always guiding the love of his life

Christ says: I know you through and through – I know everything about you. The very hairs of your head I have numbered. Nothing in your life is unimportant to me, I have followed you through the years, and I have always loved you – even in your wanderings.

I know every one of your problems. I know your needs and your worries. And yes, I know all your sins. But I tell you again that I love you – not for what you have or haven’t done – I love you for you, for the beauty and dignity my Father gave you by creating you in his own image.
—  Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living
Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 1

Panic Cord: You’re saved by a mysterious man by the name of Bucky Barnes.
A/N: This is my second story that I’ve been putting together. It’s not very smutty in the beginning, but there will be as it progresses (cuz I’m a slut for that smut) and I plan to have more than five parts to this one. (-: ENJOY YALL! -Delilah ❤
Warnings: Handicaps, Attempted sexual assault, violence.

People always used to tell you that seeing was believing. But that wasn’t exactly true when it came to you. You couldn’t see the wind, but you could feel it against your hair on a summer day. You couldn’t see the love your guide dog Alfie had for you, but you could hear it each time he let out a happy whimper as you rubbed his tummy. You sure as heck couldn’t see how good your grandma’s Christmas cookies looked, but you could when you smelled and tasted them. Life wasn’t about seeing for you because you were blind, but that never stopped you from taking on the world.

But sometimes accidents happened.

You and Alfie had just left your grandma’s apartment in Queens; it was far past sundown and despite her protests to stay, you left anyways. But now, you were starting to regret that decision. Alfie was trained to memorize all the usual routes you took, but you couldn’t help the feeling that you were being watched. Were you just being paranoid? That was a possibility.

But you had Alfie; no one would try to hurt a person with a husky, right?

The sound of wolf whistles behind you sent a shiver down your spine. Maybe they were just meant it towards someone else? It was New York, after all. There were eight million people here, what are the odds it was you? You were just being paranoid.

Straightening yourself up, you grabbed Alfie’s leash tighter in your hand and began walking faster. The sound of his paws hitting the pavement gave you a sense of security.

“Damn, baby! That’s a nice ass you got there!” A stranger shouted, followed by a chorus of whistles and shouts.

Oh no…

Suddenly, you felt your arm being grabbed and you were yanked away from Alfie. You tried to scream, but you were met with a slap to the face. Whoever this man was, he was far too strong for you to fight off.

“C'mon Mike, save some for the rest of us!”

You felt another pair of hands on your body,
grabbing your blouse and ripping the buttons off. You tried desperately to fight back but it was no use. You found it harder to breathe and you were growing lightheaded.

“Leave me alone!” You shouted, thrashing around in the stranger’s hold. This earned you a hand wrapped around your throat.

“She’s feisty,” the man chuckled darkly. “Just like I like em’.”

You felt yourself being pulled away from Alfie’s barks, farther and farther away.Tears were flowing down your face as you realized you wouldn’t be getting out of this in one piece.

“Leave her alone.”

The voice was far deeper than the other two, and far more threatening. Still being held, you took this chance to kick at one of the men, only to receive another slap.

“What are you gonna do, huh?” One of the men spat.

The next thing you heard was screaming, followed by the snapping off what sounded like bone. What on earth was happening?

“Are you alright?” The stranger says. His voice is deep, but soft nonetheless. You wished you could see his face. Instead of replying, you curled further into yourself. You felt Alvie’s fur along your face and heard the sound of his whine.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, I swear. But it’s freezing out here and your shirt is gone.” He sounds genuinely worried. You feel the soft material of a jacket being placed on your shoulders, making you jump slightly.

“What happened?” You asked, holding Alfie to your chest. He gave you a comforting lick.

“Those guys tried to pull you into an alley back there, but I doubt they’ll be bothering you again.” He says with a small chuckle. God knows what would’ve happened if this mysterious man hadn’t shown up. You didn’t even want to think about it.

“Thank you,” you say, wiping the tears from your face with your hands. “For saving me. Not many people would’ve done that.”

“No worries, doll,” he says. You can’t help but smile at the nickname. Your grandfather used to call your grandma that back in the day. “Do you need help getting home?”

You nod. Goodness, you couldn’t even get home by yourself. How embarrassing. You felt two covered hands gently wrap themselves around yours and pull you to your feet.
Jesus, he was strong.

