always know that it will be okay

✨ Self-Care Note To Autistic People ✨

☀️ Don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that will give you sensory overload ☀️

☀️ Don’t compare yourself to neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s not your fault if you couldn’t do something due to executive dysfunction ☀️

☀️ “I don’t have the spoons” is a valid reason not to do something ☀️

☀️ It is not always your duty to educate neurotypicals ☀️

☀️ It’s okay to take a break ☀️

☀️ Saying “I don’t understand” is mature and honest, not childish ☀️

☀️Don’t take ableist comments into consideration - you know they’re not true ☀️

☀️ Mental health is as important as physical health ☀️

☀️ Wanting to be around only other Autistic people for a while isn’t reverse ableist ☀️

☀️ Actually, “reverse ableism” isn’t a thing ☀️

☀️ “Low-functioning” and “high-functioning” labels were made by and for neurotypicals and hold zero accuracy ☀️

☀️ Misspelling =/= stupidity ☀️

☀️ There is nothing shameful about being Autistic or talking about Autistic issues ☀️

Autistic people, feel free to add on ✨

✨ Both neurotypical/Allistic and Autistic people are encouraged to reblog ✨

Sometimes I get messages asking if its okay to draw me so Id like to let everyone know that it is absolutely always okay to draw me. I don’t care if its a fucking stick figure, I will basically cry because I love it all so much. D;

I wasn’t going to talk about TMNT anymore, but I want to say this.

I know a lot of people are unhappy with the fandom. From what I have seen and heard, I can understand why. However don’t bash Ciro for it. Criticize it, fine. But this was his show. This was his story to tell. With how pisspoor Nick treated it, he at least got to end it the way he wanted. It’s okay to not like it, but ultimately I think that we should respect that Ciro got to do his story the way he wanted to. And he still gave us an amazing show. It wasn’t always perfect, but the fandom for this version exists because there was something that we liked about it.

You can hate the finale You can criticize the way Ciro did it. You don’t even have to like the man. But at least respect a creator and being able to tell the story that he wanted. Because ultimately he gave us a show that we love, and for that I am grateful.

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My friends always tell me to correct my parents when they use my dead name and wrong pronouns. And I wish I could but my anxiety is so bad to the point where I'm too scared to correct them out of fear they'll yell at me if I do. I don't know what to do.

Hey there! Id suggest starting slowly. Correct them the first time in a low stress situation like in the car or while making dinner. Build up from there. It is really scary and being anxious is okay. In the FAQ we have some tips for managing anxiety that could help. They might get frustrated and yell at you, but it will pass. Youll be okay.


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Hiii๐Ÿ’› could u do hcs of the rfa+saeran reacting to an mc that's like really horny(? Like they don't stop mdkd but she doesn't want it to be boring so she's always dressing up and buying new lingerie and surprising them ndjs love u guys

Because of the 2 people rule MP and I decided to just do 2 of our favorites for this ask! Thank you for asking sweetie <3

Admin Rina ;3c


  • Jumin is a very horny person himself so he is very much okay with MC being the way that they are
  • Sometimes it can turn into a somewhat…sticky situation
  • Like when MC will show up at the office wearing an oversized coat zipped up all of the way
  • With black heels on
  • Jumin knows what is going to happen and it takes everything in him to not just take MC right there in the office space
  • When MC asks Jumin to come to his office Jumin almost tripped over his own two feet
  • When the pair got into the office Jumin locked the door behind him and closed all of the blinds to the windows
  • When he turned around MC had already dropped their coat, revealing the lacy lingerie that they had been hiding
  • MC didn’t even have to say anything before Jumin was on them, kissing every inch of their body.
  • He also couldn’t help but shamelessly rub his clothed cock against their thigh
  • Now let’s just say that MC can no longer wear that outfit and Jaehee was very confused when she had to go get new clothes in MC’s size
  • She was even more angry when she saw MC walking some walking funny out of Jumin’s office, the two of them got a very strongly worded email about “Inappropriate relations happening in the office during business hours”


  • Honestly at first it took her by surprise
  • It made her a bit flustered as well
  • But she wasn’t complaining tbh
  • Every time MC would show up with a new set of lingerie Jahee is not afraid to break it in
  • (Her favorite is lace and pearls on MC)
  • Whenever Jaehee walks into the room and MC is lounging on something naked
  • And is all like “hello, Jaehee~”
  • It takes Jaehee like… two seconds to get into it
  • She stands there, processing it, then is immediately there to smooch MC
  • One of the few things that gets Jaehee REALLY flustered tho: sexting
  • If MC ever sexted her when she was at work l i k e
  • I’m pretty sure she would combust
  • Even if she was straightfaced while making coffee
  • You know she’s screaming on the inside
  • She ends up excusing herself to the back so she can respond
  • MC is constantly buying new sex toys to try out with Jaehee
  • And Jaehee is actually a big fan of trying them all out
  • Sometimes they spend hours in the bedroom together
  • ~Experimenting~ and trying new things
  • (That’s how Jaehee discovers she likes ropeplay)

