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ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT is Shiro doing a cool move then Keith asking him to teach him so Shiro agrees but needs Lance to help demonstrate

Lance is like sure bc who doesn’t wanna be tossed around by a muscley space daddy.

So Shiro does the move on him but he either underestimates his own strength or has some kind of flashback thing and ends up dislocating/or even breaking Lance’s arm in the process BYE

sorry to disappoint your neurotypical standards but do people who love to pressure the great mental health recovery agenda not realize that there are disorders where recovery isn’t an option like no offence but for me there’s nothing to recover from that’s just the way my brain has been since birth and i’ve sorta got used to living with the goods and bads by now

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i feel like all larries knew about cricky except me.. why didnt anyone tell me omg i was just minding my own shit till i clicked on this tag and i thought it was an animal but its cris and his "husband"???? whaaat i didnt even know he liked men what is this mess ??? where am i

ohhhhhhhh boy, anon! it’s CRICKY TIME

Here I’ll leave you with this: 

What if you had one more day. Just one. What would you do? Where would you want to travel to? Who would you want to spend your time with? Hopefully, this isn’t the case. However, always live as if it may be your last day, because time is simply precious.

No matter what happens, you will always always always live, because you are strong and you will rise above it.

Rules: make your aesthetic (based on your personality and interests) with ONLY images already saved to your device! You cannot search and download any images until you are done!

@katsugays tagged me to do an ask game which I’ve already done, but I was bored and found one I haven’t done so here we are
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We need to speak up when we’re abused.
We need to lash out when we’re misused.
If we just keep quiet and hope for change,
Sadly, things will always stay the same.

We need to correct where things are wrong.
How can we let them go for so long?
If we just stay silent and keep on waiting,
More of our lives we keep on wasting.

We need to stop and break the cycle now.
Whatever it takes, find a way somehow.
If you go back to a place where tragic memories remain,
The cycle will repeat and things will stay the same.

We need to not let it happen again.
Stop lying to ourselves or playing pretend.
If we don’t escape the things that make us ill,
Our lives will always continue downhill.

Don’t be afraid to say anything.
No matter the pain or how much it may sting.
If we don’t speak your mind we will aimlessly live,
In the shadows of a heart we will never forgive.

Victims of abusive loved ones,
Victims who were shot by a gun,
Victims of destructive hate crimes,
Should be inspired in this rhyme.
Victims who were brutally beaten,
Victims who feel their lives were cheapened,
By growing up in a poor environment,
Should act now and stop the violence.
Victims who were molested,
Victims who were falsely arrested,
Don’t overthink what could or should be,
But be the change you wish to see.

so i’ve been thinking about what i really want to do with my life and what i want to study when i go back to school because i’ve never had a real life plan or anything but i’ve been thinking a lot lately over the past few months about how much i love talking about hockey and analyzing players and stats and with how much i’m living making these videos and just talking about this team that i might want to do sports journalism? i mean i’ve always lived writing and for a while in high school i did consider being an english major but i just didn’t know what i would DO with that degree but sports journalism is a pretty marketable degree to have.
but i feel like i should know a bit more about other sports BESIDES hockey and i’m thinking of maybe starting with baseball? idk i’m just rambling here and not really going any where with this i’m just putting my thoughts into words y'all can ignore me

had an odd day yesterday. not bad in any way, but i found myself thinking how surreal it all was.

background: since my parents’ divorce, i’ve cut all contact with my mother. however, i still and always have adored my aunt and that side of the family. she’s been my role model for years and i just love her. we never had and still doesn’t have much contact, but whenever i do call or visit she’s excited to see me; always interested in what i’m up to etc.

she’s always lived on the other side of the country though, so i only ever saw her and her two kids (my cousins) twice a year at most. since i cut ties, i see them even less. so we never developed a close bond or anything.

but yesterday i went down south for a film festival, and stayed with my oldest cousin since he lives there. and i admit i never really knew him. he’s five years older and we never really talked. he was mostly hanging out with my aunt, mom and grandpa, being the only boy in the whole family, with the three of us girls others being really close in age, it was natural. but since i needed a place to stay because the movies ran so late, i texted him a few weeks ago asking to sleep on his couch, which he agreed to.

and i thought it was going to be awkward. last time we saw each other was when i was eighteen at my graduation party. and it was, at first.

but then… i don’t know.

it stopped? he showed me around the city (we walked for hours, just talking, stopped to eat etc.) and it was so casual and relaxed? like i’ve always felt like a black sheep (closeted gay and not into sports like all other family members) but that must’ve been similar to what he felt back when we were kids.

guess i was too young before, but now, we just clicked. and he seemed so happy to see me (?) and really opened up about things. like honest fears about his studies; like he trusted me. i spilled too, but still. it was wonderful (and he’s so much like my aunt; i never realised it before and i’m kinda ashamed of it).

i’m already thinking about visiting again. get some more perspective on things. because this did give me that.

i feel lighter.

