always make your bed

1. Never leave cookies in the oven too long. Even if they’re still really soft, take them out after the recommended time. When they cool they will harden. Trust me, no one likes cookies that taste like rocks.

2. Always take a jacket. Even if you think you’ll be fine. Even if you’ll be inside. Even if there’s a heater. Bring your jacket.

3. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it because everyone needs help sometimes.

4. The best pancake recipe is 1 cup equal parts flour and milk, ½ cup sugar and a pinch of baking powder. Add chocolate chips for extra deliciousness.

5. Go outside every day. Even if you don’t want to. Even if you have to use all your strength to drag yourself out of bed. The sunshine might not cure your problems, but it’ll do you so much good to breathe fresh air.

6. Don’t let your hobbies fade away. Keep reading, keep drawing, keep singing, keep painting, keep running. Keep doing what you love.

7. Carbs are not the enemy. They fuel your brain. So eat those potatoes and that rice and don’t you feel guilty about it for one second.

8. I know it sounds cliché but time really does heal all wounds. Give yourself 6 months and it won’t hurt so much, trust me.

9. Be kind. There is no reason for you to put someone down.

10. Learn to love yourself loudly and unconditionally and never apologise for it.

11. If you ever find yourself involved with someone who treats you like you’re nothing, run for the hills and never look back. They don’t deserve you.

12. Rose hip oil is a miracle worker. Gently rub over your face each night before bed and your skin will feel like silk.

13. Drink. Three. Litres. Of. Water. Every. Day.

14. Take pictures. Document everything. One day you’re gonna want to look back at all of this, make sure you have the photos to look at.

15. Let go of anything that weighs you down. The past is the past and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Every day is a another chance for us to do better, to be better.

16. Spend as much time as you can with the people who make you laugh.

17. Set up goals for yourself and keep yourself motivated in whatever you’re doing. Always have something to work towards.

18. Try to make your bed every morning. Yes it’s a hassle when you’re half asleep but there is no better feeling then coming home to a nice clean freshly made bed, especially if you’ve had a bad day.

19. Treat yourself but also look after yourself. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and move your body then dance all night and have a doughnut as a midnight snack. Life is about balance.

20. Never be afraid to love, even if you’ve been hurt before. Live life with an open heart and you might be vulnerable but you will experience so much joy.

—  words of advice from a 19 year old

Today is special.


Because today is the 4th anniversary of a group of boys who started from the bottom and climb, and are still climbing as high as they can.

These boys are Bangtan Boys also known as BTS.

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For me BTS is one of the most special groups to exist.

Because not many groups are willing to tell their stories.

BTS does not have to rely on buying song after song after song. After all, they have the freedom to produce, experiment, write and create the art they want to create. It is amazing to see a group of people who write in an industry where many companies opt out of letting their idols write and create and instead choose to mostly buy songs, giving their artists minimal freedom in many cases. BTS, however, does have that freedom and uses it to their full advantage.

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Look at the solo songs or any of their solo work as an example.

Rap monster tackles society, Illness, pressures and so much more in his songs. He shows worry for the new generations and generations to come faced with injustice, anxiety and depression. He worries about his members and shows understanding and compassion. In fact, he uses lyrics as an expression of his inner struggle and philosophical thoughts and in turn opens conversations that are very much needed in society. He works hard to communicate with all the fans and in general, he works hard to communicate with people. He does not just show interest in his fans but in society as a whole.

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Suga too wanted his voice to be heard. He said it himself, he was not content with just rapping. He wanted people to listen to what he has to say too. And definitely, Yoongi has a lot to say. At first, he seemed like such a closed person, but his mixtape gave everyone such an amazing insight into his mind. From the depression, to self hate, to allusions to suicide and social anxiety he bears his soul to all, in turn trying to help others realise that they are not the only ones going through a hard time. And if he continues to recover(because I believe that even if one gets better, some demons still remain and always have to be fought)  then hopefully so can we. And also, how can one not love a man who reveals a song called ‘first love’ only to reveal that his first love was his piano, when that is such a beautiful and sincere confession.

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J-Hope’s mixtape is one I definitely cannot wait to hear. Because I feel like he is a member who also has a lot he wants to say without any constraints. Hoseok ’s song ‘mama’ just showed how amazing he is as a person. He had a solo song in the Wings album, like all the members and he chose t write a loving and sincere song thanking his mum for all that she has ever done for him. For how she loves and supports him in this difficult path. He seems to struggle with feeling like he is not good enough. As a member or son. I hope that’s not true. He also shows his emotion through his dance.

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Not these three members show us the most of what they are feeling through writing and producing. However, the other 4 are also working hard on developing as writers, amazing sure to develop and also express themselves.

Taehyung showed his inner turmoils and  guilt over an unknown action or feeling in stigma as he apologise see to his brother and sister and even worked with Namjoon to produce a new song, showing a different side of him, as well as a different singing technique deciding to tell different stories with his voice and songs. Taehyung is also proving himself to be a very good actor, telling more than than just his story.

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Jungkook, in my opinion, seems to struggle most with expressing himself. And I believe that that is normal. After all from a young age he has been a trainee with means that most things kids get to experience such as relationships, getting in trouble, love, sex and more this teen was not allowed to have. He was too busy being 'manufactured p’, as some may say, to be the perfect idol. However, since he grew up in the public eye for quite a long time we see how his story is his progress as he tries to gain confidence and express himself asking Namjoon for help with his songs 'Begin’ as well as by releasing amazing covers.

