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Potter and Parkinson

I’m sure this has been done before, but I absolutely live for pansy/Harry friendship

- Pansy and Harry become friends even before Drarry happens
- it’s eighth year, and of course all the returning students are grouped in one big dorm because house unity and all that
- Harry can’t sleep. The nightmares are too much, and he doesn’t want to bother his roommate *cough*draco*cough* because he’s his ex-rival for merlin’s sake and that’s just /awkward/
- so he sits by the hearth in the common room, where everything is usually purple and gray but right now the fire is roaring and everything is bathed in a wonderful orange light
- and he doesn’t notice Parkinson sitting in the love seat to his left until she shifts and drawls out a scathing “well if it isn’t the boy who just won’t die”
- and of course Harry jumps, wand out and pointed at Pansy’s throat in half a second
- she stares at it and pushes it away in silence
- there’s the expected “nightmare?” “Yeah. You?” “Same as you, what do you expect” exchange then comfortable silence
- eventually they fall asleep where they are
- in the morning, pansy’s gone and Harry’s late for breakfast
- neither of them say anything about it, but she nevertheless slips him an extra hot coffee as she leaves the great hall
- it happens again that night
- this time, they talk about it
- “what’s it like to die?”
- he starts. He’s never told anyone about that. Ever.
- and that’s how he finds out that Pansy is a legilimens
- “why don’t you look for yourself?”
- “I’m not a barbarian, Potter”
- so he tells her. And she listens.
- she asks why he didn’t tell Weasley and Granger
- “they worry too much”
- and she gets it
- the next night, she tells him why she doesn’t boast about her legilimency
- “My Death Eater family loved to exploit it. When old Voldy came back, he forced me to use it to find out his victim’s fears and weaknesses. I was a puppet. I didn’t ask for that.”
- “None of us did.”
- they meet like this every night, when the nightmares are too much or the insomnia sets in
- she explains that sleeping was too much like passing out from Crucio
- He talks about how weird it feels since Draco started ignoring him
- they talk about Draco a lot
- “he wasn’t always that way. You should’ve seen him as a child, when his father would be away on business. I’d never met anyone more in love with life.”
- they don’t talk for the rest of that night
- he notices the slytherin Trio has mostly broken up
- Pansy, surprisingly, hangs out with Luna during the day
- Harry asks about it
- Pansy shrugs “she doesn’t dwell on the past”
- One day Hermione and Ron don’t show up for breakfast
- Pansy takes the seat next to Harry, “ she snuck into his room last night after you went to bed. Kicked Blaise out and everything.”
- They talk about life after hogwarts
- “you don’t want to be an auror anymore, then? Thought saving people gave you a hard on, Potty”
- he laughs for the first time in a long while
- “it gets boring after the first couple hundred times, I guess”
- “well, Mcgonagall obviously wants you for the DADA position”
- “maybe”
- they walk together to herbology
- Draco gawks as they enter the greenhouse
- Pansy offers a small smile
- Draco turns away
- Harry sulks
- Ron and Hermione show up a minute later, Hermione blushing and Ron raising an eyebrow at Harry, but he doesn’t say anything when Pansy whispers something in Harry’s ear that makes him grin wide
- It’s the middle of the year, and Harry and Pansy have established a sort of routine
- they meet every night, sometimes to talk, sometimes to take walks around the castle, sometimes just to sit in each other’s presence until they fall asleep
- in the morning, whoever wakes first brings up two mugs from breakfast, if it’s Pansy she brings cocoa, while Harry brings coffee
- Harry asks why Pansy always wears extra layers, or uses far more blankets than normal
- he mentions that Malfoy does it, too
- “Draco never told you?” “I never asked”
- it’s a side effect of the Cruciatus and Imperio Curses
- Harry thinks he understands
- He pats her hand, and she wonders why he’s so warm
- he shrugs. He’s always been like that.
- maybe it’s because of his mother’s love, he jokes
- she just looks at him. “Perhaps you’re right about something for once, Potty.”
- the next morning, Draco wakes early to find them snuggled together in front of the dying embers, Pansy leaning into Harry, extra blankets discarded on the floor
- he can’t help the tight, smoldering feeling in his chest as he walks to breakfast
- it’s Saturday, so there’s no class, but Blaise still leaves a mug of coffee and a cup of cocoa on the coffee table in the common room for when they wake, warming charms cast to keep the drinks steaming
