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Shawn Imagine for mattmakesmesmile

You glanced over at the clock, willing it to move faster so you could just go home and be done with school. You almost jumped out of your seat when you felt a hand rest itself on your leg. You turned your head to look at Shawn, he was the ‘bad boy’ of the school and for some reason he had targeted you. You assumed it was because you were the only girl  in the whole school who wouldn’t sleep with him. “Aww baby come on.” he mumbled after you smacked his hand away. You couldn’t stand him, he was infuriating. He went out of his way to torment you All you were to him was a game.

The final bell rang signalling the end of the school day. You quickly made your way out of the room hoping Shawn wouldn’t follow you. Surprisingly enough you made it all the way to your car without him following you. You got in quickly and turned on the car. You turned your head quickly when the passenger door opened. “There you are.” you heard the all too familiar voice say. It was Shawn, this kid would not leave you alone. He enjoyed making you tick more than anything.

“Can’t you just leave me alone?” You asked looking at him.

“I could… But I won’t… Let’s get a move on now beautiful.” Shawn simply stated. You had the urge to punch him right in his gorgeous face. You shook your head.

“I am not going anywhere with you.” You crossed your arms, keys still in your pocket.

“Oh I believe you are.” Shawn had amusement plastered all over his face, this was a sick game to him. He leaned over and you attempted to push him away but you weren’t very strong and he was, you could barely even move him an inch. He reached into your pocket and took out the keys sticking them in the ignition. He kept his face right by your neck purposely letting out bigger breathes to tease you. “Now will you drive or shall I?” he whispered into your ear. You wanted to hate him so badly but when he did stuff like this you were almost like putty in his hands as much as you hated to admit it.

“I… I’ll drive.” You stuttered slightly and he sat back in his seat. “Where am I going?” you asked not looking over at him.

Shawn gave you his address and you knew you were going to regret even going withing 100 feet of his house. You drove attempting to ignore the fact that Shawn was in the car. He did everything to get your attention from smoking, to running his hand up your thigh. You bit your tongue and focused on the road as much as you could. You refused to be another girl for him to add to his list of how many girls he’s advantage of.

You arrived at his house pretty quickly, thank god. You looked up at the house, it was giant and beautiful. You didn’t expect him to live in a house like this. After a good 5 minutes of arguing with him about getting out he had managed to pull you out of the car against your will. You crossed your arms and stormed over to the front door. You were powerless compared to him, he was over 6 foot and muscular, and you were well.. Not at all big compared to him. He’d probably be able to carry you with one arm. You watched as he grabbed the spare key from under the mat. He opened up the door and you walked in reluctantly. The house was even nicer on the inside than it was on the outside. You looked around as you walked farther into the house, everything was gorgeous. From the curtains, to the hard wood flooring.

Shawn watched you as you walked around taking everything in. He couldn’t help himself and came up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist. You attempted to push him off but he didn’t budge. “Shawn get…” you were cut off when you heard a plate shatter to the floor.

The both of you jumped startled by the sudden loud noise “What the hell are you doing in my house?” asked a man holding a phone in his hand, he had a terribly confused look on his face.

“Shit…” Shawn mumbled and grabbed your hand quickly.

“I’m gonna call the police!” the man shouted and dialed the police on his phone. You were so confused you didn’t even know what was going on. Shawn pulled you out of the house running as fast as he could. He jumped into the car taking your keys and started it. He pulled away quickly after you had gotten in. The man ran after you guys and started shouting.

“What the hell Shawn!” you screamed, absolutely terrified. You had no idea what had just happened, and you didn’t even want to be with him in the first place. And now you might’ve just broken into someones house…… You were too young to go to jail… You heard about all the things that happened to girls like you there.. Shawn drove quickly, ignoring every word you said. After a good 30 minutes of driving and no sound from Shawn he finally pulled off into a parking lot. He parked the car and had a look on his face you’d never seen before….. He looked vulnerable, like his tough guy act was finally up.

“I screwed up.” Shawn mumbled shaking his head and gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white.

You looked at him. “What is even going on? I can’t even process what just happened.” you tried to piece together what happened but couldn’t.

“What happened is, I took you to a house that wasn’t mine because the people were not supposed to be back for another month.” Shawn said not looking at you. What he said made even less sense to you.

“Excuse me?” You were even more confused now. “Why would you do that?”

Shawn ran a hand through his hair “Because I don’t have a house….. I ran away from home because I did some messed up shit and I couldn’t bare to stay at home, and my home life was crap.” he explained.

You were taken aback by his honesty. This was not what you had expected. “You left your family?”

“Yes.” was all Shawn said. You furrowed your brow.

“Do you have a home?” You didn’t want to pry but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Yeah… Well… I guess you could call it that.. I rent a bedroom from this guy, who promised not to ask any questions as long as he got paid his money.” Shawn put his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry……” you said quietly, you didn’t know what his home life was like before this and you felt sorry for him. You didn’t think anyone, including the infuriating Shawn, deserved something like this.

“I’m the one that should be saying sorry… I’ve harassed you for the last 3 months and now I totally screwed shit up.. I always screw shit up.” he shook his head out of frustration.