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Jimin, like Hoseok shows his emotions through dance but also has shown us how he can communicate through his vocal colour and his emotional expression. He worked on 'LIE’ showed confusion, loss and heartbreak as he is 'caught in a lie’ and while we do not know the reason for these emotions we can appreciate them better and can relate them to us and our situations.

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Lastly, Jin is the member, who I believed was the least able to express himself, not because he doesn’t want to but because he doesn’t have the opportunity to showcase his stories as much. However, his solo song 'Awake’ is a true gift. It tells the story of a boy, not a man but a boy, who comes to the heartbreaking belief that yes, he may never be able to reach the top like others but he will continue to work just as hard and give his all to be better and better and better. It shows his loyalty and passion and that is what I love about Jin. But I would really love to see Jin tell other, different stories through acting.

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So as you see they all have something to say and they all try their best to say it.
and let’s not forget all the amazing choreographies

And let’s not forget just how close their bond is

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So thank you Kim Seokjin for always making us laugh, for being so kind and caring.

Thank you Min Yoongi for opening up to us and inspiring  us

Thank you Jung Hoseok for being a true sunshine, giving strength to all

Thank you Kim Namjoon for working so hard to create and for always choosing BTS and freedom of speech

Thank you Park Jimin for being so supportive, always being there for your me,beds, hugging them and making them feel supported and loved

Thank you Kim Taehyung for showing us your different sides and working so hard at writing.

Thank you Jeon Jungkook for showing us all your different talents and inspiring us to try new things.

Thank You BTS for being a part of out loves.

Thank you to all the staff for working so hard for our boys success, be it makeup lighting or anything else.

Thank you to all the managers, the CEO and anyone else helping them on their journey.

Thank you to the parents and family of the members for giving birth to such amazing, kind and talented people.

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As always, I hope BTS is healthy both physically and mentally and  that they know we are here for them and that we will always love and support them.

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BTS is already perfect as is and it is  we, ARMYs that have to keep replaying these boys because they do so much for us. They say and create so much for us. BTS is kind, thoughtful, they love their fans, show respect to all and are extremely humble, not taking what they have for granted but rather strive forward to improve.

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So thank you BTS for being BTS

I hope you will remain together for very long.

I hope there will be no serious drama between you.

And I hope that we can stand together, BTS and ARMYs for many years to come.

If we can’t understand we will try to understand your problems. So please do not push yourselves and harm yourselves. We do not want that under any circumstances.

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I’m so proud of being an ARMY.

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So thank you and happy anniversary

Thank you for reading

things to remember when you move out

•always have bottled water in your house/apartment
•pay your bills on time
•wash your dishes everyday
•don’t tell anyone you don’t trust you live alone
•call your mom and tell her you love her
•make sure you have extra toilet paper
•remember to close the curtains when changing
•lock all the windows and doors at night/before leaving the house
•double check that the stove is off
•don’t leave lights on too much
•use real plates instead of throwaways
•have flashlights in every room
•fruits and veggies are important
•night lights aren’t just for babies and kids
•electric and water bill are more important than cable
•don’t eat out too much
•do your laundry
•it’s okay to ask for help
•own at least two recipe books
•never lock yourself out
•but don’t hide a spare under a mat/plant
•don’t open the door without knowing who it is
•wash your bed spread a lot
•make sure you always have food in the fridge
•if you feel unsafe call someone
•candy/snacks are not meals

BTS Reaction - Sucking on their bottom lip during a kiss


How is it that someone’s kisses can be so addictive and so infuriating all at the same time?  That’s what Jin’s are like, and it’s starting to drive you mad. They’re so playful, so teasing - tiny little pecks as he holds you in his arms, swaying you both from side to side and grinning against your mouth at the frustrated little whine you make.  You know you haven’t been dating long, but you want Jin to kiss you properly.  A real kiss, with tongue and everything.  

The next time he kisses you you take matters into your own hands, stopping him from pulling away by sucking gently on his full bottom lip.  When you release it Jin smiles knowingly at you, cocking his head to the side as tongues the lip that you’d been sucking.  

“Is my babygirl getting impatient?” 

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You and Yoongi always have your hottest make out sessions when you’re tucked up in bed together of a morning.  Yoongi’s warm and sleepy and affectionate as he always is at this time, his leg hooked over your hip as he kisses you lazily, a hand in your hair.  You’re full of the warmth of your love for him, smiling contentedly when he rubs the tip of his nose against yours.  

You love that only you get to see this side of him; the soft sweetness that he saves only for you.  If the other members could see the two of you now, eskimo kissing, they’d never let him hear the end of it.  The next time Yoongi kisses you you start to suck softly on his bottom lip, hoping to encourage things down a less innocent path, and you know that it’s worked when he groans quietly.  

“How do you always get me like this so early baby?”

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You love Hobi with all your heart, honestly you do, but sometimes he can be so oblivious.  What does a girl need to do to show him his much you want him?  You’ve been sat on his lap for a good half an hour, purposefully squirming against him and even resorting to nibbling his ear to try and get his attention.  

You don’t know if he’s just pretending not notice because you’re with the others, or if he’s genuinely too preoccupied in watching Jungkook and Taehyung battle it out on Overwatch, but nothing you do seems to work.  Eventually you end up softly calling his name, taking the opportunity to kiss him as soon as his face turns towards yours even his eyes are still on the screen.  Yoongi scoffs and tells you to get a room when you start sucking on Hobi’s lip right there in front of them, but you don’t care, not when he’s finally caught on, squeezing your thigh with a devilish smile.  

“Whaddya think Jagi?  Shall we take this upstairs?”

