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Like with Bob, I feel a bit of a special connection to Jarod, although for different reasons—this time because we share the same roots, call the same place home. (Like, I didn’t care about Jarod at all until I found out we have the same hometown and cheer for the same hockey team. Calgary will always be a giant piece of my heart, and I share that with him.)

The first time I saw Jarod was on Saturday at his meet & greet—I was the first one in the room (by like 30 seconds for some reason? What was everyone else doing?) and of course he recognized me, so he hugged me and I said, “Hey, good to see you again” (super casual) and he was like, “Do you have your flames stuff? I just saw the tweet.”

(I’d sent him a tweet that morning with a picture of my jersey asking if we were gonna rep the Flames on Saturday or Sunday or both, and he literally must have liked it while he was in the elevator because I got the notification for it just as he was walking past.)

There were 7 of us in the meet and greet, and 6 of us were members of the fam, so it was just really chill. We talked about Miller’s relationship with his dad and how he wants to make him proud and the wonderful portrayal of child/parent relationships on the show (even though there’s SO FEW OF THEM), we talked about how Miller internalizes stuff and that’s how he’s managed to seem mostly okay after everything they’ve been through.

I asked him if Miller just forgave Bellamy right away after they’d been on opposite sides and he said yeah, pretty much. He also talked about how Bellamy is Miller’s best friend and how he wishes they got the chance to explore that more.

He also had another one of my fave quotes from the con, which was “no one is just one thing” which might have been in reference to Pike or might have been in reference to real life, I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s a good way to a) encapsulate the complexity of the characters that some people like to reduce down to a single trait, and b) comment on human nature in general.

I was unreasonably excited for the Alberta Panel that afternoon because I am from Alberta, so I predicted it would be a lot of hometown humour (it was). Jarod was late to the panel, but Sachin announced that he was planning on wearing a Flames shirt so we should all boo him, then I pulled my Flames jersey out of my bag and shouted that I had one too.

I wore it for the entire panel and Jarod noticed and waved at me; and then when Jo was asking them Alberta trivia questions she asked him about two professional hockey teams in Calgary before the Flames, and Jarod actually said into the mic “Sam, do you know?”

(I said “sorry, I can’t help you there” because that was like…way before either of us were born.)

Other highlights from the Alberta panel include Jo asking them how they decided to follow acting being born here, and Sachin said you have to act like it’s not cold here; Chelsey said it was to get away from a really bad breakup; Jarod wanted to move somewhere warmer but still in Canada.

During the Q&A I asked them how the story would be different if it took place in the Rocky Mountains instead of the Appalachians; they said they would all have frozen and Chelsey said she would use tree wax to wax her legs because they’re probably getting pretty hairy.

After the panel I asked Jarod if we could take our Calgary selfie together (the Flames Twitter actually tweeted us saying they wanted to see our rep so I was like “now we gotta do this”) so he took my phone and took like…8 pictures.

Photo ops: as mentioned above, we ALL decided to use our free silver photo op on Jarod, and then realized we could share them, which resulted in a LOT of photos. First we took the Charlie’s Angels one, then Soren gave me and Jenny his two extra positivity shirts so we did that one next. We had ANOTHER group photo op on Sunday (it was mine and I was almost late because I was listening to Sachin’s panel, no one else was there when we finally took our turn which meant we could take a little more time with it). We asked Jarod what we should do and he suggested jumping but no one liked how that turned out, so we did strong man instead. And then they gave me a free copy of the jumping one as a gift!

That afternoon April let us jump in on her Minty photo op. Chris had his guitar in the booth with him, so we suggested that Chris serenade Jarod + us; Chris then suggested that maybe one of us should serenade them but no one was a fan of that. I think Jarod is the one who came up with the pose above, which is most definitely my favourite photo from the entire weekend.

autographs: oh my god you guys, I saw Jarod so many times last weekend that I had nothing left to say to him by the end. I ended up with two autographs from him, one included in my pass and one I won playing trivia. So I went to get the first autograph for myself on Saturday (he signed it with a drawing of the flames sigil and “you know what this is”) and then got one for my sister on Sunday (which he signed “your sister is nice. I bet you are too”).

