always have to tag epilepsy you don't know who's going to see this

artonelico  asked:

Aaaaa re: the blue of the site, that's not *quite* correct. While you're completely right that it's ridiculous that people want trigger warnings on bluespace, it's not the color itself that's their stated issue; it's the way it blends into the post. You know how some image posts take advantage of the way there's no border to do cool or funny stuff like stick an anime girl in there peeking out from the bottom or whatever? That's what some people don't like; not the color of the site itself.

The thing is, though, I saw one of them say it could “cause vertigo”.

That’s a steaming load.  I’ve HAD vertigo.  I got it from falling down a flight of stairs and hitting my head on an antique sewing machine back in high school.  Vertigo is caused by head/spinal injuries, ear infections, and diseases that affect the ear canal.

As someone who has been diagnosed as having a mild form of epilepsy, and someone who takes medications that frequently make me dizzy whenever I stand up too fast, AND someone who has battled with motion sickness through every last 32 years I’ve been alive (know what carnival ride is REALLY the worst?  The fucking ferris wheel.  You wouldn’t think so, but those things are terrors in disguise.  DON’T TRUST THEM), these people are entirely full of shit.  And have we forgotten that these are people that glamorize mental illness and believe in self-diagnosis?

So they “don’t like it”.  Yeah?  So?  I didn’t like it, so I changed it.

And now, I don’t have to deal with colors making things appear in strange places whatsoever.  Of course, no one’s required to do as much to eliminate it as I did (and a theme like mine is prone to breaking every time someone on the tumblr staff so much as farts crosswise to the wind).  Just changing the background color is as simple as changing a single number.

The fact also still stands that they were never, at any time, obligated to go to that person’s blog.  They always had the option of blocking her.  They also had the option of viewing her artwork at separate sites where not only she posted it, but others archived it as well.

I am so, SO done with people on this site who cry and piss and moan about everyone else changing the dumbest, piddling little shit that they could easily just AVOID.  It’s one thing if we’re talking about something that people don’t see every goddamn day.  You want me to tag gore?  I will be more than happy to do so, since that’s something that’s actually traumatizing due to the very nature of it.  You’re afraid of spiders?  Well, you’re definitely not alone, and I can understand not wanting to see them in the virtual world as well.

But “my dash looks weird and my eyes don’t like it” is NOT a reason to bully someone off of a social media site, or to tell them to kill themselves.  That’s like the idiots that complain about the peanut dust at Texas Roadhouse.  DON’T GO SOMEWHERE KNOWN FOR PEOPLE STOMPING ON PEANUT SHELLS.