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There are many perks and disadvantages to dating the leader of a k-pop group, but one of the biggest negatives you can think of it the lack of ‘quality time’ you get to enjoy together.  As he walks through your door at 2am you can tell Namjoon’s exhausted - the bags under his eyes and his weary sigh tell you so.  Still, when he sees you waiting for him, sprawled out on the sofa in his favourite black babydoll, he soon musters some energy from somewhere.  

He rushes over and lies himself on top of you, spurred on by a month’s worth of forced abstinence, unable to keep his hands from exploring every inch of skin he can get to.  When you suck on his bottom lip, tugging at the lapels of his jacket and pushing your hips up, Namjoon practically growls with desire.

“You’re gonna get it tonight, baby, show you what you’ve been missing.”

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It never ceases to amaze you how Jimin can go from acting so cute and innocent one moment to morphing into some sort of sexual deviant in the next. You’re not sure which is his true self, angel or demon - maybe it’s both - but it all it takes is you biting on his pouty bottom lip to make him flip on this particular occasion, soothing the damage your teeth causes by sucking on it afterward, groaning into him.  

His kisses that had started off so sweet and gentle turn harsh and wild, his hands finding your hips and pressing them down into the mattress as Jimin grinds himself against you. He uses his weight to pin you, lusty eyes dark, his fingers slipping up your skirt and under your panties to rub your clit roughly, smirking when you whimper.  

“This is what you get when you tease daddy, princess.” 

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He started it first - and that the excuse you’re sticking with. It’d begun with you playfully poking each other as you watched tv, each of you acting as innocent as the other as soon as accusing glances are made in your direction.  All too quickly the poking turns into pinching, the pinching turns to tickling, and before you know it you’re lying flat on your back with Tae on top of you, kissing you so deep that you’d think there was treasure hiding behind your tonsils.

He nips teasingly at your bottom lip as he pulls away, grinning that boxy smile with his fringe dangling in front of his eyes, and when you’re done glaring up at him with faux annoyance you lean up and suck his bottom lip between the two of yours, giggling and letting go when he groans in pleasure, his eyes clouding with lust.  

“Aish, Jagi, you’re so naughty.  I might have to spank you if keep acting so silly.” 

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More than anything else, you want to bring Jungkook out of his shell.  To give him credit, he’s a lot less shy than when you first met.  Back then the boy could barely talk to you, so at least you can joke and laugh and enjoy each other’s company now you’ve been dating a while.  

He’s still so painfully awkward when it comes to anything intimate though; blushing almost every time you kiss, running off when things start to heat up even the slightest bit.  You start to worry after a while, panicking that maybe he just doesn’t like you that way, but when you speak to Namjoon he just laughs and advises you to just keep on trying, to push until Kookie snaps - so push you do.

You’re sat straddling his lap on the sofa, kissing his neck and sucking deep purple marks into the skin as he clutches the sofa underneath him, letting out whimpers of pleasure.  When you kiss him, sucking on his bottom lip, you suddenly see what Namjoon was talking about.  Jungkook does indeed snap, grabbing hold of your hips and pushing against you with a ragged moan, his eyes dark.  

“You’re trying to make me lose it, aren’t you Noona? I hope you know what you’re asking for.”

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Wake up, sweetheart!

Title: Wake up, sweetheart!

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 764

Warnings: None

A/N: This is the first of the three prompts I’m writing for my 1.5K Follower Celebration! The prompt is “I SLEEP NAKED!”. Hope you guys like it!

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

While this post is directed towards students who will live on campus, this list is basically about being responsible as you grow older, which is something we must all do:

  1. On move-in and move-out days, wear comfortable/exercising clothes. You will be hauling your stuff up and down stairs and/or elevators, and you will be going inside and outside. Wear comfortable clothing (AND SHOES) on these days.
  2. If you have a roommate (or more), take a deep breath, introduce yourself, and exchange your contact information.
  3. It’s okay if you don’t get along with your roommate(s) immediately. You are only beginning to know each other. In the words of Lemony Snicket, “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong.
  4. …But hey, sometimes they’re not and if you have a conflict with your roommate that you cannot solve by rational discussion, contact your RA and let them know what’s going on.
  5. Never, ever let your roommate (really, anyone) take advantage of you. If they are bringing people over that are making you uncomfortable, let them know! If they do not respect you, your space, or your stuff let them know! If they do not stop, request a roommate change. Please, don’t let them steamroll over you. Do something to solve the situation. Don’t be passive!
  6. Do not make a habit of drinking or smoking. If you already do, now’s the time to reconsider.
  7. Don’t spend all your free time in your room. Explore your campus and find several study spots that you can access when your roommate is having a party on the night before one of your mid-term exams.
  8. Do not feel obliged to drink with your friends. If they can’t respect your choices, they’re not really your friends. Stop lying to yourself.
  9. Living on campus gives you more time to explore your school and the city around it. Go out for a walk! Visit local coffee shops, public libraries, and immerse yourself in the culture of the city around you. You will find very interesting people!
  10. Always be cautious when going on walks alone. Always be cautious in general. Life is not a indie summer movie and you should always be aware of your surroundings.
  11. Take advantage of campus events with free food and free stuff! You know that student activity fee? This is part of where your tuition is going!!!
  12. Always lock your room.
  13. Believe it or not, making your bed after you get up can make you feel more organized and less stressed. (This is coming from someone who has always thought it was pointless to make my bed.)
  14. If you have a stove or oven in your room, always check it before you leave or go to sleep! During my junior year, my roommate left the oven on 5 TIMES over the course of two semesters. PLEASE be careful.
You Bring the Calm

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and from this prompt list: “Call me if you need anything.” and “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”
Genre: Angstish
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Injuries, Breakups, Crying, Kissing

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When your boyfriend had broken up with you earlier in the day, you weren’t expecting it. You knew you weren’t in love with him––that much was obvious to you, and to everyone else––but it still pained you to be dumped out of nowhere. You thought you had the potential to love him. Maybe you didn’t love him today, and you wouldn’t tomorrow, but someday. You figured there would be a someday

Regardless of the sadness you were feeling, you forced yourself out of bed the next day. You had been dating him for awhile now, nearly a year, and waking up for the first time without a text message from him to help you greet the day– well, it just didn’t feel right. But although you didn’t receive a message from him, you did receive one from your best friend.

