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“Before Gretsch could make it’s phoenix-like return to full-scale guitar production in the late 80s, they needed to raise some cash. A marketing tie-in with the Traveling Wilburys supergroup provided that opportunity. 

“The Wilburys — Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan — would be photographed with their namesake guitars and provide their signatures (or to be more precise, their alias’s signature). Meanwhile Gretsch would build up some operating capital from the “collectibles”. 

 “A few collectors hoarded them thinking they would eventually be a goldmine, but that looks unlikely. Gretsch made a ton of them, and they were always low-priced promotional guitars. Instead, enjoy them for what they are: a fun, funky footnote in Gretsch history.”


George with his 1988 Gretsch TW300 special edition guitar, made for Nelson Wilbury of the Traveling Wilburys, and played by Nelson (George) for Handle With Care. 

"Song For When You Want To Say I Love You But You Can't"

This song is the epitome of Let’s write a love song to each other about how we can’t say we love each other.

This song is exactly what it says. How to say I love you, when you can’t. They wrote it to and for each other as a celebration of the love they share for one another. A love that they can’t fully admit to the outside world, maybe can’t even admit behind closed doors. But upon listening to this song, we both realized there is a lot that alludes to their shared life. There are so many references to their relationship and the things they have experienced in their thirty plus years together. We theorize that they are singing to each other, not these ‘imaginary’ women. This analysis is highly subjective, but we need to note that Rhett and Link’s  inspiration draws from their shared past. We will attempt to deconstruct these lyrics, connect said lyrics to their combined past and illustrate how this song is indeed about their love for one another. Let’s do that.

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Writing Commissions: OPEN

I’ve decided to open up fanfiction commissions, so here’s the break down: 

  • 1000-3000 words - 10 USD
  • 4000-6000 words - 15 USD
  • 7000-10000 words - 20 USD
  • 10000-15000 words - 25 USD
  • 16000-20000 words or more - 30 USD
  • NSFW material - additional 2 USD on the original price (negotiable)

Anything more than 20000 words is negotiable at the moment, but as of now, I may refuse to do such a big project should I have so many commissions lined up. These prices are firm. 

I’m really not here to make money, just some extra help as I am still in college and do not have time for a full time job (I’m already working 30+ hrs a week). A little spending money can go a long ways. Just be specific! You’re paying for the length and prompt, let me know exactly what you want so you’re happy with the result. 

You may recognize me from AO3 (as cottontale) or from my tumblr drabbles, both of which you can find here and here. I’ve written in a few fandoms, typically breaking the 1000+ kudo mark for a multi-chapter. Other one shots have reached around the 300-800+ kudo mark. This is just for a reassurance for you–I know what I am doing and enjoy my work. 

I will write for a multitude of fandoms and pairings, but only those I am familiar with as I want you to get your full moneys worth. These fandoms include–shingeki no kyojin, free!, haikyuu!!, kuroko no basuke, marvel, and a few others. Upon request, I will inform you if I will write for your specific fandom and/or pairing. No OCs, RPs, or rape/non-con, please. I reserve the right to refuse my services. 

If you’re familiar with my work, you should know my typical pairings and genres, but I am willing to stretch to meet your requests. I only accept payment through paypal, unless we’ve reached an agreement through another form of payment. Once the commission is completed, I may post the work on tumblr and/or my LJ, however if you do not wish for me to post it, let me know upon initial request

Contact Information

  • email:
  • skype: upon request
  • tumblr (main blog: foxicology)
  • ao3: cottontale
  • livejournal: niabe
  • paypal: upon request

Upon receiving payment, I will begin the commission (first come, first serve). If you wish to cancel, please contact me and we will discuss refunds (I’m super flexible so don’t worry). Any additional questions, concerns, please send me an email or message on tumblr. 


pls… if ur an artist.. dont sell ur art super cheap! ur art is always worth more even if u think ur not the best artist in the world! u worked hard to get to that level and ur skill and time is worth money! selling ur art super cheap doesnt reflect what ur art is worth, and means other artists are often pressured to price their art too low aswell! always try price ur art around minimum wage for the time it took u to make it! 。^‿^。