Wrapping one of his arms around your waist, he guided you down the street with Alfie’s leash in his other hand. Whoever this man was, he was an angel. First he saved you from some creeps like some kind of cliché superhero, and now he’s personally escorting you home with your service dog like it’s no big deal.

“I didn’t catch your name.” You say, turning your head in his direction. It was a habit you picked up a few years ago. You found that it made people more comfortable when talking to you if you pretended to make eye contact. But this guy didn’t seem to be bothered by the lack of it.

“It’s James,” he says. “But I go by Bucky mostly.”

So you’re hero’s name was Bucky. That’s….an unusual name.

“How do you get that from James?” You blurted. The comment made the man beside you tense for a second. Way to go, Y/N.

“Well, I didn’t wanna be called Jamie and my middle name is Buchanan. I guess that’s where everyone got it from.” He’s smiling now, you can tell by the way he talks.

You nod, finally getting the whole name thing. “I didn’t catch yours either, hun.” He says. You find yourself smiling at the name again.

“It’s Y/N,” you say. “Just Y/N.”

He lets out a laugh and you can’t help but notice how attractive it sounds. How does one even find a laugh attractive?

You, Bucky and Alfie sat on the steps outside your apartment building. The three of you arrived at least twenty minutes ago, but you couldn’t find it in you to stop talking to the mysterious savior that was Bucky.

You found out that his last name was Barnes and that he lived with his friends Steve and Sam and they all lived only a few blocks away. Also, that Alfie was absolutely in love with him.

Throughout the entire conversation, Alfie refused to be put down from his spot on Bucky’s lap. Despite your canine’s large size, Bucky cradled him like the baby he was. And you couldn’t stop smiling.

“Well, I should probably get going,” he says, standing from his spot on the steps. “Steve’s probably losing his mind right now.”

You hear Alfie whine from behind you.

You reach your hand out and grab ahold onto the railing, lifting yourself up as well. The September temperatures were rolling in now and you felt yourself shiver when a gust of wind hit you. You were instantly reminded that you were still wearing Bucky’s jacket.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” you say, shrugging off the material and holding it out for him. “Here’s your jacket!”

You felt Bucky’s warm fingers gently push your hand back towards you.

“Keep it,” he says softly. “You’ve still got two floors to up, kid.”

You feel your eyes widen, realizing you’re still wearing your ripped shirt. You suddenly feel Bucky in front of you, his warmth radiating from himself and onto your smaller body. Before you could ask what he was doing, you felt the warm material of his jacket on your shoulders once again.

“How am I supposed to get it back to you?” You ask after a moment of silence.

Bucky, after helping you up the remainder steps and opening the door for you, let out a small chuckle.

“Looks like you’ll have to go out on a date with me this weekend and give it back then.” Your eyes widen.

“Y-You wanna go out? With me?” You sound like a child. God, you were such a doofus.

“Of course,” he says. “Why wouldn’t I? You’re not a serial killer, right?”

You let out a laugh, one that echoed through the lobby of the apartments. “A blind serial killer? Now that’s something.”

“So is that a yes?” You can hear the uncertainty in his voice. He’s nervous.

“It’s a yes,” you say, grinning like a dork.

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Superpower - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Hey! I love your writing so much so I wanted to ask if you could do a Jason Todd x Reader one-shot based on the song “Superpower” by X Ambassadors? I can’t wait to see your next one-shot! <3 (requested by anon)

Jason had always been the one to draw the short sick in life. His life, it seemed, was a never ending stream of bad events that only went from bad to worse with death always knocking at his door. But through all the hell that this life put him through, you were a bright guiding light in his life and he would do just about anything for you.

Which is how Jason wound up on the ledge of a building with his head in the clouds, turning a small diamond ring in his fingers. His feet dangled off the edge of the building as he contemplated how he could possibly work up the courage to ask you to marry him. He knew you could do so much better than him but he couldn’t imagine a world without you in his life.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” You cried dramatically as you approached him from behind. Jason casually tucked the ring into his jacket pocket before you could see it. You sat down on the led beside him and wrapped your arms around his side. “No it’s the Red Hood sitting all alone and brooding! Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of the Bat?” You teased him hoping to press a few buttons. Jason smiled warmly at you and pressed a kiss against your cheek.

“Not anyone that’s lived to tell the tale.” Jason said happily with a grin. 

“You’re in a good mood.” You commented suspiciously.

