always remember you are beautiful


Lost in skies of powdered gold
Caught in clouds of silver ropes

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BTS REACTION: Them seeing you all dressed up for an award show (something they don't usually see you in)

S E O K J I N:

“Worldwide handsome and his princess, though you always look like a princess to me,” he gives you a charming smile and kisses you lightly on the lips.

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Y O O N G I:

“Is that you, Y/N? Is this the power of makeup? I’m just kidding. I honestly don’t know how I got somebody as beautiful as you,” he says before grabbing you by the waist and kissing you on the cheek.

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H O S E O K:

“You look so gorgeous.~ But remember, you are always beautiful to me,” he says before twirling you around and bringing you into his arms so that you two can sway together.

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N A M J O O N:

“You could be dressed in sweats and a stained t-shirt and you’d still look good to me, but this is a nice change,” he gives you a dimpled smile and it gives you the urge to kiss him on the cheek.

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J I M I N:

“Sorry, looks like we are going to have to stay home. I can’t be seen with someone who looks better than me dressed up AND dressed down,” he gives you a wink at the end and you sigh in exasperation.

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T A E H Y U N G:

“Let’s go so that I can show the world my beautiful girl!~” He grabs your hand and drags you until you start skipping with him to the limousine.  

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J U N G K O O K:

“You clean up nice,” he says while blushing heavily and not looking into your eyes. Later the boys tell you he wouldn’t shut up about how beautiful you looked.

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mama leia and bb-ben - Want a cookie, Benling? Yes!!!

space mothers know that growing younglings need lots of snacks on Rebellion picnics and pathfinder hikes. ben likes to jump around like a jedi in training and quickly gets really hungry and really cranky on family outings…

//part VI of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹ROTJ throwback <3 yub yub, love you space mum!

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Leo (@leo_jungtw):

오늘도 화이팅❤

Fighting today too❤

Ravi (@rravii0215) Reply:

모두 건강하고 행복합시다🙏 

Let’s all be healthy and happy🙏


Sometimes I think how great it is you’re our son.
Sometimes you become my hope and source for life; I’m so happy you’re our son.
Because you were here, it was rough.
Because you were here, my heart ached.
Because you are here, I gain strength.
Because you are here, I feel longing.
Because you are here, I have hope.
Because you are here, the sunset is beautiful.
Because you are here, I am happy.
So that I wouldn’t hurt you, I ate when I didn’t want to eat.
To be healthy, I ate vitamins
To be healthy, I put in lots of effort.
It must be hard for our son as well, but you chose this, so it would be great if you were happy.
You always have family here to protect and love you, so you are a blessing and (our) happiness.
I pray that you will always be our beautiful son who remembers and helps those people who have a tough, difficult life.
I love you, our son^♥^

anonymous asked:

A) Do you bind? If so, do you know any alternative ways to bind besides buying a binder? My parents won't let me get a real binder :( B ) Being genderfluid is interesting. Do you think that it is weird that I have a really hard time figuring out what pronouns I am using that day? Or that my pronouns will sometimes change in the middle of the day? Sorry if I am bothering you! Have a great day and always remember that you are a beautiful human being!

I do have binders but they are super uncomfortable and I have a small chest so I usually just use a tight sports bra. If I don’t wear anything I will wear a vest so it covers my chest. Plus I tend to get hurt a little while putting on/taking off my binder (proabaly because I have eds but idk man).

Naw I think that seems like a normal thing that gender fluid people go through but idk I’m not gender fluid so friend.

