always in my face


So obviously I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ll be honest, things kind of took a dive with my health for a little while. After my first run in with a doctor that was truly fatphobic beyond all logic, a loss of 35+ pounds in less than two months because of a complete inability to tolerate food and a brief trip into malnutrition and kidney failure, I am probably the least healthy I’ve been in a very long time.  But things are finally looking up, and I’m scheduled for surgery on Wednesday- with another doctor of course. I have a lot of thoughts on everything that happened, but I’m not sure how much I want to say, if you know what I mean. Thank goodness the doctors who have known me for years had my back, and were able to refer me to an excellent surgeon who thought the same way they do. 

Meanwhile, I’m alive if not quite well and Hinkey wanted in on the selfie action. 

                 I  don’t  even  care  that  it  isn’t  munday.     I  am  feeling  really  great  about  myself  which  hasn’t  happened  in  about  ten  months.     Postpartum  depression  and  anxiety  on  top  of  gaining  weight  and  struggling  to  lose it  on  top  of  looking  older  because  of  being  tired  and  developing  wrinkles  can  do  a  nasty  number  on  your  self  esteem.     So  I’m  not  even  going  to  apologize  for  this.


Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day