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color doodles from a while ago. 
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Quick question: If Chapter 3 does a bunch of reveal stuff that clashes with what backstory you have already put together, are you all going to continue with your original version as an AU, or are you going to retcon for canon continuity? Cause I really love where you have taken this already, and I'd be sad to see everything be rewritten just cause the canon turned out more different than is/was workable.

(im not sure about an AU if it does happen. we will probably throw in any more canon info about the characters if some is revealed in ch 3, but we’ll most likely continue with our usual shenanigans about the studio! we never ACTUALLY were in the time era of the story/game (30 years prior is what we were always going for, yet things like old henry, ink sammy, monster bendy, and the searchers are still relevant on this blog) bc we want the blog to be mostly fun and silly for everyone to enjoy!)


Can you BELIEVE the shit Cody has to put up with this old married couple’s bickering??

Sure, some of it is just that they’re Jedi and we all know the Clone Troopers exchange stories about “you won’t believe what crazy shit my Jedi did THIS time”, but on top of that Cody has to deal with [vague gestures] this.


also my new favorite comic panel that appeared in anything SW ever:


Late Nights Bright Lights

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Chocobros x Reader

Just some ideas I had about you meeting the chocobros in a club. Nothing special. Some implicit content, a bit mature, but nothing exceptionally inappropriate. As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

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Ok so im currently on a 10-week holiday from school and im super bored. Do you have any ideas on what i could do? (you always have so great ideas so i thought i could come to you haha)

Gosh, that is so long for a school holiday! Mine were always a maximum of about 6-7 weeks! I appreciate you thinking of me, that is really cool :-) I’ll link you to a few posts that might help you:

I would recommend playing Sims, either 3 or 4. I prefer 3 though! The amount of hours I have spent playing this is incredible haha! It is so addictive and entertaining :’-) Hope these help and you have a fun holiday! x

I’m scared too - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,2k

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff!!

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us, in the library

red wine and nostalgia
that’s us

talking for ages
long into the night
almost until sunrise
we can always hear the birds
and they have been up quite some time
by then


we are sitting
in the library
most old houses
have one

you’re sitting in the chair
right opposite mine
maybe I shall say slouching
sipping on your wine

the chair isn’t for slouching
it’s one of those old stuffy things
but you can slouch in everything
you have making it into an art form

I sit like I unusually do
too stiffly to be comfortable
I don’t know why really
I just do - it’s like my body gets nervous
by sitting still so it stiffens and goes numb

you are talking now
I listen
I watching you
how your lips move
your teeth are red
from the wine
you smile a lot
always smiling are you

I nod
and I nod
and I smile
and I talk
answering your question
yes no maybe

we talk
and we talk
and we sip
and you are slouching even more
and my legs get itchy
they are falling asleep
I feel tired
but I don’t stop
you don’t stop
so we talk
and we talk
and we sip
and you ask
more wine?

of course!

we open another bottle
and we sip
and we laugh
and we talk
and I watching you
your smile
how it reaching your eyes
how they twinkle
when your laugh
when you talk
animated with your arms
and I smile
and I sip
and I realize

I am happy
in your company
I am happy
to be here

I feel alive
I feel free

and we hear the birds
you say it’s late it’s early
you laugh
I say maybe it’s just is
and the smile you send my way
that smile oh that smile
so different
from the others
I smile too

I smile too
and something
is different

it just is

I close my eyes
I hear the birds
outside the window

I hear you
I hear you
I feel you

your precious touch
and I smile

I smile

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i see you reblog a lot of amazing aesthetic pics, could you recommend a bunch of the aesthetic blogs you follow? i always have a hard time finding that type of blog bc they don't necessarily tag their posts as 'aesthetic', lmao

yeah i had time finding some blogs too! but i think once you’ve followed a few they actually start to pop up in your recommended blogs ^^

here are the ones i follow (some of them are aes + kpop) n i lov all of their blogs sm

