always in the shot for andy

Profiler, profiled.

Takes place during and after season 2 episode 12, named after it as well. (if you haven’t seen it before you’ll be confused, so please watch it.) beginning of this is all about the episode, but if you don’t want to read that you can start at the first page break. just make sure u understand what happens in the episode. this was anonymously requested.

In which Derek reveals his past to his team and his girlfriend, and she wants to help but doesn’t know what else to do besides be there for him.

warning! mentions of sexual assault. please read at your own discretion.

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“He’s been what?” you asked in disbelief, staring at Hotch with a blank expression on your face at the news he’d just told you. Morgan had been arrested?

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Enlighten Me - Andy Biersack Imagine

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anonymous asked: “Can you do a rough imagine with Andy, idk like spanking or something, but then fluff at the end? Thank you!!!!!??

Word Count: 1367 | Warnings: Smut (!), offensive language

“Yo, (Y/N)’s in the house!!” my friend and party host Felix chanted as I entered his house, followed by the other party guests who had already arrived.

“Hey Felix,” I gave him a hug before he welcomed me to whatever’s available. It was one heck of a party, I could see, there were lots of people, some just casually chatting, some watching two burly dudes play beer pong, some making out, and some dancing in front of a stereo. I’ve never been to a house party with so much guests before, well probably this is probably the biggest house I’ve been to that’s being used for a house party, so it fits way more people. I then spotted my friend Sarah sitting on the couch with some other friends. She waved at me and I waved back, walking towards her. With her were some of my other gal pals and the guys from Black Veil Brides, although Andy was nowhere in sight. They all greeted me warmly as I joined their little group. I sat right next to Sarah and became engaged in their group conversation directly.

“I’m back, bitches,” Suddenly a familiar voice rung from behind me. I turned around to see Andy with a cup of punch in his hand. “Hey, (Y/N)’s here! How’ve you been?”

“Hey, Andy. I’ve been great, what about you?” I replied necessarily.

“Never better,” he said as he sat next to me. Andy and I have never been the very closest of friends. Sure we hang out a lot but that’s basically because I hang out with Felix a lot and Felix are good friends with the BVB guys. We talk often but that’s it, nothing more. Not long after Felix joined us, holding back laughter.

“You guys remember Sandy Nichols?” he asked us with a huge grin on his face.

“You mean the shy ginger with seven cats?” Ashley asked for verification.

“Yes her, and you probably will never believe this,” Felix gestured the group to come closer as he was about to whisper something. “She likes it rough. Like, tied up to the ceiling sort of rough.” And then he burst into a fit of laughter.

“No fucking way!” my friend Tiffany commented in disbelief, “That sweet little Sandy likes it rough?”

“If you guys don’t believe me, go ahead and ask Byron,” Felix pointed to a guy by the punch bowl, “He witnessed it himself.” And started laughing again. We started laughing along with him, expressing our disbelief and imagining scenarios and shit. As I was about to make a comment, Andy gestured closer to me.

“Bet you can’t take it rough,” he whispered in my ear.

“Are you kidding? Of course I can!” I shot back, whispering almost loud enough for Sarah to hear.

“You’re almost as sweet as Sandy, I bet you like it soft and slow, do you?” I could hear a slightly naughty tone in his voice.

“That’s cute, but you totally have no idea, Mr. Biersack,” I replied, not at all turning to him. Why the hell is he saying stuff like this to me?

“Why don’t you enlighten me?”

I fell silent and turned to look at him. He had a naughty smirk on his face, and his eyes shot a look I’m still trying to decipher.

“W-What?” I stuttered, confused as hell.

“You know what I mean,” he said casually, the smirk still lingering on his face. “I’ll be by the punch bowl if you’re up for it. Or maybe, if you dare.” And he excused himself to the punch bowl.

I just sat there in silence, thinking of what he just said. Did Andy just asked me to… Is he insane?! Well, to be honest I always found Andy extremely attractive, and he’s a great person, and I’ve known him for a while now, so… I guess it’s okay, right…?

I then excused myself from the group to join Andy by the punch table. Andy’s eyes beamed with delight as he saw me walk towards him. “Well, so you do want to enlighten me, do you (Y/N)?” he said teasingly.

“Just shut up and take me somewhere, Andy,” I glared at him. He chuckled and immediately pulled me upstairs to search for a guest room that’s not occupied. When we found one, he immediately locked the door and slammed his mouth onto mine. He pinned me up against the wall and ran a hand on my thigh, gesturing me to jump. I did as he wanted and wrapped my legs around his waist. He then dropped me onto the bed and crawled over me. He went back to kissing me with one hand trailing up my dress, rubbing circles on my folds through my panties.

“Damn babe, you’re already this wet for me?” Andy teased. He then proceeded in taking my dress off, leaving me in my black lingerie. He examined every inch of my body lustfully before attacking my neck and collarbones, leaving purple love bites here and there.

“Andy…” my suppressed moan came out as he went to kissing the valley of my breasts. He slid his hand onto my back to unclasp my bra and threw it to the floor. He then brought my left nipple to his mouth and fondled with my right breast.

“Oh Andy, f-fuck…” I moaned louder.

He then paused to take of his top. “Well we don’t have much but,” he took off his belt, “We’ll just have to make the most of it. Hands up, princess.”

I did as instructed and raised my hands above my head. He then tied my hands together with his belt and commanded, “Keep them there.”

He then kissed me gently but lustfully on the lips and then down to my neck, my breasts, and then down to my stomach right before my panties. I was writhing in pleasure, but in the same time in agony with not being able to touch him. His eyes locked on mine as he skillfully removed my panties with his teeth. He then kissed my inner thigh before proceeding to lick my clit.

“Oh fuck…” I arched my back in absolute enjoyment, struggling my hardest to keep my hands up. “Andy p-please, just f-fuck me already,” I begged weakly.

“What’s that?” Andy asked, “I can’t hear you.”

“P-Please, fuck me Andy.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Goddamit just fuck me Andy!” I nearly yelled.

Andy smiled, pleased, “Good girl. Turn around.”

