always loved this performance


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

The ice is a harsh and unforgiving mistress, even to its most ardent lovers.” 

WIP. I wanted a moment where Victor had to physically feel his limitations and loneliness with the ice. But I don’t know how to paint. @u@;;

It’s 2am, Neil’s shuffling into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he flicks on the light and turns around to find himself face to face with a giant tabby cat, who’s been sitting there on the countertop watching him, with it’s eerily sentient eyes. He jumps, and, on his instinct driven backwards step, trips over the water bowl behind him in a cacophony of clattering metal and grunting, before landing on his ass in a painful thud. Andrew, instantly awake and already running out of the room, ready to beat an intruder to death, half blind given he was dead asleep 2 seconds ago, falls over Neil on his way into the room and the both of them end up sprawled on top of each other on the kitchen floor. The cat jumps off the counter and sits on Andrew’s back.

“You fucking idiot,” Andrew says.

“They’re your cats asshole.”


In honor of Aaron’s next concert being TOMORROW here are some pictures I took from his Wolf Trap concert last month (Saturday’s show)

@huxloween blood - ”i’m general hux and i’m here to rescue you”

hux saves the only thing he really wants from the dying starkiller base… everyone knows a proper star wars rescue always ends with a kiss.


“What is worth living for?”
I think that life itself is worth living for. If you are not living the life that you want, you fight to achieve that life. “ — Jensen Ackles (JIBCon 2015) 

Happy 38th Birthday Jensen Ackles  ♥
March 1st 1978 


151227 Gayo Daejun


he is literally heaven sent ʚɞ


Dimash Kudaibergenov -  Ұмытылмас Күн
(Singer 2017)


the brightest star that hangs in my sky is all the way across the other side of the earth but that’s okay bcs there’s no corner his light doesn’t reach. it makes me so happy he is living his dream nd being loved by it. it makes me so happy that he’s so full of love, hes declaring it to the world abt how much he loves his loved one. nd i, i love him to andromeda nd bck nd then 218 billion more times 💘

the more that i think about it the more i’m 100% certain that solo liam shows would be literally so fucking lit? cos liam always gets so into it when he’s performing and he loves to change bits up n do different things and he likes loud and big and then all those little dance moves he does like it would just be such a fucking good time @liam where u at bitch