“What? Am I not allowed to be happy?” He asked with a small smile playing at his lips. The ring seemed to burn a hole in his pocket as you moved to rest your cheek on his shoulder.

“I’m just not used to seeing you smiling. It’s a bit unnerving. Besides I think you’re cute when you pout.” You laughed pressing a kiss to his lips when they formed a small little pout.

“See?” You said as if you had proven your point. “But for the record I also find you irresistible when you smile.”

“So you would theoretically have reason to want to keep me smiling then?” He asked, his hand sliding into is pocket to tightly grip the ring in his hand.

“Theoretically yes.” You answered.

“Well then there’s something you could do for me that would keep me smiling for the rest of my - our lives.” Jason said trying to control his hand from shaking too bad as he started to pull the ring out of his pocket.

“And what would that be?” You asked curiously.

“Well you could start by agreeing to marry me.” Jason replied trying to display a tone of casualness. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and held the ring up to you. Your eyes widened in surprise and you let out a small gasp.

“Oh my god.” You whispered in shock. “Yes!” You cried throwing your arms around his neck and crashing your lips to his.


“Fuck yes!” You responded eagerly. Jason smiled brightly as he slid the ring onto your finger. As it would seem, you are Jason’s superpower.

BNHA AU where All Might is the single father of Izuku and Inko is the single Dorm Mother of Yuuei

  • Inko gave up Izuku for adoption because Hisashi walked out before he was born and she wanted to give him the best chance possible
  • All Might likes to go down to the orphanage to hang out with the kids as Toshinori because of charity and because he legit likes kids
  • He’s known Izuku since the day he came into the orphanage and they’ve bonded over years
  • Once Izuku found out he was Quirkless, Toshinori adopts him because he loves Izuku like a son already and wants to raise him as his own
  • Inko lives her life missing the son she’s never met but loves taking care of kids anyways (she’s always babysitting for the Bakugous even if their son is a little hellion)
  • Inko is the Head of the General Department at Yuuei because of just how good she is at miscellaneous things but is also extrememly good at guiding young people in the right direction
  • Inko takes the job as the Dorm Mother for Yuuei once it becomes apparent that she can handle Katsuki and the General Department
  • Inko met All Might before she met Toshinori, but she makes it a point to visit at least twice a week because he doesn’t know how to lead a group of students AT ALL
  • Inko meets All Might’s son Izuku during one of these meetings and adores him the moment she sets eyes on him
  • Izuku is shy towards Inko at first but finds it really easy to open up to her kindness and golden heart
  • They tag team to keep Toshinori as healthy as possible (”Midoriya-san, Dad is just really bad at remembering his meds and I’m in class so I can’t always be there, but if you could….” “I’ll make sure your father is well taken care of Izuku-kun, don’t you worry.”)
  • Izuku has been training to be like his dad since he was a kid, so he’s able to handle the force of One for All much easier but he never stops his love of analyzing other people’s quirks because that’s just how he is
  • Izuku doesn’t meet Katsuki until Yuuei but their rivals almost immediately anyways ( “I’m not losing to you just because you’re All Might’s kid!” “Good, I want you to lose to me because I’m me.”)

Basically I’m begging you to consider if All Might adopted Izuku straight from the beginning but Inko never knows what happened to the kid she gave up


  • “Wow Izuku, you really look like Midoriya-san, don’t you?” “You think so? I don’t really see it.”

i’m just…in awe of the person louis tomlinson has become. he’s donated millions to various charities in order to help sick children. he’s gracious and kind and always makes sure that everyone feels welcomed and at ease. he always tries to make others laugh even when he carries heavy burdens on his shoulders. he’s genuine and true and does his best to inspire everyone around him. he’s unapologetic in who he is, and he shines without even realizing how bright he is. his unabashed love and admiration for his family, and especially for his mother, is something that he’s let guide and shape him throughout his life. jay would be so proud of him right now. i know i am.

Number 1 reason I ship Megumi/Soma over Erina/Soma (among others but the first):

Erina and Soma’s goals in life are too vastly different. Erina wants to be a world class, high ranking, global chef. Whereas Soma still and always will want to hone his skills to return to his local, small restaurant in his local, small town.

Erina would never be happy with that.

No matter how much she might ‘desperately love’ Soma by the end of the series her ambition to be the best has always been the guiding light of her life and she wouldn’t give up her dream for anyone. Even Soma (if they got together).

But I think Megumi would like that. Yes, her dream too is to become a “real chef” (literally quote) but her definition and Erina’s (or some of the other students) definition of a real chef is probably a lot different. Her definition of a real chef and career dreams are probably a lot smaller and simpler than Erina’s. And, with her hospitality cooking and small town charm,  she would be perfectly suited for a career and life in a small restaurant like Yukihara’s where she could cook wonderful food for customers she knows and considers ‘family’ while raising her own real family. 

For all the New A.R.M.Y

Here is a guide to BTS.

Rap Monster : Leader. He’s often called Dance Monster (group’s lead dancer). Also, least clumsy member of the band, twerk master.

Jin : Vocal that gets the most parts. Can’t cook to save his life, often said to never had heard of Mario and believes himself to be the ugliest member. Oh, and his favorite color is blue.

Suga : Rapper. Highly active and hyper, hates wasting time sleeping. Has infinite swag. Loves doing aegyo. Never forget that his ideal type of girl wears converse. ALWAYS. 

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J-Hope : Rapper. Has too much chill, is never screaming. The mood killer of the band, barely ever smiles. Weak point is dance. Also rumored that his favorite food is beef bulgogi, but no one is sure.

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Jimin : Vocalist. High notes definitely not his thing. Tallest member of the band, also known to avoid a certain band member, Jeon Jungkook. Has no idea what dance is.

V : Vocalist with the highest voice, almost pre-pubescent. The most normal member, prone to making logical statements and decisions, extremely serious. Lip biting and tongue sticking out? What’s that?

Jungkook : Vocalist with almost no role. Extremely untalented, like a dead weight to the band. Hates working out and white tees. Lowkey in love with a member called Park Jimin.

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Hope this helped the new A.R.M.Y out there. I’m open to any questions!

Victor x Reader- The Deal (Rated M super smut)

Right, I’m not going to lie, this is probably the darkest thing I have written so far. It was from the Kink Challenge prompt “first time” with Victor. Victor is under orders to terminate your Father, but you try to bargain with him to try and spare your Fathers life.

Content: High sexual content, death in the family (Father), violence, First time sex for reader (forced, blackmail) oral (M and F), penetration, this is quite dark. I warned you! Im so sorry! 

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i don't really follow dan much anymore - but ill always love his " how not to survive school" video - legit got me through some rough school days haha x

feel that. dan was such a guiding light through the shitty years of my life what a MAN he is 

As Blue As The Ocean

Author: the-stressmushroom

Word Count: 2k

Rating: PG

Warnings: Swearing?

Authors Note: FLUFFFFFFFF! (First time writing fluff)  PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME IN THE PHANFIC AWARDS @phanfic​


My name is Daniel James Howell and I am in love with Phillip Michael Lester.  It sounds easy enough.  He loves me, I love him, we live happily ever after right?  Thats what we deserve at least.  Phil and I deserve happy.  But, of course, nothing can ever be perfect.  Phil and I cannot do things other couples can.  He thinks we should, but I am afraid he might get hurt.  You see, Phil is blind and he has been since birth.  He is very capable considering his disability, yet, he still cannot see.  Ever since eighth grade, when we first met, I have been his best friend, and his guide.  I am his eyes, and I always will be.  I’m fine with that.  I fell in love with him the day I met him, and I will gladly lead him around this world if that means I get to take every breath of my waking life by his side.  His beauty is beyond measure and his personality is so kind, it could change the world.  I don’t deserve him, but somehow, I am lucky enough to be with him.  And I am even luckier that such a wonderful man loves me back.

