always saving the day


There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan


I remember my very first day, I improvised a line. […] And as I turned to leave, I looked at Daniel, and I said, “Let us hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.” And then Daniel, who was all of 12, stepped right up to me, looked me right in the eye, and said “Don’t worry. I will be.” A chill went down my spine. And as he did it, I thought, ‘Christ, this kid is good.’ - Jason Isaacs

could you imagine kara, being the little shit she is, changing alex’s ringtone to the kim possible ringtone. y’know the one im talkin about. and alex picks up and unbeknownst says “what’s the sitch?” and then kara just fucking loses it

“we need to g- what’s so funny?”

and kara at this point is wheezing, “i can’t believe you did the thing!”

“kara, now is not the time, there are aliens terrorizing the city!”



Insert coin (or vibranium shield) and lots of love to save your beloved one from another dimension :D

The request from @sailorbettery regarding the final episode of AA S3! And since I am a believer of true love always saves the day so I can’t help but draw my version of the story :D So let me introduce to you the Capsule Toy Machine version of Dimension (Yeah sorry I know it looks like a Crystal Ball and please don’t ask me how Steve’s shield was inserted and then come back let’s say it is the power of love (what)) and the happy ending they deserve :D

I have only slept for a few hours and after drawing this for more than four hours I don’t really know what I am drawing/saying, all things seem to make sense when I was half falling asleep at that time so sorry please forgive me for the bugs QwQ

Hope you like it!

I would just like to thank Jin for JINSTA, he was already so busy with performing and school and going to the jungle but he STILL found time to make his birthday into an event for US, and it was a blast from start to finish, and I just hope he got just as many gifts and good feelings as he gave us IF NOT 10000 x more because he deserves the entire universe.  So thank you Jin for giving us just what we wanted for your birthday - time to hang out together!!    

So… last week I was at the Comic Con Experience in São Paulo and seeing all those great artists and cosplayers I’ve gotten quite inspired!

This was the first of three drawings I did at the event and this one had the privilege of finding a new owner! So, since I had to take a photo during the event, the quality of the image isn’t the best… But I hope you like it anyway

And remeber… Thet ALWAYS save the day!

Give me tattooed, badass emissary!Stiles who is always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and saving the day and gruff yet charming, put upon Alpha!Derek who is always there to work with Stiles even if he complains about it even though he actually enjoys working with him.

They were never suppose to fall for each other, but somewhere between clearing out a nest of vampires and saving a pod of selkies from poachers they fell in love (well first they fell into bed together, but then they fell in love).

I think my favorite thing about the AOS cast is that you can watch the three movies and actually see the way that they grew into the role like

  • Chris going from being a little shit who wants to get a rise out of people aka the Kobiyashi Maru scene to a Captain plagued by his past and refusing to lose anyone else
  • Zach’s eyebrow raise (which is on fucking point the whole time but in Beyond it is so Leonard Nimoy it hurts)
  • Karl’s little homages to De and learning the way to hold his face/mouth to convey such Bones level exasperation
  • John doing that fucking smile when he sees his family that is literally just SUlu like he went from a quiet character in the first reboot and piloted a ship that hadn’t run in decades
  • Zoe’s glare in every single movie that could cut a man in half but also saved my life
  • Anton going from a nervous, somewhat stuttery Chekov to the navigator of the Enterprise who saves the goddamn day with Jim 
  • Simon has always been the embodiment of Scotty but the way he looks at the Enterprise like it’s the love of his life and he’s so reluctant to leave her like he was born for that role 

Idk i’m just emotional and proud of my children