always meant to be

There are nights like tonight, where I am alone with only my thoughts, memories, my past. Nights like these where I dream for a simpler life, one where I wasn’t burdened with responsibilities, one where I’m not constantly haunted by my past. Where I’m not always reminded that I haven’t got you, that I lost you along time ago. I cant keep writing the same story with no ending. I wanted you darling, I wanted it to be you. I never thought our story would have ended like this, we were always meant to find our way back to each other. So it would be tonight of all nights where I would finally sit and write our ending because I needed to finish this. I need to finish this chapter and close the book. I don’t want to live in-between these pages forever.
—  I wont love you forever. I can’t.//t.c

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am i the only one who feels like hakuryuu changed a bit too much? like i understand him changing and growing, but...IDK, maybe there's something i'm missing?

This is just my personal opinion, but more than changing, I think he simply went back to his “Zagan” personality. He has always been a straight-forward person at his core, though his politeness meant he not always said everything that was on his mind (hence his meltdown at Zagan).

I also think a lot of his behaviour was restricted by his obsession with revenge, his need to have one goal and just go towards it with everything he had - which is also why he felt so empty and instinctively needed to switch targets once “Gyokuen” was gone. Unfortunately, that occupied too much space in his mind, to the point it blocked other feelings and became his sole drive. Now that it is gone, he can “be himself”.

That said, I think it is perfectly natural that not everyone likes his personality or growth, since it is really subjective.

Things that need to happen before TVD ends: 

1.Damon realizing that at the end of the days, it’s been always Stefan for him. And that NO ONE else matters other than his brother.

2. Damon admitting that his feelings for Bonnie are more than friendship.

3. Matt realizing that his friends, no matter how bad they are or how ‘dark’ they are, are still his friends.

4. Bonnie gathering her friends to give them a lecture on how to be a real friend and tell them that she hasn’t been oblivious to all the things that happened in the past year. Aka she always saves their lives and they only come around when they need help.

5. Stefan Salvatore, embracing who he is, learning how to love himself, believing that he is worth so much more. 

6. Caroline realizing that she didn’t become this person because she became a vampire but because she was always meant to be this person one way or another. She just needed the right circumstances. 

7. Damon apologizes to Caroline for what he did to her when she was human. 

8. Damon apologizing to everyone, but specially Matt, about killing Tyler.

9. Enzo comes back to live. 

10. Bonnie finding her happiness and peace of mind with no more pain or tragedy just pure happiness.

11. Katherine pierce walking into Stefan and caroline’s wedding with “missed me?”

12. Lexi comes back. Before Stefan’s wedding. This time for good.

13. June Wedding. 

14. Stefan Salvatore living happily ever after with Caroline Forbes with all the questions about their futures being answered

15. Everyone having a happy ending ‘cause even though some of them had done terrible things and mastered being a disappointment but at the end of the day it’s been 8 years and they deserve happy ending. 

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Maggie discourse: I always thought that she meant that, had she been standing mere inches away, it would've hit her heart and killed her. You bring up a good point about the poison/toxicity of it too, which is something I never thought of. I always get so angry for people making fun of that line just because it really was that close. It doesn't matter how big the scar was, it still happened and she still would've lost Alex and Adrian and everyone she cared about if it had been that much closer.


But also, can I just say?

You brought Adrian into this and I just. Am… not crying?

You’re crying.


My heart.

Morning Blues ~ Hakyeon / N Scenario

Morning Blues ~ Hakyeon / N Scenario

Word Count: 861

Type: Fluff / Confession

Brief: Hakyeon works as a barrista in your local coffee shop. He’s adorable, at least to you, and surprisingly good at hiding his talent for latte art and his undeniable crush for you.

Originally posted by prince-hakyeon

Visiting the coffee shop was somewhat of a habit to you. Something about having that kick of caffeine in the morning always pulled you through the day. And seeing that adorable barrista was an added bonus and definitely not the only reason you kept going back…You would pop in there just before work at some insanely early time. You’ve often wondered why you opted for a job that required you to wake up at 5:30am but at least you had a long lunch break and finished at 2pm, which meant that you always had the evenings to yourself.