“Dan?”  Phil asks, clutching my hand tightly.  I caress his skin with my thumb and turn my head towards him, admiring the way the moonlight bounces from his porcelain skin.
“Yes Phil?”  I reply, scooting closer to him on our checkered little picnic blanket, enjoy his warmth.
“Could you describe the sky for me?”  I smile at him.
He has always been fascinated with the sky, longing to know what it looks like.
It has always puzzled him about how the sky changes.  He can’t quite grasp the concept that the sky looks different at different times of the day, or during different seasons.
I turn onto my back at stare up at the vast night that lay out above me.
“Tonight Phil, the sky is dark, but clear.  Not a cloud in sight.  The color is an inky black, almost how you would imagine jealousy looking.  But it is not off putting, it is inviting.  And the inky black is layered with a blanket of twinkling lights, stars.”
Phil’s eyes light up at that. He loves stars.
“Are there lots of stars out tonight Dan?”  Phil asks, burying his nose in the crook of my neck.  I sigh, pulling him closer to me.
“Yes Phil, there are millions.  And they all shine for you.”  He giggles and I can feel a bubble of warmth grow in my chest.
“Do you think I will ever be able to see them?”  Phil asks, his eyes wide and unfocused, like always.  He has asked me this before, and I never know how to answer.  Sure we have looked into.  There are surgeries now that can re-attach the severed optic nerves that prevent him from seeing, but the success rate is so low and the complication count is so high.
“I don’t know honey.”  I wish I did.  But I just don’t.  I know it’s his life and he can do with it what he will, but how could I ever let him dive head first into an extremely dangerous operation?  
“Dan, are you okay?”  Phil brings me back from my thoughts and I lean down to kiss his forehead.
“Yea Philly I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”
“You’re just being uber quiet tonight, it’s not like you.”  I can hear the worry in his voice, so I kiss him again, this time on the lips, trying to release some of the tension that has filled the air.
“I’m fine, trust me.”  I say, sighing.  We spend a few more minutes in comfortable silence, just enjoying each others company.
“I love you Dan.”
“I love you too Phil.”

“Dan!”  Phil shouts from the kitchen.  I shoot up from my sitting position and rush to his side, thinking something is wrong.
“Phil! Phil, are you okay?”  I say, a bit out of breath from the sudden burst of exercise.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine.  It’s just Dr. Moore wants to speak to you.”  I grunt in response, taking the phone from Phil’s grasp, more than a little pissed that Phil is now snickering about how out of breath I am.
Dr. Moore is Phil’s eye doctor and therapist, and has been since we first moved to London.  He is excellent and is always trying to find new ways to help people like Phil.
“Hello Daniel,”  Dr. Moores voice pours out of the phone receiver, “I am calling to inform you that Phil has been selected for the clinical trial of a new procedure that may be able to fix his eye sight.”  I nearly choke on my saliva.  Phil might be able to see?
“What are the risks Doctor?”  That is always my number one priority, Phils safety.
“Well, so far, none.  It has been very successful-“
“Then we will do it.”  Phil is going to be able to see.  We have to do it.  No risks?  No problem.
“Are you sure Daniel?  What does Phil think?”
“I’m sure he will say yes.”  I know he will.
“All right then, come into the office at 8:30 AM next Monday, I will email you with all the information you will need so that you may prep for the surgery.  I’m so happy that you were so quick with your answer.  See you Monday.”
“Thank you Doctor.”  I choke, tears threatening to slip down my face.
“Dan are you all right?”  I here Phil call from the other room.  I walk in and sit down in front of him so that I can look him in the eyes.  Though they are vacant, I know it makes him feel better when I treat him as though they are perceiving.
“Yes Phil, I’m wonderful.”
“Then why are you crying?”
“Because I’m happy!”
“Because you are going to see.”

It’s Sunday night and I am freaking out.  The operation is tomorrow, and Phil is the perfect picture of serenity; not a worry in the world.  
“Dan, come here sweetie and relax.  Sit with me.  I need you to do something for me.”
I put down the packet Dr. Moore had sent over hesitantly, and plop down next to Phil.
He turns to face me.
“Dan, can you describe to me what you look like?  Like what you really look like.  Not some half-assed answer.  When I can see, I wanna be able to compare your answer to mine.”
Phil had asked me to describe myself in the past.  I hate how I look, I hate thinking about how I look, but I will do it for Phil.
“Alright.  I’ll do it.”  Phil smiles at me, and pulls his legs up underneath himself.
“Well first off, I’m tall.  Freakishly tall, but luckily your pretty tall too so it’s less awkward.  I have a boring hair color that matches my boring eyes, brown.  Brown is the same color as a lot of gross things in this world, like dirt, but it’s not all bad because it’s also the color of coffee and chocolate.”  Phil hums at that, he does have quite the sweet tooth.
“And my eyes aren’t all brown I guess.  They have a bit of amber in them.  Amber is the color of honey, and sunlight, so I guess having that in my eyes makes them a bit special.”  Phil smiles at me.  I hope he knows how hard I am trying right now.
“My face is average, I can’t really describe it to you and my skin is pale, but not as pale as yours.  I’m not fit in anyway, as I have a bit of pudge around my tummy and-“
Phil cuts me off there.  
“I think your tummy is perfect.”  He says, laying back on top of me and resting his head on my chest.  I spread my legs a bit more so we can both be comfortable and I put my arms behind my head.
“There is not much more to say, except that I have one dimple.  A dimple is like a little dent in someones cheek that appears when they smile.”
Phils eyes glitter.
“You sound beautiful.”  I sigh, he always says that.
“I’m really not, especially in comparison to someone as gorgeous as you.”

