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Back to the medicine cats with The Hag/Murkpelt/Yellowfang! I wanted to stick with the redux’s description of Shadowclanners (lanky, scruffy, big ears and eyes) but also wanted to mix it with the “classic Yellowfang” look. I think it turned out alright!

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Claire outwardly complaining about Dean and Cas, how totally sappy and gross they are, but inwardly she sort of loves it because they’re really a family now.

Claire taking selfies where Dean and Cas are in the background, usually doing a ton of staring and making heart eyes at each other. They don’t notice her taking these but Sam sees and joins in occasionally. There’s one where they’re making vomit faces while Dean has Cas crowded against the kitchen counter. There are pancakes burning beside them and when Claire posts it on Instagram, she puts, ‘Dads burned breakfast again! We ate cereal for the fifth time this week.’

Claire getting really sad when Dean and Cas argue because the bunker gets so quiet that it’s actually unnerving. Sam tries taking her out for mini golf, except it doesn’t help since that’s her and Dean’s thing. When Dean and Cas realize how she’s feeling, they apologize profusely and pull her in for a hug. (Sam goes for it too because, well, it’s a hug. They’re all making up for lost time.) Dean and Cas take a cue from the incident to not have Claire hear any future arguments. They resolve it right away or go for a drive so they can talk, while Sam and Claire find an activity that’s their thing, which turns out to be: going to craft fairs.

Claire being pretty skeptical at first because… a craft fair sounds kind of boring. But she quickly falls in love with browsing for trinkets and later decides to make crafts herself. She has a knack for jewelry and accessories, makes Cas a pair of bee-shaped cuff links. She also gives Sam a moose-shaped charm for his key ring and Dean a little put-put golf club that he hangs on Baby’s mirror.

Claire having a family to hug, to wish her sweet dreams, before she heads off to bed every night. One wall of her room is covered in selfies she printed out, and there’s a proper family photo on her bedside table, framed and all. She says hi to Mom and Dad up in Heaven and tells them about her day, how they might be adopting a dog (Dean’s nearly persuaded). She says “I love you, I miss you” like always and snuggles with Grumpy Cat under the covers. She drifts off to sleep with a smile on her lips, warm and loved by two hunters and an angel. She has peaceful dreams, knowing that Cas, Dean, and Sam are just a few doors down, protecting her, looking out for her, and giving her a second chance at family.


Training crush - Derek Hale Imagine

REQUEST: Hi was wondering if you would write a imagine where the reader has a crush on Derek and Derek also has a crush on the reader. 

 A/N: I’M BACK!!!!!!!!! 


 You were training in Derek’s loft. You take a sip on your water bottle, put all your hair in a pony tail and start working out. You wren’t any sorta of supernatural creature, but you fight really well and the pack asked you to join them (And also because you knew Scott and Stiles like forever). You didn’t notice, but Derek was checking you out like crazy. Since you first joined the pack, he immediately had a giant crush on you and you too, but you never tell anything about that. Right now it was a hot summer day, and you were wearing sport shorts with a sport top. No doubt he wold be looking at you. When you finish, you see Derek walking towards you with a nervous expression, something you never saw sonce derek has always that grumpy cat face. He looks at you, and he clears his throat. “Ummm…. Y/N, woukd you…. Uh, you know…. Woukd you go on a… Date with me one day?” You didn’t believe that. Him, the guy you just wished to ask you out, he did! Probably, like, 100% sure, your heart was beating like crazy, but you didn’t care. You come back to reality and trying to look like everything is alright, you say “Sounds Great” with a smile on your face. You turn around and go working out. Again, he was looking at you. -Sorry that was a piece of crap. Xo, M-“ -

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Yuri (the Russian) childhood headcanons ?