I also finally met Sosa! That dog stole the show just as easily as Ellie did (to the point that Sosa running down the aisle garnered more attention on Sunday than Lindsey showing up late to the panel) and is just ridiculous, I love him.

TFC AU: Neil gets tattoo’s to cover his scars with special art that reminds him of all the good things in his life. 

The first one he gets is a fox with the #10 because the team was the first step forward in his life, his first selfish decision to do something he loves. The act of rebellion that brought him to where he is today, it’s big and bright and he loves it. His jersey number a stark black on the brilliant orange representing his place on the team and with his family.    

Two cats too represent the fluffy little additions to their clan. A dreamcatcher to chase the bad nights away, both Andrew and his. A compass to always find his way home. A Tree because they are solid and have roots that ground them through the roughest storms and that isn’t something Neil ever had, maybe that is the appeal. As time goes on he spreads his own and it serves as a reminder of how far he has come. Keys and flowers, paws and clocks and so many memories that develop over time, he paints them on his body, a myriad of colours and shapes. Each one unique unto itself.

But the most important one, the simplest one. Andrew. His protector, his salvation, his love. Nothing could represent the enigma that is Andrew Joseph Minyard better than the small percent sign on his right hand.

Neil loves it because it is the one he sees as he drags his fingers threw Andrews hair. The one he notices as he looks down to pour them both coffee. The one that is caressed gently, almost absentmindedly by Andrew’s thumb as they hold hands. The one everyone asks about but that is never explained because it is their little secret. 

Because it is their beginning, their middle and their end.

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I’m wondering about the affect that keeping secrets inside her own mind will do to Shaw’s memories.

I mean she’s keeping a number of secrets. Most of all the location of their home-base and The Machine obviously. But also Reese’s cop identity. Fusco. The fact that ‘Root’s place’ is actually the safe-house. 

So Shaw has probably locked all the mission-critical information away as deep as she can so that nothing slips. Hell she doesn’t even call anyone when she “escapes” Samaritan, instead making the team come find her.

So I wonder if when she actually escapes will those memories stay repressed or not?

And oh, but she also hasn’t always succeeded with that hiding of relevant information, as we can guess by Greer knowing about Root’s cochlear implant last season. In simulation 6741 though she’s gotten to be a master at it, even when she slips she’s doing it vaguely, she says ‘professional dick’ instead of ‘cop’. She wakes up in a moving subway cart not the bat cave.

And then there’s the other question. Even if her memories are all there, how much will she actually trust reality? When they bring her to the subway is she gonna walk two steps behind them to make sure that they know where they’re going? When Root calls her Sweetie is Shaw gonna flinch? Is there gonna be a scene with Sameen holding a gun in her hands and the real Root in front of her terrified because Shaw has made a habit out of assessing reality by shooting herself?

Basically what I’m saying here is that I’m kind of terrified for Shaw. She’s gone through thousands upon thousands of simulations. That has to have worn her down mentally. And we can see that by her exhausted appearance alone, I mean she’s inside her own head right? So technically she could have looked fresh as a daisy, except she looks as she feels like, and what she feels like is definitely nowhere near okay.

“Born and raised here in the ninth ward, I’m a Vietnam vet, I’ve been gone for a long time… I’m home. I missed it, all of it. I’ve been in Texas for ten years. I finally came back three or four months ago.”

“Were you still rooting for the Saints when you lived in Texas?”

“I’m gonna always be a Saints fan!!! ALWAYS be a Saints FAN! The best thing for me, my team winning the Superbowl and a black president. I’m 63 years old. I thought I’d never see that. Dream come true. They used to call us the Aints when we were having a losing season. Everybody used to put paper bags on their heads and turn their backs. I’m not doing that. I go down with the home team. I’m a die hard fan. I don’t flip flop, none of this. If they’re losing, I’m still with ‘em, if they’re winning, I’m still with ‘em. I’m a Saints fan.“