I did as I was told and was on all fours, relying on support from my knees and shoulder. I could hear him undoing his pants and throwing them away and without any warning, he rammed his length into me, making me scream. His thrusts were quick and powerful, driving me crazy.

“Scream my name, baby,” he commanded as he spanked my ass.

“Oh, Andy,” I screamed in between pants.

“Louder!” he spanked me even harder, making me utter a moan.

“Oh Andy! God!” I screamed even louder, dropping my head onto the bed in frustration.

He continued thrusting into me until we both reached our climaxes. Exhausted, he lied on the bed next to me and undid the belt that’s been cuffing my hands together. I then lied down as well, tired. He then pulled me closer and I rested my head on his chest as we both steadied our breaths.

“That was not even close to rough,” I commented teasingly, looking up to meet Andy’s face.

“I agree,” Andy replied, “But damn it was good.”

“Yeah it sure was,” I said. There were several seconds of silence before our lips connected again. This time, it was more tender and not so much lustful. His lips felt so soft and warm I could stay like that forever.

“You know (Y/N), I’ve always thought that you’re an amazing girl. I mean, you’re beautiful, friendly and vibrant, and… every time Felix invites me to hang, I’ve always been looking forward to see you,” Andy admitted almost shyly, “I know it probably should be the other way around, but… do you… Want to go out sometimes, (Y/N)?”

I smiled and pecked his lips gently once more, “Yeah, I’d love to, Andy.”

(Whoa that’s long 0_0 Anyways I hope you enjoyed this and pardon my inexperience *cries internally*)

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When Chris Met Her

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She was late. An hour and half or so according to Andy, who glanced at the door ever few seconds to see if she would ever arrive. His younger sister was never one for parties, but this wasn’t a regular party. It was his first since they came to Norway. Since they started at Nissen, since he was introduced to the Penetrator guys. If she didn’t make it, who knew where she would end up for the night. Andy took another sip of his beer before glancing back at the door, perking up as the door opened to reveal more girls, but as he scanned their faces he let out a small sigh, slouching back against the wall as he chugged the drink in his hand. He was interrupted as a hand slapped down on his shoulder.

“Why are you all sulky?” Chris asked, standing to Andy’s left. Andy lowered the drink in his hand as he shrugged slightly, translating his response in his head.

“I’m not, just waiting for my sister. She was supposed to get here ages ago,” Andy explained, glancing back at the door before he turned to Chris.

“You have a sister?” Chris asked, taking a sip of his beer as his head cocked to the side slightly, his eyes surveying the party behind Andy as he waited for a response. The only thing Andy hated about Norway was that he took so long to translate everything. Thankfully, everyone was respectful and gave him time, but it embarrassed his more than anything.

“Yeah, she’s the one I bring to school everyday,” Andy answered, knowing that the Penetrators had seen her at least once before when Andy would walk her to her morning class.

“Oh, we all thought that she was your girl, you two seem really close,” Chris responded, taking another sip of his drink as he recalled the guys conversation when they first saw Andy’s sister, though then they only thought she was a hot piece of ass Andy had been hitting.

“Yeah well, we’ve always been close. She’s the only family I talk to anymore so it was bound to happen,” Andy shrugged, letting his eyes wonder to the door again. To his surprise, he did see a familiar beanie, the owner turned to the door as she shrugged off her coat. “I’ll be right back,” Andy said, not even glancing at Chris as he shuffled his way through the crowd of people. By the time he made it to her, she was turning around, beanie still slouched over her hair. “Hey!” Andy yelled, letting himself slip back into his native tongue for his sister who shot him a small smile as he wrapped his arms around her. Y/N rolled her eyes as she returned the hug before pulling away from her brother.

“Hi, were you really so lonely without me here? Couldn’t find a chica to keep you company?” Y/N joked, laughing as Andy gave her an emotionless stare for a moment.

“Come on, I have a few people you really should meet,” Andy said, knocking his head back toward the group of guys in matching black sweatshirts, a few of which were watching the siblings exchange as Andy threw his arm over his sister’s shoulder. One watching Penetrator was Chris, who looked over Y/N in a new light, knowing now that she wasn’t Andy’s girl. She wasn’t his usual, or most guys around here. She wasn’t model thin, but she was still attractive. A nice face, rocking body, pleasing enough to the eye for at least a night. As Andy approached the group, his sister in tow, Chris observed how she slightly disappeared into her brother’s tall, stocky frame. She seemed to cling to him as her eyes flowed over all the people in the party, scrunching in on herself as they made their way through the crowd.

“Andy! We were wondering where you got to,” William said with a smile as Chris moved in beside him, looking over the girl who stood beside Andy in front of them.

“I was just waiting for my sister. Y/N, these are the Penetrators. Guys, this is my little sister Y/N, she’s a first year,” Andy introduced her, smiling down at his sister as William pushed his hand forward to shake hers.

“Nice you meet you, they called me William,” Y/N forced a small smile on her face as she shook the large hand before her. As William pulled his hand away, Chris swooped in, grabbing onto her small hand. With a wink, he pulled her hand up to his mouth, placing a lingering kiss onto the top of her hand, right before her wrist. He watched with a smirk as her cheeks flamed before him, her hand dropping limply to her side as Chris released it. Beside her, Andy let out a hearty laugh as he pulled his sister closer to him.

“Don’t pay attention to Chris, he’s not worth your time,” Andy smiled, raising an eyebrow as he cut off Chris before he could even open his mouth.

“Hey! She should definitely be paying attention to the guy who’s taking her home tonight,” Chris laughing, sending another wink towards Y/N who felt her eyes go wide as she watched Chris look her over, softly biting down on his bottom lip.

“Okay then, come on Y/N, let’s get you something to drink. Somewhere far away from this perv,” Andy laughed, raising his chin as a goodbye to the guys before he turned Y/N around, walking her towards the kitchen. Chris watched her from the back, letting his head fall to the side slightly, only straightening when William knocked his shoulder.

“What?” Chris asked, scoffing as William simply rolled his eyes before walking off into the crowd, probably back to the very enthusiastic blonde who had been trying to hook up all night. Chris leaned back against the wall, surveying the room again though another face came to mind.