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Okay so i opened up youtube, not wanting to catch up on videos 'cus i'm working, and see that the thumbnail of the first party hard video changed to Anti??? And it's from kill jacksepticeye because the hair seems to be similar????? I don't know if it was noted out a long time ago and i missed it... Please tell me, i'm confused???????

It’s always been like that, my love <3

Thank you Teen Wolf:’)

Okay I know we’ve all been complaining about how they’ve been doing things wrong in Teen Wolf all of 6b.

But guys, today is the day, today this chapter is ending, and I can’t help but feeling so sad and nostalgic… Writing this is so hard and gives me so many emotions… 

These show has given us so many great moments since those two dorks went out to look for a body in the woods… We’ve laugh, we’ve cried, we have fallen in love with all these characters, if this show has done something good, is building these amazing characters up, from our true alpha, Scott McCall, to secondary characters like Brett or Deaton. We’ve seen these characters grow, we’ve seen their ups and downs and we have been obsessed by the incredible relationships they built, from romantic ships to beautiful brotps, like Sciles, which will always be the best relationship in this series no matter what. And idk, I just can’t believe this is getting to an end, I feel like if I’m waking up tomorrow to a new sneak peak for next week’s episode, but it’s not true…

I’m always going to be so grateful to the beautiful cast and the crew for creating this show. Even thought there have been mistakes made, they made me feel so much, and helped me a lot without knowing it, and I’m always going to remember this show that teached me so many things, made me discover such great actors and meet new people from this incredible fandom. It’s always going to be a part of me, and well I’m writing too much, I just have to say, thank you Teen Wolf, every single one of you involved in this, for everything, I’m out:))

We always seem to find each other anyway

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The Lifesaving Heartthrob {Lifeguard! Winwin}
  • Pairing: Winwin X Reader
  • Genre: Fluff; Lifeguard! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Request: “hey love!! can i request a lifeguard! winwin au? <33 love your blog btw!”
  • Word Count: 669
  • Summary: Being saved by a very cute lifeguard leads to an unintentional confession.

A/N: okay tbh i don’t know anything about lifeguards or drowning so sorry if it’s not entirely realistic

  • i always start off a scenario by saying “ok”
  • you thought I was gonna with this one?
  • hahaha not today
  • anyways
  • winwin is known as the heartthrob of your school
  • literally everyone is in love with him
  • which is true in real life too
  • winwin is just so cute, caring, and adorably shy
  • who wouldn’t like him?
  • even you like him
  • because again, who wouldn’t like him?
  • but rumor has it winwin works at a country club as a lifeguard
  • just like how gabriella from high school musical did
  • anyways, everyone would go to the country club on weekends just to see him
  • nobody would even swim, they would just stand there and ogle at his beauty
  • one day, your friend invites you to go to the country club, since they know how much you like winwin
  • and like you don’t even know how to swim so you’re just standing in the shallow end, admiring him from afar
  • like he just looked so handsome and he wasn’t wearing a shirt either and you’re just nkjvdsibsd
  • you swear you saw him look over at you and your heart just about melted
  • your friend started to move to the deeper end of the pool, and you followed along, forgetting the fact that YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM
  • but you know you were just in the seven feet area, floating to your best ability
  • and there’s no one else in the pool except for some younger kids, in the shallow end
  • so it’s just you and your friend on the deep side 
  • until they tell you they’ll be right back
  • so now it was just you
  • you were just chilling
  • then all of a sudden, your whole leg starts to cramp up and your efforts to stay floating were no longer working
  • you just sinking at this point
  • and soon enough, everything turned black
  • when you woke up, you could feel yourself laying on a hard surface
  • you open your eyes and see someone’s face looking at you
  • it takes you a couple seconds before you realize that it’s winwin
  • which takes you by surprise
  • you quickly sit up and cough out some water
  • which you’re pretty bummed about because you just drowned and coughed out water in front of your crush
  • that’s not very attractive, is it
  • “you alright?” he asks
  • and because you are not in the right state of mind, considering you were still in a little bit of a daze because you just drowned, you’re like “did you use mouth to mouth with me? that was not how i imagined for our first kiss to be” 
  • and winwin shyly smiles at what you said because he likes you and it’s amusing at how you’re such in a daze
  • “i didn’t use mouth to mouth” he said
  • and you’re like “good!!”
  • so when you come back to school, you see winwin and come up to him to thank him for saving you
  • and you know you have to apologize for what you said, since it was a little bit weird
  • and you know how winwin is kinda shy
  • he just quietly says it’s no problem
  • and you’re a little disappointed that he doesn’t say more
  • so you’re just about ready to leave because it’s clear that he’s not interested in you
  • but then he says for you to wait
  • “i like you too” he confesses
  • and you melt at the words
  • “can i kiss you?” he asks
  • you nod
  • he shyly gives you a peck on the lips
  • and you just feel all the heat rushing to your face
  • like omg sicheng just kissed me
  • and of course y’all start dating
  • but it doesn’t end there
  • winwin is really shy at first, but is really like savage and dorky once you get close to him
  • and you get to experience that
  • while everyone is jealous of you
  • winwin would probably dodge all of your kisses
  • as shown with nct
  • but he does it out of love :)
  • he loves :)