the moon has scars
and imperfections,
so are you.
but the moon
still shines so bright
and is still beautiful
no matter what,
just like you.
—  always remember, you are beautiful // r.b
  • Sansa’s needlework was exquisite. Everyone said so. “Sansa’s work is as pretty as she is,” Septa Mordane told their lady mother once. “She has such fine, delicate hands." 
  • Sansa had the grace to blush. She blushed prettily. She did everything prettily.
  • Sansa could sew and dance and sing. She wrote poetry. She knew how to dress. She played the high harp and the bells. Worse, she was beautiful. Sansa had gotten their mother’s fine high cheekbones and the thick auburn hair of the Tullys. 
  • Sansa already looked her best. She had brushed out her long auburn hair until it shone, and picked her nicest blue silks.
  • Her eyes were red from crying, but she did her best to make herself beautiful.
  • "Sweet Sansa,” Queen Cersei said, laying a soft hand on her wrist. “Such a beautiful child.”
  • She smoothed down the cloth of her skirt nervously. She was dressed in mourning, as a sign of respect for the dead king, but she had taken special care to make herself beautiful. 
  • The right side of her face was swollen and beginning to ache, but she knew Joffrey would want her to be beautiful.
  • “I saw Sansa at the court, the day Tyrion told me his terms. She looked most beautiful, my lady. Perhaps a, a bit wan. Drawn, as it were.”
  • Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was.
  • A pity Ned Stark had taken his daughters south; elsewise Theon could have tightened his grip on Winterfell by marrying one of them. Sansa was a pretty little thing too, and by now likely even ripe for bedding.
  • The skirts were long and full, the waist so tight that Sansa had to hold her breath as they laced her into it. They brought her new shoes as well, slippers of soft grey doeskin that hugged her feet like lovers. “You are very beautiful, my lady,” the seamstress said when she was dressed.
  • Ser Kevan told her she was beautiful, Jalabhar Xho said something she did not understand in the Summer Tongue, and Lord Redwyne wished her many fat children and long years of joy. 
  • Her hair was a rich autumn auburn, her eyes a deep Tully blue. Grief had given her a haunted, vulnerable look; if anything, it had only made her more beautiful.
  • Shae had arranged her hair artfully in a delicate silver net winking with dark purple gemstones. Tyrion had never seen her look more lovely, yet she wore sorrow on those long satin sleeves. “Lady Sansa,” he told her, “you shall be the most beautiful woman in the hall tonight.”
  • “I wish you could see yourself, my lady. You are so beautiful. You’re crusted over with snow like some little bear cub, but your face is flushed and you can scarcely breathe. How long have you been out here? You must be very cold. Let me warm you, Sansa.”
  • The girl was too young and too plain to be Sansa Stark, but she was of the right age to be the younger sister, and even Lady Catelyn had said that Arya lacked her sister’s beauty.
  • "I was never beautiful like Sansa, but they all said I was pretty. Does Lord Ramsay think I am pretty?”
  • The Lord Protector’s daughter,“ the bald knight announced, all hearty gallantry. He rose ponderously. "And full as lovely as the tales told of her, I see."Not to be outdone, the pimply knight hopped up and said, "Ser Ossifer speaks truly, you are the most beautiful maid in all the Seven Kingdoms.”
  • “Had we known such beauty awaited us at the Gates, we would have flown,” Ser Roland said. Though his words were addressed to Myranda Royce, he smiled at Alayne as he said them.
  • “Oh, I think you do,” said Littlefinger, with one of those smiles that did not reach his eyes. “You will be the most beautiful woman in the hall tonight, as lovely as your lady mother at your age.”
  • A beautiful bastard, and the Lord Protector’s daughter.“ Petyr drew her close and kissed her on both cheeks. "The night belongs to you, sweetling, Remember that, always.”
  • “Saffron is very beautiful, I’ll have you know. Tall and slim, with big brown eyes and hair like honey."Alayne raised her head. ”More beautiful than me?“

-Sansa and her beauty


The Dashing Debonair Smile

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A post to say THANK YOU

Every time I have done a post like this is because I was tired and sad about something that happened to me in the SwanQueen fandom. Well this time I want to do it to say thank you, because I think you deserve this.

As all of you know, I had to leave SwanQueen fandom due to all the hate I got for long time. And if I have to be honest, I know it was because I didn’t want my fanart was reposted and used that way.
I didn’t mind at the beginning because a lot of people credited me but i dunno what happened and I had to read words like “This is on internet, is free, so I do what I want with your videos and your fanart”. I have also seen how people sent my fanart to Lana or Jen, saying they made it or they sent it to contest saying they were the owners of my fanart. I also have felt so used in this fandom and I have been there seeing how people stole my fanart only so that the actresses faved it, yeah, for attention, spaming them so so much with my work.

