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For Himself

Hanzo goes window shopping for the first time in a very long time. When they were teenagers, Genji used to convince him to pick out some new clothing style. He never actually wore it, however, and such things always ended up at the back of his closet. Or when he was locked away in his room after an argument with Genji, they would end up in the trash.

Hanzo never had the time nor luxury of worrying over such frivolous things.

Until now.

Hanzo realizes he’s passed the same storefront three times now, the same jacket catching his eye. He immediately tries to justify it simply as a garment that will help him blend in better. His kyuudo gi has outworn its welcome in this place.

Hanzo hesitates again, his eyes falling over the high quality fabric and extra pockets adorning the front.

Once more, he has to remind himself that there is no one remaining to judge him. No clan to lord over, no father to impress.

He can do this—/will/ do this—for one person, and one person only.

At thirty-eight years of age, Hanzo Shimada is finally learning how to be himself.

“We hope you enjoy the coat!” The cashier says with a shy smile.

“I…think I will.” Hanzo replies, a tiny smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

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Your little tough guy Steve was a magnet for fights in the 40s, always coming home with some kind of injury. This time you were able to step in. "Why don't you get yourself a girl, huh Stevie?" They mocked, throwing a punch across his cheek. "I do have a girl!" He argued. "Oh yeah?" "It's me," you cut in, wrapping your arm around his shoulders, kissing him. "I thought you were with Barnes," they spat, confused. "She is," Bucky said slyly, kissing you heatedly with an arm around you, "now scram."


Threesome Thursday™

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hosting thanksgiving at your house with Ethan? with like family and friends and kids and just being that super cute family who always are the best hosts and maybe some boys playing football in the yard waiting for u to finish dinner and also maybe this is all too much and I’m just insanely ready to have my own little family I am sincerely sorry for this

i’m gonna combine this w this request:

Could you please write an E imagine were he (and Grayson) meets your brother and sisters and they all get on really well and you end up playing a game (video game or sports game) boys vs girls but he is secretly helping you win the whole time so the girls all win and guys are sad and e acts sad too but is actually really happy/proud that you won. I don’t think that made sense but hopefully you kinda get the point😊 I love your writing btw 💜💜 

and this request:

hi!! i don’t know if you’re taking requests but like i was wondering if u could write a lil thing abt being able to spend thanksgiving with ethan n you two let each other know how thankful u are to have each other n stuff :))) luv ur writing btw i’ve legit read everything you’ve ever written!!!!

A thin coating of flour had previously covered your hands, the powdery substance breaking off in clumps each time your clasped your hands together. Now, the substance was forgotten as your pores were smothered in the rich scent of leather and turf. You hadn’t noticed until you rubbed your iced hands together, blowing a strong huff of warm arm into your palms.

Ethan, on the other hand, only noticed the remaining smear of flour as it collected on the high rise of your cheekbone. You scowled at him, an attempt to look menacing even if the festive apron you’d been sporting inside the kitchen was currently dangling from around your waist. 

“Cold?” Ethan taunted as he lined up across from you, the curve of his mouth nothing short of daring. An eyebrow rose as he cocked his head. “We can call off the game now if you want…”

You scoffed, crouching to the imaginary line of scrimmage. Pointedly, you met his dark gaze, quirking an equally mischievous eyebrow.  “You wish.”

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I know some people have already been talking about this but I don’t care! I seriously think that Seán’s thumbnails for his videos recently have been amazing! :D

They’re super creative and I absolutely love the lighting and color in them. They’re just interesting to look at. xD I always appreciate the time, effort and hard work he puts into these videos and I think just his thumbnails alone sometimes can really show that, even before you watch the video. What else can I say? I think that the thumbnails have been very impressive looking and amazing lately and I wanted to show that I genuinely appreciate the work that must go into making them. :)

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I heard you needed some Darkstache fluff? I have a human AU where Dark is special FX makeup guy named Derek & Wilford is himself sans murder. They have a tuxedo cat named Pogo, Wil named it. Half their time off is just watching horror movies & cuddling up on couch. Wilford bakes, Dark would die for his molasses cookies. Dark calls him sugar bc 'He's so sweet.' Wilford interviewed Dark one time, flirting was not part of persona like it usually is. Wil calls him darling & sweets to see him blush.

aw, this is adorable! i’m always down for fluff with them. human/domestic aus are always so sweet. 💕


Quick MML Hogwarts AU sketch dump before Thanksgiving, because I have so many feelings for these kids and some are happy and some are sad and I just want all the fics from @imaginashon

I can’t believe even Iris fans are hating on her for not supporting Barry.