  • He was the type of kid that everyone tended to avoid because his resting bitch face and grumpy attitude
  • He’s always had cats, and when he was little he had a fluffy main coon

  • Yuri tended to stay to himself as a kid

  • Pretty much all he did outside of school was skate and spend time with his cat
Why Rem X Ritsuka should be Canon in DwD

Despite how cold and how he always wears the grumpy cat expression on his face, Rem is actually the most emotional person in the whole cast.

Maybe it’s the problem of each person’s insight or preferences, Rem may seem boring at first but actually has a lot more to tell than he actually does. Which is a problem for his character to be likable, because he isn’t good at expressing his thoughts or feelings.

Although I mainly prefer Tsundere guys (Mage) to Kuudere Guys (Rem) , when watching DwD , I realize that my affections mainly grow on Rem (My affection for Lindo was already there when I saw him in that Apron) , in the first episode, I honestly didn’t think of him as much of a Character but as the series progresses, I realized that I actually love him. This might sound gross, but yes, I can say that I’m in love with Rem, but my type of love isn’t of a romantic faction , it’s more of the desire to protect someone or defend someone .

Ok, no more small talk, let’s get to the main point. Rem at first was of course the generic stereotypical cold Kuudere guy that every Rev Harem has .But as the story progresses, you can see that he slowly doesn’t really think of Ritsuka as an Object anymore. If Rem didn’t change at all, I pretty much am sure that he’d jump at the chance to get the grimoire whenever he could without regard for Ritsuka’s life, which of course, he doesn’t, and at the same time, he doesn’t know why either.

In other words, the way he acted towards Ritsuka, was just him trying to tell himself that he just thinks of her as a pawn and not anything else , which of course fails when matters involve Ritsuka. To make it more clear, he already has feelings for Ritsuka, but since she’s the only key to the Grimoire, his main goal, if he were to be emotionally attached to Ritsuka, it would be very difficult to part ways when he reaches his goal or achieves his goal. Finding out that Ritsuka is indeed the grimoire didn’t really help much. Now he has two things to worry, his feelings for Ritsuka and she being the grimoire, so if he were to give her to his father, that would mean he would indirectly kill her, which is where his feelings come into play: how could he do that to the person he loves?

So he continues to force the impression of Ritsuka just being a pawn aka lies to himself that he doesn’t love her, but of course, it fails every time, because it’s all instinct , if you see the person you love getting hurt of course the first thing you’d do is to save them, duh. And well, In truth, Rem’s just a dense cinnamon roll, because all along, he knows he has special feelings for Ritsuka but he doesn’t know that it’s love, until Episode 9 that is. This can be clearly heard in his character cd. (Go listen to it if you have time and still vaguely know how to understand Japanese)

Well, why can’t he confess to her then?

Like I said, he’s not the type to express his feelings that easily, something must be there to set the mood like that time with Lindo and Ritsuka, a quiet place where no one is around to bother them. Which apparently, they hardly get any alone time at all. Although, if Ritsuka is more persistent, then I’m sure she would earn a blush or two from Rem because he’s just that kind of guy. But of course, sadly, this anime is too short for breather/filler episodes because ain’t nobody got time for that, and it would be too dragging so we should save all the blushy moments for the game instead. :) I bet that’s what the producers had in mind…

Many people say that Rem X Ritsuka is a boring ship but I have to say if you think their relationship is boring, than you’re probably not paying attention to this show at all:

Episode 1: Rem was the one who saved Ritsuka when the Vampires were about to Kidnap her and offered to help her find her missing mom.

Episode 2: Rem offers to take her to her Granpa’s house for clues that may lead to her mother. Was pouting a little when she found out that he hates Shitake mushrooms.Rem saves her from being kidnap by a Vampire again. The doll in his musical number symbolizes Ritsuka. He looked surprised when Ritsuka was glad that he was okay.

Episode 3: Rem saved her from being hypnotized and possibly harassed by Urie. When she runs away he tried to stop her. When asked by Urie why was he so concerned about Ritsuka, he coldly tells him to mind his own business. Rem has a troubled expression on his face when Urie mentions about Rem actually fearing that he will betray him and get the grimoire all to himself.

