always reblog never repost

So Samantha( @the-other-sam ) and I were talking earlier, and she was expressing a bit of frustration that Sebastian had the chopped off version of her poster - aka the one posted on IG that has the bottom and top missing — and it hit me. I went and looked again at my post on IG - the one that I did to get his attention, so he could see who the actual creator of the artwork is — and look! LOOK! That’s the whole poster!!! He went and found the entire poster somehow. He didn’t just screencap the one off IG and post it on weibo…oh, no. He flippin’ found Samantha’s complete poster. That man is fucking amazing. If possible, I think I love him even more. Bless you, Sebastian Stan!!! xoxoxo ~Ally

Shit no one tells you when you join tumblr

Tag your posts/reblogged posts
~It allows other users to track posts
~It helps you to spread information
~It helps you to organize your blog
~You should tag spoilers
~You must tag triggers and NSFW
~You can communicate through your tags
~The original poster always look for funny tags
~That will help you gain followers
Allow anyone to reply to your posts
Keep your ask box open
Always answer to your messages
Be nice to everyone
Use queue
Interact with your followers
Always reblog, never repost
Don’t reblog things you hate, just to say how much you hate it
Try to keep your blog positive, post and reblog stuff you like
Try to make new friends
Follow the blogs that you like
If anyone is making you uncomfortable just block them
Tip for anon hate: Never read it twice, never answer. Just delete it and move on!
You can make a side blog
Try to make your own posts, it will help you gain notes, maybe followers
If you have doubts about a post or blogger, always check it twice or ask someone you trust

I see a lot of new followers and many of you are pretty new here.
Hope this will help you learn a thing or two
For everything you might need, don’t hesitate to ask me. Even if we never talked!!
Happy tumbling everyone.