I’ll see you at school today. Remember to smile, the sun will always rise!

You couldn’t help but let out a light laugh. He had always said that to you when you were feeling down. When your dog died, and ‘The sun will always rise!’. When you broke your ankle and couldn’t participate in the school field trip you’d been looking forward to, then ‘The sun will always rise!’. Any situation that you thought back to, Peter was there with a bright, cheesy smile, and a phrase that would always make your day. 

You got out of bed and hurried your way around your room, getting ready for school. When you arrived at the doors of Midtown High, you sighed before walking in. You knew your boyfriend would be around somewhere, and you didn’t know what you would do if you were confronted with him. 

“Hey!” You heard from behind you, and you jumped. But when you turned around to only see Peter, your shoulders sagged slightly in relief.

“Hey,” you replied. “What’s up?”

“Well,” he said, grin still painted on his face. “I’ve got something to say to you, considering the circumstances.”

You saw his eyes dart around as well, presumably looking for your boyfrie- ex-boyfriend. But you payed no attention to it as his mouth opened and the words came flying out. “The sun will always rise,” he whispered mischievously, and you cracked a smile. 

“Thanks, Pete,” you murmured in response. You tilted your head at him slightly. “Why do you seem so cheerful today?”

His eyes widened, and his eyebrows furrowed only slightly. “I- Wha- What makes you say that?” 

You noticed his cheeks redden. You stared at him with squinted eyes as he kept his gaze anywhere but on you. “Never mind,” you said slowly, and he nodded, moving to walk around you.

“Let’s get to class,” he muttered, and you could hear the nerves in his voice. You ignored it.

The day passed quickly, and you didn’t spot your ex once. It aggravated you. If he was the one to break up with you, why didn’t he have the guts to show up to school? 

You were walking through the school doors with Peter, and you were about to part ways when he stopped you. “Wait,” he said, grabbing your arm lightly. 

You turned towards him again, looking at him curiously.“Yeah?” You replied.

“I know who you’ve been looking for all day,” he said, not looking you in the eye, and you tried to take a step back. He didn’t let you. “(Y/N),” he sighed. 

You knew what he was thinking, about the fact that you were never great with showing your feelings. “Peter, I’m fine,” you stressed to him, but you weren’t sure if you believed your own words. By your best friend’s expression, you knew he didn’t believe them either.

“Just call me if you need anything, okay?” His face was concerned, and you smiled lightly at him. He had always been clear about how much he cared for you; you appreciated it in moments like these.

“I will. Thanks, Peter,” you reached forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. You knew he was startled when he waited a few seconds to hug you back. When he did, he held you close to him. You breathed out, feeling the calmness overcome you in your best friend’s arms. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused by the feeling. 

You pulled away, taking a few steps back. You hoped he didn’t notice. You gave him one last nod, turning around to walk home. On the way back, you couldn’t help but think about the feeling Peter gave you when you hugged him. You shook your head, trying to rid the thoughts from it.

You were probably just tired. You hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, thoughts of why you had been broken up with clouding your mind. And suddenly, you found yourself taking a different direction. You weren’t on your way home anymore, but to someone else’s.

When you arrived at the brown, wooden door, you rang the doorbell once. You waited, and felt the regret seep in. You weren’t sure why you were here. You went to turn around when the door opened, and you sucked in a quick breath.


You looked towards him slowly, smiling shakily. “H-hey,” your ex-boyfriend stared down at you with confused eyes, but you could see the irritation behind them. 

“What do you want?” He asked, an ounce of harshness in his voice.

“I just-”

“What’s taking you so long,” you heard a girl’s voice from inside, and you saw an arm snake around his waist. Your eyes widened as the door opened more, and there a girl stood with only a large t-shirt covering her. You remembered when you were the one wearing his t-shirts, and took a step back.

“How long has this been going on for?” You asked, willing your voice not to crack. You saw him hesitate. “Answer me.”

“A few months,” he replied as the girl’s grip around his waist tightened. You weren’t sure if you wanted to slap him––or her––or if you wanted to run away crying. 

You laughed bitterly, shaking your head. But even with the anger you felt, you couldn’t help but feel tears crowd in your eyes. “So while we were-” 

You trailed off, swallowing loudly. You needed to prevent the tears from falling, and he knew what you were going to say anyways. He nodded silently, and you didn’t see an ounce of regret on his face while the feeling filled your heart. 

You felt regret on ever agreeing to be in a relationship with him in the first place. He clearly never truly cared about you. He said he did, but those were lies. You were letting those lies put you to sleep at night, let those lies keep him in your mind. 

And to think you were upset about him breaking up with you out of nowhere. But really, it wasn’t out of nowhere. This had been coming for months, and you had just been too blind to see it.

