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Well first off I hope you're okay and it's totally fine if you don't write this or if you don't get to it, please put your health and feelings ahead of writing silly little blurbs cause that's what really matters and I really hope you're okay. Onto the blurb, from past experiences some of the best sex I've had was when a guy would wake up in the middle of the night completely ready to fuck and be really rough and it'd be like we weren't even asleep seconds before so maybe something like that? :)

Thank you so so much 💙💙💙

You don’t know what made you wake up, but you hear his harsh breathing before you open your eyes. Blinking away the sleep in the darkness, slowly the image of your boyfriend comes into view; spread out on his back next to you in bed, his head pressed back into the pillows and giving you a lovely profile view of his Adam’s apple bobbing in his long neck, puffy lips open in a silent moan.

Still fuzzy from sleep, it takes you a few minutes to understand what’s happening, what that sound is and where it’s coming from, why Harry’s arm is moving so quickly, but when you finally figure it out, there’s an immediate heat in your belly. He doesn’t realize you’re awake until you creep your hand down his bare, clammy chest and towards where his hand is working himself so urgently, and when your fingers brush the slick head of him he groans out your name.

“Woke up like this,” he rasps into the night, sounding at once frustrated and apologetic, but then his eyes are burning into you when he hears you kick the blankets off yourself. Sleep is still itching the edges of your mind, but for some reason you feel as if you might die if he doesn’t get inside you soon.

There’s a catch in his breathing when you wiggle a bit clumsily out of your panties and toss them, almost as if he can’t believe this is happening and you’re really going to let him fuck you rather than telling him to shut up so you can sleep, but he’s quick to recover. You’ve barely gotten your shirt over your head before he rolls on top of you, and at once the heavy, rigid weight of his cock, already so thick and hard and pulsing, settles against your core and you gasp harshly right as his mouth descends over yours. His kiss is demanding and sloppy, his tongue deep in your mouth and relentless, and combined with the way his hands grope heavily at you, you find yourself succumbing easily to him.

His fingers pinch and roll your nipples as his tongue forges a fiery path down your jawline to the side of your neck, and the bruises that he sucks into place there are going to be proudly worn for the next few days. You can’t help the way your hips roll upward towards him, clutching at the soft flesh right above his hips to get him in the right position to slide against your clit, but he only seems to appreciate the friction on his cock, humming in pleasure against your skin and kneading your breasts harshly in his large palms.

Harry curses when he pries himself away from you enough to dip his fingers in your folds and feel how wet you are, taking the opportunity to circle around your clit a few times and watch you writhe beneath him. Looking down at you his eyes are a little bit wild, his hair a dark halo around his head, and underneath the heat of his gaze you feel opened up and exposed, completely vulnerable as he feels you out from the inside. One of his hands cups the side of your face, his palm burning hot, and he leans closer until you breathe his breath and can just see the thin ring of green in his eyes. His thumb trembles lightly against your bottom lip.

“Are you ready for me?” You nod, letting your lips part enough for your tongue to touch the tip of his thumb, and Harry groans your name right before kissing you breathless again.

He kneels back onto his knees, not before giving a hard sucking kiss to each of your nipples, and then with grasping hands he spreads your thighs apart and hauls them over his own until your lower half is perched in his lap. Gripping himself, he strokes his cock a couple of times and drags the swollen tip over your wet slit, making you whimper when it slides over your clit, and then with his eyes intent on you he aligns himself with your entrance.

When he plunges into you, your mouth falls open in a choked scream, and your nails bite down onto his arms where he grips your hips and holds them steady for him to thrust into you in a bruising pace. You lock your legs around his waist as best you can with your body bouncing each time he sheathes himself inside you, biting your lip hard against a tight whine as your walls stretch to fit around him. Harry is so well endowed that he always makes you feel full to the brim, but without the usual foreplay you can feel that burning twinge underneath the pleasure, and for some reason it makes you feel even more desperate for him. You beg him to fuck you harder, faster, claw at his back and sides when he leans over you and finds a different angle that makes you shake, and he doesn’t disappoint you.

Despite being fast asleep only minutes before, Harry makes you cum quicker than you anticipated, his fingers working a maddening rhythm over your clit at the same time his cock reaches those perfect spots inside you that make your eyes roll back into your head. You tremble and clamp down over his cock, your hips bucking without restraint in his lap, and he helps you to ride it out, gasping out that you look so fucking beautiful cumming for him like that, how you feel so good that he knows he won’t last much longer.

It isn’t long then that he pounds into you even harder and then stills, hips pressed tight against your own as he spills himself into you. You moan at the hot rush you can feel deep inside, welcoming his weight when he sags against your body.

You’ve nearly fallen back asleep by the time he drags himself off of you, and as it is you give a mighty yawn as he pulls you close to his warmth, eyelids rapidly growing heavy.

“Love you. Thank you.” Harry’s voice is low and a little wrecked, and you though you only give a sleepy sound in response, your mouth curves into a smile anyway, only fading when you’ve drifted back to sleep with your head pillowed on his chest.

22: A Harry Styles One Shot

This was inspired by Harry’s birthday being 2 months ago and I’m going to put the rest under the break because this is pure smut.

