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Elijah Mikaelson & Klaus Mikaelson - Are you happy now?

Prompt: Can you please write something about being secretly in love with protective elijah and klaus knows and teases you about it until you give up and admit it ( requested by @joyfullygloriousobject )

“Y/N?” Elijah called out from the bottom of the stairs. You looked over the railing, leaning against the wooden bannister. He was attractive, as always, dressed in a blue suit with dark stubble covering his chin. You were almost too distracted to remember he had said something. “Hey, Elijah.” You smiled, offering a small wave. He smiled back, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Stay here okay?” He insisted. “I’m going out to meet with the Salvatores. Don’t go anywhere or open the door. If something happens, my brother is here.” You rolled your eyes, trying to hide the fact that your heart skipped a beat. Elijah always protected you, ever since you started living with the Mikaelsons. But he obviously didn’t know how much you liked him.

“I’m not a kid, Elijah…” You protested weakly though you didn’t care, Elijah being protective was one of the things you loved most about him. “Please, Y/N.” He sighed, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, of course, okay.” He smiled before walking out of your view, presumably to the front door. With a sigh, you lent your head on the railing. It had to be Elijah didn’t it? The noble brother. You didn’t like him like that at first, no, he was just your friend. But then the more he talked to you and the longer you spent with the Mikaelsons, you grew a crush on him. Then the crush turned to love and now, God, you were screwed.

“Y/N?” Klaus’ voice rang out. You ran a hand through your hair, strolling into the room opposite the stairs casually. Klaus stood, shirtless, with his back to you as he painted the canvas in front of him. You sat down in the arm chair next to the door, kicking your feet up. “If you want to talk to me, you should probably put a shirt on.” You commented, peering over his shoulder at his painting, full of vivid greens and blues. “Don’t worry, love, it’s quite obvious that I’m not the one you fancy…” He teased, turning around to smirk at you.

You frowned, trying to keep your heart rate regular. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Klaus.” You replied flippantly, praying you weren’t blushing. “Now, Y/N, we both know that’s not quite true.” He retorted, dropping his paintbrush into a glass of water. He pulled a chair from the side of the room easily, turning it round, sitting down and leaning on the back of it. “Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “See, I have a theory.” He smiled, raising his eyebrow. “We pick you up on our journeys, a little human that is actually quite extraordinary.” He winked, earning an eye roll from you. “And that little human ends up falling for one of us.”

He watched intently as you stood up, dusting yourself off. “Well this has been great, Klaus.” You turned for the door, stopping when he appeared in front of you. “What I can’t work out is which one it is.” He tilted his head to the side, crossing his arms and leaning in the doorway with a smirk stretching his lips. “It’s not me, I know that for sure. And I would be slightly offended if I saw you as anything but a sibling.” You crossed your arms, eyebrows raised. “So I guess the real question is which one of my siblings are you so infatuated with.”

“I’m not infatuated.” You responded, sitting back down with a petulant huff. “So you say, love.” He mused. “But I will get you to admit it.” “I’m not telling you anything, Klaus.” “Oh,” he laughed. “So you do have a crush on one of them!” “You’re incessant.” You exclaimed, glaring. “Is it Kol? I’ve heard he’s always been successful in that department though, I could never see the appeal myself.” You made a disinterested face, his eyebrows pulling together in response. “Rebekah?” He asked, his voice ringing with disbelief. “Drop it, Klaus.” You told him, standing up again. His eyebrows raised almost comically and a smile pulled the corners of his lips up.

“The noble Elijah, I should’ve known.” You tried to play it cool, walking slowly past Klaus and out of the room. He turned around, watching as you walked across to your room. “I don’t have a crush on Elijah.” You replied casually, swallowing. “Oh, dear, your heart says differently.” “Klaus, shut up.” “Not until you admit that you have a crush.” He countered, the smile not once leaving his face. You set your jaw, rubbing your forehead. “I don’t have a crush on him.”

Klaus mock gasped dramatically. He followed you into your room, leaning against the door as you stalked over to the window. “You’re in love with him, aren’t you, love? Oh sweetheart,” he cooed. “You might as well admit it, I already know your secret.” “Fine.” “Fine?” Klaus inquired, biting his nail, trying to hide his smile. “Yes, I’m in love with Elijah,” you shouted, throwing your hands up and glaring at him. “Are you happy now?”

“Y/N?” The man in question’s voice called out. You saw him across the stairs, his dark eyebrows pulled into a frown. Your eyes darted to Klaus, the smirk on his face only growing. “I should probably leave you two to discuss.” He mused before winking at you and disappearing, leaving you and Elijah who, you could presume, heard everything.

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Protective (JB)

Jaebum x you; 868 words

summary: when you are drunk and some guy tries to force himself on you

comments: there’s alcohol, mild swearing (more like one swear word) and degrading women. Also, an angry Jaebum is a scary Jaebum period. 

Jaebum knew he was in for a whole lot of trouble when you walked out of your bedroom dressed like that. It was not that you were wearing something overly provocative, you were wearing a simple pair of jeans and a sleeveless top, but somehow tonight you looked like a goddess. Like stardust made into a perfect human being.

“Jaebum?” You waved your hand in front of his face. You saw him staring at your outfit, frowning. “Is this okay? Should I change?" 

Jaebum shook his head and offered you his arm, which you took. "You look lovely, I was just stunned for a moment.” You rolled your eyes, hitting him lightly at the cheesy comment but you were blushing in your heart. Even after such a long time being together with him, he still made you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Conversation flowed easily as you got into the taxi to get to the club. Jaebum said that Jackson and the gang wanted to check the place out so you agreed to go along because all their girlfriends were going to and you hadn’t seen them in a long while.

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I want to tear you apart and see what you look like when you are naked. I do not mean without your clothes or that necklace you’re always wearing. Take off the ivory cage that protects your heart. Let me tear down that wall, you’ve built up for protection and tell me what fears you’ve been keeping safely tucked away beneath your lowest rib. Tell me what shatters your bones and keeps you from healing. The bruises you carry have cut deeper than the surface. I want to know why you ache and what keeps your heart beating in the middle of night when God has turned away. Tell me, is it the thud of my heart beating in tandem next to yours or does your heart beat for someone else?
—  Show Me What You are When I’m Not Around by Nicole Moon
15 things included when dating Harry Hart.

1. Always feeling protected and loved.

2. Being spoiled with anything your heart desires (although you try not to ask for too much.)

3. Already being referred to as Mrs. Hart before you guys are even married.  

4. Getting worried when he goes out of town for work.

5. Secret hand holding (like behind your back or under the table.)

6. Loving his wild side.

7. Not being quite a “lady” (in a behavior), but Harry loves you just the way you are.

8. Being sad when Mr. Pickles passes way.

9. Treating Eggsy like a son.

10. Always wanting to be near Harry.

11. Forehead kisses. Lots and lots of them.

12. Snuggling in bed.

13. Knowing Harry isn’t just a tailor, but not asking about it.

14. Slow dancing in the middle of the living room after dinner.

15. Being so bloody in love with each other that it’s almost gross. 

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To My Future Love #13

Be still, my love.

Most of the people you’ve met in this world won’t understand how to handle your heart properly.

But one day I will find you and my hands will be soft and gentle, and they will protect your precious heart.

My hands will take the time to learn the rhythm of your heartbeat, and what makes it dance.

My hands will always shield you from the cold winter of the world, and keep you safe and warm.

My hands will wipe away all of your hidden fears and insecurities, and caress your pretty scars.

So be still, my love. I have taught my hands how to care for you, and they patiently sit open, waiting for the moment you crawl into them at last.

- Z.M. (Letter #13 to you, wherever you are.)

Never get too comfortable

You always have to stay several steps ahead of these men/women. At the end of the day these men/women are used to the art of manipulation. Don’t ever let your “feelings” or the “kind” gestures that these men/women do for you cloud your judgement or assume that this “one” is different from the rest. They are ALL the same. Protect your heart and always go into these encounters head strong and never let your guard down. And NEVER get too comfortable. The moment you are comfortable is the exact moment in time that shit will hit the fan. You are a lion/lioness seeking her/his next victim, you are a vixen equipped to seduce even the strongest of men/women, you are a work of art that is to be treasured, and you are fabulous just the way you are. Do not ever let anyone ever tell you differently. With so much love to all my sb’s and sex workers alike. Love you ladies and gents!!



Your father rubs your mother’s belly, speaking to you in soft whispers. Your father tells you of the day he slew a dragon, of the day he met a siren, of fighting for the kingdom that’s rightfully yours. He tells you of monsters and villains and don’t you worry, Emma, I will always protect you.

Your son knocks at your door and knocks you off your feet with his pleading eyes and too familiar stories. You son begs you, voice soft and broken, please please, she’s the Evil Queen. It is your story, it is your destiny, it was written on paper, in the stars. Please, save us. Please, protect us.

Your lover knows you can protect yourself, from the world, from the future and the past, from your own mind. Your lover trusts you when you don’t even trust yourself. He says, don’t you worry, Swan, I will always protect your heart.

They never told you what happens

Who’s the protector and the protected,

When you become the villain of your own story

You learn a lesson from the people
that allow you to build homes in their
chests just to light a fire to it with you
still inside. You wear their memory as
a scar on your heart, always protecting
yourself from other potential fatal lovers.