A blush seemed to stain Y/N’s cheeks the entire night, flaring up worse everytime Chris came into her sights again. It seemed he was popping up everywhere the entire night. Andy assured her he was fine, “He’s not even that bad once you get to know him,” he insisted, even as Chris continued bumping into her throughout the party. Smiling, smirking, winking, all of his little things that just seemed to push Y/N further into her brother’s side. That was until Andy’s eye caught onto the dance floor and he left Y/N sitting on the couch with a promise to rejoin her after just one dance. Three songs later, Y/N was staring at her lap as someone sat onto the couch next to her, close enough to cause her to sink closer to the warm body now beside her.

“Hey,” Chris smirked, looking at Y/N with a smirk as she found herself almost falling into his lap.

“What are you doing?” Y/N let out, almost in a screech as Chris’ hands found their way onto her waist, keeping her from falling completely onto him.

“Well I was trying to help you but, if you would prefer,” Chris trailed off, moving Y/N closer to him and lifting her until she found herself sitting on his lap. Y/N gasped as Chris let out a laugh, smiling as Y/N began to squirm, trying to move back to her spot.

“I don’t think you are going to be happy with what you get if you keep squirming like that,” Chris smirked as Y/N froze, looking back at him with bright red cheeks.

“Move me back, now,” Y/N commanded, her voice shaking despite the serious tone. Chris held still for a few seconds that seemed to drag on forever before he lifted her again, dropping her right beside him in the dip of the couch.

“Bye the way, I was right,” Chris spoke up despite Y/N seeming to try and ignore him.

“Right about what?” Y/N asked, giving into her curiosity. After a few moments of silence she chanced looking back at him, almost immediately regretting it as his eyes perked up.

“Your brother disappeared with a second year a while ago. Looks like you’re gonna need a ride home.”

c-a-v-a-l-r-y’s Master-List.

(previously known as direw0lf)

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TITLE: Dollhouse

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being best friends with Andy when he was younger and him always being able to tell that you’re unhappy at home



SUMMARY: Tiffany is tired of being trapped in a dollhouse

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m actually very proud of this one-shot. I think my mojo is coming back.

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Always by your side

@andy-blur : This is for you and for Mexico and for all people who had tough time because of the earthquake. Hope that will help you to get over it even a little. Hope my words will help you..

Imagine: Your friend Stefan coming to help after hearing about the earthquake that happened in your town.

You and Stefan are close friends. You always have been there for each other all the time since you both met , even though you weren’t able to stay with each other all the time .

It was a normal day until Stefan opened the TV and saw that a strong earthquake had happened in your town and he got crazy.

He tried to reach you , but your phone was closed and he gets more crazy.

“ Come down brother . Y/N is a tough girl and I am sure she is fine..” Damon said carelessly and cold as usual. He was worried a little bit as you were his friend as well even you both were so close , he was just trying to hide his emotions as always.

“ Yes , Damon! Keep that calm it’s good for you and I will go to see what happened! ” Stefan said kind of angry of Damon

“ You are crazy! Are you going to Mexico just because of an earthquake ? Well you there when every disaster happens? ” Damon wondered

“ Yes I am ” Stefan answered and he didn’t wait for Damon answer . He just went out and slammed the door behind him…

The minute Stefan got there he started calling you again until you answered

“ Hey Y/N are you ok ? I have been trying to reach you for the whole day ! You scared the hell out of me ! ” Worried-gentle- Stefan was on the phone

“ I am fine . I am just trying to help as much as I can . Still it’s not safe here..” you answered sighing , your voice seemed to be little tired and sad .

“ Where are you ? I am coming to you right now ” Serious more worried Stefan showed up . He wasn’t able to control it anymore as it came to you

“ Don’t be crazy, Stefan! Where the hell are you coming to ? I am telling you it is still dangerous. ” you said shocked and worried as it came to your best friend as well

“ I am already here and I am coming. I guess that you forgot I am a very old vampire. I have witnessed disasters in my life more than you are going to witness in your next three lives . I am coming . Dote at the end of the line.” Stefan said ending the call

You send the location to Stefan as you knew he wasn’t going to change his mind .

He came to you as fast as thunder. You were they helping the damaged area beside you . The moment he saw you he hugged you and he held you for along time , he was so afraid about losing you . You meant the world to him.

“ Thank you , Stefan! So sorry I made you worried. It is just as you see..I weren’t able to stay home after seeing this .. I had to go and help and during this the charge in my phone went with the wind and I only put it in charge an hour ago..” you said feeling sorry with tears in your eyes. What happened was too much for you take and you really needed someone beside you.

“ No worries. I am here with you now . I won’t leave until it is totally safe ! I will never leave your side my friend.” He said kissing your forehead and letting his chin to rest of your head .

“ What about Damon?” You asked

“ He will be here before tomorrow. I am sure about it . You know he takes time when it comes to admit how he feels. ” Stefan said with a smile

“ Thank you Salvatore brothers ” you mumbled hugging Stefan again

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psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: I’m coming apart at the seams pitching myself for leads in other people’s dreams now buzz, buzz, buzz doc, there’s a hole where something was doc, there’s a hole where something was fell out of bed, butterfly bandage, but don’t worry you’ll never remember, your head is far too blurry. put him in the back of a squad car restrain that man he needs his head put through a catscan hey editor, I’m undeniable! hey doctor, I’m certifiable! I’m a loose bolt of a complete machine what a match, I’m half doomed and you’re semi-sweet so boycott love detox just to retox and I’d promise you anything for another shot at life and perfect boys with their perfect lives nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy (wants to hear you sing about tragedy) ohh little girl, you got me staring odd oh! or was that just a telescopic camera nod p-p-painted dolls in the highway truckstop stalls lot lizard scales cool your nightlife moods all the rookies leave your badge and your gun on the desk when you leave the room I’m a loose bolt of a complete machine what a match, I’m half doomed and you’re semi-sweet boycott love detox just to retox and I’d promise you anything for another shot at life and perfect boys with their perfect lives nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy (wants to hear you sing about tragedy) detox just to retox detox just to retox detox just to retox detox just to retox detox (so boycott love) just to retox detox (boycott love) just to retox detox (boycott love) just to retox detox (boycott love) just to retox so boycott love (boycott love) detox just to retox and I’d promise you anything for another shot at life and perfect boys with their perfect lives nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy (wants to hear you sing) nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy (wants to hear you sing about tragedy)

psychic: man what a freaking jam

fanfics’ writer appreciation day! [01]

HULLO it’s me @taemins-dolphin

i would just like to thank all fanfic writers for creating such wonderful stories! i stared reading fics back in 2012. i was having a hard time back then and everything was just so hard. that’s when i found comfort in them and honestly its the best thing that’s ever happened to me mentally. if i wanted to be happy, i would read some fluff.if i  i was sad and wanted to feel even sadder, i would just read angst. it was just so comforting to read the stories. 

so in commemoration of this day, here are some of the writers thati love and respect a lot!! (i migh forget some…  im sorry!)

