they were, they always planned an annual camping trip. While they said that it was a family trip, they apparently also included Tony in it, because being Peggy Carter’s godson made you honorary family. Most years, Tony would mark the date on the calendar, set 15 reminders, and run off to school or college, whichever he was in at that time, after sending a quick half-assed apology to Aunt Peggy. He avoided her like a champ for at least a month after that and took extra care to hone his bullshitting abilities for whenever he next met her and the Carter clan. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them; that was possibly the farthest from the truth. They were possibly the closest thing to a real family he knew, what with his own being as complicated as it was. He loved them all, especially his Aunt Peggy and his pseudo-cousin, Sharon. Ronnie was the closest thing he would ever come to having a sister and their age difference meant that he felt more protective towards her than he meant to. He loved them all and knew that they loved him too, despite the fact that he acted cool with them at most times. He just…didn’t want to disappoint them.

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