It’s true that, I have lived good things in the fandom. Not all has been hate. I have felt lot of love, a lot of people defended my fanart and me, I have lived beautiful moments with Swen at conventions and I will never forget all of you guys (you know who you are). But I said “this is enough” by february. When I got lot of anons saying that I was the one who has copying another fanartist (not true at all… but well…i can’t do anything about it) and I had to be there, seeing private messages about certain people spreading hate about me in chat groups, saying I am mean, I am a diva and stuff like that.

I have never said anything about this but I need to tell you this to tell you the whole story and the reason of this post.

All changed a bit when I started to make fanart and videos for the Supercorp fandom. Well, honestly? I freaked out for all the respect to fanartists. I am in a group on facebook where people defend what you do if your art is stolen or they don’t credit. And little by little the wounds were healing a bit.

I know that right now, it’s impossible to me to come back to do Swanqueen fanart because they made me this, they made me hate Emma and Regina but I guess that I need more time. But I want to be there for all the people who supported me in the past and that’s why i will go on making Swanqueen fanart and videos in the future... so my first thank you is for all those Swen who always have been there on social media and at conventions. I will never forget that guys. For you… goes all my Swanqueen fanart that i will make from now on. I will never forget the cool things I have done for this fandom, the fanart I donated for charities, I had the privilege to make videos with Fyval’s songs, I lived the most beautiful moments when Lana, Jen and Bex RTed my fanart… all the good people I met online and in person… so yeah… for you is worth it to go on.

My second thank you is for Supercorp fandom.
Oh guys… all of you… crazy people that I adore with all of me. Thanks for treating me this way, for loving what I do, for your support and somehow you make me a better fanartist because this love goes both ways. So thank you for healing some wounds that I had in the past, for being so respectful. Thank you.

And finally my last but not less important… THANK YOU. For my Clexa kru.
I started to watch the 100 so late, march 2017. So imagine… a lot of time after Lexa’s death… but I felt so inspired for Clarke and Lexa, and when I started to see all the fanart created by this fandom… wow! overwhelmed. The quality of the fanart was amazing! I was and am really amazed for it and when I decided to make fanart… honestly? I was really nervous because I didn’t know if you’d like it… hehe, yeah silly? maybe.

So… (cough cough), my kru... I have never felt this feeling. This warm feeling that you guys, are giving to me, every day.
Your comments, your respect for what I do, your fight when something happened with my fanart and although I didn’t ask anything you knew it and you did something. Not just one, three or five people but a lot of you. And I am overwhelmed guys. Because you have healed my misslane’s heart somehow and the words “thank you” is not enough to make you know how much this means to me.

I am so happy to watch the 100 (and a lot of you told me “don’t do it”) but I think this is the best thing I have done in a lot of time.

I don’t mind the number of likes, RT or views… that doesn’t mean anything at the end. It’s just fave or RT. But what I will keep forever in my heart is every single one of you. Your support until the end, your beautiful words i got every every every day. i feel so loved in this fandom, so freakig loved and respected and for me is a pleasure to spend hours in front of the computer creating things for you guys and keeping Clarke and Lexa alive.

Thank you guys. Without your support maybe I’d give up. who knows.

But what I said is true. A fave, a RT… don’t mean anything at the end. Because people forget and move on. What it’s important to me, in all the fandoms I have been is how they will remember you in 5 years. For me is so beautiful when someone from Xena or Smallville fandom tell me that they loved what I did, and this happened 9 and 12 years ago. What counts for me is when people feel something with what I do and they remember it in the future. That is the most beautiful thing about being a fanartist or vidder. Touching souls and when you told me that you feel it… this is the best compliment ever.

Love you all and I will always remember this beautiful and wonderful support from all the fandoms I have been.

thank you. every one of you.

Chubby S/O is insecure and thinks Gou is prettier than them

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Hello! If this isn’t too many, could I ask for the Mikoshiba bothers, Makoto and Nagisa responding to their chubby girlfriend being insecure because she believes Gou (who she is friends with) is way prettier than her? Please and thanks! 

That’s not too many anon dear!~ of course, I like this ask and since you asked so nicely, you shall receive!

