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I'm a newby to Nanowrimo and it's been a long time since I've written anything outside of a Facebook post. I'm starting to fizzle out, and I was wondering if you had any tips for motivation/inspiration?

Hi! Congratulations on making it this far! 

I totally understand about losing motivation. I’ve gone entire months without writing just because I don’t feel motivated or inspired. But NaNoWriMo is a special case, so here’s what I recommend.

Walk away for a second. I know this is recommended a lot, but that’s because it works. Stop staring at a screen, walk a few blocks around outside, get some water, cuddle a pet. Take a moment to breathe and when you come back, try to come back with fresh eyes.

Ask yourself: what are all the things that could go wrong in this situation? Then pick one, and write it out. Some advice says that your plot should be caused directly by your character–them doing things instead of things happening to them, but all conventional advice goes out the window for NaNoWriMo.

On a semi-related note, don’t be afraid to take your time in your writing. Once you pick a plot point to write, you can take it slow! Write out the details, write out your character’s initial reactions, write out the consequences, and stretch all of this out like taffy. 

Know that even if you don’t hit the 50K, you are still a great writer. NaNoWriMo is a big commitment, and sometimes it doesn’t always work out. My first NaNo, I only did about 22K. But that was more than I wrote in a year, and so I still counted it as a success. Plus, it was fun! 

Find a good soundtrack to pump you up when you write. I personally use this site as background noise, but there are also a ton of ambient noise lists out there.

Try and remember why you love the story you’re telling and the characters you’re writing. You’re doing NaNo because there’s a story inside you, and it might be hard to get it out, but it will happen, and that’s a great thing!

Long story short: don’t forget to take care of yourself, breaks are healthy, and writing is fun! You should be proud of every word you write and every day you keep going. I believe in you!

Ayapin Week Day 4: Words

“I’ll be fine” she whispers in her sleep.
The words are drowned inside of her pain. 

“The only real failure is giving up here now, even before you’ve tried.”

SJM Fic Masterlist

ღ: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Bouquet Full of Loathing
    Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien)  | Fluff & Humor | Flower Shop Modern AU - Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” ||

Bouquet Full of Love
      Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff & Humor | Elain visits Lucien at work, new bouquet in hand. ||

Do the Do
   Rated SFW | Rhysand x Reader  | Fluff & Humor || Rhysand taking care of your ridiculously drunk self. ||

Banned by the Boss
    Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian, Feyre x Rhys (Feysand), Elain x Lucien (Elucien)  | Fluff & Humor | Nesta pulling a mama bear move and banning both mating bonds of her sisters.  ||

The Sun
    Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff with some angst | Elain has a nightmare and turns to her mate. ||

Till the Darkness Dies
    Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian)  | Angst and fluff | Nesta’s battle against her inner demons.  ||

An Ember Among the Shadows
    Rated PG-13/M | Azriel x Lucy (OC)  | Drama and romance ||  A sibling reunion, new friendships forged, and a possible attempt at finding love. A story about our favorite Shadowsinger.
    Chapter One

Forget Me Not
   Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff | Drunk Elain and her shenanigans.

Boys Night Out
     Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Humor & fluff | Drunk Lucien forgetting what his wife looked like. – The other side to Forget Me Not.

Big Baby
    Rated SFW | Feyre x Rhys (Feysand) | Humor & Fluff | Modern AU where Rhys gets drunk at the bar and calls Feyre to rant about how much he loves her.

A Light Against the Darkness
      Rated SFW | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Angst/fluff | Lucien battles his own nightmares with Elain there to sooth him.

Sleeping Beauty
   Rated NSFW-ish | Elain x Lucien (Elucien) | Fluff | ‘Wake me up’ kisses because foxboy and flower girl need to constantly lock lips.

Butter My Muffin
   Rated SFW | Nesta x Cassian (Nessian) | Fluff | Nesta is very soft girlfriend in private with Cassian combined with how I picture Drunk!Nesta.

ღ:Throne of Glass

Boner for You
   Rated SFW | Elide & Lorcan (Elorcan) | Humor & fluff | Fake Dating AU where Lorcan just wants Elide to be his girlfriend for a party and Elide wants to pretend she isn’t trilled about it.

** Other fics from other fandoms can be found here.


                            alter pronouns as needed.

