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Imagine jealous Sweet Pea…

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Request: Could you do a sweetpea imagine where he’s jealous please

AN: Love my SP🖤🐍 cute but jealous sweet pea

WC: 662

Today sweet pea was acting different towards you, you figured it might be stuff with serpents. You walked into the cafeteria and walked over to Toni.

“Hey Toni, got a second to talk?” You asked her privately, you both walked away and went towards the bathroom for privacy.

“What’s up chicka?” Toni asks with concern, you bit your lip.

“Did Sweet Pea say anything about me? He’s just acting different..I can’t lose him” you admit, a tear slipping down your face. Toni pulled you into a big hug.

“No babe. He hasn’t said anything, he’s acting a little weird around me as well.” Toni confesses. Fear of him leaving you started consuming your body as you both finished your conversation and made your way to the cafeteria again.

“Hey baby, can we talk?” You nervously ask Sweet Pea, who only nodded his head. You both walked outside, away from the serpents. Sweet Pea looked annoyed and you started getting scared.

“Did I do something sweets?” You ask, you felt tears start to swell in your eyes.

“What? You spend more time with Toni than me.” Sweet Pea confesses, looking down at the ground. That was it, he was jealous.

“It’s just, you’ve been occupied with the freaking north siders and I didn’t want to bug you…”

“Yeah well you’ve been ignoring me.” SP answers, kicking the dirt on the ground.

“Oh my gosh, sweets are you jealous?!”

“Huh? No…” Sweet Pea mumbles out, you couldn’t help but giggle. You wrap your arms around Sweet peas waist and rest your head on his chest.

“Baby, I’ll always have time for you. You’re my king” you assure him, you felt him kiss the top of your head before grabbing your hand.

“You’re my queen. Please spend some time with me?” He asks softly, you pull his head down and start kissing him. His hand snaked around your waist, his hand hovering your behind. The kiss turned hotter as he moved to your neck. Leaving a mark so everyone knows how much you mean to him. And you’re his. He lifts you onto a picnic table as his lips meets yours once again.

“Mmm baby” you moan before a teacher walked over and shoo’d you guys away. Sweet Pea was smirking while walking to your table, noting the large mark on your neck.

Toni and Jughead had a big smirk on their faces as you sat down on sweet peas lap.

“Nice mark boo” Toni jokes while pointing to the very big red mark on your neck. You couldn’t help but blush causing them all to laugh.

“I’m just glad there’s no tension.” Jughead announces. Sweet Pea squeezes your leg while kissing your cheek.

“I love you” he whispered so sweetly into your ear.


Later that day you and Toni were walking down the hallway. Finally school was over and you could go hang out with everyone.

“Okay so what was up with sweet pea?” Toni asks you while grabbing her books from her locker.

“Oh, he was jealous we’ve been spending so much time together. Thinking you’ll steal me” you inform her, who couldn’t help but laugh.

“Only SP. he loves you so much, he’s afraid of you leaving.”

“For a bad boy, he sure is a teddy bear” you add, you felt so happy knowing Sweet Pea loves you as much as you love him.

Walking out the doors, you saw Sweet Pea leaning against his bike. You run towards him and jump into his arms. Giving him the longest kiss, his hands meeting your face.

“Remember I will always love you my king.” You whisper into his ear as he hands you your helmet.

“And I love you my queen” Sweet Pea loudly says before starting his bike, you wrapped your arms around his waist as you drove off.

the “this is your house I’m not making you sleep on the couch” “yeah but you’re the guest you take the bed” conversation between ur otp right before they share the bed reblog if u agree

shoutout to @equilateral-asshat for showing me this post and giving me the laugh of a lifetime


Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day <3 <3

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