- when they wake up, it’s not awkward at all. Just comfortable.
- like sharing a bed with your sibling
- they enjoy their arrangement, and Pansy takes advantage of Harry’s warmth constantly
- eighth years are allowed to leave the grounds at any point, so long as they obey curfew
- Harry and Pansy visit Hogsmeade together shortly after Christmas break
- while out for lunch, they run into Draco
- Pansy invites him along
- Harry and Draco start talking and don’t stop
- Pansy is torn; she hates being a third wheel, but she thinks she ships the two more
- she excuses herself, claiming exhaustion, and finds a quaint book shop near the edge of the village
- There, she runs into a distressed Granger
- turns out, Granger broke it off with Weasley
- Pansy is surprisingly good at comforting others, and shares her unexpected love of books with Hermione
- but while Hermione adores nonfiction, Pansy reads fiction. Thus, a friendship grows
- their day at the book store marks the start of a new relationship
- she tells Harry about her impromptu date with hermione
- “on a first name basis now, are you? I feel betrayed.”
- “oh shut it, Potty.”
- she’s blushing and they both know it
- in retaliation, she asks about Draco, and now it’s Harry’s turn to bloom red
- when Harry asks Draco out in the Great Hall a few weeks later, Pansy stands and screams from the other end of the table “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU PINING PRICK”
- Harry and Draco both turn red, scurrying out of the hall, hand in hand
- Pansy high-fives Luna, who giggles the whole time
- Harry does the same thing when Hermione asks out Pansy, but instead he’s screaming “SAY YES ALREADY PANS, YOU BLOODY WUSS”
- Ron gazes at them sadly, but Blaise distracts him with a comforting hand on his lower back and offers some treacle tart
- Pansy and Harry’s nightly meetings start happening less and less, but they’re still closer than ever
- when Draco and Harry have their first fight, Pansy knows, cuddling with Harry in front of the fireplace like they used to
- Hermione is super understanding, bless her heart
- She still draws a mustache and monocle on Harry in revenge for stealing her girlfriend, though
- she wakes Draco early to see it
- He takes pictures of his exbutkindofstill-best friend and boyfriend cuddling
- he won’t admit it, but his heart melts just a little as they wake, untangling from each other, bleary eyes and bed heads
- Harry and Draco don’t fight as much after that (but neither of them mind so much on the mornings after they do because Harry and pansy’s friendship is so precious)
- drarry and pansmione have a double wedding
- Ron and Blaise are Best Men, Luna and Ginny Maids of Honor
- Harry gets the DADA job, but always floos home at the end of the day to be with Draco and the kids
-pansy works in hogsmeade, running the bookstore where she first comforted hermione, now minister of magic
- Draco is a wonderful homemaker, who works from home co-editing the Quibbler with Luna
- even after marriage and families, Pansy and Harry have slumber parties, just the two of them in the living room while Draco and hermione take the kids out
- they cuddle and talk about everything
- in the mornings, pansy always wakes first, since Harry is usually up late grading papers
- but now, she makes two coffees for Harry and hermione, a cocoa for her, and a tea for Draco
- Harry and Pansy still spend nights by the fire, but sometimes they’re joined by their spouses, Ron and Blaise, and Ginny and Luna
- Sometimes Pansy and Draco’s skin still turn to ice
- sometimes hermione and Harry still wake up in the middle of the night for no solid reason
- but they’re surrounded by the ones they love
- the war is over
- pansy’s legilimency fades with age, and she’s happy to only have to live in her own head for once
- Harry and Draco learn to be in love with life, and with each other
- Hermione and Ron are no longer a ‘what if’
- and while Draco’s scars never completely fade away, Harry assures him they make him even more beautiful
- While Pansy will never stop being cold, Hermione is there with cocoa and and blankets and her warm embrace
- while Harry and Hermione never eat as much as they used to, too accustomed to those days in that wretched tent, running from the enemy, starving in the forest, Draco and Pansy are there to hold them and kiss them and remind them that it’s better now. It’s okay now.
- and suddenly it wasn’t just Pansy and Harry with late night talks and cuddles on the couch
- it was everyone else, too
- it was warm, and safe, and home
- and it wasn’t perfect
- but it was good.

