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hey babe!!! hit me up with some good malec fics?? chaptered and single fics??

yes omg how fun there’s so many good fics/writers that don’t get enough appreciation so im gonna try and put as many really good but not very widely read fics on this list !!!!! it’ll probably be a mix of ao3 and tumblr posts but i’ll be linking the fics along with adding summaries !! (i’ll also be adding a few jimon fics in here as well bc there are some really amazing ones i’ve read !!!)


at the hip (jimon) by @simonlewhiss

sarah wrote this just a few days ago and its so brilliant i cried basically simon and jace are secretly in love with each other and the rest of the gang bets on who can finally get them to admit their love for each other its so cute pls read it

the door, get the door (malec) by @hoteldumorts

this is basically just the internal monologue and external dialogues of malec’s first time scene from 2x18 and it is whole ass making me want to be dead even though its been like a month since she posted it

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Arie’s Author’s Corner Week 1/?

I’m going to try to get back to Fic Recs. I do love reading fanfiction and I reblog as often as I can. 

I will LARGELY recommend Jensen and Dean Fics/Series/One Shots/Drabbles/Blurbs However there will be the occasional Jared and Sam. 

With that being said, here are a list of fics that I have recently fallen in love with. 

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Like Father, Like Son | D.O.

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The Do family is a simple family. Discussions of acting come up during dinner time which brings a surprise.

Word Count: 1k


The Sun is beautifully bright today. The perfect day for gardening, at least that’s what my husband, Kyungsoo says. He’s in the backyard with our son, Haneul, picking some fruits and vegetables in the green house. When we first moved into our house the one thing Kyungsoo really wanted was a garden since he loves to cook. He said that if he hadn’t become a singer he would’ve been a farmer.

Ever since Haneul was old enough to understand things, Kyungsoo has been teaching him about foods so he can learn to cook when he gets older. Haneul has always been curious about new things and it wasn’t until Kyungsoo noticed him watching from a distance when he was gardening that he started teaching him. Now they spend time together in the green house. I would watch them through the kitchen window that overlooks the whole backyard.

I’m in the middle of making dinner when Haneul comes in with a basket of vegetables, “Eomma, look at all the fresh vege-vege-tables.” He says struggling with the word.

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weirdmageddon was amazing! FAR better than most finales tend to be.

i wanted to know what the zodiac thing was all about though… i’d never seen it before but it was obviously important to the fans who had theorised about it…. couldnt we at least see what it would have done???? it didn’t have to be the final conflict!

ANYWAY i dont have as much to say about gravity falls as adventure time for obvious reasons so im going to rank it… Without further ado, it’s time to heavily overthink about cartoons!!!

Animation: 5 out of 5 hats - this is one of the most BRILLIANTLY ANIMATED childrens cartoon shows ive seen. there’s no weird inbetweens, the lighting for each scene is absolutely spot-on, it looks and feels amazing! honestly gravity falls looks like one of the strongest arguments for using script-driven shows instead of storyboard-driven shows, because cartoon network has never in its life produced something that looks this good.  When it used 3D CGI it was implemented smoothly. The characters had no absence of body language and cues either, it was never boring to look at. Disney does it again!!!

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Marvel Vs DC

I finally realized why DC movies have begun to bother me so much and why I’ve become more of a Marvel fan over the years…

DC has taken the fun out of being a superhero.

The reason most of us watch superhero movies is to be part of the fight for good and justice, having fun with cool superpowers and awesome gadgets, getting to fight bad guys and feel like we can help make a difference.

But DC is taking that from us.

Think about it; all Batman and Superman do nowadays (the only two superheroes DC will bother making movies about anymore) is spend most of their time lamenting and brooding over their responsibilities and how much of a curse it is to be a superhero all in the name of trying to be darker and grittier as is the norm for most modern heroes.

News flash; being dark and brooding does not make your character three dimensional, as DC has yet to learn. Throwing character angst at us over and over again in every other scene doesn’t make us feel bad for the character. It just makes us tired of hearing about it. And, while being a superhero is an important job that involves responsibilities and hardships, it doesn’t always have to revolve around the bad.

Remember the old literary rule ‘Show don’t tell’? DC likes to tell us that their characters are suffering instead of actually showing it. We get scene after scene of them complaining to someone about their burdens, maybe a rooftop to brood down at the city here and there, but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, Marvel has done a much better job at showing the inner turmoil of their characters but instead of coming off as whiny and brooding about their tragic backstories, which there are plenty to choose from, the small moments we see give better depth to their characters and make them more relatable and real to us.

Let’s face it, most people don’t like showing their weaknesses. Only in rare moments of emotional distress do slivers of vulnerability and self-doubt usually seep through. These feelings we usually keep to ourselves as we deal with them or repress and refuse to face them.

I picked out three examples from recent Marvel movies that stood out and gave the characters in each scene a pain and depth that most of the audience was sympathetic to. (Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, or Iron Man 3. Also the Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 later.)

First was Bruce Banner’s scene in the Avengers where he talks about his suicide attempt. “I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out.” Through most of the movie, Bruce is uncomfortable and defensive around most of the other characters but this is one of the few time we actually see him truly vulnerable and resentful about his condition. Not to mention, everyone else in the scene looks so surprised and shocked, it’s not hard to realize that this is a new confession instead of an old complaint. Bruce even continues afterwards saying, “So I moved on. I focused on helping other people.” He doesn’t lament and dwell on it, as sad and heartbreaking as it is, and it gives great insight to his character’s strength.