You nodded and turned around, rushing down the steps of his front porch. You heard the door slam behind you after a few words were whispered between your ex and his lover. You felt the tears fall from your eyes and onto your cheeks, and you pulled your phone out of your pocket as you began to run. You wanted to get away from his house where you had made so many memories, away from this neighborhood. Away from him. 

“Hello?” The voice replied after the phone rang into your ear for a few seconds.

“Peter,” your voice broke as you spoke. You continued to run, and you were starting to lose your steady breathing. You didn’t care.

“(Y/N),” his voice suddenly became much more alert.

“You said to call you if I needed something,” you said before he could say anything else. “And I need my best friend right now.”

You stopped running to crouch down, one hand on your knee as you breathed in and out heavily. You pulled the phone away from your ear so Peter wouldn’t hear you as you sobbed quietly, still trying to catch your breath.

You weren’t sure why you were so upset. It wasn’t like you were in love with your ex. You shouldn’t feel this strongly about him breaking up with you if you didn’t even love him. But maybe it was the betrayal that was overcoming you. Maybe it was the knowledge of the fact that after you kissed him goodbye at the end of the school day, he would run off and kiss another girl hello. 

“Where are you?” He asked, and you heard some ruckus in the background. You figured he was getting ready to leave. You looked around, telling him the street you were on. “Okay. Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

“Can you just meet me at my house?” You said, and you knew your voice sounded defeated.

He sighed. “Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

You hung up the phone shortly after and walked the rest of the way home, head faced to the ground. At some point, the tears had dried up, and you were only left with blotchy cheeks and red eyes. By the time you had made it home, you had tried to wipe your face clean.

Peter was sitting on your front stairs, eyes directed at the ground and leg bouncing impatiently. When you cleared your throat, his head snapped upwards. He jumped up and immediately wrapped you in a hug.

Although he didn’t say any words, you felt the need to say something as you leaned into him and hugged him back. “He was cheating on me, for months.”

Peter’s arms held you tighter. You rested your head on his shoulder, and you felt him let out a heavy breath over yours. You knew he was angry. You could tell, could always tell with Peter.

But he simply kept his arms around you, and you let the calmness from earlier in the day overcome you again. 

Here we go!! I hope you guys like it :) Please let me know what you think of it. Requests are open, although I might not get to them for awhile since I just started school.


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The Avengers Headcanons (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Okay so I’m going to have to do this in two parts because wowzers, it’s a bunch. Now let me say this before you read on, I have never done headcanons before, like ever. And if I did this correctly (is there a correct way??) I hope you enjoy it! Of course these are just my ideas on what your relationship would be as. Thank you anon babe for the request! I promise to get the second part out as soon as possible <3

Also some characters may have longer headcanons, that is because sometimes I’m just more familiar with certain other characters (oops)

Warnings: This does contain talks of PTSD and panic attacks

Fluff & Angst 


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Steve Roger Headcanons~

  • Huge cuddle monster, especially on his days off he won’t let you out of his arms (even if you’re needed for missions)
  • When both of you have to work he’ll be the first out of bed and will always make you your coffee
  • Whenever you’re baking sweets he likes to stick his fingers in the batter and eat it (he’s a super soldier, raw eggs can’t hurt him)
  • Whenever you’re deeply invested in doing something Steve likes to draw you. He especially likes to draw your eyes, they always show a passionate fire
  • When either of you have a mission to go do and you’re not together, both you and Steve made it a tradition to make each other lists on what you love about each other
  • When both you and Steve have missions together he always makes you carry band aids on you. He knows it’s somewhat silly but it makes him feel better
  • After missions it’s another tradition you both do, you guys take a bath together. He’d clean you while you express all of your worries and frustrations from the mission
  • Then you do the exact same for him (he sometimes gets super emotional from major missions because his mind always went back to Bucky)
  • Steve has PTSD, and when he starts to show his symptoms even more you’re always right by his side, trying to calm him down. Unlike Tony he needs to know that you’re actually there, he’s terrified of the thought of you disappearing from him like Bucky did. And as much as he hates to admit it, he can’t lose you like he did Peggy. You know that and you also know that he truly does love you
  • Whenever his PTSD gets to be too much you take him to your guy’s bedroom and lay him down, you had asked Tony to install a dimming light switch (which helps in times like this). You make sure he’s only able to hear your voice, no loud noises or bright flashes for they could bring him all back down and make him think he’s in the war again
  • When both you and Steve fight you always let him have the last word. As much as you’d want to argue back you realize how hard is must be for him to even be fighting with you
  • Sometimes when the fighting goes too far and either of you say something too harsh you both go to your hideaways. And while hiding both of you think of ways on how to apologize to each other
  • Both of you hide for exactly 3 hours. And when you both find each other it’s filled with regretful tears and loving words. In your guy’s relationship, both of you apologize, not just one
  • At the end of the day, mission or no mission, fighting or not- you and Steve always fall asleep in each others arms, whispering, “I love you.”