1. The team didn’t believe him either.

2. Iris noticed that Barry was acting off, which he was. Barry’s behavior was irrational and she was trying to calm him down. She knew Barry wasn’t acting right. I got annoyed y the constant wedding mentioning, but if your wedding was week away and your fiance was acting off, you would think he was cold feet too.

3. Yes, Iris will always support Barry on some things, but not when he’s doing stuff like breaking and entering. She and the TEAM wanted to make sure they got the right guy hence the backgrounds check. Barry was going on a gut feeling while they wanted some hard evidence. 

4. I see there some keep mentioning how Iris should have been the one to support him the whole time. That’s….unrealistic. Ya’ll do know that husband and wives don’t always support each other on everything right? (hence, my first sentence in #3) Also, teams don’t support each other all the time either?

5. Barry told Iris later on he didn’t want to lose everything that made him happy. She understood that, but she also explained that they will always have a lot more to lose and that Barry can’t lose himself in trying to take down the bad guy (just like he almost did in this episode).

Again, it’s just unrealistic that husband and wives will support each other on everything. They won’t.

I expected this from Iris haters, but not from her own fans.

the signs as things that have been said in the viola section group chat 

Aries: according to some freshmen ms roy is secretly three dogs in a human suit and if you press her paw print tattoo three times the human suit will fall away and reveal the dogs

Taurus: *before every sectional* we’re going to fight the clarinets

Gemini: “live fast die young bad girls do it well" - Dmitri Shostakovich

Cancer: coughs are when someone knocks over a cello and it makes a terrifying crash and all the strings go brrrruuuummmm

Leo: i’m always here with the stale memes

Virgo: no offense guys but your taste in memes is bad

Libra: i don’t trust someone a dog doesn’t trust

Scorpio: that’s straight and it disgusts me

Sagittarius: i think the violas should start calling the violins “the heretics”

Capricorn: i don’t think middle schoolers who vape are really going to have much respect for anyone

Aquarius: that’s what they said before they shredded my soul in a blender

Pisces: well i’m sure your soul smoothie tasted like wonderful rainbows

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I’m so upset rn like im happy bc dnp and pinof but i just saw that hayleykinz is leaving the phandom and i thought it was just her but now some smaller blogs are and i just feel like this community is falling apart

Leaving the phandom is a personal choice and for the people that make that choice we have to respect it. It is sad to see some of our faves go, but at the same time it’s what they have to do for themselves.

As for the community falling apart, I don’t think it is. As older blogs leave, newer blogs come in. It’s hard to gain immediate popularity like it was back a couple years ago because there are so many new content creators! Which also just goes to prove my point that the phandom is still alive. The thing was, before if you joined the Tumblr phandom there were always 5-10 blogs EVERYONE followed but a lot of those people left. In terms of followers though, for most people who have been here for more than a month, they still keep growing. Now it’s just the fact that there aren’t 6 blogs uniting us together or places we go to to find out the latest phandom news. In a way it is more equalitarian where everyone makes some sort of content. Almost everyone I follow makes either shitposts or gifs or edits! Sure things may not get as many notes as they used to, but idk was it ever about the number of notes??? You created your blog to blog about these two dumb idiots that we all love so much.

So while old blogs go, new blogs arise, you just need to follow the right people.

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hey, i was wondering what you do when your sad? how you keep yourself positive? im having a tough time and i need some advice :(

!!! Awh nonny :+( !! I’m so sorry that you’re having a tough time !! let me give u a virtual hug (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) to be honest I’m not always happy/positive ! What I usually do is exercise, distract myself (drawing), listening to my fav jams or cry! Sometimes it’s okay to cry- esp when you have a lot of emotions boiled up- I rather let it all out than keep it in yeuno what I mean? After crying I feel 100x better and I try my best to recover and watch you tubes/happy movie. Or look at dog gifs !! They’re my fav hehe. Talking to ppl helps a lot too :+) but remember to take ur time okay? You’re doing great & remember that ily :+) I wish u the best nonny 💞 stay warm + hydrated !!

