always my fav movie


It really bugs me. Everyone thinks they know how a person should be. Who cares how I should be, you know? In real life I could be that anonymous nerd sitting across from you in chem lab, staring at you so hard. And then when you turn around he tries to smile, but the smile just comes out all wrong. You just think “How pathetic.” Then he just looks away. He never looks back at you again. Well, hey… who cares, that’s my motto.

Pump Up the Volume (1990) dir. Allan Moyle

supernatural + occasionally a horror show

i went and saw IT tonight and i fucking hate the people on this hellsite i could not stop thinking about those dumb ass pennywise sexual headcanon post and also that fucking dumb dancing gif of him so when that part happened i almost shit myself thanks! i hate it

Y'know whenever i tell people that don bluth’s anastasia is one of my fav movies someone always goes “oh but it’s not historically accurate” and like


And here i though rasputin sold his soul and had a talking bat named bartok

You’ve really opened my eyes to how historically ignorant i was