You didn’t know what to say back to that. You looked at him for a long moment, he looked like a completely different person. The confidence that used to radiate off him wasn’t there, the all knowing smirk was gone, and he looked like a terrified little kid who just wanted to be loved. You leaned over to him and took his head in your hands turning it so he was looking you in the eyes. Your lips met his gently. He was surprised at this but you were probably more surprised by your actions than he was.

Imagine request for mattmakesmesmile Sorry this took so long!! I hope this is sort of what you wanted, I did my best.

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1) College/buying items for their first time😏(lube/ 2) aomine/kagami 3) angst! Hope u'll consider this request😁

okay im not sure if you meant aomine x kagami or either aomine or kagami but i assumed it was aomine x kagami. i’ll do it since it’s my ultimate otp and i love wrecking them. i got too excited so more under the cut!

Fandom Meme 2
AU: College, First Time (Implied)
Pairing: Aomine x Kagami
Genre: Angst
Words: 899

Kagami grumbled and scratched the back of his head. As if it wasn’t late enough already, Aomine had to drag him out to buy goddamn condoms right before they had sex. They had made out, gotten pretty hot and heavy, and the first thing he said when he opened his damn mouth was “I ran out of condoms.”

And now that dumbass was gone God knows where while Kagami awkwardly searched through the condoms on his own. What size did he even wear? Considering him, well, just to be safe, he’d probably get the biggest one. But they hadn’t decided who was topping tonight. So should it be him? Maybe he should get a box in his size. But then… where the fuck was that guy?

The redhead’s eyes searched through the minimart. He couldn’t possibly have gotten lost and… was that him? Kagami’s ruby eyes landed on Aomine’s tall frame. He really was handsome in a rugged way. He wore a simple black hoodie, sleeves pushed up to his elbows as he leaned over the counter to flirt with a girl? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Kagami growled under his breath. Out of all the times… were they back to this again?

He should’ve figured. Aomine was never going to change. He was too in love with women to give them up for him. Everyone knew his obsession with women with well endowed breasts. And Kagami was never going to be like that. He felt his heart pinch and pressed his lips angrily. He should’ve known, should’ve listened to his damn head when the warning bells rang. Aomine couldn’t settle. Not with him. He wasn’t enough. Never enough for Aomine.

He was never going to be enough.

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Do you have a favorite Ash moment?

hmmmmmmm that is a very hard question but it’s probably…

ah, the moment in Pikachu’s Goodbye when pikachu comes running back to him, like the whole moment is so poingnant, like … well for the first bit of OS Ash is always screwing up, everyone treats him like shit, like they really do, and pikachu… this little pokemon, his first pokemon, who at the time had been through so much with him already, this little asshole pokemon that he loved, after all this, Ash thought that pikachu would have a much better life with it’s own kind, be much happier being free rather than with some crummy trainer like him, and it kills him to release pikachu, but its that goldenhearted self sacrificing nature that this boy has, this nature that we saw straight away from the first episode that gives him no other choice but to let pikachu go…


So since I reached 200, and I haven’t done a follow forever in ages, I figured I’d thank those of you who put up with my characters, and my blog on a daily basis because its a mess, and my characters are so crazy, and this is a major thank you for dealing with me and just yes. Also a massive thank you to those of you who make it worth it to get on this blog every day, you’re such a joy to see around the community and just please forever stay. Okay,this community has brought me so much joy from how amazing all my rp partners are, how genuinely amazing the people are that I’ve talked to, and how passionate a lot of you are about social issues, it just makes me adore the community all the more.

You put up with my characters, and you're a genuine friend!

sarriall1x1s We’ve been roleplaying and plotting so much angst and amazing storylines for, over two years now I think? You are seriously like a big sister to me, and I know the holidays have been crazy, but I’m going to be bugging you a lot more, and screaming at you through your ask about our plots/ships/characters. You got me through a very rough patch in my life at the most a year or so ago, so I thank you for being there for me countless times, and being one of my oldest friends and never ever leaving my side. Even when I can be a little shit, you’ve never once lost faith or hope or any of that in me, and I don’t think you realize how much that means to me. I love you okay? Don’t you ever forget that, you’re and always will be one of my best friends. I need to start bugging you on Pan and Handy more, and we need to bring Niniall back, and I’m going to make you cry so much on Radley, and our universe out of love I promise.

tessellte You are bae, but you already knew that. I don’t really know how to describe our friendship or plots besides so many tears, angst, and good times. We’ve been friends for about over a year now, but it feels like its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much longer than that, honestly. I feel like I’ve known you for at least five or so years. You know more about me than I’ve ever allowed anyone to learn in such a short amount of time, I went through a whole shit storm back in June of 2014, and I don’t know how you deal with my depressive moods but you do, and I thank you so much for being there for me even when you don’t know what to say, or how to cheer me up. Heart eyes at you and our ships forever cause they’re the shit and make me cry every day.