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Okay,,, not wanting to sound gay but imagine keith,lance and hunk sharing an apartment and all dating each other and lance and hunk dance to cheesy pop music in the kitchen together and stop sometimes to blow kisses to keith and keith watches while sitting up on the worktop and just grins the entire time because he's so in love with these dorks and they're so in love wih him and he's so happy he's found people he knows will always be there for him

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Of course we are interested in your Maxis Match-ish silly gameplay:) Doesn't matter, just post 'cause we want to know what's up with you! But if you need some break that's okay too! As a simmer, I always find inspiration in your blog, and it's not because the alpha style, or the poses. It's your ideas and work and your unique style in everything you do here! xx


you’re so sweet i caanntt, thank you so much ♡ i rly do love doing story things too it’s just that it fits better for those times when i’ve got lots of creative energy to spare.

Written by a White man :

White people and white culture, in general, don’t know how to handle criticism. This is because white supremacy has always operated under the notion that white culture is perfect, that white culture created the modern world, human rights, liberal values, etc. Whatever myths they believe, that is what white culture believes. But why can’t white people handle criticism of white culture? Well, they do, but mostly from other white people. See white supremacy has historically only been critiqued by white people. For example, the critique of western culture from Nietzsche is okay for white people because they approve of how he critiqued it. But for the first time in history, white western culture is facing serious criticism from the nonwhite and non-western world approached from nonwhite and non-Eurocentric thinking and white people are taking that as an attack because they never viewed the non-western world as legit. The hubris of white supremacy was thinking that it would always rule because the nonwhite world would never be able to rise up. This is why we see the hypocrisy in their customs. It’s why the racist French people can come up with the declaration of the rights of men while still having colonies. It’s why the founding fathers of the United States could write a document that says all men were created equal while owning other people and stealing land from others by brute force. White people always thought they would rule this world. The fact they are seeing that power slip in a minuscule fashion is engendering anger. The fact that their cultural standards are no longer seen as the benchmark globally is scaring them shitless. It’s funny because this is the world that white supremacy wanted and they have learned the hard way that they can’t have white supremacy and equality at the same time. Lip service is over.

“Listen. This is just a dream. But very clever people can hear dreams. So please just listen.
I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is all right. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster, and cleverer, and stronger.
And one day, you’re gonna come back to this barn, and on that day, you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay. Because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind.
It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed, or in the dark, so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it.
So listen. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this: you’re always going to be afraid, even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like… a companion. A constant companion, always there. But that’s okay. Because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m gonna leave you something just so you’ll always remember. Fear makes companions of us all.”

- Clara Oswald, Doctor Who S08E04 “Listen”

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Why is no one talking about how dan said "midhusbands" instead of them being called midwives? Isn't the term for male midwives the same? Correct me if I'm wrong? But I thought that was SO CUTE THE FIRST TIME THEY BOTH ADDRESSED THEM BOTH! BEING! HUSBANDS! (In wrong context of course but you get me)

They called each other husbands in the new video!

I KNOW!! I’m concerned as to no one picking this out and freaking out over it. They always seem so comfortable with Louise and they let their a bit of their true colors show, even when the camera is around. 

And also I looked it up and  The answer appears to be that a male midwife is called a midwife because a midhusband can be off putting to the patient. 

So they literally called themselves husbands. 

I’m not okay. 

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i had a bad day today... how would the nordics comfort a s/o who is really stressed about school?

