always on fire for sara

Clumsiness headcanons

-Emil is clumsy

-Like, very clumsy

-Help him

-Gets into a lot of accidents, pretty much daily

-Not bad ones though, just small ones like walking into a door or lamp, tripping over his own feet etc etc

-Always has a bandaid kit in his bag to uni

-All the bandaids have small animals on them. The other students secretly like it

-His coach is always worried something worse will happen

-One time in class, he accidently bumped into a table with a bunsen burner and the school had to be evacuated because half of the classroom was on fire

-Mickey and Sara always bet on when the next accident will happen

-They don’t blame the boy though, he’s just so tall and tries his best

-Despite all the stumbling and bumping, he’s still weirdly good at extreme sports

-Literally let him climb something and he’ll be okay. Making him walk through a room with lamps? He’ll hit his head against all of them