  • “Once upon a time, in a super rad corner of outer space…”
  • “Quit squawking and leave!”
  • “OWWWWW! Dang it, Ricky!”
  • “Hold up—you know Ricky?!”
  • “He’s a demon machine and if he keeps shootinG ME-”
  • “This morning I wanted a frap, and they wouldn’t make it!”
  • “Everytime I come here you’re buyin’ a frap. It’s not important to get a frap.”
  • “But it makes me happy!”
  • “Bit fat, too.”
  • “Seriously there must be something that makes you happy.”
  • “Poop on a stick?”
  • “Nyyeeaaa that’s disgusting.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “You’re freakin’ weird.”
  • “I like monkeyyyyyyyyys~. You’re the monkey.”
  • “Your chest is very hairy.”
  • “We outta hang out tonight.”
  • “I get off in an hour.”
  • “Mmk, I’ll be over there at the bar just… being hairy.”
  • “Cut my jacket when this nano-!”
  • “I licked your fries.”
  • “I’m coming back.”
  • “Can I buy you a drink?”
  • “Whatever weird girl, it’d be great if we could play with my kissy bits.”
  • “I always have real funky breaths.”
  • “I wonder what you smell like.”
  • “Learn how to speak.”
  • “Does anybody understand what he says?”
  • “He’s got some kinda stupid accent, I think.”
  • “I shot a clown.”
  • “I feel like that’s unrelated.”
  • “Yea, we can hear you.”
  • “I think Robert stole his sister’s trinkets, he’s embarrassed.”
  • “He’s an idiot.”
  • “Uhh I think he said tomorrow’s his birthday.”
  • “Well happy birthday, Bill. *softly* I don’t mean that.”
  • “What do we got there?”
  • “Ninjas.”
  • “Did you say ninja?! They have karate and can snap your shins clean!”
  • “Are you serious? I’m scared now, right?”
  • “They’ll pluck out our eyelids!”
  • “Wait could you still fall asleep?”
  • “How are those your first words?!”
  • “I doubt you could.”
  • “Oh, really? NO.”
  • “You know what, I tried to make chocolate shoes!”
  • “Cause the guy’s a tol and he most likely sleeps in an ‘L’ position.”
  • “Listen, baby, you know I need that puppet bird.”
  • “You out to run along before it gets dark.”
  • “You know I can see your nads.”
  • “They have a gift shop?”
  • “Did that shop have any food?”
  • “Or a hat! Or like a cool belt buckle!”
  • “Or maybe a bacon flute?” *in the background: yasss*
  • “No but try this.”
  • “Why is your neck wet?”
  • “I don’t wanna relive it.”
  • “They got a sick blouse—on sale!”
  • “You have been really bad company.”
  • “I made you a birrrrd!” *raises finger with bird puppet* “It’s a finger puppet.” *strokes puppet*
  • “NO!”
  • “AHAHA!” (laughter)
  • “As you can see I never painted it. I would’ve given it to you but you never trusted birds!”
  • “Quit looking at me like that.”
  • “Oooookay I think I’m gonna go home…”
  • “LOOK! He LIKES it!”
  • “That’s somethin’ different.”
  • “Oh no I’m a Vulcan.”
  • “Vulcan my ass.”

anonymous asked:

I recently realized you can easily interpret Nano's desire to be seen as a normal girl as a trans metaphor and it suddenly made sense why I related to her so much before I even realized I was trans. I love Nano so much. I need to rewatch Nichijou now that I realized this.

yes!! absolutely!! ive always been super down w/ that interpretation (and this scene always makes me tear up).

i love this series, and i love nano, she’s always been one of my favourite anime characters ever, since the first time i watched the show.

It’s Always Something!

Right after a successful NaNo and TDATD…my laptop died.

We tried replacing a part, in hopes that was the problem, but alas, my machine was no more.

My replacement laptop only arrived today, so yep; have been away for a while.

But I kept busy because NEW PUPPIES!!!!

Meet Derrynane and Rahara.  Derry’s just over four months, while Ra (the Sun Dog) is slightly past two.

They are sweet and snuggly and SO FULLY OF ENERGY. 

The Pack now numbers four, and I won’t deny it’s been an exhausting first week.  But I adore them both and they are a heck of a lot of fun.

Writing tag that I wasn’t tagged in but you’re getting it anyway

Heyo I keep seeing people do this tag and I wanna do it so why the heck not here we go:

Pick a WIP and an OC and answer the following questions.

My current WIP doesn’t have a name yet, I just call it ‘Fire’ for now. It’s fantasy, set in a HUGE developed world I made and am always adding onto. This was my first NaNo win for 2017 and I am loving it. OC will be our protagonist, my sweet boy, Oliver de Reylan.

1. List 5 basic facts about your OC.

 - He loves cats. A lot. Will try to befriend any cat he sees, regardless of ferocity.
 - Never dresses in anything less than a suit.
 - Not a huge fan of weapons. Prefers hand-to-hand combat but knows how to use a wide variety of them.
 - BIG history buff. Knows way too much about the history of his world, has stacks upon stacks of history books in his room.
 - Big ol bisexual

2. If your OC could have any superpower, what would it be?

Hmm, I think Oliver would love the ability to manipulate time. He’d use it both for crime-fighting good and also to steal things.

3. Post a picture or a GIF that describes your OC.

4. Summarise your WIP in ten words or less.

Oliver and friends fight his fire-wielding ex girlfriend.

5. Do you have any villains in your story?

Arisana, our fire-wielding ex girlfriend. She’s a genius, also abusive and terrible, also dying. Really wants a particular magic thingy to save herself.

6. What’s easier for you to write, dialogue or description?

I enjoy writing both, but since I am always very character-focused, I’d say dialogue.

7. Do you have a favourite writing related quote?

Not exactly writing related, but it counts.

“In times of darkness, to create something is a wonderful source of light.” - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

8. If you could assign your story one song?

Oh this question is my jam, I have an entire playlist dedicated to my writing, most of which could be put to this story. It’s hard to pick ONE song for the entire story, it’s more of a list of songs for each character.

If I had to choose one for all of them, though, it’d be Unstoppable by The Score (and honestly The Score could make my story’s entire soundtrack I love them)

9. Where do you get inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the most random places, I honestly don’t know how I do this. For example, I walked downstairs to make a cup of tea and suddenly I was writing the entire history of the Gods in my head. I do get heavy inspiration from other stories, in whatever form they come in.

10. Do tend to underwrite or overwrite the first draft?

A bit of both, I think. I either skip scenes/chapters entirely or go WAY TOO into detail about unrelated things during the story. More often than not I take the story into a new direction late into the draft, then go back to write a bunch of chapters to add to the previous scenes.

Aight I’m gonna tag everyone reading this who wants to do it, feel free to tag me if you do, I wanna read em!