~Tony Stark Headcanons~

  • He loves to spoil you. You’re always against it though (you tell him to just donate his money)
  • He also tries to get you to wear one of his Iron Man suits (he’s even made you your own Iron Man suit!)
  • Tony doesn’t seem like a huge touchy-feely guy but when the mood strikes him he’ll pull you from whatever you’re doing and cuddle you
  • During those choice cuddle sessions he sometimes is the little spoon (He had admitted it while you guys were cuddling that he loved being the little spoon. But if you were to tell anyone that he’d of course deny it)
  • Tony doesn’t like to fight with you. Like at all, he’s had too much fighting in his life already (and being an Avenger doesn’t make it any better) and you’re the one person he never wants to fight with
  • Sometimes when he falls asleep in the lab you go down to drag his butt to a nearby couch. And you stay with him throughout the whole night (you didn’t care if your body was going to hurt in the morning, he’d do the same for you)
  • Whenever Tony has a panic attack you always bring him to the biggest window overlooking the city and make him a cup of tea. He doesn’t like being touched when having the attack so you always ask J.A.R.V.I.S everyday to keep a dryer running to keep your blankets warm (Tony wants the warmth of someone during the attacks but like he said, he doesn’t like to be touched during them) You’ll wrap him up in the blanket and sit with him for hours. Wether it was to listen to him talk or just hear him breathe. You’ll remind him every few minutes to breathe in and out or to drink his tea so he doesn’t start to panic again
  • Once Tony is calmed back down from his attacks he’ll slowly scoot himself over to you (he has to test the waters to see if he’s comfortable with being touched) if he’s comfortable with it he’ll raise your arm and cuddle into your side. You’ll then sit there and softly comb your fingers through his hair
  • During most days he’ll play classic rock through the com-system and if a slow song comes on and you’re in the vicinity he’ll whisk you off your feet to a clear area and dance with you (sometimes when dancing his hands will ‘accidentally’ slip down to your butt and you’ll then ‘accidentally’ drop your foot harshly on his)
  • After a hard day at work when both of you meet up back at the bedroom you both always make it a big deal to say “I love you” before you all asleep and after you wake up

~Natasha Romanoff Headcanons~

  • She’s not one to really express (physically mostly, sometimes verbally too) her emotions to anyone (she’s secretly scared that someone will use her emotions against her and somehow hurt you)
  • You always reassure her though that she doesn’t have to do anything that makes her feel in anyway uncomfortable. You also always reassure her that you do know that she loves you
  • On her free days from missions she always does two things:
  1. She shows you moves on how to defend yourself and how to take down your attacker (you work for SHIELD and you do know how to defend yourself but you let Nat teach you anyway- it makes her feel better)
  2. She will shut all of the blinds and lock every door and then she’ll show you just how much she loves you
  • Nat doesn’t like to cook so you’re always the one cooking. You don’t mind one bit to be honest. She does so much for you already and you’re happy to do this for her
  • Even though she doesn’t necessarily show/express her feelings for you everyday, she could never turn down an opportunity to cuddle you
  • She likes to be both the big spoon and the little spoon. But her favorite cuddle position is when she’s able to look at you. She likes to point out everything she loves about to herself while you relax in her arms
  • Whenever Nat has to go on a mission you always pack her a lunch. She doesn’t care what the others think because they know that if they joke her about the packed lunch… she could easily kill them with so said packed lunch (Tony had a hard time getting all of the banana out of his ear that week)
  • When you’re the one with the mission instead, you make a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Nat. Your homemade cooking always gives her comfort when you’re gone.
  • This goes for the both of you, when either of you come back from a mission injured to hell and back the other takes care of the other’s injuries and cleans them up
  • Whenever she’s too tired to clean her guns after missions, you’re the one to clean them for her
  • She’s the one to kill the bugs (but she of course lets go of the spiders outside)

~Clint Barton Headcanons~

  • Clint is always cranky without his morning coffee, so before he wakes up you make a full pot of it for just him
  • You got him this gag gift for Christmas a while back- it was a giant coffee mug that could hold up to a gallon of liquids… he uses it every morning
  • Clint is partially deaf so you had taught yourself sign language for him (it’s helpful too when you want to tease him in front of The Avengers)
  • Everyone gets super frustrated when you and Clint sign to each other in front of them. It’s especially frustrating when either of you laugh suddenly
  • The first time you told him you loved him you had used sign language to tell him (he cried)
  • Before you guys started dating he would hide up in the vent and rafters and watch you (you knew he was there always hiding but you knew he was just trying to figure out your character)
  • You had finally gotten tired of his hiding so one day you asked Nat to meet you in the common room (you knew he was going to be there so before he could get to his usual hiding spot in the room, you climbed up there and waited for him. When he finally showed up you had almost fell out of the rafter from laughing at his shocked reaction. Clint asked you out right then and there, you of course said yes)
  • Clint always complains about not having enough arrows so for his birthday every year, you get him just that, arrows. (you always have a theme for the arrows, last year’s theme was Hello Kitty)
  • For being an Avenger, Clint loves junk food. So every time you go to the grocery store he has to tag along.
  • And for being a master assassin, he’s not very sneaky about all of the treats he puts in the cart. And whenever he thinks you caught him he’d give you the most innocent look, you’d then roll your eyes, and then the innocent look is replaced with a shit eating grin
  • In your phone his contact name changes every month from: “Bird Boy”, “Lil Shit”, “Princess”, and your favorite, “Lil Shit Princess”
  • He’s the master of building forts, everyone will agree with you on it
  • You two fight about the silliest of things, and when he feels as if he lost during the petty argument he goes to sulk up in the vents
  • The only way you found out how to get him out of the vents is to yell about his favorite show being on
  • Or to yell out that you’re about to drink the last bit of his coffee (it’s always interchangeable)