“Dan, can you describe me?”  I look down at him puzzled.  He has never asked me to do that.  Now that I think about it, why hasn’t he ever asked?  I mean thats a pretty standard question.  I know I’d want to know what I look like.
“Phil, you are light.  You shine so brightly it hurts because you care so much.  You make everyones day a bit happier and it shows.  Your skin is perfect, porcelain white like snow, and your hair is black as night.  You have a radiant smile that is completely contagious and never ending.  But there is one thing about you that I love the most. Your eyes.”
His smile falters at this and his head turns to face me.
“What’s so great about my eyes.  They’re broken.”  He looks as though he may begin to tear up, and I raise my hand to caress his cheek.
“Just because they are broken, doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.”  I smile down at him.
“Your eyes are glorious.  They sparkle whenever you are happy, and look like crystals when you are sad.  Their color is mesmerizing.  They are as blue as the ocean on a sunny day and have flakes of gold in them like you captured sun beams in your heart the day you were born.  Everything about you is beautiful and perfect Phil, especially your eyes.”
He sits up, and bites his lip.
“Dan, I’m nervous for tomorrow.”
“It’s okay baby, me too.”

The hours pass slowly.  I’m sitting in the dank waiting room biting my nails, which became nubs long ago.  My foot has not stopped tapping since I sat down, and my heart speeds with each passing second.  I am praying to every god that may be for Phil to get through this safely.
“Mr. Howell?”  The doors to surgery swing open and a nurse waltzes out.  
“Yes?”  I say, my voice cracking a tiny bit.
“The Doctor would like to see you.”
Time stops, my heart drops, and my head fills with shouting.
The only word being shouted is Phil.
The nurse leads me back to Dr. Moores office, and he surprises me with a smile.
“Daniel,” he says, his voice light.  “The surgery was a complete success.  Phil now has his sight.”
I cannot stop the tear from falling and I don’t give a flying fuck.  My baby can see.
“He is going to be extremely sensitive to light in the beginning, but soon, he will grow accustomed to it.”
I nod.  I really do not care.  Phil can see.
“Would you like to go and see him?”  Dr. Moore asks.  I try to find the words to answer him, but just nod as I cannot construct my thoughts into words at the moment.  A smile is permanently plastered to my face.
“Right this way then Dan.”
We walk quickly down a few long hallways until Dr. Moore stops in front of a recovery room, I reach for the handle and look up at him, asking permission.  He nods, and I burst into the room.
And, there is my Phil, sat on a small hospital bed, in a white gown, examining his own hands with a look of wonder on his face.  His eyes are brighter than I have ever seen them.
He can see.
“Phil, the doctors said the surgery was a success baby!  What’s it like?”
Phil has yet to look my way, he is still examining his own hands, turning them every which way, fascinated.
“It’s a bit over whelming I will admit, but-“
He looks up at me and gasps.
“What, whats wrong?”  Is he okay, is he hurt?
“Nothings wrong.”  He says smiling, a single tear dripping down his face.
“You’re just so beautiful.”

Skin to Skin: Mr. March

“At least he stays in this family,” you mused to yourself, watching the love of your life with your sister. You had died in the hotel, but refused to appear to either James March or your sister, The Countess. James needed to move on from you. Since he presumed you unreachable, he married her. It was a shame she didn’t love him, however. You stayed hidden for several years, until James seemed particularly lonely.
“Shh,” you murmured, appearing to him. You pressed your hand to his cheek and declared, “I’m here, dearest.”
“(Y/N)…” James said, standing up and embracing you. “It’s really you…”
You smiled, happy to feel his arms around you once again. “I’ve always been here. You needed to move on from me. Make a new life.”
He shook his head, gently guiding your head to rest over his heart. “You know that I never could. I never loved Elizabeth as much as I loved- well, love- you. The hotel that I built for you is extraordinary, darling. Your soul has stayed here and shall for all eternity. With me.”