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AN: A short drabble because I haven’t written anything or had inspiration, but I took pen to paper and kept this as neutral as I could.  You can imagine whomever you are returning home to, but in my head, I kept picturing Misha.  Don’t tell Jared.  

Triggers: None

Word Length: Drabble

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She sat in her office, watching the hands of the clock mock her time left on the job.  She wanted nothing more than to get in her car, sunroof open, cool breeze on her skin and drive.

Where to, didn’t matter, because the end destination was always the same.  Winding back roads that would lead her to him.  Even if she drove hours in the opposite direction, he was her home.

He would either be awake and welcoming her with open arms, or sound asleep on the shared bed, awaiting her arrival.  He understood her need for freedom.  Never judging, always welcoming, her favorite pajamas waiting at the end of the bed.

Depending on the time, a fresh pot of coffee, with hazlenut creamer, or an iced cold Summer Shandy.  Cold pizza a must; her comfort level always at a high after the drives.  

Even with the hours upon hours of driving, the wind tussling her hair, her eyes drooping from drowsiness, she always managed to find her way back to him.  He was her ultimate destination, her favorite release.  

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Men Among Wolves: Chapter One

This is the first chapter of my fanfic, based on this post by @asktheboywholived . A huge thank you to @justasmall-obscurial​ for editing this because I fucking suck at writing. *finger guns* 

Prologue   ~   Chapter Two

“Sirius, get back here!” shouted Bellatrix, running after her younger cousin.

He was dodging her, moving between the stalls in the market in an attempt to avoid her rage. Not five minutes prior, Sirius had placed a spider by her face and told her that they could be twins. Bellatrix, unfortunately had not taken too kindly to the obvious compliment, and was now attempting to strangle the living daylights out of him.

The crowd was seemingly against her, people parting like sheep to let Sirius pass, whereas no such favour was granted to Bellatrix. “Get out of my way.” she growled, shoving them aside.

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I Was Happier With You Ch.2 (Trixya)- Doll Parts

A/N: I’m baaack. I would have updated sooner but long story short, someone gave me a stomach bug halfway through my Cinco De Mayo shift at work this past week. As always thanks a bunch to my Beta, Andi<3

If you like the story, go ahead and like or comment cause I need positive affirmation lol

This chapter is all about Katya, look forward to having Trixie back in the next!

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But the greatest influence on Paul, as a connoisseur and collector, was the art dealer Robert Fraser, whom he met, fortuitously, at around the time of moving to Cavendish. Fraser was then London’s foremost champion of the genre recently dubbed pop art, exhibiting Americans like Andy Warhol and Jim Dine, and Britons like Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton and Bridget Riley at his Duke Street gallery, despite an ever-present risk of police prosecution for ‘indecency’.

Twenty-nine-year-old Fraser was himself a perfect picture of the Sixties’ collapsing class and sexual barriers: the scion of an ancient Scottish clan, an old Etonian and former colonial army officer who dressed in immaculate brass-buttoned blazers, yet was openly gay, he revelled in the company of louche pop stars (he was already an intimate friend of the Rolling Stones) and took drugs on a scale of which even the louchest popstars didn’t yet dream.

Paul would later call Robert Fraser the most important person he ever met after he became famous–even including Bob Dylan. It was from Fraser that he first learned of René Magritte, the Belgian surrealist who did not outrage but seduced the eye through images of bowler-hatted men with green apples for faces, and street-lamps shining among dark trees, with summer-blue sky overhead. Several Magrittes duly appeared at Cavendish, as did a work specially commissioned from Peter Blake. Paul had a sentimental weakness for ‘The Monarch of the Glen’, Sir Edwin Landseer’s study of a Scottish stag, expressing all the pride and bombast of the Victorian era, which had adorned many Liverpool parlour walls during his boyhood. Blake agreed (for who could tell Paul McCartney no?) to reproduce the monarch with an ironic pop art twist.

Fraser seemed to know everyone and his parties at his Duke Street flat always teemed with celebrities. At one, Paul met the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, who was currently shooting Blow-Up, the best film ever to be made about Swinging London, with David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave. Another night, Fraser visited Cavendish with Andy Warhol to give Paul a private showing of Warhol’s new film, Empire. It proved to be a continuous shot of the Empire State building lasting eight hours, five minutes. Paul was bored to distraction but politely concealed the fact, helped by a good supply of mind-dulling pot.
—  paul mccartney: the biography, philip norman
it’s time