@lovguk @byungho @12roses @jaetens @chamgmin @1wish @2ramen @fleurilie @velvetgfs @shuasgf @hoseok @cheolsgirl @synqra @kmgs @pocgyu @udons @minyccngi @storyop1 @1attes @724th @slickygirl @lunasea @4wjsn @afterwarmth @2beer @hartfelt @94sky @love1etter @mygslover @756x @ceiun @yumeli @lovsohye @yeoble @ricemasks @rowoons @jonginkims @17unit @frea1luv @gyusgirlfriend @ljygf @yixingco @banhcanh @61kb @tencafe @kyungwho @light5

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Do you know any good Louies I could follow?

yeah! i scrolled thru my follow list real quick and these are the people i follow who come to mind, see on my dash all the time, etc. im sure some of them have even better suggestions, i always see louie follow suggestions floating around! also just a heads up that most if not all the louies i follow like or are at least cool with zayn (i can’t handle people who hate zayn on my dash lmao) and very few are harries as well (tbh most of us are pretty highly critical of harry and harries to put it lightly lol)

@hiiijacknlou @skyywalkerlouis @lovenchy @popfan4ever @baeklouis @sixteenandeighteen @teenytinyloulou @americana-psychotic @ithazzabelou @thefinalvow @louis-my-king @happylouwt @lt-backtoyou @louissolophotoshoot @we-ll-always-hold-on @achoolou @realwonder @louischeeseburgers @loukefic @sololoueh @eagleslouis @pointstohome @gettingaphdinlarry @windybunny @emolouie @radioactivearistocrat @louisdebut @mignonlouis @lilafowlers @tomlinpun @mynameisntwalter @softhie @respectinglouis @blazinginbus1 @louis-is-my-star

hope i didn’t miss anyone! like this if you are a radical louie so that anon can find even more blogs

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Hey again <3 can I have some hc about katsuki, izuku and shouto as older brothers of a really popular sister? thx darling <3

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Definition of overprotective brother
  • You so much as look at her, you sploded
  • He scares off any boys who try to get near here, girls too if she says she likes them too

Izuku Midoriya

  • He’s that big brother who makes brownies every time she has friends over
  • Always there when she needs a shoulder to cry on
  • “I-I just don’t get why he would say that to me!” “He’s just insecure (Y/N), if he mattered, he would’ve held his tongue.”
  • Analyzes every guy/girl she’s interested in to make sure they’re good for her

Todoroki Shoto

  • He praises his sister’s ability to talk to people
  • “How do you do it, (Y/N)?” “Just speak your mind Shoto!”
  • Glares at guys who try to hit on her but lets her fight her own battles
  • Kinda jealous of how many friends she has


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hi emma! i've been trying out the pomodoro studying style and so far, i don't know if i'm utilizing it well. whenever i hit the 25 minute mark, instead of taking a break, i end up skipping the break and continuing my homework until i'm done with it. i want to ask for what tasks could the pomodoro be used? what tasks do you use the pomodoro with? any suggestions or opinions? i like the idea of the break but i don't know why i end up skipping it always. thank you! i love your blog so much emma!

Hi! Not all studying techniques work for everyone! If you’re managing to focus for longer than 25 minutes, try extending the timer. You could do 30-40 minutes and then have a bit longer break. Sometimes if I’m not on a strict time limit, I’ll stop after a while at a point where I am comfortable. If need be, I’ll write down some thoughts about where I’m at and what I need to do next. That way I can have the break but aren’t going to forget where I am or feel the need to keep going. Maybe utilise the 25 minutes for smaller tasks that you notice you finish much faster or simpler things like highlighting a textbook or reviewing your past class notes. I wouldn’t feel terrible about skipping your breaks - it is just a suggestion since most people lose focus at the 25 minute mark and it allows you to get back into focus! As long as you’re still having time out and not studying for hours on end, it should be fine to have less breaks if that works for you. Perhaps give yourself something exciting to look forward to in your breaks! I would sometimes watch short YouTube clips like Buzzfeed Unsolved or the Most Popular Girls in School! Thank you so much for visiting it, it means a lot! xx