aubreyplaza1x1 We need to get caught up on our zombie mumu okay, because I’ve become so attached to a lot of those characters and sometimes I’ve had to hold back from asking you about doing solo plots just to develop them all more but there’s so many and I don’t even know how we’d do that, but I just love our zombie mumu, that plus we started up our psls again, bless! I love roleplaying with you, its a joy, always, literally. We both love the angst, we both love to screw shit up and make our characters miserable, happy for at least a little while but mainly miserable af evil laughs. Okay but seriously, You’ve been one of my good friends since the band rp world, and its been so long since then, it feels like a lifetime actually. We’ve been through our rough patch but I am so very happy to have you back in my life, like you have no idea. You’re such a sweetheart, and I love you, and don’t you ever leave me again okay?

artemidos You are a literal angel, and I can’t wait to start up our mumu again, I’ve missed writing Blair and Corin so much, I’ve missed Corin and Saige and Blair and Seb. We’ve both been crazy busy but we usualyl always come right back to everything and I love that about us. Our angst is amazing, and you as a person are just amazing. You’re so sweet and I really wish more people were like you. You’re a princess, so patient and kind. Also love to make me cry but you know, you know.

killinemkilam We haven’t gotten incredibly in depth with our plots yet, but I already love them more than anything okay. I fell in love with Zouis all over again because of Roland and Samir and I thank you for letting me play an over protective presh baby Zayn fc, you’re just a real treat to roleplay with okay? You’re such a genuine person and it’s nice to be able to scream to you about our plots from time to time, and I love the ask memes back and forth cause so much character development comes from those for me. Basically you’re just rad af, and you need to remember that. I wish there were more people like you in the world, keep on being awesome okay.

bruisedwayned I really freaking need to reply to our thing on Rulian okay, and I will soon I’m just a major procrastinator which you already know and yeah. I’m so happy we’re doing Allira and Allisaac though cause I had been itching for those for so long and you were sweet enough to give those to me so I praise you for that. We don’t talk that often, but you should know the times we have you’ve been a major sweetheart and you seem like a very chill person and we should talk more and become tight pals. I love our plots and I love the fact we both can take our time without the other getting all impatient and stuff. You rule my friend, you seriously rule.

crystalreedwrites We just started with both our plots, but I had been craving a good Stydia plot for so long and I’m so invested in this one already it is the craziest thing. And then when I was going through my crazy AoS phase you proceeded to be a sweetie and give me a chance to use the beautiful Adrienne Palicki as a fc and I praise your beautiful soul for that one, cause you can already sense the connection between Alyssa and Kellie and its just great. You’re an amazing roleplay partner and I’m going to floor you with ask memes, and scream at you at odd hours of the night about how precious both ships are, you have no idea okay. The first time we talked you were so sweet about everything and so patient and it just, yes. ALL OF IT YES. You Lydia is a total yes, and Alyssa is a yes and just everything is a yes.

findlaywrites We haven’t talked too much, but I already love our plot as well. From the length of our conversations you seem incredibly sweet, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to plot with you, your blog is precious by the way. The more in depth we get with our plot, the more I will probably fall head over heels for it. I love age gap plots so much, that plus Ashley Benson is a babe, so A+ there. I just hope we get to talk some more, and you don’t mind me flooding you with ask memes from time to time and please don’t ever be afraid to flood my ask as well. Thanks for being amazing!

ghstwrites Ohhhhhh, my gooodddd. I fell in love with our plot the first night we started writing it out, okay? Like, there’s going to be so much angst and shit involved with this and I love it. I don’t even know how to explain my feels for our plot because there is just no way, okay, no way. Your writing is epic, I feel so inferior sometimes to it, okay you are JUST THAT good. Your character is a princess, and with every reply I just, everything about this is perfect. From the handful of times we’ve talked, we got along so well, so I hope to talk more. Your blog makes me happy and just your general existence does as well, so thank you for existing.

rachetroleplayer We’ve just basically started our plot, but I get to use a character I’ve been itching to use for so long now, so thank goodness. You’re so sweet about replies, and the length, and just in general. Every time we’ve talked you’ve been so patient and understanding and its amazing cause we need more roleplayers like you, we honestly do. You are an adorable little angel, and you need to know that, seriously.

nocturnal1x1 We also just started our plot and I am so excited because you’re allowing me to use an old character I haven’t really developed in a very long time. Character development along with relationship development is so important, and you’ve picked one of the angstiest plots and I freaking love it. You constantly send me ask memes and I L O V E doing them so please always do that. You’re a sweetie, and I hope we talk more often.

You're in a world of trouble.

This is to the amazing humans I’ve started to plot with, and we’re getting everything ready, and I just want you to know how excited I am for these, and how much I’m probably going to make you all cry cause lolol I’m good at that, and from the few times we have talked, you’ve been nothing but sweet and patient with me constant laziness, and I hope you can continue that cause such a procrastinator over here but yeah.

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Thank you for always bringing joy to my dash

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That is not in alphabetical order mainly cause I’m exhausted and starving and I need food and I’m also pretty damn sure I missed a few people and for that I am sorry but not being up here doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing you on my dash/plotting with you okay. My memory is just shit. My entire blogroll is perfection and all my partners are perfection so thank you for everything, and don’t ever forget how amazing you all are, please.