time 2 write mario kart discourse

  1. mk8 was a disappointment 
  2. i hate the baby characters
  3. like seriously i love daisy but i don’t think baby daisy was that necessary
  4. but i guess her reason for existing was fuckin uhhhhh daisy circuit in the wii where she appears with baby luigi
  5. baby rosalina was even more unnecessary, they could have had baby dk or baby wario instead like they already exist
  6. bring bowser jr, petey, king boo, diddy, dry bones and birdo back u cowards @ nintendo
  7. and i mean like always add them to the game, they appear all the time
  8. seriously they were very iconic and good characters
  9. the koopalings were a good refreshment. i love them
  10. pink gold peach <<<<<<<<<<< honey queen
  11. on that note, metal mario was also unnecessary
  12. cat peach and tanooki mario as well
  13. R.O.B. was a better character than some of these i mentioned
  14. mk7 is honestly better than mk8
  15. coins in item boxes? bad
  16. rivalry system with characters is stupid
  17. let captain falcon, samus, fox and pikachu race
  18. this is a long shot but let andy from advance wars race as well, he can drive an APC or a tank kart
  19. ds was a great game im p sure everyone agrees on this
  20. ppl say dd was better but i disagree, it goes: ds, 7, dd, 64, wii
  21. i never played super mk or super circuit or deluxe so i don’t know abt those but from what i’ve heard mk had clunky controls (understandable) but sc had pretty lackluster maps (but it’s gba so i kinda understand)
  22. wii was good but i fucking hate how hard it was to get 3 star ratings on the grand prix
  23. like i s2g if u got hit with more than 1 blue shell, u weren’t getting those 3 stars which is like wtf bc blue shells aren’t ur fault, ur supposed to be in first
  24. 200cc can suck my ass
Cast list + synopsis for Aliens Among Us part 2 (highlighting scream-worthy bits for emphasis)

5.5 Love Rat by Christopher Cooper

Captain Jack Harkness is dead, and that’s the simplest thing that’s happened to him in the last few days. Even the manner of his death is surprisingly complex, especially when it turns out that he hasn’t come back alone.

While Torchwood try and cope with a new mayor and a terrorist cell, they also have to deal with what, at first, looks to be a plague, and then turns out to be something far, far worse.

5.6 A Kill to a View by Mac Rogers

Ritz Towers is a luxury tower block so exclusive not even aliens can get a place there. Mr Colchester has somehow secured a flat at the Ritz. With the streets increasingly troubled, his husband feels safe there. The problem is that Ritz Towers is anything but safe.

For a start, the building has more tenants than it has flats. Then there are the endless dinner parties. The whole new definition of upwardly mobile. And finally, there is the very mysterious caretaker.

5.7 Zero Hour by Janine H Jones

Welcome to Deliverables. Thanks to us, Cardiff is enjoying an economic miracle. We have created thousands of jobs. We have wiped out homelessness.

More importantly, there are so many benefits to you. Deliverables will deliver your post, your packages, your meals. We are Deliverables, and we never stop.

Deliverables – we always know where to find you. Deliverables – put your life in our hands.

5.8 The Empty Hand by Tim Foley

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff. It causes an upsurge in terrorist attacks.

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by a policeman. It’s a catalyst for protests in the streets.

An innocent refugee has been shot point-blank on the streets of Cardiff by Sergeant Andy Davidson. It’s the end of Torchwood as we know it.

Written By: Christopher Cooper, Mac Rogers, Janine H Jones, Tim Foley
Directed By: Scott Handcock


John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Alexandria Riley (Ng), Paul Clayton(Mr Colchester), Sam Béart (Orr), Jonny Green (Tyler Steele), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Tom Price (Sgt. Andy Davidson), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Murray Melvin (Bilis Manger), Rachel Atkins (Ro-Jedda), Ramon Tikeram (Colin Colchester-Price), Ewan Bailey (Duncan), Kerry Joy Stewart (Maddy), Diveen Henry (Sandra), Ellie Heydon (Andrea), Marilyn Le Conte (Patricia), Luke Rhodri (Rowan), Charlotte O'Leary (Poppy), Sacha Dhawan (Hasan), Sarah Annis (P.C. Nicki Owen), Rick Yale (Lorry Driver), Laura Dalgleish (Newsreader), Kristy Philipps(Stacey), Aly Cruickshank (Student), Richard Elfyn (Takeaway Man), Sanee Raval(Xander)

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Shockwave Pt.2

I have to start off by saying that had this been the actual series finale I would be rip-shit pissed at the lack of any connection between Sharon and Andy in this episode, and by the fact that Rusty was given three personal scenes as well as all his scenes at the LAPD. Why do we have to see so much more of Rusty than we do of Andy or Provenza? Both G.W and Tony have higher billing than Graham and both Andy and Provenza are far more interesting.

I have already posted my ire over the Gusty scenes in this episode so I will not rehash it…much. But suffice it to say, it pretty much sucked that in an episode that might have been the last time we got to spend time with these characters there were no personal connections, other than Rusty and Gus. Hard to believe this would have been the shows finale and the main couple didn’t have any moving or touching moments. 

1. Chaos after the bomb goes off-I cut the writers some slack last week when we had a dumbfounded reaction from Andy because the guy was in shock. However, as the scene continued, I would have thought we might have gotten some kind of reaction. Even just Andy saying under his breath “Come on Sharon, where are you?” Something to show us that his gut is clenching with the realization that he might have lost the woman he loves. At least we did get the tiniest slump of relief when he saw and heard that everyone was okay.

2. Lack of any kind of emotion or relief between Sharon and Andy-Back at the LAPD there are Sharon and Andy questioning the sisters without  having had any kind of connection between the two since the bombing. No one is expecting some big soap opera hug and tears, but a simple, “thank God you’re all right” from Andy, or Sharon walking off the elevator to see Andy standing there and giving him a reassuring smile and saying “I’m okay, really”. You know SOMETHING to show us that this is a couple who love each other and are worried about each other. It doesn’t have to be huge or overblown, sometimes simple is best. But we don’t even get that.

3. Winnie-  Interesting. Guess Pope heard about what was going on with Winnie and no longer trusted her, making Fritz switch places with her. What a difference watching Fritz and Sharon working respectfully together, banging ideas off each other and listening and absorbing everything the team was throwing at them. They were all working together as one while when Winnie was around it was a completely adversarial interaction, with Winnie working against them rather than with them. I think it is pretty apparent why she didn’t get the job.

4. Andy has learned how to work it to get what he wants- Way back when, Andy would have gone to Sharon and demanded to be allowed back in the field. Now he is taking it slow, going up the chain of command. Provenza is his immediate supervisor so he talks to him first. Not to mention, who is going to be easier to convince, Provenza or Sharon who is not only worried about him as a member of her team but as the man she loves? Once he convinces Provenza, the two of them can offer a stronger case to Sharon.