*Insecure Chubby S/O feels like Gou is prettier than her & boys respond:

Seijuro: His mouth literally fell open when you poured your insecurity out to him. You felt a bit silly telling him you thought Gou was way prettier than you. Guilt flooded you as well since she was your best friend, but you couldn’t help it! “Babe, there’s no way.” Long arms wrapped around your soft middle, pulling you into a toned chest. “Gou has nothing on you, and that’s a solid fact.” Seijuro placed sloppy kisses on your round cheeks making you laugh and playfully swat at his arm. “Okay, okay! You made your point.” You felt him laugh. “Good, now, no more of that talk - ever. You’re beautiful just like this.” You only nodded, a smile blossoming on your face. 

Momotarou: He stared at you in utter shock and was instantly by your side clutching your shoulders as small tears were pooling at the edge of his eyes. “(y/n)-chan, that’s not true!” You never thought he’d have that reaction, you just confessed to Momo that you thought your best friend Gou was prettier than you - it was a silly notion, but it still made you feel insecure. A pressure was against your soft tummy as your boyfriend nuzzled the supple flesh. “You’re adorable (y/n)-chan, you’re the prettiest girl ever, not even Gou is up there with you.” Heat rose to your round face as he only nuzzled harder into your plush middle. “Thanks Momo…” A raspberry was blown onto your tummy making you erupt in laughter. “Of course (y/n)-chan, I’ll never let you forget how pretty your are to me - ever.” You smiled at him as he continued his childish assault on you.

Makoto: You swore you saw some tears fall from his eyes as you laid down your troubles on the table for him. You were having a bad image day and just confessed you thought Gou was more appealing than yourself. One half was guilty about comparing you and your friend, but the other half knew it was true. “No.” Raising your brow, you looked up at your gentle giant. “Huh?” “I said no, you’re so beautiful just the way you are.” You were wrapped in a soft hug - your head on his firm chest as he stroked your hair. “You take my breath away every time I see you (y/n), Gou doesn’t do that to me, does she?” Breaking away gently, you looked up at shook your head. His smile melted your heart as he placed a gentle kiss on your head. “Exactly, always remember how beautiful you are, okay?” You nodded happily, snuggling back into his chest.

Nagisa: As soon as the words left your mouth, he instantly had his hand up, surprising you as you stopped talking due to the odd gesture from your boyfriend. “I don’t want to hear anymore (y/n)-chan.” Pressing your lips tightly, you looked down. You just confessed to your boyfriend the insecurities you were having today - you were comparing yourself to your best friend Gou and how much prettier she was than you. It was awful to think such a thing, but you couldn’t help it. A soft kiss to your round cheek broke you from your trance. Nagisa peppered kisses all over your face, a giggle emitting from you. “My (y/n)-chan is the prettiest girl on this world, nobody beats her and I hope she knows that.” His hands rubbed circles into your wide hips as his kisses continued. “Okay, I think I got it Nagi!” Chuckling, he continued. “Good, I never want to hear you say something like that again, now, come here so I can punish you with more kisses!” Shrieking, you rolled around on the bed - a content smile on your face.

“Bread and Music” by Conrad Aiken (b. 5 August 1889)

Music I heard with you was more than music,
And bread I broke with you was more than bread;
Now that I am without you, all is desolate;
All that was once so beautiful is dead.

Your hands once touched this table and this silver,
And I have seen your fingers hold this glass.
These things do not remember you, belovèd,
And yet your touch upon them will not pass.

For it was in my heart you moved among them,
And blessed them with your hands and with your eyes;
And in my heart they will remember always,—
They knew you once, O beautiful and wise.

- Conrad Aiken 

Remember that you are amazing and that you matter. Always know that you’re beautiful and talented! Even if you think you’re not. You are! You truly are! You can always talk to someone! You are not alone! You can always talk to me. I hope you have a good day/night/evening!

PSA To All Female Kpop Fans

You. Are. Beautiful!!! Just because you don’t look like a certain female idol doesn’t change the fact that you are gorgeous. Always remember this. Own your beauty!

P.S: All you dude fans, you’re gorgeous too 💕