Mathias/Denmark: “Hey…It’s gonna be okay, min skat! I know you’ll strive this year! And to help you shake this stress away, how about some ice cream and cartoons? That always makes me feel better when I’m stressed!” He genuinely cares, probably the most of of the Nordics. He really wants to help, so expect many hugs and kisses. 

Lukas/Norway: “Ah, I see. My apologies. But I know you can do it.” He would pat your head and try to soothe you by playing with your hair. He isn’t the best at comforting, but his singing voice is the best, so just ask him to sing for you and he’ll give in! 

Berwald/Sweden: “…” He wound even say anything when he realizes something is wrong. He can tell you’re stressed, so he’ll immediately pick you up and carry to the nearest comfy place in a 9 ft. radius, and rub you back slowly as if telling you he really cared. He isn’t talking, but on the inside, he’s telling you everything. 

Tino/Finland: “Hey, why’re you so quiet today?…Oh, you poor thing…Come here!” He’d open his arms wide for you, and when you were finally in his arms, he’d hum gently to soothe you, and since he’s a little squishy, his cuddles are the best! 

Emil/Iceland: “Same.” When he noticed you were genuinely upset, he would awkwardly pull you into his arms, patting your head a couple times, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were being serious…” He’d wait util you were calm and kiss you once gently, and binge play video games with you until you both stop thinking about it. 

-Mod Kira

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Hey there, any tips in improving writing? I'm not satisfied with how I write right now ;q;

Hi :D So, my best advice is to keep on practicing. Try to write something everyday. Read a lot too. When I read stories, I always keep a notebook nearby to copy down new words/ or phrases that I like. You tend to retain them without even knowing it.

Also, try not to be too hard on yourself. Your writing today could seem amazing to you, and months later you’ll be cringing so hard the entire universe flashes before your eyes. I think that’s an inherent quality of all writers, but don’t take it to heart. Think of it this way: cringing is good because it means that you’ve improved. 

I’m still unhappy with my writing. Most writers never are satisfied because their style is always changing. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s perfectly valid not to feel happy with your writing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t improve :)

you know the “regular at a coffee shop” fanfic trope? where are the “regular at the liquor store” fics? I can make coffee at home but I gotta get wine from somewhere. give me the fic where person A always sees person B buying alcohol at their store and starts to make up their life in their head to pass the time. 

  • “oh lots of beer and cheap vodka. must be a party. i bet they have a lot of friends and are so nice.”
  • “two boxes of wine…. oh boy rough week hope theyre okay” 
  • “slightly fancy champagne. i hope its not a date….”
  • “ten mini-bottles, brandy, and rose. not sure whats going on here but I want to”

I mentioned that I’m going to be doing another surrogacy journey and that’s kind of put a damper on my poly pursuits. Surrogacy contracts always include a clause on sexual monogamy which means that it wouldn’t make any sense to pursue any kind of in-person relationship. Something long distance would be okay, buuuut that’s not exactly going well for me at the moment. I’ve been feeling pretty down about it these last couple of days. I know that waiting on the surrogacy is an option, but not really one I’d like to consider. I’d rather get a few surrogacies done in quick succession and then get a breast lift at the end of all of this (I used to say that jokingly, but I’ve realized I’m quite serious).

If I’m being completely honest, it’s a lot harder that Mike is doing this without me. My mono-leaning husband who had told me many times that he’d rather not do this at all, but he’d try it for me. I’m ashamed of how much that hurts. I’m not particularly jealous of the feelings he has, or the time spent on someone else, or anything at all to do with that relationship/friendship/crush/whatever. I’m so glad that he’s happy and feeling more comfortable in all of this. But I’m envious because I don’t have that at the moment, and probably won’t have it for a long time. I would even just love to have a friendship right now. Being a weird, young mom in a suburban town fucking sucks. I’m sure a lot of people here can relate. I just feel so completely isolated. It hurts.

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Hello so I am trying to identify with something and recently I think I might be ftm but I'm not sure if I'm masculine enough.. I know it sounds silly but I just don't know.. is it ok to be trans and still have some femininity??

That’s completely okay!! You’re always valid as yourself no matter what!!

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hmm, your reputation in any fandom is Great AUs. toz, yoi, mp100 -- Amazing AUs are definitely your thing. specifically for mp100, your AUs are pretty popular and what everyone knows you by. (also it's okay to rb a lot of ask memes!! you do you, dude!! i'm sorry to hear you're sick though, and i hope you feel better soon <3)

OH MY GOSH FOR REAL???!!!! adlk;dnsjabksjl;adf i dont know what to say aaaa this is so nice to hear ;; ;;

(oh adrian you’re always so sweet thank you so much💖)