3. Gusty scene 1-This is a side of Gus that is really quite unattractive. Rusty was trying to be reasonable–hard to believe I‘m actually defending Rusty. Gus‘s  attitude of, because of you I’m not going to take the job, thanks a lot for ruining my life and making me stay here in my pathetic little job. I’ll make sure to remind you of everything you made me give up every day of your selfish life, is just so petty and unbecoming. Then telling Rusty he better get accepted to a law school in LA because if Rusty wants to stay in LA they are going to STAY in LA. WTF. Who the hell does he think he is? If any guy came at me with that, I’d kick him right to the curb. He has no right to tell Rusty where he can and cannot go to school. Honestly, I would look at that kind of controlling behavior as a red flag warning.

4.Sharon-Sharon always looks gorgeous, but she looked extra beautiful tonight. Her hair and make up were perfect and she was back to wearing fitted clothing again. No more baggy jackets.

5. The middle half hour-For what they thought was going to be a series finale, there was sure a lot of boring questioning going on for a long time. You would think if this was going to be it there would have been a lot more character interaction with it being the last time they would all be together.

6. “You found someone you can’t buy.”  “Well you’d know more about that”–Aiden Reed is a prick and Gus is a prick for having discussed something that is so personal to Rusty with him. Sounds like Gus is pretty passive- aggressive, not saying anything to Rusty but whining and complaining to Aiden. I am not saying that Rusty isn’t selfish or that he isn’t needy or insecure at times, but just how is it being needy and childish to want to continue with his education and his internship before heading off to law school. This wasn’t about Rusty telling Gus he couldn’t go to Napa it was about Rusty saying he wasn’t ready to drop everything to go off to Napa with him. It was a mature, grown up decision.

7. Andy going after the killer-It was nice to get to see Andy have this moment. He didn’t just go off like some kind of vigilante. He did it the right way, making sure he had back up. Poor guy though, there he stood looking down on another bomb going off on Sharon. Love the way he smacked the killer on the side of the head with his gun in fury over what he had done but that he was also able to restrain himself from shooting him, though I loved his “I should have shot you.”

So why did Andy call Provenza, not Sharon? As some have said, he knew Ortiz was on the phone with Sharon so he would not be able to reach her. At least he did urgently ask about her. It was so cute how Provenza had his arm protectively over Sharon. I’ve always seen him as a sort of father figure or big brother to her and the way he handed the phone right to her after Andy asked about her. He knew Andy would need to hear for himself that she was okay. And of course, after all that happened she was more worried about him, “Andy what you are doing over there” LOL.  

8. The Break Up-I’m glad Rusty told Gus he should go to Napa, though I don’t remember him ever saying Gus couldn’t go to Napa, Gus just decided not to go because Rusty said he wouldn’t go. As much of a jerk as Aiden was, Rusty was able to see through him just how unhappy Gus is in their relationship and how much he’d been hiding from Rusty. And Rusty obviously has not been very happy either. It sucks to be living with constant worry and jealousy when you don’t trust your partner–and now we can see that Rusty had real reason to be worried. As much as I liked Gus in the beginning I think the break up was a good idea. Neither is happy.

9. Commander Raydor! –The one really good scene in the whole episode. What a great moment. Mary played the hell of it. Her “Oh no” look at Fritz and her reluctance to follow him down the hall to the Asst. Chief’s office–so afraid she had gotten the job. Then her sheer delight and relief at finding out that Leo Mason got it and she was going to be able to keep the job she loves without any interference from Winnie Davis.  Then when Mason calls her commander and gives her the stars, oh my, the tears welling in her eyes, the disbelief. She had been promised that title so long ago and to keep from being bitter about it she’d had to completely let go of the idea, so when it did happen it was a complete shock. I think Pope knows Sharon should have been made a commander a long time ago, and she was probably the one that should have been named Asst. Chief except that Mason is a commander while she is a captain so it would be strange to promote her over him. Also, I think Sharon was probably honest about being really happy in MC. Not to mention I think Sharon kind of scares Pope. She is smarter than he is and she does not back down to him. And she also sees him for who he really is. Therefore, he gets Mason as Asst. Chief and he does the right thing by Sharon finally making her a commander. And we get to be done with Winnie Davis.

So, about this possibly having been the final episode— Duff said they had to change the ending when they heard they were renewed, so what did they change? I have a feeling that had they not been renewed Sharon would have been made Asst. Chief and Rusty might have gone off to Napa with Gus. I do wish he had gone off to Napa, then we could come back next season and focus on the interesting characters and Andy and Sharon might be given the chance to have a few conversations and romantic moments without being interrupted.

Best Friend Forever, Not

Sent by pinksliverdawn1100:

“Hiii could you do one where ashley is besties with Y/N then he finds out she likes him from one of the guys and he plans stuff. Smutty, with a little fluff at the end please”


Instant Idea, this one was. Didn’t have to think, I read it and I was like BAM! IDEA!

So now I’m going to write it down. ^.^

(Y/N) – Your Name

Warnings: Smut (Bad smut, I might add, because I write horrible smut -.-), Language (usually I don’t bother with the language, but this is some major potty mouthing).

Also, thank you to all 102 followers, :D Your support means so much to me.


Ashley’s POV (Third Person)

He was shooting pool with the guys at a bar, just hanging out after finishing up some stuff for the new album, when Andy suddenly said. “So when are you going to ask out (Y/N)?”

He was flabbergasted. “Dude, she’s my best friend, why would I ask her out?”

“Because she obviously likes you.” Jinxx said from his spot across the room.

“And you pretty obviously like her,” Jake returned.

“What, no, come on, guys. I’ve known her since forever, we’re just friends.” He defended himself.

CC chuckled, and started singing, “Ashley and (Y/N) sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

“Shut up, man, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ashley told him, but Andy just laughed.

“Or maybe you’re the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Andy suggested, making Ashley roll his eyes.

“Dude, no. I love her, but she’s like my sister, it’s not like that with her. She’s different.”

“Different like you don’t want to fuck her, you want be in a relationship with her.” Jake chimed in, and Ashley sighed in frustration.

“It’s not like that.”

“Whatever you say man,” Andy chuckled, “but don’t come complaining to us when Vic asks her out.”

“Wait, what?” Ashley asked, not liking the idea of you going out with Vic, or anyone.

“Yeah, Vic is going to ask her to go with him to that party tomorrow night, so don’t come bitching to us when she tells her best guy friend all about how much she loves him.” Andy laughed, scoring the winning shot. “Fuck yeah!” He said, doing a quick victory dance.

“Come on, Vic wouldn’t ask her out.” Ashley said nervously. “I mean, he knows that she’s-” He stopped short not sure what he was going to say, but actually he was just denying what he already knew.

“Yours.” Jinxx finished for him, and Ashley was shocked. He’d never thought of you that way before. You were always his best friend, he loved you, but did he love you that way? He got excited when you texted, he wanted to hang out with you every chance he got, did he love you? No, maybe he liked you, but was it more than that, was it more than friendly?

“Whatever.” Ashley said, deciding to bail early and just go home and think for a while.

(Y/N) POV (Second person)

 Your phone rang and you sighed happily, your best friend, the womanizer, your rock, the holder of your heart, was calling you. You didn’t know why, but you didn’t care, just hearing his voice made you happy.

“Hello?” You said curiously, like you didn’t know who was on the line. Being your best friend, you couldn’t just come out and tell him you’d been crushing on him since you’d become friends back in high school, so you just pretended like nothing had ever changed, but everything had changed.

“Hey, babe, are you busy?” He asked you, and you smiled to yourself at his nick name for you, if you didn’t know any better you’d think the two of you were actually going out.

“Oh, hey, no, I’m not. Why?” You asked, hoping he was going to offer for the two of you to hang out.

“Okay, so I have this girl problem, and I figured, since you were a girl, you could help me.”

Girl problem. You sighed internally as once again it was flung in your face that the two of you could never be more than friends.

“Yeah, sure, sugar, what’s the matter?” You asked, your heart breaking a little on the inside.

“Okay, so I like this girl, and I want to let her know that I like her, how do you think that I should do it?” He asked, and you felt your throat tighten up a little bit. Ashley never had problems telling a girl he was attracted to them, was this more than attraction? Did he have really feelings for this girl? Great. You felt a couple of tears spring to your eyes, but pushed them back.

“Geez, Ash, I don’t really know.” You told him, really not wanting to help him get a girl that wasn’t you into his bed.

“Come on, just tell me what you would want, this is really important, (Y/N).” He told you, and you sighed.

“Okay, ironically cheesy could be cute, so you could just take her to a movie, and maybe confess afterwards, or during, while a really sappy part is playing.” You sighed, trying not to cry. “The easiest thing to do would be to come right out and tell her, but that’s almost too easy. Maybe take her to do something you know she likes, and confess then.”

“Like what, give me some examples,” he pressed, and you sighed.

“Take her surfing,” You suggested, “Or just on a walk along the beach while the sun is setting, just before it gets cold so you have an excuse to wrap your arms around her,” you laughed, the tears building.

“And those are things you would like?” He asked, and you gritted your teeth.

“Yeah, Ash, look, I’ve gotta go, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Okay, yeah, sure, but don’t make plans for tonight, okay?”

“Whatever Ashley, I’ll talk to you later.” You hung up the phone and the tears started.

“Damn it,” you whispered, feeling your heart break inside your chest. “For the fuck of everything.” You collapsed onto the couch, exhausted by the effort of keeping on a happy face, and then, after all that, he expected you to hang out with him tonight.

“Fuck.” You groaned, sobbing lightly. Ashley, your Ashley, was settling down, becoming a relationship kind of guy, but would never be in a relationship with you. At least when he was sleeping around nobody got that, but now… “Shit.” You whispered, wiping at the smeared and running eyeliner beneath your eyes. Your phone rang again and you tried to compose yourself.

“Hello?” You asked, answering and unknown number.

“Hey, (Y/N), it’s Vic, I was just wondering if you had any plans tonight.”

“No, wait, I mean, well, I don’t have plans, but I was told not to make plans, so I assume that means I’m doing something.” You told him.

“Damn, that sucks, I was going to see if you wanted to go to Danny’s party tonight, but if you’re busy I guess you can’t.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, unfortunately I can only be in one place at one time.” You smiled.

“Hey, are you okay, your voice sounds a little thick. Have you been crying?”

“No.” you said quickly. “I mean, no, I haven’t been, it’s just some seasonal allergies, probably combined with the fact that everyone sounds different over the phone.” You laughed, trying to hide the obvious lies, and he either believed you or decided not to press the matter because soon after that you hung up, and were left along with your thoughts.

You decided that a nap would be the best solution for your quickly worsening depression, so you went to lie down only to be interrupted before you could even begin to fall asleep. Your phone was ringing again, and it was Ashley. Hadn’t anyone ever heard of text messages?

“Hello?” You said groggily, wiping your face of any forming sleep.

“Were you asleep?” Ashley asked you, and you nearly growled at him.

“No, I’m trying out my impression of a bear just awoken from hibernation, is it believable?” You asked sarcastically.

“Geez, grumpy ass, if I didn’t have it all planned out I would tell you to stay the fuck home.” He laughed and you couldn’t resist the smile at hearing him laugh. His being happy made you happy. “Babe, let’s go out tonight.” He told you, and you groaned internally.

“Yeah, sure, sounds great, what do you want to do?” You asked, not in the least bit at being your otherwise occupied crush, but he would bug you until you either told him the truth or gave a believable enough excuse for him to drop it, but the second wasn’t likely, and the first wasn’t an option, so you just caved.

“Let’s go to a movie.” He suggested.

“A movie?” You asked, and raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah, bitch, a movie.” He laughed, and you rolled your eyes.

“Fine, asshole, let’s go to a movie.” You grinned. “What do you want to go see?”

“What do you want to go see?”

“I don’t even know what’s out right now, Ash, I’ve been uber swamped at work and haven’t kept up with them like I usually do.”

“You never keep up with movies.” He stated.

“Yeah, I know.” You said sort of blankly.

He was silent for a moment before he started laughing. “Stupid questions get stupid answers.” He said to himself.

“Bingo.” You laughed.

“Alright, I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“That’s forever from now.” You groaned. “You couldn’t have called me in an hour and let me sleep a little bit?”

