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Reunited Friends AU part 9!~
Finally got some free time to work on this! I’ve been busy graduating university, moving out and getting a job, so I’m sorry you had to wait this long. Another bridge part really but hooray for talking it out and now the plot can continue!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! THANK YOU!!

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Darth Vader & stormtroopers

Everybody’s getting kids and getting their lives sorted out and I’m here still having trouble to decide what to eat at McDonald’s ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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How the sakamaki and mukami change the baby diaper while the baby can't stay still or always moving? XD

Shu- “Damn it, hold still!” It’s been ten minutes since the crying started and it hadn’t ceased. With you gone at the store, he had, for the first time, had to take care of the diaper himself. But how?? “Okay, hold still or I swear, I will-” (”Shu?” You entered the room.” Immediately, he dropped the powder and headed back to the couch, “Deal with her.”

Reiji- He sighed in annoyance as the baby wriggled and cried for his mommy, but she hadn’t gotten sleep in the past week and Reiji promised to help out, “Hold still and then you can watch Bubble Guppies.” The baby stilled and looked at his dad wide eyed, showing an understanding, but he still didn’t stop moving, “Are you fuc-… ugh.”

Ayato- “HOW TO I GET THIS THING OFF?!” He screamed into the phone over the babies wails. He waited for Reiji’s reply and then cut him off, “HE WON’T STOP MOVING-” “Maybe cause you are screaming.” “…” “…” “Never mind, I got it.” “Idiot.” 

Laito- Probably would be pretty patient and would try to distract the baby with keys or toys. He’d be super calm and won’t get annoyed or scream. A+ Daddy…. well.. for a smol part..

Kanato- Ha. Haha. No. He would have none of the babies shit and would probably accidentally hurt him a little and make the baby scream bloody murder. The neighbors or his brothers will have to help him. 

Subaru- He’d try to be all cool, but his annoyance was seeping through each moment the baby would wriggle and he’d probably punch the wall next to him and the baby would stop immediately. 

Ruki- “Livestock, when will you be home? *screaming in the distance*” “An hour…? Is something wrong?” “*sighs* No.” “…. what did you do to the baby.” “He’s with uncle Azusa right now, he won’t listen to me. You didn’t train him wel-” “itS A BABY”

Yuma- “How do you get him to stop moving?” He questioned out loud as the baby bit his hand, “FUCK! Listen here little piglet, I am not here to play games, now hold still!”

Kou- He’s taking pictures of him and the baby instead and putting them on social media, but when he actually does the job, he gets frustrated easily and will end up trying to find some restraints for the baby.

Azusa- “Uh… Hold still please… Mommy isn’t… here right now, but… I am-” He would try doing things nice and slowly, but the baby would end up being too fast with motions and crying and he’d have to take it to Ruki. He would be strangely calm about it all. 

((Sorry, made these funny whoops XD)