always over order


AND 2 Alternative Lance designs that no one asked for to go with my Allura’s… lowey wanna do everyone LOL

(Lance on the right has a vascular birthmark if u were wondering)

Can’t vs Don’t Want To

A lot of writing tips say that you should “force yourself to write, even when you think you can’t.”

I personally have always interpreted this to mean that I should write even when I don’t feel like it, but recently that I started thinking about the difference between “can’t” and “I don’t wanna.”

And I’ve come to realize that this difference is an important one.

When I can’t write, something is wrong. I could be mentally or emotionally off that day, I could have homework that is stressing me to the point that I can’t focus on the story, etc, etc.

In these sorts of situations, I am nearly incapable of writing. I always could, of course, but it would probably be bad writing. I would end up more frustrated than I was when I started, and that’s not something I want out of my writing. These are the days when I can’t write, so I don’t.

But then there are other days when I still don’t write, but nothing is wrong. I’m having a better day mentally/emotionally, I’m on top of homework, etc. These are days when I usually get sucked into the void of YouTube, or I play games on my phone for hours, or I watch TV. On these days, I never get around to writing because what I’m doing in that moment is easier than diving into plot and characters again.

And those are the days that I end up regretting the most. Because those videos are always going to be there, those games aren’t going anywhere. The writing that I could have gotten done? That stuff is less permanent.

I guess the bottom line here is this:
Recognize the differences between the days that you can’t write and the days where you just don’t want to, and then act accordingly.

If you’re having a day where you can’t write? Take a break. It’s okay to have those days. You’re still a writer, you’re just not at your A-game today. That’s all right. You’ll get back to it.

But if you’re just putting it off because you don’t want to? Stop scrolling through Tumblr and go write, silly!

Raoul: When the time comes, shoot- only if you have to- but shoot to kill

Marksman: How will I know, sir?

Raoul: You’ll  k  n  o  w 

Me: We’re all fucked what kind of order is that


Boy will you ever.

fall out boy is perfect for everything
wanna flirt with someone? “i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off ;)”
wanna threaten your spouse? “i’d rather be a widow than a divorcee”
wanna break up with someone? “it’s not you, it’s me. actually, it’s the taxidermy of you and me.”

Imagine your brOTP

“I live next door and I keep having to sign for your weird parcels. What on earth are you ordering, and why are you never in??”

Kirishima/Fem! S/O

You and Kirishima had been dating for 3 years now, and you two were what others would consider the perfect relationship. You always showed your affection for him, he was a perfect gentleman towards you (most of the time), and you both genuinely loved each other, more than anything in the world. That never changed, even when the two of you were completely by yourselves at your home, just being lazy together.

Giggles escaped your lips as Kirishima was telling you a story of his first year in U.A, more namely the cavalry battle during the sports festival. You loved it when he told you stories, because he always loved to reenact them, making sure to always over exaggerate in order to hear that laugh he loved so much. As he told his story, you couldn’t help but zone out, just thinking to yourself how much you loved him.

“Hey Kirishima?” You asked him, smiling.

“Yeah, Y/N?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” You said, grinning. You didn’t have to ask him twice before he smiled and softly pressed his lips to yours. The two of you stayed like that for a while, kissing and loving each other, with Kirishima peppering your face with sweet, quick kisses and you doing the same.

“Hehe, stop that! It tickles!” You laugh, as Kirishima continued to pepper you with kisses.

“I don’t wanna stop. Your laugh is too adorable.” He smiled, nuzzling you affectionately.

You smile at him, rolling your eyes. “Very cute, Kiri, but I have to take a shower.” You said to him, only to have him pulling you back down.

“Noooo, don’t get up, I’m not done cuddling you!” He laughed, nuzzling you more. You laugh as well, hugging him. Your eyes meet, and you share a moment of nothing but pure adoration for each other. You both love each other so much, you can barely stand it. He can barely stand it.

“Hey Y/N?” He asks you, smiling lovingly. His smile made your heart flutter.

“Yes, Kiri?”

“Let’s get married.”

Dating Seungkwan would include


- the type to be trying to tear open his chopsticks and hit your titty with his elbow let’s be real

- annoying girlfriend type who always wants to sit like, RIGHT next to you in the booth and you’re like seungkwan I can’t even see you

-  “that’s what makes it more romantic”

- him slipping into his jeju accent when he gets mad and starts talking fast and you ain’t got any idea what he’s saying but nod anyways

- feeding him your food so much that your arm reaches for his mouth while he follows the fork like a baby bird

- sitting on the couch watching Disney movies and you hear some gross sniffling and when you turn on the lights its seungkwan crying into your shirt

- on weekends since he got the energy of the fucking energizer bunny he wakes you up by singing into your ear obnoxiously