  • Jason: I absolutely hate how we had several clocks on the wall, one for each timezone, and some of them were the 30min timezones
  • Jason: it drove me insane
  • Percy, from 3 rooms away, carrying a cup of hot chocolate: It could be worse, the clocks could have been off by 20 minutes
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: it's at times like this that my boyfriend reminds me that it can always be worse

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COUGH COUGH um u need to get back to ur prime and write us some robb/rhaenys faking a relationship for christmas, jk youre always in ur prime but sis we need fics with rhaenys and ginger boi, my queen only u can stop our deprivation its been a long time

“Three…two…one…aaaand, break has officially begun,” Robb declares, happily shoving everything in his backpack. “No more accounting class for a week.”

“I’d rather have accounting,” grumbles Rhaenys. “I have Thanksgiving at my dad’s this year. And my grandfather’s coming, so double the fun.”

The wind picks up as they head outside, making it colder than it already was and setting Rhaenys to scowling. “Sorry,” says Robb sympathetically. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m going to have to suffer through everyone asking me if I’ve found a girl yet. Just because I haven’t had a date since high school doesn’t mean—”

Robb stops with a grunt as Rhaenys hits him in the chest. “That’s perfect!” she exclaims. “If you invite me to Thanksgiving, I can pretend to be your girlfriend. I’ll have an excuse not to endure forced conversation, and you can get your family to lay off. We both win.”

She’s never met Robb’s family before, but from the way he talks about them, she knows she’d certainly have a much more enjoyable time there than with her own. If it were at Mom’s, that’d be one thing—Aunt Mellario with a few drinks in her is her favorite part—but it’s not. She could put up with snowdrifts for a day, given the alternative.

Robb considers, and then a smile slowly spreads. “I like it. Backstory’s easy, too. The truth, just…trussed up a little. And Jon’s met you before, so it’s not like you’d be coming out of nowhere.”

“I’ll bring some of my uncle Oberyn’s special cider,” she says. “Not quite as potent as his eggnog, but that’s for the best, trust me.”

He links his arm with hers and proclaims, “Fake dating. Should be easy.”

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@sabrecmc tagged me on a WIP game and I blankly stared at all of them for a minute before picking this from my new time travel fic. Thank you Sabre 💜💛

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Tony confessed to himself, tired beyond years and staring at the failure of the only chance he knew he would have to fix the mess.

Steve had heard Tony claim that he knew things. It was always about knowing and finding, about being the solution to problems that weren’t born yet. It was probably the mark of an arrogant mask to some but Steve had sat beside Tony in a cramped apartment, watching him fashion miracles with thought and hands. It was an acceptance of his skills and accumulation of his responsibility, Steve knew and he had grown to hold that with care.

Tony was the air that knew everyone it touched but never itself and Steve had long since accepted to be swept away by his maelstrom.

To see him accept a weakness made Steve remember how to love the stars who burnt themselves to shine.

“Maybe it’s not always about knowing what to do,” he said, eyes set on the scarred palms that held his heart without knowing, “ Maybe it’s also about knowing whom to ask when you don’t know what to do.”

Tony was all bitter chuckles and sweet poison as he scoffed at himself.

“If I can’t fix this, then who am I? What am I in this place?”

My home, Steve wanted to say. My foolish heart.

“A smart man,” he said and placed a hand over Tony’s palm, covering his seeming fault with a promise.


I’m tagging @goodmorningbeloved @aslightstep @lazywriter7 . Put in one part/sentence of your WIP here ;)


After a couple more hours of working out, Harley has a quick shower and then decides to take a slow jog back towards the ferry to the Windenburg Island where she lives.

She is surprised at how well working out has helped her work through her emotions in a positive way and whilst she doesn’t feel great, she can say she feels a bit better about missing her parents. 

Her adopted parents will be there, and they have always been there for her, so why should she feel sad that some strangers won’t be there? 

She allows that thought to keep rolling around her mind as she heads home, but there is still a pang of pain in her heart every time her parents drift into her thoughts.