hey everyone it’s sasuke love hour

so the thing about early part 2 sasuke is that he literally goes to every length to suppress all emotion like he was a rly expressive angry kid but he just is blank-faced and that’s such evidence of him literally having no emotional connections in 2 yrs and killing any kind of sentimentality he had in himself. he had comradery w taka but he definitely didnt let himself care about them in a real way and you can see the specific times he started to and how they freaked him out

its not until after itachi’s death that we see him display emotion again and its so incredibly unhinged and he has no idea what to do with absolutely any of it. his only guidance is someone who is completely using him to their own ends and this is a pattern for sasuke he’s always being used by others and it’s so sad and i really truly just want this boy to have some friends and therapy no wonder he’s fucked up he’s only 16!!!!!!!!!!! im so sad

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Lol man that Katsuki scenario was the best💯👍 can you do a continuation of that? Like the class is still in awe and follows Explodokills around with his s/o??

Ehehe I’m glad you liked my writing^^

And of course!!XD I always have time for Explodokacchan!!XD

WARNING: angry Kacchan cursing



The running female exclaimed excitedly as she spotted her boyfriend awaiting her appearance, his back slouched against the surface of the wall behind him. Catching sight of his lover he removed his leaning figure from the support, straightening his posture as she ran up to his side.

“Tch, you’re late.”

He scowled, though he wasn’t genuinely cross, on the contrary inwardly delighted that he would be spending some much needed quality time with his partner for the entire day.

“Sorry Katsuki.”

Grinning sheepishly she apologised, entangling her fingers in his affectionately, a gesture that he did not reject.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Clicking his tongue again he scratched his head, looking away from her in an attempt to hide the faint blush coating his cheeks. It wasn’t like he could help how cute she was being, and this was just a natural reaction anyone would have when they were being beamed at so brightly.

Just as the pair was about to head off into their intended destination, his sharp ears caught wind of a muffled squeal, promptly turning in the direction of the source, pulling his lover behind him defensively. Squinting his eyes aggressively he aimed a death glare to a certain bush nearby, his gut feeling perceiving more trouble than it looked.

“Aww man, he found us.”

A defeated sigh sounded, the voice familiar and recognisable. His lips dropped into a glower as he identified the silhouettes emerging into his viewpoint.

“What the FUCK are you asscracks doing here.”

“A-ahaha, we just wanted to….observe!! Umm….ya know, human interaction…”

“That’s the shittiest excuse I have ever heard in my entire life.”

“Come on Bakugo!! We know you just wanna hog (s/o/n)-Chan~~~”

“So what if I want to?”


“Uwahhhh, how shameless~~”

“Get a room!!”

“W-wait, everyone, please calm down…”

“How could you practice PDA so outrageously in broad daylight? How bold~~~”

The knuckles of his fists cracked loudly, an angry grin filling his face, accompanied with knitted brows, his body shaking from all the pent-up emotions within.


Regrettably, their quality time would have to be postponed to another day.

Chris Evans Imagine

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You and Chris decided to stay in for the night. Most of the time you and him would try and go on a Friday night but not this time. He suggested that you two watch some new movies you both hadn’t watch so that’s exactly what you did.You started the evening with an action movie and as the night came to an end finished it with a rom-com. 

As the movie was close to the end, you head your head in his lap and your eye lids were starting to feel heavy, it also could be because Chris was playing with your hair and that always helped you fall asleep.  

“Is someone about to fall asleep?” Chris said as you eyes were closed again longer then before. 

“No” he laughed knowing you were lying. 

“We can finish this movie some other time”he said still playing with your hair. 

“No, we won’t have the time. There’s only few more minutes felt” Chris chuckled a bit and turned back his attention to the movie. You managed to keep yourself up till the movie ended, but you weren’t a fan of one thing in the movie. 

“That was stupid” you said stretching out still in his lap. 

“The movie?” he asked watching you stretch like a cat. 

“No that one part. Were the guy acted as if it was an accident that they met. He set it all up.” Chris laughed, then gave you a look when you sat up. “What?”

“It worked on you.” Chris smirked remembering the day you and him met. 