It was always empty in the coffee shop at 5:30am. No surprise there. There would often be one or two people working, having just arrived, preparing sandwiches and cakes for the day. That cute barrista you were all starry-eyed over, Hakyeon, would, more often than not, be there assembling the sandwiches. He always greeted you with a charming, alluring smile – a cure to your morning blues. The ways his eyes formed into perfect little crescents and how his cheeks puffed out slightly kept you coming back for more. Not to mention, the coffee he makes is second to none. If he had time, he would do some cute latte art for you. If he didn’t have time, he would make time. You came so often that he had even calculated what time you would approximately walk through the door each day, making sure he came in early enough to get a head start of those sandwiches. Of course, unbeknownst to you, he lived around an hour drive from that coffee shop, meaning he had to drag himself out of bed at the painstaking time of 4am. Writing cute messages and inside jokes on your coffee cup was always a tradition upheld each and every time you went. You would every so often get a sandwich, just to show him his hard work was appreciated and acknowledged and he would, without fail, make one fresh for you on the spot.

Today was no different. 5:30am.

“Hello, Y/N!” Hakyeon exclaimed with a bright smile, waving at you. You were convinced he was way too happy at this time of day to be human but he was just happy to see you.

“Hey, Hakyeon.” You gave a slightly calmer, yet equally friendly response. Your need of coffee to kick-start your day made it evident to Hakyeon that you were not a morning person so he never took any of your lack of enthusiasm personally, much to your relief. “Just your usual today?” He asked you that every day and the answer was always the same. “Yep, the usual with a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich, please.” You haven’t had breakfast yet and you were beginning to get a little peckish. ’I’ll have it on the way to work’ you thought. “Coming right up!” He gave you yet another adorable smile. Returning the smile, you reached into your pockets, getting out the exact change you had counted the night before. Before you can even place the change on the counter, Hakyeon stopped your hand with his, giving you a quick wink. “This one’s on me.” Hakyeon got the coffee machine going first before turning to make your sandwich and naturally, a conversation stirred between the two of you. No small talk or awkward nonsense, just a smooth conversation as if the two of you were best friends.

Hakyeon was done swiftly assembling your sandwich in less than 30 seconds before wrapping it in a napkin and placing it carefully in a paper bag. Grabbing a coffee cup, he scribbled down a quick message, like always. He then proceeded with the coffee, pouring the hot, foamy milk meticulously with a trained hand before handing it over to you along with the sandwich. The coffee was decorated with a milky rose this time, its leaves wispy and petals defined. “Wow, you’re getting good…” You proclaimed, staring at your coffee in awe. “I’ve been practising.” Hakyeon casually admitted, letting our a chuckle and wiping his hands dry. “Enjoy your day, Y/N! Don’t over-work yourself!” You made your way out of the coffee shop with a smile fixed on your usually grouchy morning face. You loved that boy.

You took a quick picture of your coffee before taking a small sip of it, sad to see the rose dissipating and dispersing. Your coffee was almost half empty when your bus finally arrived about 5-10 minutes later. Paying for your fare, you clambered to the back and opened the paper bag, longing for the sandwich. You unwrapped in napkin around it to find a sandwich cut out in the shape of a heart. You knew Hakyeon was creative but this was the first time he had ever done this. A smile grew on your face again as you took a bite from it.


Glancing down at the sandwich, you thought about Hakyeon again – how adorably sweet he was, when the writing on the cup caught your eye.

‘I would love to see you more than just in the mornings.

Meet me after work, maybe?

07700 900774

-Hakyeonie xxx’


//Thank you for reading!! Just a quick note to say that the phone number is not real!^-^ -RGY.\\

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Witch AU where the trainer is secretly a witch, who is being hunted down and Gladion, without knowing, falls in love with them. AU has two endings good and bad, which ending do you believe Gladion will end up in?

I didn’t really get this ask, it’s… not head canons. I am intrigued, though.

Bad Ending, I think, would be something along the lines of you being shot or close to dying or something and Gladion comes in at the very last moment. Maybe he’s crying, holding you, asking you if this is why you became distant with him. You don’t answer him. You just smile at him and tell him you’re sorry. And everything goes dark.

Good Ending would probably have Gladion telling you he knew, he found out through his sister Lillie who is also a witch, and he manages to save you before you’re dealt the killing blow.

I hope that was what you meant, if not, the ask section is always open. 