- “ayoooo ladie-” “seungkwan I will put you in a headlock, don’t try me”

-  walking in butterfly gardens together having a great time, but then seokmin almost chokes on a butterfly behind y'all and you have to leave

- seungcheol is like the annoying high school teacher at prom, like he even sees seungkwans hands on you he’s like “ha ha, lets it keep it pg guys ;-) haha”

- trying to text seungkwan very serious but he jus keeps sending you memes and you’re like what the fuck

- going to the mall while a very exhausted seungkwan follows you around

- suddenly he’s 100% reenergized as soon as y'all even pass by a Victoria’s Secret

- he’s always trying to talk to you in English but you kinda sit there confused like….that ain’t English boy

- going out to eat and always over ordering, like y'all will think you’re hungry enough for all this shit but then you’re sitting there with half full plates like….what now

- kissing his neck but he throws his drink because he got surprised and then he’s mad at you for the rest of the day

- he’s really easy to scare….,,,…but you don’t do it a lot cause he cries easily and has a weak heart

- loses his mind whenever you do anything cute like he starts throwing shit he can’t handle it he wants to fight

- wearing his shirts and he gets mad but you don’t listen, but then he walks out in your bra and shit like how do u like it????

- “seungkwan…it’s not the same.”

- always singing when shit don’t call for singing, like you’re trying to cook and he’s in the background rapping about every ingredient you have

- “Vernon please come collect him.”

- doesn’t like it when you wear heels because he feels small

- tries to be cute and place little kisses on your mouth before he leaves for the day but ends up tripping and falling on top of your sleeping body, has to run out with a red bump on his forehead

- probably gets asked about it later on by his manager or an interviewer and seokmin has to help him with a response

- taking boat rides to jeju together while you sleep on his arm and he’s so hype for you to meet his mom

- his mom loves you and seungkwan is over the moon cause she’s important to him and you’re important to him and he boutta cry

- he don’t bring you to the dorms a lot cause even though it doesn’t show he’s really touchy about you and chan is to damn comfy with you for his liking

- sneaking off together at night to little shops and restaurants all over while seungkwan holds your hand extremely tight like he doesn’t want to lose you

- he the type to get lost in a supermarket and have to go to the front and get them to call you on the loudspeaker

- when you go up to find him he’s sitting there with a blue ballon while the old manager lady pats his head and you’re  like what the fuck am I dating or babysitting

- but sometimes you get really sad or scared sometimes and he’s suddenly superman and makes you feel safe and warm and you’re sorry you made fun of him for crying over the lion king again

- entertaining his weird phases, probably has a week where he’s super into fly fishing and you gotta deal with it

- being the 4th wheel in seokmin, hoshi, and seungkwan’s endeavors

- but it’s okay cause seokmin gives you piggy back rides and hoshi always feeds you when seungkwans away mc'ing or something

- you think they’re being nice but seungkwan probably asked them to do it because he doesn’t want you sad while he’s away

- flying to see your parents this time, and he probably practices his greeting for your dad in front of the mirror, in seven different octaves, 3 different postures, lmao

- going wild over your moms cooking and she probably loves him, and even though your dad looks at him like he’s weird, which he is, he likes him deep down

- people havin a hard time deciding if you guys are being sarcastic or serious talking to each other, it’s a house of sassy hoes

- dramatic coats together in the winter

- hoshi making you guys have a “get along” shirt that he sticks you in when you get mad at each other

- singing in the car to your favorite songs but seungkwan is like…,,,no

- “who sings this song, y/n?” “Exo, why?” “Yeah let’s keep it that way.”

- if he ever hurts your feelings from being a butt sometimes he’s always unsure how to apologize because of it

- ends up grabbing you and hugging you and singing cheesy love songs to make you feel better

- kissing his shoulders when he’s sore from practice but scoups runs over and grabs you like time to goooooo!!!!!

- borrows your lotions a lot so he always smells sweet like you

- trying to be cute and finish each others sentences but y'all always say the wrong endings

- little late nights where he calls you (until you wake up, you’re on alert for divaboo) and let’s out his frustrations, finding comfort in the way you would tell him everything’s okay and will continue to be

- trips with him in the moonlight where he makes you laugh and giggle by dancing all over town, cracking jokes at everything, kissing your cheek in little surprise gestures

- hoshi taking sneak pictures of you both and sending them to seungkwan later, he probably posts them with wild ass tags like “#truelove #seungcheolandjeonghancantfuckwithus #kawaii”

- it’s gonna be a relationship where you can never guess where he’s gonna go, what he’s gonna do next, and that’s all part of the surprise because your mc boo is one of the biggest motivators in your life and he loves you more than he loves being dramatic and that’s a whole lot and it’s just one of the most refreshing and wild relationships you’ll ever have and seungkwan the type to always keep you guessing and excitable every second of every day