“What are you talking about?” cleaning up the living room you asked him, as Chris kept his little smirk on his face. 

“Don’t you remember? I asked Seb to set up our meeting, and I acted as if it was accident when in reality I just really wanted too see you again” he walked after you with a proud walk. Chris was happy of his plan. 

“That’s what you think” you said now giving him a smirk. “Who says I wasn’t the one who set it all up?” Chris laughed coming closer to you and wrapping you in his hands.

“Babe, I love you but you aren’t as clever as me in the romance department” you smacked him on the arm but still agreed to what he said. Chris has always been the one to make amazing surprises for you and no matter how much you try you can never top him, but it doesn’t stop you for trying your best. 

“Rude, but true” you placed your hands on his chest and felt his heart beating

“But it all doesn’t matter, because I still got the girl of my dreams” Chris leaned closer to kiss you but right before he whispered against your lips “But I set it all up” and kissed you. You smiled into the kiss, it didn’t matter who set what up what matter is you had found each other. 

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*le gasp* Kylo Ren having never seen reader's face because she always has a mask on as one of his Knights he can hear her mind at times, without even trying and after a comment from Hux, some jest about having seen her face and it's fascinating. This makes Ren mad. Makes him start learning her whereabouts and so he follows her and waits for her to enter her quarters and follows her inside to try and see her face but ends up walking in on her completely naked and shocked, but he sees her face

….this post is great on its own, so I think I’m just going to share this work of art to the rest of the world….

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Sorry to bother but, I do not watch hero academia and would like to ask, why is blonde guy always so angry?

Ah that is quite a question and many better people have written long, long metas on Bakugou Katsuki’s complex personality, development and why he’s so damn extra all the time. But I’ll just give a short explanation on my thoughts.

So, brief intro, bnha is a world where 80% of people have some sort of power, called a quirk, which develops usually around age 4-6. Bakugou sweats nitroglycerin and is able to generate a spark to make literal explosions. Since he first developed his ability, everyone has doted on him, called him and his power amazing and how he’ll be the best hero. Lil Katsuki just ate all this up and began to internalize not only the idea that his quirk makes him better than everyone (which also turned him into a jerk and a bully) but the fact that he has the skills to surpass even the #1 hero in the world, All Might aka everyone’s dad.

In middle school, we see he’s not so much angry just super arrogant and a jerk. Because he’s still confident in his skills to achieve his goals. So Bakugou devotes himself completely to developing his quirk so he can get into the best high school hero academy in the country. His childhood friend (and favorite punching bag) is Midoriya Izuku, a quiet, earnest boy who also wants to go to superhero high even though he has no powers. Bakugou is offended that Izuku, shy and quirkless, thinks he can compete on Bakugou’s level. In his eyes, he’s got the talent and trained hard and this skinny punk thinks he can compete on the same stage as him. Their interactions in middle school are mostly Bakugou lightly bullying and degrading Izuku as he views him as worthless.

His real anger comes when, to his utter and complete shock, Izuku manages to get into the top hero academy with him while using this amazing power he’s never demonstrated before. (We the audience who is following Izuku, knows that he was recently given that power by #1 hero, All Might. Note, normal quirks cannot be given but All Might’s is special and he decided Izuku was worthy). Bakugou is beside himself in rage. Because, again, from his perspective people don’t acquire quirks out of nowhere so that means Izuku was hiding his quirk through their entire childhood and let Bakugou think he wasn’t a threat. One thing I do like about Bakugou is he is upfront and honest. He makes his intentions known and doesn’t back down. The idea that a former friend lied to him for years about his quirk, refused to challenge Bakugou directly and instead snuck around it, makes him so unbelievably mad.

His anger is targeted a lot at Izuku but he also finds himself mad at the other kids in his hero class. Because he grew up a big fish in a small pond and now suddenly he’s surrounded by the best of the best of Japan’s high school heroes. Suddenly he’s not the special boy anymore with his amazing powers. Now normal people would take that in stride, but not Bakugou who grew up with praise and adoration. No, he is angry that these people would dare to stand in the way of his goals of being the new #1. He puts 200% into every battle, every exercise because he HAS to be the best, he has to beat ALL of these people or his life doesn’t have meaning. He’s so confident in himself but now that he’s being properly challenged, he lashes out in anger.

