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Context: There’s been a group terrorizing this town- we were supposed to deliver a package to them but upon investigating, it seemed we were sent a gatling gun. So, of course, we set it up and used it on them instead after our bounty one shotted the head guy (in the head), as he had boasted he would, as he always does when it comes to gun fights.

Thief: “My first massacre…”
Cowboy: “You always remember your first!”
Me: “I only killed one guy! Well, that and tricking the entire group to come into range so you all could ambush them and open up fire on them with that gattling gun.”
DM: “Yeah, I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.”
Bounty hunter: “I always sleep well.”

Anyone else think Mon-El’s red shirt from Daxam will be the shirt of his costume? It looks like the regal looking top of the costume he has from the comics.

(Pretty cool drawing of Mon-El and Guardian working together to protect Metropolis.;) Would be pretty cool to see a shot like that in the show.)

Isn’t it weird that we haven’t seen that shirt since he crash landed in the present timeline?

I think they are going to use his shirt as reminder of his people, and how he will always remember those he lives he left in the destruction of Daxam. That shirt will symbolize his growth from a boy who left his people to save himself to a man who will sacrifice himself for others. Chris hinted that the outfit will be very comic book oriented, and this would be a nice little touch to put into the suit. 

I’m so excited for the suit, but I’m way more excited to see Kara’s proud face. Just imagine seeing her see how much the man she loves being the bright light she believed he could be. It’s gonna be so ICONIC!!!

So… I’m going to be on my tablet this evening ​rather than in my laptop, as Tobi had something important on it whilst his laptop is being repaired…
I’ve downloaded the word app on it (I never knew there was one??) so I’m going to try and write… I’m not going to be able to work on any of my stuff that’s on my onedrive (so that’s literally everything I’ve ever wrote lol) so I might start working on something on here…

the buffy reunion pics made me realize that what i kind of want is tara/willow/oz, where willow is acknowledged as being bisexual, and has a happy, poly relationship with two people who love her deeply (and who honestly probably would get along, sudden wolfing because of surprise-relationship aside…)

ugh, being on a buffy kick is *weird*

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The other day Eleanor liked a ig post of home decor, and one of the biggest Eleanor accounts said it meant she and Louis were moving in together -.- like.... the reach is amazing. And then they say it's us that are always reaching.

hsajkhsajkhsajk remember how Louis and D were also moving in together and like one month later she was packing to leave forever 

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Remember during this very time last year when the cup runneth over with Gillovny events? It was an embarrassment of Gillovny riches. Now, in 2017, we live in a virtual Gillovny wasteland, with temporary oases of hope on offer.

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and that is just the tip of the iceberg :D 

I will always remember that cool dude called first half of 2016 <3

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I hope you know we all all here for you. We all love you and see who you are as a person and have fallen in love with it. We will gladly listen to your problems as you do for us, and we will try our best to cheer you up the same. We love you so much G. Always remember that ❤️


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He just wants to be Warm. Will be ever be warm

you can’t,,,just fuckign,,,say this to me,,,,i am perpetually in “hey remember when tony was Freezing In A Cave and could see his breath and didn’t see the sun for Three Months” hell i am in “remember when tony recently had a supremely bad time in siberia and was left there in a disabled suit” hell i will always be in “remember how tony’s entire body is highkey giving up on itself and i’ve recently been reminded that a lot of people’s old injuries and surgery scars hurt in the cold” hell his parents were killed a week before christmas tony+cold=Bad Times listen when will my soft boy be allowed to be safe and cozy and okay

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I love karamel so much but I'm scared to go off anon because of all the hate. Shout out to the karamel fam who are amazing and post all the wonderful things!

It’s ok sweetie. You don’t have too. Stay away from this toxic fandom for now. We love you too sweetie!!! We love you too!!!!! Karamel fambam loves you. always remember we are here for you ok? Don’t forget that. If you need anything let me know🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘 fambam let show her how much we love her!!!! And that she’s not alone on this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Please pray for me to find the love again. I'm so unwanted, unloved... And every boy makes fun of me. I don't know what to do.. Because I used to cut myself, but now I have almost 6 months clean and I don't want to relapse. I want to find God in everyone and everything.