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wAiT bUt WhaT TatTOo Do yOU hAvE

So it’s tiny and ridiculous and barely counts, and it’s almost completely faded (as they told me it would), but… hang on, I might be able to find a photo from when it was first done… 

So that very very small circle there is my feeble contribution to the world of tattoos—feeble and tiny, but it meant and means a lot to me. Since primary school, whenever I had an exam or any other stressful/important event, my mum would draw a dot on the palm of my hand. The idea was (since this was a scheme initially devised to help me deal with my tendency towards panicking during tests) that whenever I felt myself start to freak out, I would press down on the dot with my finger, and try to breathe calmly. Since she always put the dot on my dominant hand, that meant I had to put the pen down and pause properly, allowing myself to calm down, then get back to work when I was ready, rather than forcing myself to work (badly) through the mini freakout. 

Over the years it moved outside of exams on to… well, really anything important with the potential to stress me out. It’s Mum’s thing, to let me know she loves me and is thinking about me and wishing me luck. But I wanted to get it there permanently, partially because it’s important to me, and partially so Mum would always put her dot (usually in whiteboard marker, there’s teachers for you) in the right place, because it has to be in a very specific spot and we’d often spend five or ten minutes re-doing it while running late for the important thing, just to make sure it was positioned right :P

But, like I said, it’s very faded—barely even there now, since it’s on the palm of my hand (and because it’s so small). I got it the summer after y11, so a couple of months before my seventeenth birthday.

I need a new tattoo—a bigger, ‘proper’ one this time. I’ve wanted one for years, and have many many many ideas, but I’m also incredibly picky and have decided I want one from a very specific parlour in Glasgow (I love the style of one of the artists, and my friend’s older sister has had a tattoo from her so I feel like I can trust them not to cock it up), where I do not live. So it might be a while, but it’ll happen.

And then I’ll be addicted and end up with dozens because I know myself and they’re so pretty

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(drug/smoking tw//) hi!! so i recently got a new fp and on thursday i got his snapchat and then on friday i went over to his house and we smoked and then later on at night we hung out again and we kissed!!!!!! and then yesterday, we were hanging out for 9 hours! and we kept kissing!!! i feel so happy because hes so sweet and his lips are so soft and hes so fun to be around and while im with him, i feel like im living my life how i was always meant to and i could never be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Harbor stared out into the vast world. On nights like this, whens she couldn’t sleep, she’d stare out into what was left of the world and think about what it must have been like in the past. What people might have been like, and the things they did. Did they even have to try and survive like she did? Mona hadn’t stopped by like Marci had said. It was unusual, she claimed, because while Mona hadn’t ever been tied down, she had a pretty consistent schedule. She had been gone too long. Which always meant the worst out here. “Hey,” She jumped at the sound of the voice. “Didn’t mean to scare you. Deep in thought?”

She shook her head. “Not much to think about here.” Both Rei and Anson stood behind her, looking pretty prepared to head outside of the gates.

“You want to see the outside world?” Anson asked. “Rei says you can handle yourself.”

“Are you going out?” She asked.

“To search for Mona,” Rei said. “She isn’t one to go down easily, and if she’s in trouble, I want to be there to help her.”

Anson was smirking, and Harbor let out a little laugh. “Oh, I see Rei. You want to save her, huh?”

“Duh, I want her to think of me as her hero. Then maybe she’ll finally be interested in me.”

“Does he have a chance?” She asked Anson, who only shook his head. “Well, I’m down for any adventure. But Marci doesn’t want me out of the gates.”

ballion replied to your post “can we discuss the femslash pairings we ship and our headcanons for…”

Femshep and Samara always intrigued me

I genuinely think all scenes between Shepard and Samara have a romantic tone. Like the way it’s set, the music, the way they look at each other. 
I always wondered if it was meant to be interpreted this way or if it was just accidental.

Thank you so much for the prompt anon. I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is what happened when I starting typing. I hope you enjoy this:

Geoff ditched his cell phone about three blocks back, dropping it in a trash can. He figures a homeless person will probably find it. More power to them if they do; he isn’t going to need it anymore, and the last thing he needs is Gavin tracking his movements. He can’t exactly save his crew if they come running to his aid.

He can still hear the voice on the other end of his phone. A deep purr, a taunting laugh, a mock whimper when he threatened to take away everything that Geoff worked so hard for; to take away the people he loved most in the world.

Gus had always warned him starting a crew would be his downfall, but Geoff seriously doubts this is what he meant. Hell, Geoff always thought he’d go down in a blaze of glory. Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A gun in one hand, bottle of whisky in the other, and a devil may care smile on his face.

