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Camp has a sort of “Secret Santa” tradition among spring/fall staff. We’re each assigned someone to buy or make cheap little gifts for throughout the season to help us get to know each other better. I’m not very sociable so I haven’t actually gotten to know my recipient well at all, but I enjoy giving her little gifts I know she’ll like. 

She is a big fan of dinosaurs, so for my last gift, I’m buying her this necklace and some chocolate before we close the season.

hey yeah friendly reminder that ace/aro people belong in the lgbtqia+ community because what the fuck do y'all think the "a" stands for?

listen you can….. literally parallel grimmons with yorkalina now…. that’s how far we’ve come with these fucking geek ass nerds and their refusal to discuss their relationship………..

In the world of musical theatre, the task of not comparing yourself to others is nearly impossibe. I’m still doubting it can be done. Whether you’re reprimanding yourself for not being able to belt that high note the girl in your choir can belt, for not being able to land that pirouette that boy in your ballet class does perfectly, or for not being able to put the raw emotion in your monologue that person who auditioned right before you put into theirs, you know that comparing yourself isn’t gonna get you anywhere. But, we do it anyway. The thing is, we are all in different places. Some people start at age 2, some people start at age 20. 

But, I’ve always thought of it as a scale, right? Like, some kind of 1 to 10 scale, where a 10 has a 100% chance of getting in a show, a 5 has a 50% chance, etc. The truth is, though, it’s not a scale. It’s a puzzle.

Every show is a puzzle, and you’re a piece. The director is the one solving the puzzle. And there are some puzzles that you just don’t fit into. And it sucks! There’s no denying that! And sometimes, it’s like, “geez, that person can fit into every puzzle, but I can only fit into some.” But, let me tell you, there are definitely puzzles that they don’t fit into. 

Every actor is a differently shaped piece, and there’s a puzzle out there that you may fit perfectly into that the person you’re comparing yourself to does not. We each bring our own different set of skills and personality to the table. and sometimes we fit, and sometimes we don’t.

But, not fitting doesn’t make us any less of puzzle piece. It just means that puzzle wasn’t made for us.

I don’t know. I’m tired, I just had to the good old “I’m not good enough” breakdown, and I’m making up this metaphor on the spot. But, I guess the point I’m trying to get to is that talent really can’t be measured. Talent comes in different shapes and sizes, so if yours isn’t the same shape as most people’s, that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. 

since i draw farina so often anyways, i decided to finally do something like a character sheet for her

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hey! since 1d's management restricted the interaction between Louis and Harry in 2013 we haven't seen any real interaction between the two of them. at least not genuine ones like we've seen them between 2010 und 2012. so my question is how can we be sure that they are still dating? i mean theoretically they could have broken up a year ago and we wouldn't really know would we?

i mean idk where you’ve been but we’ve had more and more interactions in otra and the mitam promo though. i think you’re completely forgetting that. we literally had the hug, lairport and wheelbarrow. not to mention, the aimh flag and so many other moments. louis literally took a day off from jho promo for harry’s birthday. harry literally got the beeeee and they continue to always fond and have never looked like they’ve broken up. i have always evaluated their relationship not only on their interactions but also other facts we’ve learned throughout the years. and the thing is if they have broken up, we would have known about it because their body language would have made that very obvious so i really really don’t think they have broken up.

persephone: i love my husband, hades
also persephone: i also hate that i didn’t get to choose him as my husband and that he kidnapped me just because he had permission from zeus to do so and he wanted me. i choose him now and all the years to come, but a part of me hated him and still will. he’s wronged me and he’s not allowed to forget it

The reason I am super wary of “exclusionists” is not because I strongly believe asexual people should always be accepted in LGBT+ communities… but rather a lot of the rationale for excluding them seems to be based on the same anti-asexual rhetoric that I hear from the straight majority.

“Asexual people are closeted LGBT+ people who are in denial.”

“Are you sure you’re not (insert other orientation here)??”

“Asexual people are just trying to be special/different.”

“Asexuality = celibacy.”

“No-one cares that you don’t want to have sex.”

“Asexuality is TMI, no-one needs to know!”

“You’re not asexual if you’ve had sex.”

“You’ll grow out of it. You’re too young to know.”

“That’s not a real orientation.”

Or even problematic ideas that have existed in asexual communities for a long time, like the erasure of aroace people.

These ideas and arguments weren’t invented by “exclusionists” with the aim of “keeping LGBT+ communities safe from cishets”. They are constantly said by conservative, cishet people in society with the aim of silencing and invalidating asexual people when we open up about our identities. 

And for all the people who say “we’re not saying asexuality isn’t valid, just that it isn’t LGBT+”, you might not be saying it’s invalid, but you’re using the same rationale as people who do.

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i’m glad you liked that one tho XD  there’s probably not much to catch up on though, i haven’t posted there in a while haha

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What kind of relationships would you like to see Jekyll develop? I've seen you post about wanting more platonic things... do you have anything you specifically want?


honestly, i know i keep harping on it and people must be sick of it by now, but i really want friends his own age??? there are almost no characters in rp over 40, let alone over 50, and that gets really, insanely frustrating. jekyll really isn’t the sort to be close friends with someone 20 or 30 years younger than him — he’ll be polite to them, he might enjoy chatting with them, but they’re never gonna be ‘friends,’ in his mind. it’s just… too much of a gap. he finds it weird. and i end up feeling like i’m missing out on a lot, because jekyll is the sort to have a lot of friends his age, i just… never get to explore that because every single rp character, with the exception of a tiny handful, is under 40 — usually under 35. no one wants to make older characters, which leaves me feeling like i can’t develop a lot of close platonic relationships with him. he’s 52 years old — he doesn’t dislike younger people, but he’s really not gonna hang out with them like they’re his best pals. 

that’s the thing i want most. just… friendships with people closer to his own age. beyond that, though, uh… i dunno. i feel like i’ve just gotten a bit tired of mentor plots or pseudofamilial plots because that’s all i get to do. i just really, really want friendships with people his age.

So, how would ya’ll like an AU backstory of how Sillyvision was bought and restored by Henry’s grand children after discovering the truth behind Henry’s past after unintendly bringing Bendy back to life, buuuuut if you’re interested of course guys… I’ll explain the ideas we threw around last night.  I’m unsure what to name this AU other than Re-animated as it refers to Bendy being able to come back to life and well, being a living toon of course. :P -Admin Lei