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Consider it my Christmas gift to you

Wow, was Jung being brutally honest. that’s probably the most direct I’ve ever seen him be. It’s refreshing to see Jung having a confrontation that he didn’t stage and be just sincerely angry without trying to manipulate anything.  But I think this chapter pretty much kills any hope of Jung and Inho ever “making peace” with each other, because depending on Sul’s reaction to this Jung might just kill Inho.

The conversation between Jung and Inho’s actually felt like listening to the two very opposite sides of the fandom hahaha, it was amusing.

If Inho really called Sul on purpose to try and break her up with Jung… then he is a major A*hole, he knows Sul is the person Jung cares about the most. Worse of all if that’s true… that’s exactly what Jung has been saying in this chapter. Although it would be an eye for an eye: Inho’s beloved piano for Jung’s beloved girlfriend. I guess it’s only fair? doesn’t mean I like it.

I’m not sure how much of the conversation Sul actually heard but I don’t think Jung’s words would be something to react the way she did, with or without context. I am only hoping that next chapter gives me Sul confronting Jung about whatever it is that freaked her out, instead of her running away edit: she ran away, pfft. but on the bright side, Jung did run after her. I don’t quite understand what scared her and why she was reminded of the panty thief in this particular situation. 

A little Regal Believer I wrote on the coach

He’d been extremely quiet in the car, not at all like his usual animated self. Normally she would never be able to get a word in whenever she’d pick him up from school, he’d be chewing her ear off, telling tales of his day from the moment he made his way across the playground to her until they sat down for dinner. Today though, something was off with her boy.

She watched him as he twirled his little fork through the mound of spaghetti on his plate, it was his favorite, her bolognaise sauce a frequent request of his and it was always more cheese please Mama! Tonight though, it lay hardly touched and cooling. Her brow furrowed at the sight of the sadness on his face, his little pout tugging at her heartstrings and causing her to ask “did something happen at school today Henry?”

Dark little eyes shot up to look at her at that, something there that she couldn’t quite decipher, didn’t have enough time to even try before he was looking back down to his food once more with a small shrug and a “no mama” that sounded more dejected than it was convincing. She’d allow him the moment though, would ask him one more time before bedtime, knowing that if something truly was wrong then he’d tell her before the night was out.

She gave him one last glance over, a small smile at the sight of him, his mere presence in her life still such a marvel to her, before she was asking “not hungry tonight huh?” and it was a Friday meaning that he’d have been having his sweet treat day at school and tomorrow morning would bring more strawberry pancakes than he’d be able to eat so for tonight, she’d allow him to skip dinner if he so wished.

At the shake of his head, eyes still downcast as he placed his fork upon his plate and pushed it towards her, she stood and grabbed both of their dishes, making sure to lean down and place a tender lingering kiss to his head before moving to the kitchen, shouting while still in earshot “go pick your bubbles for bath time little man.” And though his responding okay mama was lacking in the usual enthusiasm, she heard him pad from the dining room and begin his ascent upstairs.

She loved him like this, warm, soft and fragrant from his bath. He’d picked the Spiderman bubble bath (no surprise there) which carried undertones of vanilla that had her hugging him a little tighter when he climbed out from underneath the covers and onto her lap, his arms coming to wrap around her neck as he lay his head upon her shoulder, her little boy.

She stroked a soothing hand up and down his back, enjoying the softness of the cotton pyjama top she had placed him in and making a mental note to buy more fabric softener during their trip to the store tomorrow before she asked “you want to tell me what happened today sweetheart?” she shifted him down and onto her lap fully, moving a hand to hold his head to her chest when he nodded.

She waited him out, dropping her lips to linger on his forehead as chubby fingers moved up to play with the hair that had fallen forward with her movement. He loved playing with her hair, it soothed him, had done since he was a baby and she couldn’t help but adore the extra contact with her son, the subtle affection that he gave her without really registering it.