Instead, he feels like he’s on death row. He’s a cat cornered by one huge, evil dick of a wolf, and while he’s doing this to ensure his crew’s safety, he still feels like he’s gotten the raw end of the deal. People didn’t usually threaten Geoff Ramsey, he did the threatening, and he’s really not a huge fan of being on this side of the fence.

He turns the corner, spotting the car he had stashed away for this occasion, only to stop when he sees Jack leaning against the hood. Muttering darkly under his breath, Geoff turns to head back the way he came, but takes several steps back to avoid running into Ryan.

“Going somewhere?”

“What are you doing here?” Geoff demands but Ryan ignores him, nudging him towards the waiting car and Jack.

The moment he’s within touching distance of Jack, she hauls off and slaps him in the face. Geoff has never seen Jack this angry, her body practically vibrating with fury, and he has to fight the urge to hide behind Ryan.

“Do you have any… any idea…?” she trails off, eye sparkling with unshed tears. She blinks, a tear breaking loose and trailing down her face, and Geoff’s fingers itch with the need to reach out and wipe it away..

He curls his hands into fists, knowing it’d be a useless gesture, and repeats his question. “What are you doing here?”

Jack crosses her arms, sorrow flashing in her eyes, but her voice is hard when she says, “The least you could have done is left a note before going off and playing martyr.”

“You don’t understand…”

“Oh, I don’t? Let me guess, someone threatened us, didn’t they? And instead of coming to us you decided to, what, give yourself up? Have I got this right?” Jack uncrosses her arms, grabbing Geoff by the shoulders. She shakes him, shouting, “We can take care of ourselves, you stupid son of a bitch!”

“I know!” Geoff shrugs Jack’s hands off of him, sidestepping her, turning to face the car. “I know,” he repeats, much quieter, bowing his head. “But you’re not invincible. One day this bullshit is going to catch up to you, and I’d rather delay the inevitable as long as I possibly can.”

“How are you supposed to do that if you’re dead?” Jack snaps and Geoff turns to face her.

“What else was I supposed to do!? Watch you all die?!” He throws his hands out helplessly, needing Jack to understand. “This is the only way I can protect you.”

“That’s bullshit,” Ryan argues moving so he’s standing next to Jack. Geoff can’t gauge his expression because of his stupid mask, but he can see the fury in his eyes. “You’re just making up excuses so you don’t have to admit that you’re abandoning us.”

Geoff scoffs, shaking his head. “If I had a choice I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“You do! You have choice!”

“And what’s that?”

“You fight. We fight,” Jack replies softly. “It’s what we’ve always done, Geoff. Even when we were kids, remember?”

Geoff’s shoulders droop, his entire body sagging against his car, and he whispers, “I can’t watch you die.”

“We won’t,” Jack says defiantly. “Not with you there, watching our back. We’ll be fine.”

Geoff squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his resolve crumble. Logically, he knows Jack and Ryan are right. He knows this more than anything, but he can’t help shaking the feeling that if he does this, if he allows his crew to fight, there are going to be casualties.

“We gotta go some time, right?” Ryan shrugs and Geoff sees something in his eyes, something that he remembers seeing in Gus’ eyes seconds before he torched his bar all those years ago. That crazy, “I’m up for anything if you’re up for anything” type of look that usually ends in chaos and with a body count.

“What about the lads?”

“We’ll be back before they wake up.” Jack’s got the same look in her eyes as Ryan, and Geoff, Geoff can’t believe he’s even going to agree to this, but he’s never been able to deny Jack anything and this time is no different.

“If we die…”

“We’ll be fine,” Ryan and Jack say together.

“But if we do…” Geoff meets both of their eyes, hoping they see how much he appreciates them, and he can’t help smiling sadly when they nod in understanding.

“Okay, you useless fucks, let’s get going then.”

Artworks were always meant to endure; it is related to their concept, that of objectivation. Through duration art protests against death; the paradoxically transient eternity of artworks is the allegory of an eternity bare of semblance. Art is the semblance of what is beyond death’s reach. To say that no art endures is as abstract a dictum as that of the transience of all things earthly; it would gain content only metaphysically, in relation to the idea of resurrection. It is not only reactionary rancor that provokes horror over the fact that the longing for the new represses duration.
—  Theodor Adorno, Aesthetic Theory

i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar