always loved this performance

The dub for episode 12 is so!!! Good!! everyone did a great job, I was actually surprised! Bryce Papenbrook did a great job portraying eren’s heartbroken laughter, he put a lot of raw emotion into it rather than trying to affect his voice so much like always. I loved trinas performance as Mikasa during her thanking of eren, it rlly warmed my heart ♡ and Josh grelle obviously did awesome like always! I loved his screaming while armin was defending Jean lol. overall a great job that I usually don’t expect from the dub ! Obviously the subbed episode is MUCH better but this one rlly came close


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Lance was anxious because of his debut as a professional merman so Keith kissed him good luck and accidentally broke him

the idea is taken from this post from @steviecap because I fell in love with it at first sight ❤


“God is a DJ.
Life is a dancefloor.
Love is the rhythm.
You are the music.”

Bonus: Close-ups of Chully’s beauty.

It’s 2am, Neil’s shuffling into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he flicks on the light and turns around to find himself face to face with a giant tabby cat, who’s been sitting there on the countertop watching him, with it’s eerily sentient eyes. He jumps, and, on his instinct driven backwards step, trips over the water bowl behind him in a cacophony of clattering metal and grunting, before landing on his ass in a painful thud. Andrew, instantly awake and already running out of the room, ready to beat an intruder to death, half blind given he was dead asleep 2 seconds ago, falls over Neil on his way into the room and the both of them end up sprawled on top of each other on the kitchen floor. The cat jumps off the counter and sits on Andrew’s back.

“You fucking idiot,” Andrew says.

“They’re your cats asshole.”


this is part two of my eroticism three four parter! (i’ve decided to now make it four) you can find the first part here: eroticism. for this one, there’s yet another video you have to watch to kind of understand this. but don’t worry, this is the last video you have to see! but this one is hotter than the last one, i must admit! so here’s the video: discipline

i’m so blown away by your reactions to this! i hope you enjoy this one! i should have the third part up tomorrow!

Spencer was placed in your dressing room, at your request. He sat on a velvet couch, running his sweaty hands on his pants. He had long since gotten rid of his…newly dirtyed boxers. He took in your dressing room. From what he could tell, yours was the largest room. It made sense; you were the biggest draw. You had a small fridge, a flat screen, a wardrobe rack with different costumes on it. A standard dressing room vanity. Make up, jewelry, and other beauty products were strewn across the vanity.

The door opened and Spencer stood up. 

“Alright, you know the drill guys. Don’t come in until it’s time for Discipline,” you called out. You closed the door behind you, your eyes falling on Spencer. “Hi there,” you smiled at him. You toweled your neck down.

“H-” Spencer cleared his throat. “Hi. Um…I’– I’m Spen—" 

You cut him off. “Spencer, I know,” you smiled at him. “Penny tells me all about you.” You walked behind the rack and began to unzip your catsuit.

“Penny?” Spencer was confused. Then…clarity. “Penelope,” he smiled at you, gulping as he saw glimpses of your naked body. He licked his lips. “How do you know Penelope?”

You smiled. “Penny’s good times. She comes on Thursday nights sometimes. Drag nights,” you grabbed a satin robe and slipped it on. “The one night a week that I come here and the eyes aren’t on me.” You walked over to the fridge. “Water or wine?” You asked. 

“Uh, water’s fine.” Spencer nodded.

“I hope you don’t mind if I drink wine,” you told him. “I usually need it before my second performance.” You grabbed a glass and filled it halfway. “I…uh…I’m sorry about…that,” you gestured to the door, referring to your performance.

A wave of confidence hit Spencer. “I’m not. I rather enjoyed myself.” He admitted. “And I know you enjoyed yourself too.” He raised a teasing eyebrow at her.

You raised an eyebrow, walking towards Spencer. “Is that so?” You pushed him back and you smirked as he fell back on the couch. You opened your robe at your legs and straddled him. You raised your wine to your lips and drank your whole glass. You threw it behind you as Spencer fisted your hair and slammed your lips together. 

Spencer’s hands were on your waist but one sly little hand made its way up your thigh and he discovered you were naked under your robe. “Oh…” he breathed into your mouth.

“I can’t get my lingerie wet before my performance,” you teased as you flipped your hair to one side as you gently sucked on Spencer’s neck. You moaned softly as Spencer gently scratched your thighs. “Are you trying to get me worked up?” You laughed.

Spencer chuckled with you. “Maybe.” His fingernails moved up your stomach, making you shiver. 

You placed your forehead on his. “You do know I have to go on again, right?” You softly kissed his lips. 

Spencer smiled as he felt your lips kiss him over and over again. “Yes. And since you are friends with Penny, I’m assuming you’re bringing Luke onstage?”

You laughed. "You’re good.” You leaned back. “Help me into my costume?” You asked, standing as your hand was outstretched.

“Gladly,” Spencer grinned. 

As you and Spencer put on your costume, you let him know that he could watch your performance on your flat screen.

“I didn’t notice any cameras,” Spencer told you.

“Security is good in this place,” you replied.

A knock filled the room. “It’s time, Katalina,” a stage member said, using your stage name. 

“Have fun,” Spencer grinned as he kissed your lips.

The lights once again flickered on and off, then dimmed. Another sensual beat kicked in as dancers flooded the stage, all dressed in various BDSM wardrobe. The words “Take out your frustrations on me…” repeated. The stage was filled with a red tint, opposite of the first blue performance. 

“Oh this is a whole new mood,” Tara laughed, patting Luke on the back. “Good luck.”
“Tonight…” your voice echoed. “I want a man…” you walked out to a spotlight and cheers.

Luke’s jaw dropped. You were a vision. You had a tight black lace corset on. You had red lace garters on with black, strapy heels. Your corset was tight, your breasts moving with every breath, every step. Your hair was pinned back, make up sharp, making you look fierce. You had a flogger in your hand.

You leaned against one of the dancer’s body. You flogged him as you looked intensely into the crowd. Two of your female dancers came up from behind you, one kissing your neck, the other sensually touching you. Your eyes locked onto Luke’s. You smirked and you pointed to him, beckoning him to you.

“You’re welcome, Newbie!” Penelope called out.

The same two security guards came to the team. “Hello again,” the bald one smiled. 

“Come along, tall dark and handsome,” the other one grinned. As Luke followed behind, he explained the rules. “No thrusting, no kissing…unless Katalina wants you too.” They reached the edge of the stage. “This is where we leave you.” “Have fun,” they patted him on the back. 

The two female dancers grabbed his arms and brought him over to what looked like the skeleton of a cube. There were wires and what looked like a harness.

“Oh no…” Luke groaned.

“Oh yes,” the dancers giggled over the music. The male dancers came and helped with the harness. Luke was strapped in it, his hands strapped by his sides. The same beat played as you walked towards him, the music intensifying, the cymbals crashing as the music hit a crescendo. 

You took a seat on the small step in front of the metal cube, facing the audience. The real music came in, slow and sensual. “I’ve misbehaved, done some things I know I shouldn’t do…” you sang. You slapped the flogger against yourself as you threw your head back. “I touched myself, even though you told me not to,” you pouted to the audience. “You commanded me to wait for you.

You spun, quickly crawling to Luke, your face in front of his member. “I tried…” You moved your head around, almost nuzzling the air in front of you. “But I can smell you on my sheets…” you leaned your head lower, kissing his boot. “Taste you on my skin so vividly….” You ran your hands up his thighs as you leaned back. “Daddy…I disobeyed you…Now I want you to come punish me…” you leaned back on your elbows. “I need some discipline tonight…” the chorus sang, your dancers mouthing the words. “Don’t hold back,” you shook your head at Luke as you began to stand up.

The dancer pushed Luke forward, moving his feet out from under him, the harness holding him up as he went horizontal.

I’ve been very bad,” the dancers sang. “Make me cry,” you replied. You grabbed Luke’s chin in your hands. “Oh, oh, oh,” the dancers moaned. “Daddy, make me cry…” you begged Luke, caressing his chin. You moved his body so the audience saw Luke’s side. “I need some discipline tonight…

You walked over to Luke’s back, your hand resting on your chin and your other hand gently fingered his back. You continued to sing as you walked to his legs. You rubbed his ass as you got down, crawling on your back to have your face meet his. “My heart is beating fast, shiver as he grabs my neck…” The crowd roared as the harness was lowered. “Blindfold me daddy…” you gasped out. You grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He kissed back enthusiastically. You had to get back to the song.

I need some discipline tonight…” You pushed his shoulders as the harness spun him. Your pelvis was to his face and vice versa. You rubbed his erection as he was lowered, just a little, teasing him. Your hips thrusted as you rubbed yourself in his face. You moved to stand back up as the dancers made Luke stand upright. You walked towards him, caressing his face. You leaned in and licked his lips seductively. You were handed your flogger. 

You be the teacher, I’ll be the student…” you crooned as you walked behind him. You placed the tail end of the flogger on Luke’s neck as you tightened it, making it look like you were choking him. You repeated the previous line as you took the flogger off his neck. You pointed to the floor as you held a run. The dancers pushed his shoulders, putting Luke onto his knees.

I need some discipline tonight,” the music broke as you ran your hand straight to his member as you groped him. The crowd roared. You continued to sing, staring into the crowd as the dancers placed Luke onto his back. You sang to your dancers, occasionally whipping them with the flogger. “Baby don’t hold back…” you sang. The dancers were paired up in twos, threes, mimicking orgies and various sex acts.

You walked up to Luke’s legs, kicking them together as you walked up to his waist. You squatted, not yet on his member and bounced to the beat of the music. You threw your head back, feigning moans. You opened your mouth, pretending to moan loudly. You turned your head towards Luke, eyes connecting with his. You bit your lip as you saw the determination in his eyes. He was gonna have you and you knew it. You shivered for the second time tonight. You continued to bounce, eventually dropping to your knees and straddling him. You rubbed your pelvises together as you watched Luke’s eyes roll to the back of his head.

Usually, at this point, you’d get off your guest for the night and walk backstage, ending your performance. But, like your earlier performance, this was different. You grinded on Luke, bringing your head down to meet his. You knew your mic was off as you moaned. Under the cover of your dancers, who grinded and dancing in front of you and Luke, you placed your lips on Luke’s. He quickly controlled the kiss, his tongue slipping into your mouth. You moaned again, digging your pelvis further into his, feeling yourself climb for the second time tonight. You bit down on his bottom lip as you came. Leaning back, you smiled back at him. You could tell that he was almost there by his groans and pants. You decided to help, “I’m going to have so much fun with you and Spencer later,” you whispered in his ear.

“Fuck…” Luke groaned as he came. “Holy shit,” he breathed. “You are…amazing.” He looked at you.

“You ain’t see nothing yet, baby,” you smirked at him. As the stage darkened. You climbed off of him as you watched your dancers unharness him. “Send him to my dressing room.” You told the crew.

“Wait, what?” Luke asked, rubbing at his semi-sore wrists.

“I have to take care of some things,” you gave him the same lie you gave Spencer. Truthfully you wanted him to sweat a little. You smiled at him as you watched some of the security guards take him to your dressing room.

“You were so good tonight,” Candi, a drag queen and one of your dancers, told you. “Maybe cuz of the man meat?” Candi wriggled their eyes at you.

“Definitely,” you giggled, wriggling your fingers with theirs, part of your handshake with them.

“Jay’s gonna stop by your dressing room later tonight with your pay,” Candi told you.

“Alright. Have Jay knock.” You told them as you walked back to your dressing room. You gave a knock as you opened your door. “How are my boys?” You smiled as you saw them sitting on the couch. You assumed they were talking about their experiences with you. They stood as you entered the room. You closed the door behind you as you said, “talking about me?”

“Yes,” Luke admitted. “You do that every week?” He asked, his possessive side showing. Early this time, he thought to himself.

“Every two weeks,” you corrected. “And yes, but minus the kissing and orgasms. You two are just…irresistible.” You bit your lip, your eyes drinking them in. You walked over to your rack, removing your lingerie and slipping on your robe. You walked up to them, your hands trailing through their belts.

Luke grabbed your waist, pushing your body into Spencer’s. You felt Luke’s reanimated member twitch against your ass. You moaned as you felt Luke’s lips on your neck, Spencer smiled at your pleasure as he kissed your lips. Luke’s hands moved to your waist as he began to undo your robe.

“Mmm,” you moaned. “We can’t. Not yet. Your team…is…ahh, coming,” you hissed as Luke’s teeth sank into your neck.

“And you will too,” Spencer said gruffly as he kissed you deeply.

“Please, fuck…” You groaned as Spencer’s sneaky hands reached in between your legs. With one hand, you pulled Spencer’s close by his back, and your other hand reached behind Luke’s hand and threaded in his hair. “Oh fuck…I’m…” Luke’s fingers leaned down and his fingers thrust into you. You bit down on Spencer’s bottom lip as you came for a third time tonight. You rode their hands through your orgasm. As you opened your eyes, you saw Spencer sucking on his fingers.

“You taste amazing,” Luke whispered in your ear. You could hear his suckling on his fingers.

“And you two are so gonna get it when I get my hands on you.” You shook your head at them smirking.

i hope you guys enjoyed it and stay tuned to the next one!


And some Aaron broadway SASS from The Belasco in LA 5/14/17 singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups

Look for his 🖕🏼🖕🏼 in there near the end

Truth Through The Lies

Come on guys! Why do you keep doing this to yourselves? Every time something new comes out, some in this fandom forget everything else we’ve learned, and have a full fledged freak out. I honestly don’t think the situation is as bad as the narrative leads us to believe.

I have avoided saying this, because it sounds awful, but it’s the truth, so I’m going to say it…The Entertainment Industry, as a whole, but especially the Music Industry turns their artists into professional liars. The Artists don’t lie to us because they want to, they do it because they have to.

Here’s the honest truth. In the Music Industry, the only thing that’s important, even more important than the music, is the narrative and Image of the Artist. The Industry has proven time and time again, that talent isn’t everything. There have been plenty of money made by artists, that in all honesty, couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Yet, they become successful money makers, because of the Image and the narrative sold to the public.

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Some of my favorite voltron headcanons
  • Shiro has made the team travel to the other side of the universe to go to a specific space mall that sells a special hair conditioner that makes his white bangs look flawless.
  • Hunk always does everyone’s laundry and he is TIRED. He “accidentally” puts a red sock in the weird altean washing machine the castle has. Shiro actually thinks they rock the pink and makes them wear it every Wednesday (wink wink get it?)
  • Keith occasionally lets out a “bless your heart” whenever someone says something dumb or naive.
  • One day Shiro and Allura start arguing:

Allura: *says something in altean and storms out* 
Shiro: Wait what did you say??! 
Allura: Oh I don’t know. Maybe I insulted you. Maybe I confessed my love for you. You’ll never know. 
Shiro: ಥ_ಥ

(Coran knows what she said. But won’t tell Shiro. Cos he’s a lil shit)

  • Now Keith and Lance do the labyrinth exercise perfectly without a single electrical discharge.
  • Shiro has a great voice and can literally sing any kind of music. He can perform I Will Always Love You and Hallelujah perfectly. He also knows the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody word by word and can even rap the Alphabet Aerobics. The team discovered his talent as he was leaving the shower one day singing a somehow emotional rendition of Barbie Girl.
  • Allura and Coran refuse to tell Keith and Lance how to use the pool. They eventually ask Hunk, Pidge and Shiro for help. The team spends days in the pool room brainstorming ideas, looking for buttons and control panels but they find nothing. “FOR THE LOVE OF ALTEA” Shiro screams once out of desperation. Coran and Allura laugh their ass off.
  • Shiro, definitely at some point: My back hurts from cARRYING THIS TEAM 
  • There is a slipperies epidemic. Apparently, not only middle-aged alteans can get it. The entire team is Sick (haha) Of It™, except for Pidge, who learned how to slide around like Coran did and can now go around the castle way faster than her tiny legs allowed her to. Also, their lions refuse to let them in because they are sweaty and disgusting.
  • Shiro tries to teach Pidge some self-defense techniques. Turns out it was completely unnecessary (obviously) and Pidge is the one who actually teaches Shiro a thing or two.
  • Keith: Anyone who’s ever seen my soft side has to die. I can’t have them running around with that kind of information. 
  • They eventually go back to earth and somehow bump into Shiro’s ex-girlfriend. Allura is Not Happy.
  • Shiro also finds out about a boyfriend Allura had back in Altea and gets jealous. “Was he handsome?” “Of course.” “Was he in shape?” “He was ripped.” “Did- did he have nice hair?” “Shiro stop doing this to yourself.”
  • Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith sneak into Shiro’s room one day to check his closet because they cannot understand how he can wear those super tight clothes without being uncomfortable ????? Shiro actually does get uncomfortable sometimes but won’t tell anyone and keeps wearing it for the sake of fashion.
  • The team finds out that Keith plays tHE VIOLIN. He somehow let it out by accident and now they all want to search the entire galaxy to look for a violin for Keith to play for them. He’s glad that they’re in the middle of space and can’t find one. But he lowkey misses playing because it was a huge stress reliever.
  • Lance now yells “GET REKT BOI” whenever he takes out a galra.
  • Pidge, Hunk and Shiro make Coran manipulate the castle all the time to trap Keith and Lance in small places together. This only feeds Lance’s belief that the castle is haunted and is somehow trying to kill them. Keith secretly knows it’s them but doesn’t say anything.