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Hey, look, I finally did that video about Reginald Barclay, Sherlock Holmes, and the Accidentally Autistic Character.

This was a bit more of a pain to edit than me talking to the camera, but I didn’t have to put make-up on and look presentable, so there’s that.

Tell me what you think of the new format and the video itself so that I know what to focus on next!

As always, the script is under the cut.

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“After so long, I think I finally understand this concept called love…”

For my beautiful and talented crush, zero-kiryu-kun! ♥
The knight and princess captured in a sweet meeting. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


Hello! I’m Amelia and I’m late to the party as always but hi! I’m ur friendly local canadian lesbian poli sci student/aspiring novelist and dghda has taken over my entire life please dont send help

theytookmywingsaway  asked:

So I was thinking about him and Y/N just hanging out in his flat and then him falling asleep on the couch; Y/N thinking that he looks so adorable and not wanting to wake him, so Y/N goes to his bedroom to watch TV/read/do any other thing (up to you). After a while he wakes up and has no idea where Y/N is, so he goes through entire flat and finally finds Y/N in his bedroom; then they have a cute little conversation and decide it's bedtime. How does it sound? :)

“Caspar, can you please pass the remote? I’ll switch the TV off.”

When he didn’t respond, you looked over to see that he had fallen asleep. You had both been watching a movie in Caspar’s living area. It was only the mid afternoon, so to make it more cinema-like, you had shut the blinds and draped a blanket over both of your legs. You had begun sitting quite close together but as the movie had progressed, Caspar had stretched out across the couch, his feet in your lap. Being a movie that you hadn’t seen before, you didn’t even notice that he had drifted off.

You took Caspar in, admiring his features. Whenever he slept, Caspar’s face would soften and be rid of the creases left from his constant smiling. That was a common thing. At night or in the morning, his hair would be gently messed across his forehead, though now, it’s gelled figure was only slightly disgruntled. He was radiating warmth. He was warm, not in an ill or sick way but rather, in a comforting and homely way. You always thought about how if anyone new was the see Caspar like this, they would immediately assume he was a gentle and soft character. And he was gentle and soft, sometimes; just not to many people. Around others and on camera, Caspar was the life of the party. He was exuberant and easily excited. It was a side that was so different to how he was now, in a peaceful sleep. Deciding that he was tired, you gently shifted his feet from your lap and moved off the couch. Caspar often stayed up late editing videos and going out, it would be good for him to get some rest. Besides, you’d be damned if you didn’t think he looked so cute and sweet when asleep.

You went to the kitchen for a glass of water before your phone began to ring. Quickly answering it so that it wouldn’t wake up Caspar, you saw that it was your best friend Josh.

“Hey! Are you free to talk for a bit?” he asked.

You said yes before moving to Caspar’s bedroom as you listened to Josh. You didn’t want to disturb Caspar, so as the bedroom was the furthest away, you figured it would be the best spot to put yourself. Josh told you about the problems he had about asking a girl out. He needed advice and knowledge and a bit of comfort; you were his go-to-person for it. You listened and gave him what he wanted, advice with a smidge of comfort. When he was satisfied, you eventually shifted topics, just generally talking.

You were so engrossed in the phone call that you didn’t hear Caspar until he was right in front of you.


You looked at him and said into the phone, “Josh, I have to go. Talk later?”

As soon as you hung up, Caspar engulfed you in a big bear hug.

“Y/N! I looked everywhere for you!”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Caspar, I wouldn’t leave without telling you.”

“But I looked everywhere! Even out in the apartment hallway and the cupboard!”


“I was about to call Joe to come help find you!”


He didn’t even let you finish this time, “I was going to send out a search party!” He was really milking this; the smirk on his face growing with each exclamation.


You both just looked at each other in silence for a second. Then you couldn’t help but both burst out into full blown laughter. From where you had been perched on the edge of Caspar’s bed, you fell back and let the laughter take its course. Caspar flopped down beside you, also laughing loudly.

When you had both calmed down a little, you said, “You’re so silly, Caspar.”

“But you love me,” he simply retorted, before pulling you in to lie closer to him.

You simply nodded as you snuggled into his chest. Caspar’s hugs were great but it was moments like this that you loved. The warm and comforting embrace; his long arms holding you close to his beating chest. It was nice, knowing he liked to keep you close to his heart.

You and Caspar just lay like that for a while; mulling over random and crazy things. It was one of those times where you could just talk about anything; so that’s what you both did. You spoke about sport and friends and movies and frogs and sharks. The conversation was wayward but fun; like you said, it was just nice to talk about anything. It wasn’t hard for the conversation to drift around, especially with Caspar.

Eventually, the sky darkened through Caspar’s bedroom window. You both hadn’t noticed, but the rest of the afternoon had flown by. Caspar hadn’t let you move out of his tight hold (not that you really wanted to) so you were both still lying close on his bed.

“Caspar, aren’t we meant to be meeting Josh and the others for dinner?”

His eyes were shut but you knew he wasn’t asleep.

“Yeah,” he said after a short while, “But I don’t really want to move.”

You laughed and agreed. It was really comfortable, where you were.

“Let’s stay in,” Caspar decided. “There’s enough of them for the guys to not miss us.”

And there you both stayed, forgetting about dinner or even food at all. You both just lay there talking and talking until, at the same time, you fell asleep.

Hope you liked it!! Sorry for the wait. This was super cute and fun to write! xx

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