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Top 5 simblr besties? :3

Oh, Nonny!! Thanks for putting me on the spot lol

I’m like super awkward & shy, and I rarely talk to people or make the first move to become friends with them :’)

I also don’t wanna go and say I’m besties/friends with them in case they don’t think of me that way and I don’t wanna be a little awkward turtle or be annoying

Here are some pretty damn amazeballs people that you should go and follow if you haven’t already :P
(In no particular order)






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What's with the Will is smol tweets? :D Is this not about height cos he and Mads are similar in height and Mads is not short. This is so confusing, like, is it a body frame thing? Ahh

I think it’s a combination of Hugh being shorter and slighter than people thought as well as him being very cute and pretty and generally adorable. All this adds up to Hugh being very smol.

(Also, he’s standing next to Bryan Fuller a lot and Bryan is very very tall.)

I hope with the Grace of God to continue along the path of Catholic Ideals and to be able one day, in whatever state God wills, to defend and propagate these rare and true things
—  Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Endless list of unpopular parings → Brock + Misty from Pokemon 

“Well, he’s not the only one with a soft spot for pretty girls, is he?” 

“You’re complaining about wanting a Romani actor for Nightwing when you can’t even name one Romani person.”


That’s basically why it’s so important for Nightwing to have a Romani actor CUZ WE NEVER SEE THEM IN SCREEN. And when there’s a sliver of a chance for them to be on screen, Hollywood gives those roles to white folk, further pushing the idea that Romani folk are interchangeable with white people.

Us not knowing a Romani actor proves OUR point, not yours. We’re saying they got 0.00001% rep out here and you think rubbing it in our faces makes our argument invalid?

If I knew any Romani actors, that would mean I would’ve had to have seen them on screen. You’re gonna blame us for Hollywood not casting more Romani actors???? For not allowing Romani folk the opportunity to become known and famous??? Gurl.

Can I do moar headcanons for this things I have? Kay~

Bo’s mom is definitely the kind of mom that adopts her kids’ friends. She remembers everyone’s birthdays. You will get cake and presents and most likely a kiss on the forehead. She’s a very supportive mom and helps whenever and wherever she can. If she finds out any of her ‘babies’ aren’t eating well/properly, she will send a care package.

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Can you post more about Red?


Red (full name undecided)

Age: 18

Height: 5′ 4″ (162~ cm)

Born to a wealthy family, Red lived a very comfortable life as an only child. Early on in his life, he showed an interest in Golf, which over time turned into his profession, though he still sees it as just a hobby.

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i was tagged by @allthelovelouie (who tumblr won’t let me tag for whatever reason) and @louis-tummy to post my lockscreen and home screen! thank you for tagging me! i’m a fuckin larrie and what a feeling saved the world so, 

i tag @thelesbianlook @birdalmighty @lesbianjimin @kindofsharethat @rbb @thepenguintattoo @organicstunts @philtatoslouis (only if y’all want to, of course!) and honestly anyone i’ve forgotten or who wants to do this, please @ me as the tagger!

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Holy shit. I had to take a few breaks when reading this so I didn’t turn into a tomato.

Comments like this legit give me life. I’m assuming this is a good thing, too, since it was a reblog? But I literally lol’d when I saw it.

  • dirty harry: about the iraq war
  • 911: about 9/11 and terrorism
  • kids with guns: about gun control and school shootings
  • plastic beach: about marine waste
  • gorillaz fans:
  • hallelujah money: about donald trump and the rise of money-based power
  • gorillaz "fans": what is this :(( where did all this politically charged crap come from :(( gorillaz has never done social and political commentary ever before :(((((((( it's not normal

Someone told me that Leliana can’t declare the next age as the Nug Age. Well you all forgot that we are talking about Leliana aka the former Left Hand of the Divine, Spymaster, Nightingale of the Imperial Court, Seneschal of the Inquisition and Princess Stabbity Stab Kill Kill!

what happened in the friday stream

(sorry if this looks really messy, but thank you for the awesome stream and everyone who donate for the charity btw :D)

(i wonder if you people know where this came from ;) 

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