Second is Tony’s panic attack scene in Iron Man 3. Not many are familiar with PTSD but after the events of Avengers, it wasn’t surprising that a near death experience would shake Tony up a bit. Now granted, Tony does his fair share of complaining here and there throughout whatever movie he’s in at the time, but it’s usually hidden behind sarcasm and indifference as is with Tony’s character. We know he would rather joke about his problems and get drunk than actually face what’s bothering him. When we actually see him break down and have a panic attack, multiple ones actually but mainly the first one, it shows how deeply his experience has affected him.

And last but not least, the scene that broke my heart in Guardians of the Galaxy. Anyone who’s seen the movie has probably guessed I’m talking about Rocket’s drunk scene at the bar. First, though, I wanted to mention Peter Quill and a little quirk I noticed about him.

Throughout Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter comes off as carefree and a little goofy but I noticed he seems to have a hidden resentment towards the ravagers. Whenever he would talk about his past, he would always stop himself from saying he was taken or abducted from his home and instead say, “When I left Earth.” Near the end while talking with Yondu, though, his vulnerability shows through and he confronts him briefly about being abducted and calls him out on it. It’s not a particularly dramatic or focused scene but still important to his character none the less.  

Anyways, back to Rocket. Now Rocket over all is very guarded about showing any sort of weakness, which is justifiable. Given his past of experimentation and mistreatment, he’s not quick to trust nor to show any signs of vulnerability. He uses his condescending and sarcastic attitude in defense against others and is aggressive and confrontational to those that condescend or look down on him. He presents himself as indifferent to how others view him but reveals later that being called insults like ‘vermin’ and ‘rodent’ weigh heavy on him. He even seems proud at one point of being one of a kind saying, “Ain’t no thing like me ‘cept me,” though his bitterness towards being different come out later. “I never asked to be made. I didn’t ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over again and turned into some little monster.” It’s only in moments like this of high emotional distress, and in this case drunkenness, that he ever shows his vulnerability and pain. He opens up more by the end when he grieves over Groot and lets the rest of his team actually see him showing ‘weakness’. Because we see so little of his inner turmoil, we sympathize when he does break down and show more of his darker thoughts.

Compared to the endless whining in DC movies, these sometimes subtle and small scenes carried a lot of weight and impact due mostly to the lack of complaining beforehand that give greater insight to the characters while still keeping them feeling real.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the difference in responsibilities between DC and Marvel. Mainly between Superman, Spiderman, and Rocket. Yes, Spiderman. We all know the big Spiderman words of wisdom; “With great power comes great responsibility.” Being a high schooler with superpowers (I’m focusing mainly on the younger versions of Peter here), Peter enjoys his powers and has fun being a superhero but still carries quite a bit of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s very conscious of protecting the people of the city, swinging in to catch them or move them from harm’s way during his battles, catching falling rubble or flipped cars with his webs, and always being ready to step forward to handle a problem he caused (Harry turning Hobgoblin, Doc Connors the lizard man, Electro his biggest fan turned enemy). Even while dealing with the guilt of the deaths of his Uncle, Gwen’s dad, then Gwen herself, he continues to enjoy being a hero and helping people, corny jokes and all.

Now, I’m not a Man of Steel fan. I tried watching it but the contradiction of words versus actions really bothered me. Clark always went on and on about how it was his destiny to protect the people of Earth and how they need a hero and so on but I noticed something crucial about the last fight of the movie; the lack of actually protecting people. During the finale, Superman is flying through buildings and destroying most of Metropolis during his battle while civilians are still in the city. Maybe this is just a problem in the newer reboots but if Superman’s main job title is to protect civilians, you would think his main concern would be evacuating the city or maybe leading the fight away from the city so no innocents would be caught in the cross fire (I mean even Goku had enough sense to do that).

This has been brought to many people’s attention in contrast with Rocket’s actions during the final fight in Guardians of the Galaxy. While most of the main characters are busy infiltrating Ronan’s ship, Rocket and the other fighters are left to battle the rest of Ronan’s army. When the ships start to crash and endanger the civilians attempting evacuate, he strategizes to shoot the ships so protect everyone while they evacuate. Only after the city is cleared does Rocket go to join the rest of his team on Ronan’s ship.

Overall, Marvel seems to be perfecting the art of relatable characterization and universe continuity while DC makes excuse of the Wonder Woman movie and rehashes Batman and Superman for the hundredth time.

On your left, DC. On your left.
Tom Ellis Previews Lucifer's Helluva Chloe Problem, Shocking Finale
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Lucifer is bedeviled.

As Fox’s recently renewed drama (Mondays, 9/8c) lets loose with its final two episodes, the title character has just discovered that he is not losing his mojo as a whole but instead is powered down when in the company of confidante Detective Chloe Decker. How will the Prince of Darkness navigate this stickiest of wickets? Tom Ellis spoke with TVLine about that vexing matter, next week’s finale, the series’ wickedly funny bone and more.

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