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If Rick were to give Michonne a cute pet name what do you think he would call her? I’ve always though that him saying darlin to her would be cute with his little southern accent and shiii (but I would really melt if he said it all sexy and fine and then add those eyes like he did in the van biiiitch I would die)

Ooh. I like this. I actually have a hard time coming up with pet names that sound natural for them, I think because they don’t tend to use them on the show. But I can totally hear “darlin’” in Rick’s voice as they’re laying together on some lazy Sunday morning and it comes out all raspy. Ugh, I’m in love. 

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Hi! Can i rq a kags angst scenario where he's dating oikawa's sister?

Ahhhh, I’ve been feeling the mood for angst for some time now, Anon, so thank you for requesting this!

Hope you enjoy, love!

She had expected this new relationship to be filled with smiles, sweet kisses, and giddy moments. And while there were times when they were sprinkled in, she wasn’t anticipating the amount of negativity that would come from her and Kageyama’s relationship. Mostly derived from her own older brother, Oikawa.

“Why do you have to always be so petty?” she found herself shouting, the line crossed one too many times by both of the men in her life. She just wanted to know why he couldn’t just be happy for her; why he wanted to ruin something that should be great.

Oikawa’s gaze shot away from Kageyama to fall on his sister, his stance stiff and his eyes carrying his ill-placed feelings towards his rival and underclassman. “Me?”

“Yes, you!” she could feel all of her past frustrations burning in her chest. Her gaze shifting to her boyfriend when she watched Oikawa’s glare deepen to see him delivering a dark scowl of his own. “Damnit, Tobio, you’re just as much at fault!”


A groan came from her lips as her hands rose to dig into her hair, unsure of who to yell at first. “I can’t do this with you two, not today,” she heard the exasperation in her own voice, the tears pricked at her eyes. She didn’t know how long she could handle this spat that seemed nowhere near ending.

“Look what you did, Tobio-chan,” Oikawa’s voice held venom, his hand reaching to take hold of his sister’s hand, her body instantly pulling away from him.

Kageyama moved instinctively, his own hand pulling her close to him as his other shoved at Oikawa’s shoulder. “Don’t just touch her.”

The action was meant to be protective, one that was nothing more than his duty as her boyfriend. But Oikawa felt just as protective over her, body lunging for for Kageyama in response, forcing her back against the wall in the abrupt movements. She gasped, her gaze wide as she watched both of them grappling at each other, voices too loud as adrenaline took over.

“Stop!” she shouted, lunging forward herself in an attempt to wedge herself between them. “Hey, knock it off–”

The slap was heard before any of them registered the actions that had just transpired. Both boys eyes stared wide at her as hers dropped to the floor, her hand rising to her cheek as silence fell between them. Kageyama’s eyes fell to his hand, feeling the sting of the impact, heart dropping into his stomach.

“[First Name]–”

“You need to leave,” her voice was quiet but it filled the room and crashed down on him like a tidal wave. The tears managed to escape and she found herself leaning into the arms of her brother when he stepped closer.

“But, I–”

“Please, Tobio,” she choked on the words, silent as she watched the man of her dreams attempt to reach out to her before stopping and slowly make his way out the door. Everything she had dreamed about was coming crashing down around her. How could she make this work between them if this was going to be her life every time they got around each other?

The very thought of having to let one of them go plagued her heart as she sobbed against Oikawa’s chest, his voice soothing despite him being one of the very people to bring her to this state. But… it was seeming more and more like her only option.

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why did you stop remixing the grumps yours are like the best ones

Man, it’s been like 5 years, I can’t even remember what i was doing a week ago.

Something about post-Jon era not being enjoyable to me (there was always something about it that was more sterile-feeling, and a “WE ARE MAKING A SHOW, FOR AN AUDIENCE, FOR MONEY” vibe about it, rather than the “two dudes hanging out and joking around” that it started with. I’ve tried to watch some more from time to time, and they have some funny moments, but I just don’t really enjoy it in general)

I obviously overreacted a bit to the original breakup, because I was a teenager and it was my favorite thing at the time. But I still just don’t enjoy the direction the show took, and I have no plans to remix something I don’t enjoy.