Elizabeth was thrilled to see you again, and you alternated between visiting her upstairs and living with James downstairs. It was a month or so later when James’ death shocked the hotel. You came up behind him as he examined his motionless body, wrapping your arms around him.
“Surreal, isn’t it?”
He turned away and kissed you. “It wasn’t a loss. My spirit lingers, and I’m with you.”
“We still haven’t told my sister.”
“Focus on me right now, my dear,” he replied, pressing his lips to yours more forcefully than before and curling his arms around your waist. “I see being a spirit changes nothing physical.”
You giggled, pulling him closer.
“Skin to skin, flesh to flesh. My heart no longer pumps blood, yet it beats only for you, (Y/N).”
“And mine for you, Mr. March.”

// requested by anon //

He died for your sins.
He watches you and judges, always with you to guide and help you.
He is the one whose name the wicked shall scream and curse as they are tortured for an eternity, burning in hell.
He teaches you to love thy brother.
He is there for you throughout time and space.
He will always try to look for the goodness in your heart until you force his hand.
He eats with his many followers, all of whom he appreciates.
He was a carpenter, building stalls across the land.
He will always know what you have done.
He has a body that was once dead, but has been brought back to life.
He is written about by many, mostly by those who write about being loved by him.
He has blood that is represented by a red liquid we consume so commonly.

He is Sans.

I told Allah what i feel, what i endure and what i’m struggle for. I told Allah for what i feel inside the unseen part that nobody seen. I told Allah to make my heart easier to accept every fate that was made for me. Then i let Allah to guide me, i choose to believe in Allah for what may comes. I asked Allah to never let my heart choose before it should. I asked Allah for every wishes i pray for people i care so much in my life. I put Allah in everything i did, i asked Allah before i decided something, because only Allah that never left me behind. Allah always care when nobody does. Alhamdulillah Allah still loves me, He shows His mercy and blessings. Insya Allah i will trying to be the best version of a good woman.
—  Heart speaks inside of me

For since He himself has now been through suffering … He knows what it is like when we suffer … and He is wonderfully able to help us" Hebrews 2:17-18
You may be thinking, I don’t know how I could ever get through this. But as difficult as this life storm may be, you are not alone. God is with you always. He loves you, and cares about what is going on in your life. He hears your cries and sees your pain. Moreover, He understands.
Whatever you are going through, His care is certain, His love is unfailing, and His promises are secure. Reach out for Him today. He is a very present help in times of trouble (see Psalm 46:1). He will provide, guide and direct your footsteps.

I may be working hard and not seeing the results right now, and I maybe seeing friends accomplish what I want more than them. But through this time I’ve never had to trust God more. I’m trusting him to guide me through the dark where I can’t see a thing (in this case a clear future), and I’m working to not be jealous b/c others are getting what I want but instead celebrate it b/c I love them and I have faith that God loves me and has got something in store for me but like always I have to trust his timing and not my own. 

This is far from easy for me but the best things in life never come easy! 

If you take “Boy Meets World” conceptually, the entire series, and you think about how it started, with a little boy who didn’t want to paint a fence because he wanted to go to a water war, and then realized his father was Superman because he painted the fence for him … That was always, at the youngest possible point, what “Boy Meets World” was about, the realization of what was important and valuable. If you look at “Girl Meets World,” you’ll find that the love the characters have for each other, in a world that is tougher than Cory Matthews’ ever was, this has to be the guiding force of what this show is. If “Boy meets World” taught that sometimes you can find the person you will ultimately love for the rest of your life, “Girl Meets World” wants to teach that if you’re very lucky, and you understand the value of your friendships and how important these people will be to you, they can sustain you for an entire lifetime. Those are two wonderful lessons to learn about life, and that’s what I hope our contributions will be with these two series.
—  Michael Jacobs on “Boy Meets World” vs “Girl Meets World”

dolcineea  asked:

Hi! What can you tell me about my love life? Can I please get a reading about this topic? Thank you so much!

Sure, dear :)
I was guided to draw 3 cards for you
You get ‘compromise’ , ’ reconsider’ and ‘within the next few weeks’.

