always own leather

what is the deal with writers detailing what every character smells like? it’s so weird. and always in the same format, like they all took the same writing class from some scratch-and-sniff obsessed teacher.

i don’t mean describing the scent of a lover or another key character like a parent someone misses a lot. but there seems to be this trend lately in books of every character’s scent being described in detail.

and maybe i’m just not as smell-oriented as other people?? but. i don’t need to know that each character smells like thing one (usually something naturey), thing two (usually something having to do with the character’s profession or hobbies), and ~uwu~ some unnameable thing ~all their own~. 


Clark Gregg + his tongue (aka: evidence that Clark is part sexy lizard man?)

I like how sometimes his tongue is playful, sometimes it’s thoughtful, and sometimes it’s skeptical. It is capable of portraying great emotional depth, is what I’m saying – respect the tongue.