There’s tons of little examples to pull out, but the big points that trigger him are: Izuku mainly for the reasons I listed above, losing in any way, not being taken seriously and being teased by his classmates, hollow victories (he won a tournament bc his opponent refused to go all out and Bakugou was PISSED) etc. He’s really hyped up the fact that he wants to win and come out on top, but he wants to do it because his opponents gave it their all and he was able to overcome them. He is incredibly intelligent despite his anger, 8/10 times in battle he’s cool and calculating and able to focus entirely on victory. He wants to be the very best, and he will accept no less. He’s angry because people are trying to get in the way of that with their own ambitions for the top. But he HAS gotten better! He has developed a respect for most of his classmates, has learned to fight alongside them even as he talks down on them. He resolved some of his issues with Izuku and they’ve gone from bitter enemies (on his part, Izuku just wants to be friends…) to respected rivals. He’s had a good amount of humility shoved down his throat and it’s making him better, one screaming inch at a time.

TL;DR: Bakugou’s kind of a spoiled brat who was used to unabashed praise and resents that fact that, now in superhero school, he’s no longer the big fish in a small pond and has his position as #1 threatened. Also lots of (kinda understandable) issues with the main protag which really up his anger levels in the first half of the manga. He’s grown and is less of a raging dick but it’s still a part of his overly determined charm.  He’s much more complex then I’m making him out to be (he’s… not my fav if that’s not obvious) but that’s a (not so brief) explanation.

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how is that exciting?! lol

What do you mean? It was riveting! Benoît Mandelbrot’s work was still fresh and new frontier when I was working alone as a researcher in Gravity Falls; fractals were always more of Fiddleford’s interest because of how they would be rendered on a computer. Even though I didn’t put much stock into programming I always thought they were interesting, I just didn’t have much time to invest in to learning about them. 

It’s wonderful to me how easily the internet makes it to catch up on knowledge that I missed out with I was distracted with Bill’s nonsense or trapped somewhere in the multiverse. Dipper has been showing me some of the scientific advancements that have happened in the last 30 years that interest him, and I have been learning a lot. I think that is plenty exciting.

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Michelangelo/Part Four

In the end, the wonderful wedding was saved.
Well, sort of. Y/N’s parents eloped to Japan, to visit the groom’s family and, because they certainly couldn’t leave their daughter alone and vulnerable, they paid Mikey to stay a little longer.
Two weeks longer in fact.
After the first attack, Michelangelo could barely sit still, constantly looking over his shoulder for danger, always afraid that someone would try to take Y/N away.
But he started to relax. And he began to enjoy this time with her.
After all, it might be sometime before They could do it again. Mikey had the feeling that his family would have some choice words for him when he returned home…
So they ran around the nearly empty home (except for his men and some workers, there was absolutely no one else) and laughed and kissed and loved every second of thier time together.
And the whole thing, it made Michelangelo realize something. Something incredible.
He realized that he always, always wanted to protect her. Not as her bodyguard, not for money, but because she was his girlfriend.
He realized that he no longer cared what his family thought because, well, he knew what they would think. And he would make them change thier minds.
He would make them take him and his team seriously, they would see them as the ninjas they were. He would make them understand his love for Y/N and he didn’t care what he had to do to make it happen.
As long as no harm came to Y/N.
It was his last day before he returned home and he had to give a formal report.
Michelangelo was under the willow tree, leaning back on the trunk with Y/N on his lap.
“Hmm?” she said sleepily.
“Eveything’s gonna work out, right?”
She turned to look at the turtle, pulling her hair away from her face. When his blue eyes locked with her gold ones, he felt it once more. A wave of unending happiness bursting over him.
“I can’t tell you that.”
But her smile said it all.
Michelangelo kissed her once more, his arms wrapped around her tightly. And suddenly, the future seemed to scare him a little less.
It seemed golden.