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dating advice: the “captain america” rule

Context: I grew up in a family of nerds, and superheroes were always a really big part of my childhood. Captain America was a favorite, and he kind of became my family’s standard for good behavior and just generally being a Nice Person. (If one of the kids started a fight they’d get hit with, “What would Captain America think of how you’re acting?”, stuff like that.)

So when I got to high school and started dating, my mom told me something that sounds funny but in retrospect actually turned out to be really good advice:

“Date someone who treats you the way Captain America would. Never settle for less.” 

And this has actually helped me so much in my dating life, through high school and into my adult years, because even if it’s a little silly, it’s been really helpful to have that standard in the back of my mind when I’m first going into a relationship. 

Would Captain America ignore my calls? Would Captain America forget my birthday? Would Captain America get mad at me for cancelling a date because a family emergency came up? If the answer is no, then I know that the person I’m currently dating does not meet my standards, and that I need to break things off before they get too serious.

And your standard absolutely does not have to be Captain America, specifically. It can be any person, male or female, real or fictional, who is known for being respectful and considerate. It can even be an imaginary “soulmate” that you make up yourself. The point is to have a specific idea of how you expect to be treated by your romantic partners, and to refuse to compromise or settle for less. (Just make sure you’re holding yourself to the same standards – you can’t expect to date superheroes if you’re going to treat your partners the way a supervillain would.) This is a really good way to keep yourself from falling into bad relationships where you aren’t treated with the respect and care you deserve.

TL;DR: You deserve to date people who are respectful and considerate of you. You deserve a Captain America. Don’t settle for less. 

But seriously all I really want to do is talk about the Gaston song scene in the tavern because it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! It’s always been one of my favorite parts of the animated movie and the live action blew it out of the water!

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If you think about it, those three steps basically embody the innocence of agape. It’s as if the skater still thinks he can walk on ice as if it were ground, and he is not scared of the hardness and fierceness of the ice because he is innocent and thinks it to be his friend. This has always been my favorite part of the agape routine, and now I know why.

picnic-crossing  asked:

I want to hug you all the time tbh ;u; your art is super precious and youre adorably sweet Ive always wanted to know how you draw eyes cause its like my favorite part of your drawings but I'm also a little nervous to ask in case you aren't comfortable sharing.. but if you are do you think you could do a small eye tutorial?? ackkk im sorry 🙈 I can tell Im gonna regret sending this but I appreciate your blog and art and you so so much

hello sweet blossoms! ♡ ahh no worries, you’re too cute! let me give you a huge bear hug aww! (⊃ˆ❍ˆ(͈´ᵕ`͈✿)

I never imagined I’d get a nice message like this about the way I draw eyes, I’m flattered! (﹡ᵗ ꒳ ᵗ ﹡) I don’t really know what to say~~ ah! ♡

for my animal crossing styled chibis, I personally think the way I draw eyes is a little simple and straightforward 💦 I just kind of go with the basic shape of which ever eye I’m drawing! …and add a sparkle! ✧ so to me, they aren’t really unique or stand out much! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ)ゞ

(@mayor-aby, @cupcakecrossing and @mayor-peachy all have very amazing, super detailed, and unique eye styles! I looove the way they draw eyes~! ♡ they are my favorites! ♡)

SWEATS 💦 so because my eye style is rather simple, I’m really sorry that this tutorial is kind of short and basic~~ |ω`)゚・ (I’ve also never made a tutorial before so I hope this is okay!! ♡)

I don’t really think I’m the best for this, so I’m really very sorry! but I hope this helps at least a little bit maybe! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ᗨ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)و ̑̑ if you have other questions on this, feel free to ask! ♪

thank you again and good luck my dear!! ♡

The swallow is one of my favorite parts in vore. c:

I always wanted to do a swallow pic that looks like it came from a medical diagram…okay, probably not fully medically accurate but close enough. c:

I didn’t really feel like doing the full shading job on this, so I figured I’ll just keep it flattish-colored. Lazy, I know. X’D

Drawn while suffering from artist block, girl is nobody in particular. She just…is. :P


Scratch - Part 3 - (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: Help! This was only going to be five parts max. I just finished writing the tenth chapter and don’t know how to stop. I blame it on Steve. He’s always one of my favorites to write.

Warnings: light smut I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part 1 Part 2

“So, Nat is on to you,” Steve asks as I straddle him in his bed.

“I’m surprised it took her this long to confront me about it,” I frown before leaning forward to trail kisses down Steve’s bare torso. “And that she has already ruled you out of being a part of this.”

Steve’s hand reaches forward to tilt my face to look at him. “Did she really tell you, she doesn’t think its me?”

“She said you where to bad of a liar to keep something like this a secret,” I laugh. “To be honest I’m surprised you have been able to keep this a secret.”


“Steve Rogers did you break one of our rules,” I frown and stop moving on top of him.

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When you can’t be bothered to do anything.

So just. this is a great photo for many reasons. I mean it was Mitch’s first NHL goal and he’s so excited and he’s got The Celly going and it’s great. Btu it’s also like one of the most popular photos of mitch and just my favorite part of it, will always be Noel Acciari.


this may be the most famous photo that will ever exist of him and something about that is hilarious. I’m so sorry Noel, you didn’t deserve this.