~Bruce Banner Headcanons~

  • Bruce loves to show you his research. It could be either his old research or new, he has to it all to you
  • He loves to watch you read his research too, you always have a proud look on your face
  • Bruce also always asks for your input on his ideas and projects. He always wants to know if you think his projects are safe/good ideas
  • Like Clint, he would hide from you before you guys started dating
  • Before dating Bruce he would spend even more time in the lab. He was investing himself in trying to find a cure for his “Big Green Problem” as he would put it
  • The only reason for him researching it even more is because he wanted you to not think of him as a monster, but as just some regular guy
  • One day when he thought everyone was gone he finally had left his lab (even in the beginning of the relationship you were always curious of what he does in the lab). You snuck in to see why he’s been in there whenever you were over. Bruce came back and saw you in tears, you had found out why.
  • Lets just say Bruce has never felt so terrified and in love after the lecture you gave him
  • Bruce doesn’t like to talk about it but you were able to convince him into seeing a therapist
  • You always wait for him during his sessions (and for when he wants you back there for him, you always rush to him and hold his hands)
  • And after therapy sessions you both always go get ice cream (his favorite is pistachio, ironic isn’t it)
  • It took a long time for Bruce to show you any type of physical affection, but when he finally did, he was the most loving boyfriend anyone could ask for
  • Whenever Bruce meditates you always join him, no matter what time it is. Unless you’re really needed somewhere else, if that’s case then you leave a cup of tea next to him
  • As much as Bruce love peace and quiet, you had made him a playlist of soothing classical music for when he’s in the lab
  • You actually made tons of different playlists for him when certain emotions hit him (his favorite is called “Calming the Big Green Babe” he finds it funny)
  • He totally cried during Marley & Me

~Thor Odinson Headcanons~

  • First things first, he may be a God from another part of the universe but he’s a huge fucking nerd
  • While you were showing him Earth’s modern entertainments, he had stumbled across the Star Wars movies (big mistake)
  • Whenever it’s his turn during movie night at The Avengers tower he always and you mean always requests for the Star Wars movies
  • Everyone blames you
  • You never understood his obsession with Poptarts
  • But you always stock up at least one cabinet in the kitchen with the artificial treat (it’s always gone within three days)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, during your first few months of living together you had to keep your good china dishes hidden from Thor so he wouldn’t smash them
  • But! You do keep thrifted dishes in a separate place so both you and Thor can smash them for whenever you both want to celebrate
  • Thor never likes to be the little spoon. And if you were to even joke him about trying to be the little spoon for once he’ll always answer with, “I am the might Thor! I must be the big spoon my love!” He just doesn’t want to crush you
  • He’s also very dramatic (you blame it on his Asgardian culture) but you find it charming to be honest
  • He can get very homesick sometimes but he knows he can’t leave at times because The Avengers might need his help
  • When he does get homesick, you drape on your guy’s bed sheets and try, keyword try, to do an Asgardian accent. It always manages to bring a smile on his face. And if you got super close to doing the accent he’s proud laughter will boom throughout the room (they don’t call him the God of thunder for nothing)
  • If Thor has the chance to go back to Asgard, he will every time ask you if you wanted to come along (you of course always said yes)
  • Whenever you both are in Asgard and someone asks who you are, Thor without fail will pull you into his side and answer with, “My Queen.”
  • And it always ends with you laughing at him


This alone has taken me two days to do, please forgive me if I don’t get out the other part the same day as this posts or even the next. I’m only one little nerdling <3


BTS Reaction - You being pregnant and your water breaks

A/N: This might be a bit disturbing for others! Includes bodily fluids!


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lucky number

your first real boyfriend is two inches shorter than you. he smells like mountain dew and hair gel and wears a black and red sweatband around his left wrist. he kisses you in his parents’ garage on the fourth of july with the lights turned off and the hard plastic shell of an xbox controller digging into your spine. your shorts stick to your thighs when you stand up again. his best friend punches him in the shoulder. laughs. calls you “matt’s girl” while you’re watching fireworks, but never actually says your name.

your second boyfriend is older. two years, maybe three; he’s as vague about his birthday as he is about the other girls you’ve seen him talking to. he tells you he was born in switzerland. you buy him an $80 jacket for christmas. he makes jokes about oral sex that you don’t understand until he offers you a practical demonstration. he undoes the clasp on your bra with one hand. you get your first bikini wax. he teaches you how to say “i love you” in german. you meet his parents. after you break up, he shows his friends pictures of you in your underwear. you keep in touch.

your third boyfriend falls in love with you at first sight. he talks to you for hours about nothing; about everything; about what his plans are for your future together. you order a panini on your first date. he always makes his bed before anyone comes over. he uses terms of endearments like they’re easy. like they’re platitudes. like they’re weapons. he lies to you. you lie to yourself. he gives you a tiffany necklace for your eighteenth birthday with his own initials engraved on the attached silver pendant. your friends coo about how romantic he is. he follows you to college. you let him.

your fourth boyfriend is your fifth boyfriend is your sixth boyfriend. they blur together; fade into one long string of mistakes. you hook up with your kickboxing instructor in a grimy bar bathroom. you eat vegetarian pizza in a stranger’s backyard. you feed your roommate’s ball python a frozen mouse. you stop drinking malibu, start wearing lipstick, and have phone sex with someone else’s husband. no one offers you forever. you don’t care. you don’t.

Your seventh boyfriend–

anonymous asked:

How do you catch your very own Snape? Also how does one care for a Snape?

You must leave out rare tomes and sweetened tea out on a black plate (it has to be completely black, or it won’t work).  After a week of watching these items disappear each night, wait up and watch until your Snape arrives on the doorstep. He’ll be rather flighty and malnourished at first, but keep working with him until you can exchange names and basic pleasantries.  

Eventually, you can invite him in for tea and entice him with back copies of Potions Quarterly until he comes up the stairs.  Don’t pet him or love on him too much at first- watch his sneers and his glares until he allows you to give him a hug or rub his shoulders.  Slowly, over time, you can help acclimate him to his new home, and eventually, you may even find him curled up on your bed when you least expect it!

