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It really bugs me. Everyone thinks they know how a person should be. Who cares how I should be, you know? In real life I could be that anonymous nerd sitting across from you in chem lab, staring at you so hard. And then when you turn around he tries to smile, but the smile just comes out all wrong. You just think “How pathetic.” Then he just looks away. He never looks back at you again. Well, hey… who cares, that’s my motto.

Pump Up the Volume (1990) dir. Allan Moyle

I personally really like the idea of Helen Cho and T'Challa. Considering Helen’s technology built a body from vibranium and Wakana has a lot of it apparently, and they’re both amazing scientists they’d make a really great team.

But Helen is Asian and a woman so that pretty much just makes her invisible.


“The next morning, Richie woke at dawn. He had decided birds should not be kept in cages, fed Mordecai three sardines, and set him free.”


Richie: “You came back. Is that you, Mordecai? I’m not so sure this is Mordecai. This bird’s got much more white feathers on him.”


Margot: “i wonder what happened to him”

Richie: “I don’t know. Sometimes if a person has a traumatic experience their hair turns white.”

Margot: “well, I’m sure he’ll get over it.”

- The Royal Tennenbaums (2001) dir. Wes Anderson

Age of Ultron thoughts

Thoughts by a diehard Romanogers shipper.

Hello, Hola, Bonjour! 

I saw AOU last night and I was surprised to say the least. The first Avenger movie will still be my fav -both Captain America movies will always have my heart- but i really liked a few parts in AOU one being the scenes in the Tower because I wanted to see what it would look like from the inside, too bad we didn’t get too see their floors *cries* I also really really really really liked the ending -I’ll get to that later- I also like Vision and surprisingly enough I really liked Wanda’s character. I also really liked the random ass idea of Clint having a family on a farm that no one but Natasha knew about, but that’s just me. 

Right, now onto the Romanogers bit! I was fangirling too hard during the end when Steve goes to that empty room that Nat is in to process what Steve had said to Tony a scene before that. When I got home I read (@chellelight_11 Twitter UN) review about Romanogers (I’ll reblog it so you guys can read it) when I read this my brain sparked.

We see Tony talking to Steve, Tony is saying his good byes. Tony tells Steve, that he will probably be building a farm house just like Clint. Steve then says, “aw the simple life”. Tony says, “You can have that”. The camera pans over to Steve, you can tell his reminiscing about the past, then he replies, “family, stability, simple life”. At this point I started saying, Oh shit Steve wanted a family too!! Just like Natasha!! We all saw how she acted around Clint’s children, you can tell that Nat wants to have that or at least something close to that. But lets continue..  Steve then says, “I wanted that too”. At that moment I started screaming with excitement!!!  he continues to say that when he went into the ice 75 yrs ago another person came out.

I don’t quite remember what Tony said to Steve but I do remember that Steve said the following (or something close to it, im running on 4 hours of sleep, bare with me if the quote is not exact) “I am home” and he looks at the new Avengers facility and you can hear the sound of drills going on in the background. AND THEN the scene with Nat come one and he makes that whole wall comment. So after remembering that my shipper heart rose into the sky like Thor. WHY? Because unknowingly he said that Natasha was his home or that being with her felt like home.

I have hope that the Russo brothers can fix the mess that Joss did, not just because of CATWS but because in an interview Chris said that there is a possibility for Cap to have a relationship with a woman and ALSO I saw a post on Twitter that talked about the Russo bothers and it says:

“In a recent interview with Chinese Media via MoviePilot directiors Anthony and Joe Russo recognize the chemistry between Johansson and actor Chris Evans (Captain America) thus, those two characters would remain intact for the upcoming movie”

-Reality today (via natashatherussian)

Those two things give me hope that they will be able to give us Romanogers. DON’T LOSE HOPE FELLOW SHIPPERS! STAY STRONG!