Books, books, books for days!!!

From @wehavesuchfun  

The Girls by Emma Cline. Anything by Liane Moriarty. For something older but one of my favorites: A High Wind in Jamaica. Also Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle. These books may or may not be Barcelona friendly I don’t know!

From @thelipstickchronicles

Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, Delores Claiborne by Stephen King, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Atonement by ‎Ian McEwan

From @tuesdayswithrachel

Big Little Lies, Wangs vs the World!

From @annehackaway

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng!!!! Also: Wild (Cheryl Strayed), In a Dark Dark Wood (Ruth Ware), Helter Skelter, The First Bad Man (Miranda July), or go FULL basic teen like I do and read the Pretty Little Liars books (they are VERY VERY BAD but I’ve read 4 and apologize for nothing!!!! lol)

From @sunisonmyside

The Unseen World (read it last month and it automatically became my all time favorite book next to Kite Runner) or if you want a super fast fun read then my other favorite is Ready Player One!

From @jelseww

If you liked Carol, I was amazed at how much I loved the book–Price of Salt by Highsmith. Boy Snow Bird or anything by Helen Oyeyemi. So Big by Edna Ferber is a favorite. If you’re into short stories, Blow Up by Julio Cortázar is A++

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how do i learn to understand myself? sometimes i like boys and sometimes i like girls and i never feel quite at home in the town i've lived in my whole life, always like im living a life i shouldn't be. how do you find self acceptance and peace?

to understand yourself, you need to listen to what you want!! if you’ve never felt at home where you live, the universe is telling you that for a reason - once you move out, go and explore new places, and you will find where you are meant to be. liking girls and boys, you could be bisexual! idk how old you are so its a bit hard for me to say, but as you grow up things will become clearer and you will have a clearer understanding of your sexuality. i think you should live based on your intuition and feelings, and if you do that then you will find self acceptance and peace in every aspect of your life! <3


On Monday morning at 17 years old, we finally had to say goodbye to this tough little puppy. 

After recovering from being hit by a car and cracking her pelvis a year ago so well that she jumped off a wall chasing a cat a few weeks later, and suffering a stroke which she completely recovered from apart from a little limp on her back leg every so often, and suffering from arthritis. She never let anything stop her and was always happy and lively. (The last photo was taken at Christmas, look how perky she was!!!)

And then this weekend she cut her eye on something and the only way to help was an operation. We all knew that she had taken a turn the last few weeks and had lost weight and had started sleeping more but we were hoping for at least another month (I would have loved to have her around for my birthday)

But we all knew she wouldn’t survive the operation, and if she did she wouldn’t survive the recovery and leaving her in pain wasn’t an option. So on Sunday night we finally came to a decision that we would have to put her down.

So Monday morning came and we brought her to the vet and we did the kindest thing we could. We ended her fight.

I knew my puppy and I knew that no matter what she was going to fight and never give up and we couldn’t let her suffer through that.

The proof is there for the last 17 years she’s been a healthy energetic ball of life and it wasn’t up until the end of January that she took a turn for the worst. At first we thought it was the weather as she always came in during winter to get out of the cold and the first affecting her arthritis.

But last week we knew her time was coming after taking a turn last Monday and we were going to do it Wednesday. But we woke up Tuesday to a bright dog who wanted to go on a walk and jumped about when she seen us. So we put it off.

Until we had to, until there was no other way for her to survive without being in constant pain or going through the stress and pain of a recovery of an operation.

I just thought I’d share this we you, share her strength loyalty and most importantly her unconditional love for her family and anyone who was kind to her.

At 17 years old she was the sweetest strongest thing I had ever known and I’m happy to say she wasn’t just my pet but my friend and family.

Her spirit is a true inspiration and I’m honored that I got to spend the last moment of her life looking into her eyes.

I’ll always love her and thank you for always being there for me, through sickness and healthy, and I’m happy I got to be there for you, in your last seconds when you needed me.

Thank you puppy.

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This shall be a fun night with larries throwing a fit after the pics came out. It's funny tho that they always point in " antis" direction calling them pressed. I bet if I search a larrie blog there will be at least a 150 explanations as to why is Louis seen at the concert with El. None of them would be realistic but bless their lost souls for trying

LITERALLY- Antis are always just living it up. Between solo careers, and Freddie pics, and Elounor sightings – we’re all just a bunch of happy clams, whilst Larries in a constant state of panic-meets-denial-meets-seething anger. They’re all but foaming at the mouth, but claim that Antis are the pressed ones…

Like with most things, I think they’ve got an entirely different definition of “pressed” than the rest of the world.


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment