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Ayapin Week Day 4: Words

“I’ll be fine” she whispers in her sleep.
The words are drowned inside of her pain. 

“The only real failure is giving up here now, even before you’ve tried.”

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I recently realized you can easily interpret Nano's desire to be seen as a normal girl as a trans metaphor and it suddenly made sense why I related to her so much before I even realized I was trans. I love Nano so much. I need to rewatch Nichijou now that I realized this.

yes!! absolutely!! ive always been super down w/ that interpretation (and this scene always makes me tear up).

i love this series, and i love nano, she’s always been one of my favourite anime characters ever, since the first time i watched the show.

Androon Shehr. (Inner City, Lahore)

I always loved to go to Androon Shehr. I remember my nano used to live there, homes there had their roofs connected and we kids would skip those roofs and would go as far as we could. Those were the days!