always paralleling each other


2016 bones challengeday 5: favourite season(s) ~ seasons 5 and 9
“Nothing in this universe happens just once. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment.”


Olicity + being a big part of each other’s lives


I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x


we always lose each other, we always find each other too

@ people saying “I’ll always find you” is a Snowing thing: it’s not anymore?

It was a Snowing thing at first but through the seasons it has become a Charming family thing, just like Henry pointed it out at some point (”that’s what we do, we always find each other”). So, even if the parallel between Snowing and Captain Swan was obvious and kinda cheesy as fuck tbh I see it more as Emma fully and officially accepting Killian as part of the Charming family, as part of her family. He’s one of them now, he’s here to stay and be part of their family.

Because yes, finding each other is what they do, of course they’re going to find him. Duh.