Always make sure to properly feed and nourish your Snape’s body and mind, or he may grow restless and grumpy. If you take care of him, he will take care of you and last you many, many years of enjoyable banter and arched eyebrows.

Surviving Uni, Part One

I’ve been packing my stuff up to move into my apartment for my 3rd year at college this past week, and I’ve definitely learned a lot from moving across the country 4 times in the last 2 years.

Disclaimer: these tips are written with a traditional 4-year American college in mind, assuming you’ll be in a dorm room shared with at least one other person. If that doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t mean you can’t still use some of them, but your mileage may vary. Additionally, I’m assuming trips home or visits from relatives are going to be limited (for me, it meant either 12 hours in a car or paying to fly, so other than emergencies and holidays there weren’t any options to swing home and drop stuff off/get something I forgot).

Tips below the cut!

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Rules, Punishments, & Rewards

Mommy’s Rules For Kitten:

1. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re too pretty

2. If mommy makes you sad or does something wrong, tell mommy right away

3. Be polite

4. No lying

5. No self harm, ever

6.Message mommy if you need support

7. Let mommy help

8. Show mommy when you color

9. Drink at least 3 cups/bottles of water a day

10. No bad words, you are a princess

11. Bedtime on Sunday-Thursday is 11pm, Friday-Saturday it is 12am

12. Mommy makes any rules when she sees fit

13. You can only take off your collar for bed or showering, it goes back on as soon as you wake up

14. Message mommy when you wake up

15. Tell mommy when you break a rule

16. When mommy wants to, she can pick your outfit

17. Show mommy your outfit everyday

18. Listen to mommy, mommy knows best

19. Use your paci at least once a day

20. Always ask mommy before you have a snack

21. Make your bed every morning

Princess’ punishments

- No electronics for an hour, only kik to talk to mommy

- No snacks for a day

- No stuffies for how ever long mommy chooses

- Time out/corner time

- Early bed time

- Writing lines, mommy chooses what is written and how much is written

Princess’ Rewards!


-Staying up late on weekends

- Movie time with snacks

My Rules For Mommy

- Always be nice! (Mommy is always nice!)

If at any time, she is no longer my mommy, I will let you know and I will not take these rules down, as they might help someone with rules for their relationship, or even me for future relationships.

(I have these written down and if there is ever anything added, taken away, or changed, I will update)

Lighten Up

Summary: Dean and the reader’s relationship is strained because of the Mark of Cain. He decides to make the reader have some Winter fun.

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,334

Request by: @chaos-and-the-calm67

“Who ate all my Oreos?” You whine dramatically moping into the bunker’s library.

“Guilty.” Sam chuckles making you smile and roll your eyes at the handsome dork. You then glare at Dean who’s purposely ignoring you as he plays some stupid game on his iPhone.

“Not cool, Dean!” You shout loudly making his head snap in your direction.

“If only there was a magical place that you could drive to that has cookies for sale. It’s a shame there are no more cookies left in this world.” He mocks you.

“Keep it up, Winchester. I’m close to throwing all of your junk food out then replacing it with fruits and vegetables!”

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My productive distractions from eating

Hey guys! First off, my original account was terminated, so if anyone sees this please reblog to help a sister out getting around again!😘

Second, here’s a little list of things I do to ‘not eat’ but be productive/help me be pretty.

- PINTEREST. I go on pinterest to look for face/hair masks. I not only want to be skinny. I want to be PRETTY. Tons of face masks help with oily, acne prone, dry, flaky, skin etc. And hair masks to help grow, give more volune, and shine to your hair. 😄
- painting your nails. Ik ik, everyone says this, but go on YouTube (or again, pinterest ) and look up nail art! Doesn’t matter if it comes out perfect, but you’re not snacking! (Try to keep clean tho)💅
-diy shower gels/scrubs/lotions/soaps etc. Shave! Be skinny, not hairy and stinky 💩
- clean your room/make your bed. Organize! Keeping areas clean where you always are is helpful to keep your mind clean. Also, it’s not attractive to just be dirty and messy. 😦😞
- make cute diy crafts or draw to decorate your room. (Pinterest :3)
- do some dishes for your mom/dad , aunt/uncle etc. 🍴
-rearrange furniture to make your room/living room etc look new and tidy.
-clean some windows and let sunshine in.
Sunlight helps brighten your mood and can make you feel more refreshed and up for a workout
- coupon! (I mainly do this to help my aunt, she’s obsessed) cut and organize them and get ones that you can use soon. Coupons for shampoos, shave creams/gels, razors, conditioner, makeup, etc can help with saving money on things to help you be beautiful.
-cooking! Kinda a weird distraction from food, but making something you don’t like for your family could help..

Those are just some things I could think of off hand.

Be safe, be happy

Teardrops On My Guitar

My Master List

A/n: So I’ve been on an angst kick. Sorry, Darlings :(

Warnings: Angst

Reader is in love with Dean

Feel free to let me know what you guys think!

Dean looks at me,
I fake a smile so he won’t see.
That I want, and I’m needing everything that we should be
I’ll bet she’s beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she’s got everything that I have to live without

   “You should have told him” my friend whispered in my ear as we sat across from Sam and Dean at the local bar. Dean was filling us all in on his new girlfriend, and I could barely stand to sit here and listen. That should’ve been me that he was talking about. It should’ve been us, and it’s because I never had the balls to tell him how I really feel.

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