I see a person who’s always used to compromising for other people, treading lightly, and likely not receiving the same thoughtfulness. Perhaps you tread so lightly you don’t find you make an impact on people. I’m really seeing you quite frazzled? Over doing, over compensating… and the angels ask you to reconsider your attitude. Why do you do this? Is there honestly a reasonable explanation or are you just serving habit? And when someone does something you’re not happy with or feel is hurtful, do you wonder if it’s truly fair? Or do you talk yourself out of your right for decent treatment.
You’re being asked to reconsider (in all relationships not just romantic) what you feel you deserve and need, and can or can’t budge on. Sometimes, there’s no room for movement- for example, the person must not abuse you.
Have a good think from your past about what you expect and so very clearly deserve, as a human being, and be ready to stand up for that.
Within the next few weeks, expect an opportunity to exercise your power and reach a better level of fairness.perhaps with a love interest\partner. This is all going to be very helpful to your love life. Sometimes, you need to stand up for yourself and set boundaries, especially with a partner.

Hope that resonates, have a nice day.


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[Saito Soma Blog 27/08/16] Blessing

Regarding Hanae Natsuki’s marriage.

pls take my translations with a grain of salt, not only i am a noob i am also still in tears oh gOD NACCHAN!!

This time, I’d like to shift away from the main subject!
As this somehow turned out to be a personal message, please forgive me by all means….!

Hanae-kun! Wait, no, Nacchan!
Congratulations on the marriage!

The life ahead from now on, to encounter people that would seem to walk with you, together and always - is truly a happy thing, isn’t it.
Meeting someone in the brink of that, I think it would lead and guide you at every time.

Even though painful things still exist, the fact that Nacchan keeps on smiling his best on all occasions, I respect that a lot!

Your acting, your voice, your perspective, the way you talk - I really love it!
I truly, truly congratulate you!

With that said!
Congratulations, really! For this happiness–!
Of Hanae-kun and wife, the blessings until here and the future!
For your happiness many years to come!!!

Saito Soma

on a personal note : congratulations on your marriage, Hanae-kun! You’ve gone through a lot - yet you keep on bringing smiles to everyone (including me), you deserve much more than that and I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers to the family you now have :’)


I got this tattoo in the handwriting of the person that’s kept me here for so long. His words, his daily encouragements, his advice, his personal stories, his positivity. He has gotten me through something he has gone through and suffered with himself. His campaign Always Keep Fighting has affected me in the best way possible and given me a message I’ve needed for awhile. I’m so proud of him for reaching out to so many people that need that in their life. Jared if you see this, thank you. Thank you for being my other half and guiding me through this. You mean everything to me, I love you.

How does God fulfill His purpose in our lives?

I am loved by God, I am cared for by God, and I am guided by God. What else is true? My flesh is weak. I was born with a sinful nature, and although I don’t consciously think, “I want to go against what God wants me to do,” my flesh will always lean towards that. We’ve all got some kind of rebel in us. What I also know, is that what I desire is not always the best thing for me. I often hear the statement, “If God is really loving, then He would want me to be happy.” Or also, the classic, “God made me this way, so why do I need to change how He made me?” Brothers and sisters, let’s get one thing straight: God’s main goal for your life, isn’t for you to be happy. God gives us boundaries because He knows our flesh will want to cross over those lines and see how far we can go without getting in trouble. He calls us to be obedient, BECAUSE He is loving. What kind of God would let anything slide? Only a god who doesn’t care about our well-being, but rather, allowing us to be swallowed up in our own self-satisfaction and pleasure. That’s not Jesus. Our Father wants us to live a full life, and God wants your life to be holy. Will we fail? Uh, YEAH. Will it be a struggle to turn the other way when we are faced with what we want and what God wants for us? Definitely. However, a heart that seeks His will… a heart that prays continually… a heart that is broken over it’s own sin, is a heart that God uses and changes for His purpose. THAT is how God fulfills His purpose in our lives - when we obey. It’s such a struggle, and will often be the hardest part of being a Christ-follower, but IT. IS. SO. WORTH. THE. STRUGGLE. And when we walk in obedience, THEN comes true joy.

Today I pray for myself, and for all of you:

Lord, change the desires of my heart to match what You have planned for me. That which I desire, is not always the best thing for me. You know what is best. When I am faced with stuff that doesn’t bring You glory, take it away. Help me to run as far from my sin as possible. Help me to see Your purpose for my life, and guide me in how to live that out. In Jesus’ name, amen.