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Wait 💓 for thelightningsoul!!! I forgot was in my main

“What’s brought all this on? I’ve never known you to be so forward…” Tom circled Harry, watching him with the same hungry eyes that a python uses when it encircles a particularly adorable rabbit. “It’s not that I’m complaining, dear. Really, it’s a refreshing change that you should actually admit to you’re inclinations…” He trailed a slender finger along Harry’s jawline, tilting his head up to look into those startling green eyes. Everyone always noted how beautiful those almond shaped eyes were upon meeting the young man, but as Tom looked at him and tilted his head slightly in curiosity, it was not Harry’s eyes that entranced him.

No, it was the sweet vulnerability of him. It was the truthfulness, the openness of his stance, his hesitating breath, his general naiveté. It was all the things which Tom witnessed, and never experienced. It was the love in his eyes, and the fear in his heart. Or…perhaps it was the other way around…? Either way, it didn’t matter. He wanted it. He wanted to own it. He wanted to collect it and keep it like a heavy locket, or an aged ring or even a well worn diary. He wanted it like he wanted everything else in this world: conquered, tamed, and ready for his own personal use.

Tom kissed him gently, savoring the taste of the intimacy before pulling back. “Was that so difficult?” He whispered, his breath ghosting Harry’s lips. “You know my terms. You know what you will gain.

There was a pause between them, a heartbeat of a moment where their eyes locked and Tom could barely stand the tension behind the power of that raw, vulnerable, loving gaze. It hurt him to look, but he could not bear to look away. 

“Make your decision soon, Harry. We don’t have much time.” For all of his grandeur, there was an undeniable note of fear in Tom Riddle’s voice.


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Any study tips/ways to stop procrastinating?

studying okay, okay…

  1. highlighters are your best friend. if you don’t have highlighters then gently colour over the key words with colouring pencils or draw a box around it using a red pen.
  2. write in blue pen!! blue pen allows you to remember information easier.
  3. if you’re a visual learner then draw out diagrams if possible and read over your notes/textbook while highlighting.
  4. i always say my notes out loud after reading/writing it down and pretend i’m teaching. it always helps even if you look crazy. talk to your pet, your wall, idc. like how else do you think teachers always remember so much information? because they keep teaching.
  5. if you’re a person who learns by listening then record yourself reading your notes out loud using the voice memo app and play it while reading over your notes.
  6. if you learn by doing things hands on then again, i suggest diagrams or using your hands to explain things to yourself. eg: for interlocking spurs in geography just lock your fingers together. boom you have a diagram made from your body.
  7. study one subject per hour and give yourself a 15-30min break between each session.
  8. get a study buddy if it helps !
  9. listening to classical music while studying helps concentration levels.
  10. making acronyms, poems or singing out a tune for key points or reading notes helps. eg: order of reactivity: calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper. Cats Make Zebras Cry (lol)

um. now with procrastination. my brother and i are both the worst people with this omg it’s such a bad habbit but

  1. make a to-do list with set deadlines
  2. separate your work into sections
  3. get rid of any distractions. if you need to put your phone in the highest place where you cannot reach and shove your laptop under a pile of dirty laundry just to be able to get your ass sat at your desk then boi you better do it
  4. prioritise what’s the most important thing you need to do
  5. just fucking do it. that’s literally all you can do. do it.

hey today has been pretty rough could someone please rb this w a pic of john boyega smiling

concept: jack and bitty get engaged, and shitty and tater fight for the privilege to be jack’s best man the way phoebe and rachel battled it out over who would be monica’s maid of honor


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This week’s classes got me productive !


so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)