always out


i am glad my story can be entertaining to you. i just wish i can think of myself as worthy of the cheers you give.

these are but intrusive thoughts, but they come quite often.

im just so SAD about vex being depressed when percy lost his memory of the feywild because the rest of the party didn’t just not notice - they did notice, but they assumed she was upset about percy not remembering he titled her (as opposed to her actually being upset over him forgetting the connection they made when she was at one of her lowest and most emotionally vulnerable times that he stuck up for her and stood by her side during) and even made jokes about how she didn’t need to be upset anymore because she was still getting titled anyways

and nobody asked her if she was okay after she continued to be upset after percy confirmed he’d still title her :c only trinket noticed and was concerned

I love how in WoR everybody keeps noticing there’s something odd about Shallan and Kaladin and we see all the stuff they’re doing.

And meanwhile Renarin is clearly doing his own novel of stuff and everybody just goes “Huh. Renarin right? Him and his antics.”

hey yeah friendly reminder that ace/aro people belong in the lgbtqia+ community because what the fuck do y'all think the "a" stands for?

Rouge admires knuckles soooo much. She really admires how committed he is to doing his duty cuz shes always flip flopping between jobs and really needs her freedom. She acts like she hates how he’s stuck doing an unforgiving job but shes actually really jealous of how much he can be committed to something and really respects and loves him for it and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

persephone: i love my husband, hades
also persephone: i also hate that i didn’t get to choose him as my husband and that he kidnapped me just because he had permission from zeus to do so and he wanted me. i choose him now and all the years to come, but a part of me hated him and still will. he’s wronged me and he’s not allowed to forget it

I’m gonna be that healer that spitefully doesn’t use the pull ability and just watches lazy fuckers die to aoe’s they can’t be arsed to move from. I don’t care if I have the ability to pull you out of it, you can move your own fucking character, I don’t give two shits about your in progress cast.