Episode 4: Coldly rejects Ritsuka when she confronts him. Is pondering over the fact that he is starting to have feelings for Ritsuka but fears that he may have to destroy her later on.

Episode 5: Flies all the way to Hong Kong to find Ritsuka. Reluctantly tells her that she’s just a pawn to him when questioned by her. Tried to reach out to her when she told him to stay away. Visibly troubled when Mage snatches her away and says that she’s his more aggressively. ( I strongly believe that what he meant by mine was that he meant Ritsuka and only Ritsuka ,not the grimoire.

Episode 6: Looked surprised when Ritsuka realized that he was watching all along and tried to leave quickly but stopped when she called out to him.

Episode 7: Stopped her from removing her sacred lux even if it was the only thing that’s stopping him from getting the grimoire and knew that Ritsuka was the grimoire herself. Visibly Angry when Roen threatened to rip her heart out. Protected her from Lindo’s attack when he had the chance to dodge it. Woke Lindo up from his rampage while protecting Ritsuka and got hurt in the process. Is still troubled by his feelings for Ritsuka and his duty to obtain the grimoire.

Episode 8: Lied to the other Devils that the grimoire was in Vienna. Troubled over the fact that if he extracts the Grimoire’s powers from her body, she would die. Pulled Ritsuka along with him onto the dance floor even if she said she couldn’t dance and tells her to just follow his lead.Was startled when Ritsuka held his hand for its first time. That duet they shared proves that he indeed loves her. Immediately leaves before he can get carried away by the mood. Visibly troubled when he saw the Light produced by Ritsuka’s powers.

Episode 9: Still keeps that God damn crown from the dance and stares at it while saying ‘What are you waiting for?’ . Looks visibly surprised and disappointed when he saw Lindo almost kissing Ritsuka. Reluctantly fights Lindo. The duet between him and Lindo fully proves that he has strong feelings for Ritsuka. Was visibly hurt when Ritsuka said that he was indeed a devil and claims that all he ever wanted was just the Grimoire . When Ritsuka told him she hates him, he was pretty much heartbroken by that time he didn’t even dodge Lindo’s attack. And leaves when she told him to. Sadly looks down upon them as he stares at the crown again, holding it tightly in his hand ,showing that he doesn’t want to give up his feelings for her.

Rem had been secretly caring for Ritsuka all along, it may not be obvious, but actions do speak much more than words. Love comes when you least expect it, Ritsuka wasn’t very fond of Rem at first , but she saw that side of him which was kind and a little childish at the same time. Yes, Lindo does do a lot for Ritsuka too, even more than Rem, but sadly, Ritsuka sees him as only her brother and nothing more. Rem on the other hand, is the cold and dense Kuudere, he doesn’t know much about love, sure he always has that stern face on, but he’s actually quite an innocent guy. And judging by the way his Father treats him, it’s no wonder that he’s so cold to everyone, because he wasn’t showed how to love in the first place. That song he and Ritsuka Sang is really beautiful and sad at the same time in my opinion , despite it being cheesy, Rem and Ritsuka looked so happy in there. A place where they could both live their happily ever after. But sadly, reality is cruel both in Anime and real-life, Rem and Ritsuka fully know that the love between them is forbidden and that they could never be together like how they imagined it would be , that’s why the song is called ‘Itsuka yume de Mita bassho e’ , Someday, to a place we saw in our dreams. Their love might eventually lead to tragedy and that’s why I think that the anime would not end in happily ever after.

Last but not least, Incest is indeed forbidden but a relationship between a human and a devil is also equally forbidden :)
So basically, it’s all forbidden love no matter what route she takes 😏


Yeah, you’re more than that, Jemma. And I couldn’t find the courage to tell you. So, please, let me show you. [Jemma Version.]

Anonymous said: “hey, so this is an odd request, but could you have the quote ‘please, let me show you’ and all the examples fitz has shown that he loves jemma”