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some cute lil gyeoms for the one and only redgyeom queen @redgyeomie ❤️

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Holy shit night the fireworks, the kiss, the everything! That was my favorite part of that chapter and you just breathed beautiful life to it!

awww, thank you so much-! ;v; i truly loved that part of the chapter, and cannot begin to express how many lovely emotions it gave me… i’m honored that you think i even came close to doing right by it. <3 @tyranttortoise truly is an utter genius of a storyteller - i can never hope to shower adequate enough praises upon her ;)

ah, and, to this sweet anon-

heh, the reason i do blonde hair is because i’m blonde myself. it’s taken me forever to have any form of comfort when inserting for Reader characters (thus why so many pieces of my art for Ty’s SSLL chapters tend to focus on the skelebros, not the reader) - and i tend to see brown-haired reader inserts far more commonly (or just inserts that are uncolored sketches/lineart, or have that ‘grey anon’ look), so it’s been a bit of a practice in self-confidence to try to get to a point to put a ‘Reader’ that at least has that trait of myself… and i’d be a liar if i said that the fact that Ty also has blonde hair of a similar length isn’t bonus fuel for that, as it’s a delight to make something for her that she can insert into as well ;D

that said, i’m a total sucker for bringing a smile to your lovely faces, so here:

spent a bit of time recoloring/working this one to substitute brown hair :) <3

i’ve actually got two bigger long term projects going on in the background (one is @swaptalestory - the intro teaser is up, and the first chapter will be up this weekend!<3) and one that i haven’t shared any details on yet… but there’s a heavy insert aspect to it, and i’m working hard to have multiple… shall we say options that different people may be able to jive with. i’m hoping i can pull it off, heh.

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M!A KAIKO is a human for 5 asks

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i... kinda agree. i love the pink on him but i think sometimes the styling during that era is not that good. i love fire era the most tho because that was straight up fine (and fire has jin lines). dope's black makes him look like that nice boy next door and i love the styling in this era even tho it doesn't really stand out.

when they style jin’s hair like this he goes from “hi i’m jin” to “say my name”.