“Cooper said you’re not my real Mama cause I’m dopted.”

Regina had been rocking them very gently from side to side, hoping to ease whatever worries rested upon his poor little mind but she stilled completely at that. Henry had known, from the moment he was old enough to understand, just where he had come from, she’d told him so herself, had shown him the pictures of the day she’d brought him home and it had never bothered him before…did it now? “And…what did you say Henry?”

She was still looking down at him, watched the way his brow furrowed as he tried to recall his own words. Her heart was pounding within her chest though she needn’t have worried for he replied simply “that it doesn’t matter if I came from your tummy or not” it was the very same thing she’d told him that first day when she’d explained everything and it had tears welling in her eyes as her heart swelled with love for the little child in her arms, “I love you and you love me so that’s all that counts.”

A tear fell from each eye as she pressed her lips back to his forehead, his head to her chest and began rocking them gently again as she managed to tell him “that’s right my little prince.”

It was quiet for another long moment before Henry was asking “will you sing me to sleep Mama?” and it seemed that was that for now and so she laughed softly into his hair, told him “of course I will sweetheart” and sang her little boy to sleep, holding him within the warmth of her arms and her love.


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I don't know any thoughts on nico, I just love your thoughts on nico.


  • Nico hates pet names- not because he really thinks that they’re stupid, but because he adores the way it sounds when someone says his name with true love
  • Nico’s favorite food is lasagna, and he always adds more cheese
  • He actually really hates McDonald’s, and the smell of it makes him gag
  • Nico gets his fashion sense from dead people, which eventually leads him to wandering around in an 19th century military jacket
  • Nico cuts his own hair, so it’s usually choppy and uneven- he doesn’t like other people messing with it.
  • He loves modern film- especially anything with robots or space ships- but he thinks saying so makes him sound like a little kid so he pretends he doesn’t
  • Even though Nico has had a lot more time to adjust, the values of the 21st century scandalize Nico way more than they do Hazel
  • Although the two still love listening to old Jazz records together
  • Nico briefly took dance lessons with Bianca when he was a child, and then picked it up again after the first titan war. Surprisingly enough, ghosts are excellent dance teachers
  • He doesn’t really like sweets that much, and can’t deal with a lot of sugar.
  • So, he doesn’t really drink soda that often, and when he does it’s diet.
  • His favorite beverage, in fact, is unsweetened ice tea
  • Although he really likes Sally Jackson’s lemonade
  • Sally insists Nico stay with them sometimes, and once when Percy was at school Sally took him shopping. They had a great time.
  • Nico has an awful singing voice.
  • But he can kind of play the piano, barely.
  • Hey, the underworld gets boring sometimes
  • When Nico gets older, he becomes somewhat of a lieutenant for Hades, tracking down escaped souls and co-running the underworld with Thanatos when Hades and Persephone are away
  • Nico eventually makes peace with his stepmother, kind of, well…he hasn’t been turned into a flower  for a while, so that’s something
  • When Nico is 16 he gets his G.E.D. with a perfect score in everything
  • He then gets accepted into college where he’s a major in sociology and education- he wants to help demi-god kids like himself 
  • He gets super embarrassed about that and says he’s majoring in, like, neuroscience or something
  • But no one buys it
  • Sometimes him and Hazel go on sibling dates to museums and parks and zoos and enjoy the childhood they never got
  • Nico doesn’t drink alcohol often because he’s a light weight
  • Also a really slutty drunk and, ok, it just doesn’t end well
  • One time as a prank the Aphrodite kids bleached his hair and everyone agreed it worked way too well on him
  • He slowly collects more and more jewelry until he runs out of room
  • So he starts getting piercings
  • When he’s 17 he gets two angel wings on his shoulders; one for his mother, the other for Bianca 
  • He still doesn’t really like the Hunters of Artemis
  • Eros and company continually harassed Nico after the war with Gaea was won, much to Nico’s eternal frustration.