“You wouldn’t have woken up, (Y/N), let’s be a little bit realistic here.” He laughed. “See you then.”

“Yeah, see you.” You smiled before hanging up. You guys hadn’t hung out in a while. Usually he took you too clubs and ditched you half way through the night for a girl he could screw, and you didn’t have a problem with it, because it wasn’t sex that you wanted, it was a real relationship with him that you craved, and knowing that no one else was getting it had always been your consolation, but with this girl, whoever she was, you couldn’t handle it.


When Ashley picked you up at seven you were extremely casual compared to him. You’d barely put eyeliner on, and he looked like a million bucks.

“I thought we were just going to the movies.” You said, eyebrows raised.

“We are.” He shrugged.

“Whatever.” You laughed, grabbing your leather jacket and locking up. “You never cease to catch me off guard, sugar.”

“Like this?” he asked, and suddenly he was throwing you over his shoulder.

“Holy shit!” You screamed, getting a sudden head rush, and not particularly liking how he was going to have to go down stairs to get you to the parking lot.

“Caught you off guard again, didn’t I?” He asked, and you grabbed the hat off his head to protest the insanity.

“You’re an insane mother fucker.” You told him. putting his hat on and proceeding to sulk.

“Nah.” He said, and you laughed.

“I’ve missed you.” You said sappily, regretting it instantly.

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too, with all the album stuff we haven’t had much time together, that was why I wanted to go out tonight.” He told you, and you smiled, if only he knew.

“Well I’m glad we get to spend time together, who knows how much longer we have together, you’ve got all sorts of junk coming up.”

“Yeah, but I’ll always make time for you, you’re my babe.” He said, smacking your butt.

“Not appropriate.” You told him, like you often did when he did little things like that.

“But you love it.” You smirked, and you flushed, and were glad he couldn’t see you, because you did like it.

“Whatever let’s you sleep at night you narcissistic piece of shit.” You laughed, and he finally got down the stairs.

“Give me my hat back.” He demanded, and you laughed.

“No. I think I’m going to keep it as a condolence for pain and suffering.” You laughed as he set you down on the groud.

“Come on, (Y/N), just give me my hat back.”

“No, it looks better on me anyway.” You told him, adjusting it in the sideview mirror of his car. “Yeah, I’m definitely just keeping it.” You nodded, only to have the hat ripped off your head.

“You can’t keep it, because it’s mine.”

“Fuck you.” You pouted, crossing your arms like a child.

“Love you too.” He said kissing your cheek and getting into his car. You followed suit, and he drove the two of you to the theatre.

“So, I was thinking a horror movie, sound good?” He asked, and you shrugged.

“So long as it isn’t jump scares, you know how people hate me at those.” You smirked, remembering the times you’d had to be taken out of a theatre because you were laughing too loudly. You told people it was because you thought jump scare movies were too obvious, and stupid, but you knew that you were just nervously laughing, and, though he never said anything about it, you were pretty sure Ashley knew so as well.

“It’s a psychological, I don’t think there are many jump scares.” You nodded, at that and the rest of the car ride was permeated with an almost awkward tension that you didn’t understand.

You rode in silence, and when you got to the theatre he refused to allow you to buy your own ticket, or snacks. His defense was that it was his job as the gentleman to pay, but you thought that was the biggest load of bullshit you’d ever heard. You wondered he wanted, but decided to wait until after the movie to ask about it, figuring that was when he intended to make his move. With your luck he’d fucked up with the girl already and he wanted you to vouch for him.

Despite your plan you weren’t even able to hold out until the end of the movie. You liked to think of yourself as invincible, but the movie Ashley had picked had you cuddled up to him fifteen minutes in, and half way through you’d been shaking he’d practically had to carry you out the theatre.

“I’m sorry.” You told him, still shaking a little with images of the movie running through your head, making your pulse raise, and your stomach flip with discomfort.

“It’s alright, come on, let’s take a drive down to the beach, you look fried.” He told you, and you just nodded.

The drive had you watching for murders, and all sorts of impossibilities, and Ashley apologized a couple of times about not picking a better movie, you tried to reassure him, but words didn’t leave your lips coherently either time.

“We’re here, (Y/N).” He told you and you looked out the window to see the sun setting over the water.

“Pretty.” You nodded, not really paying attention to it, because you were still a little shaken up.

“Come on, (Y/N),” He said, opening your door, making you jump. You hadn’t even seen him come up to you, you knew it was because you zoned out but your poor fried brain was wondering if you had a serial murderer to worry about.

“Yeah, okay.” You said, taking the hand he held out to you. He led you down the beach, and made you close your eyes, promising not to let you fall, so you could listen to the ocean, and calm down a little bit.

You took a deep breath, breathing in his distinct scent along with the breeze.

“You’re okay, (Y/N).” He assured you, and you nodded, opening your eyes.

“I’m really sorry about that.” He said, “I didn’t mean to get you riled up like that.”

“It’s okay, Ashley, really.” You murmured, and shivered a little bit as the breeze caught you.

“Still scared?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“It’s getting cold.” You told him, and he nodded.

“Come here,” he said, holding his arms out to you. You gratefully huddled against his warm chest, leaning your head against him as the two of you just meandered down the mostly empty beach.

“You were right, this is a cute date.” He told you and you laughed.

“Using me as a practice run, then?” You laughed. “I’d suggest a different movie for the real deal.” You said, feeling your heart ache a little bit, but it was hard to feel pain in his arms. Later, tonight, while you cried, you’d think about how wonderful it would be to just be with Ashley, like this girl, whoever she was, would be.

He laughed and you looked up at him curiously, wondering what was so funny.

“You still haven’t figured it out?” He asked, and then smiled. “That’s good, I wanted to tell you myself.” He stopped, and you wondered if he was about to tell you about the girl who’s guts you were going to secretly hate for the rest of eternity.

He pulled you away from him for a moment, only to take your chin in his hand and press his lips to yours, making it all click together like puzzle pieces just snapping into place.

“It’s me?” you asked when he pulled away, and he just smirked.

“It could only be you.” He smiled before kissing you again.

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