Definitely will be praying. And always remember there is one person who will always love you and His name is Jesus Christ. Ignore the boys, it doesn’t matter what they say it matters what God says, and He will never leave you nor forsake you. Stay strong and run towards God. His arms are wide open. 

i want to dance with strangers in their kitchens. i want to bum smokes with strangers watching the city lights. i want to have too-long conversations across gas pumps, forgetting where we’re going. i want to kiss people on street corners and make sure they always remember the time someone they didn’t know loved them. i want to sneak into theaters and a hundred places they don’t look. i want to ask for things that aren’t mine because no one thought to own them (balloons and pebbles and someone’s empty hand and broken jewelry). i want to crash frat parties and talk about quantum physics in the back of their cars. i want to sleep in more beds than should be counted and wake up last in all of them so people know the honest truth of how i think of them, first thing waking up. i want to pet every dog i ever see. i want to go down every road we usually pass by. i want to accumulate so many stories people feel compelled to tell me their own, come spilling out with who they are and what they’ve done and what they home to do. i want to be someone who leaves a beautiful fragrance. i want to smell like campfire smoke.

For Ethan

I just got done watching a few of Ethan’s words expressed in the videos made my day a little bit brighter. I wanted to write this to express positive thoughts I wanted to say to him in case he ever needs it.

The first thing you always have to remember is comparing yourself often leads to you feeling like you aren’t good enough, that there are people out there that extend your limits which is not true. You are your own person, You did not come here for a purpose or a mission. The only mission you go on is to pursue what makes you happy. Ethan, from how long I’ve known him, is a very ambitious dude. I have admired his work ethic when he used to be a manager and still made videos and now I have admired him even more now that he is in LA working on his channel while editing and traveling to conventions to meet fans. Not going to college cause he wanted to work harder on the channel and to pursue his dream and make it a reality. It’s slowly coming true and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s come so far and has worked so damn hard to get where he is at now. By going on the path he wanted to take, it’s gotten him to experience new opportunities and achieve so much. You don’t need to go on the “basic route” in order to follow a dream and Ethan has proved that.

I watch him because he has been an inspiration to me to keep pursuing what I love most. There’s a video entitled “You Can Do This” where Ethan talks about how you should go for your dreams no matter what people say and no matter how hard it takes to get there. My goals is to hopefully become a graphic designer, creating digital drawings, sketches, logos that can help companies. I have started a YouTube channel and have been making speed paint videos weekly. I attend a technical high school that teaches you while you learn the common studies to pursue your dream, your goal. I was always interested in graphic designing, audio, video editing, lighting and, thankfully, I found the shop for me. It is called Design and Visual and its a multi-media shop. For the past 3 years, I have been taught how to create videos in Premiere, create logo designs in Illustrator, the basics of Photoshop and so much more.

This was a video where Ethan said something that really struck me.

“You can do this. Don’t let others tell you what you can and cannot do. If you want something bad enough and you work as hard as you possibly can, you CAN achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t let things like this slip away.”

There was a lyric from a song that I know because of Ethan. The lyric goes as follows:

“It’s tough but it’s gotta be somebody so why not you?”

This got to me because it’s a lyric and a song that meant a lot to Ethan and as I listened to the song in my own time, I started to see how this inspired him. He told us about this song when he just hit 200k and now he is just about at 300k.

I had the pleasure to talk to Ethan at PAX East this year and It was very humbling to have that minute to speak to him. You were so kind to me and my friend Alyssa for the short time we had. I wish you a very big and bright future, Ethan. You are gonna be the best you can ever be. Know that I believe in you as much as you believe in me. I hope these words cheer you up if you ever doubt yourself or feel down. I also heard you were sick so feel better and eat some soup <3

- Haley D (HeyHeyHaley)