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Harry Smut

The sweet taste of Harry’s lips on mine, the pressure combined with his lust and desire sent my emotions through the roof. Every nerve in my body was alive with electricity, and the moans tumbled from my lips subconsciously, second nature reacting to his touch. His fingertips grasped hard to my hips, the smooth pressure aroused a feeling that only he had the power to find in me. Harry’s hands moved to my thighs and lifted me up onto the cool marble surface in the kitchen, my bare skin - mixed with the heat of the moment - felt like it was on fire. His smooth fingers brushed my skin, leaving marks in their path; his very own trail of destruction. His lips left mine, leaving me bewildered for a second until they came in contact with my neck, leaving small sweet kisses on the spaces he knew drove me wild. He kissed the skin behind my ear, and then began to suck lightly. As the blood rose to the surface, his cool tongue licked my burning skin, then the familiarity of his breath on the damp skin sent chills down my spine. “Harry” tumbled from my lips, my fingers interwoven with his hair, tugging it and earning a moan from him. The sound made my insides melt and my heart pound. His hands had now moved to the waistband of my shorts, pulling at them with a certain want and need, desperation filling his body as it controlled him. I was alarmed but both greatly turned on by this side of Harry that I’d never seen before. His usual kindness and care had been replaced by a fire-burning passion, lust and desire. My slim fingers wrapped around the hem of his shirt, and tugged at it – gesturing that I wanted him to take it off. He slipped the fabric off of his body and my hands roamed his torso and traced the patterns of the carefully marked tattoos. My bra unclipped and he pulled it down my arms and discarded it onto the floor. Harry’s roughness was something new; however he still touched me with careful strokes and protective kisses. This new element to his personality made me insane; it unlocked a craving within me that I never knew existed, the wild fantasies unravelling in my mind as to what he could do to me.

His long arms wrapped around my waist as he lifted me up. Instinctively, my legs clung tight to his waist and he carried us to the bedroom. Our lips stayed connected together the whole time, twisting and moulding together in an effort to feel as close to each other as possible. Our bodies tangled together as Harry held me protectively. Our bare skin radiated from each other, the heat making the passion between us more intense. My small hands trailed from his mess of dark curls, down his inked torso at a painfully slow, teasing pace – purely because I knew it’d drive him wild. My slim fingers slipped past his belt and into his boxers, making him lose control. My back pressed against the wall as he held me pressed against it, kissing my lips with more fever and passion than he has ever before. “mmh, fuck” he mumbled under his breath, my hand still resting in his boxers, wrapped around him. I slowed my lips, making the kisses linger in the moment before I dropped my legs from his waist and stood. Slowly moving from Harry’s lips, down to his jawline, peppering kisses down his neck and to his collarbones. I dropped to my knees in front of him, looking into his eyes as I licked a stripe across his hip, sucking until the blood rose to the surface and the purple mark tingled when I blew onto it, the same pleasuring pain he’d performed on my neck. I tugged at his jeans until they collected around his ankles, and looked deep into his eyes, the hunger evident in them – and smirked at him before pulling his boxers down his legs- slowly – making him crave, making him burn with desire and need. I wrapped my hand around him, and slowly licked a line from the base, all the way to the tip. I felt his whole body stiffen at the sudden contact, the sensitivity setting all his nerves alive with the pleasure. I took him into my mouth once, making sure my mouth sucked every inch of it, before standing up and walking away. I left him standing there bewildered. Sudden realisation fixed into him as his jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists, the knuckles white. Harry kicked the clothing away from his ankles and I sat on the end of the bed as he followed me, tension blaring from his eyes because I had denied him the thing he needed most. He rested his hands on my bare thighs, and then pulled my shorts down my legs. Leaving me exposed to him in only my black lace. He bit down onto his lip, hard. The sight of him doing this made a small moan tumble from my lips, and a smirk spread across his face. He parted my thighs and licked me through the fabric. “Fuck, fuck! Oh, god.” He pulled the underwear off, and threw them across the room as a small giggle escaped me. “God, you’re so ready for me, shit” he roughly said under his breath, the dirty words made me throw my head back onto the bed as my legs dangled off the edge, Harry’s head in between them. His hair tickled the insides of my thighs and made my hips squirm, to which he reacted by spreading his hands across my hips and pushing them into the bed. “If you move, I’ll stop. And you don’t want that, do you?” I mustered a grunt in response, however he returned with “do you?! Answer me, now.” Fuck, this side of him was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. “No, no, no! No, I don’t want that!” He came closer to me, whispering in my ear with a raspy, tight voice “Then what do you want? Tell me. Tell me what to do to you, tell me where to touch you, tell me where you want me to kiss you, tell me with that dirty mouth of yours…” This side of him was driving me wild; my whole body felt like it was on fire. This connection between us was changing, this experience was changing the dynamics of our relationship and I was thrilled. This new dirty, disgusting boyfriend of mine was making me experience things I could never have dreamt about; and yet my body felt the best it ever has, my senses alive with the dirty words and the Harry’s cool touch. “Your mouth, I want your mouth, now.” I fisted his hair in between my fingers and tugged it hard, a load moan slipped past his lips. His hair tickled my thighs again as I restrained myself from moving, remembering his bargain with me. His tongue licked the length of me again, the sense of it better now because of the loss of friction from my thong that was separating us before. His tongue swirled around my clit, and his lips pursed around it, and without warning he sucked it hard. A loud groan of pleasure leaped from me, my back arching and my elbows dig into the mattress; my head dropping as my muscles are too weak to hold it. “Fuck” I sigh, as he continues to lick me, until he inserts an unexpected finger into my wetness, curling it slightly until my body can’t control the pleasure he’s causing me. “Mmhh, be noisy baby, let everyone hear you. Let everyone know how dirty you are.” Harry’s words combined with the pleasure from both his tongue and his fingers are too much to handle, the moans and grunts forming in my throat struggle to escape as he gives one last suck on my most sensitive area and moans, the vibrations of his voice against my skin become too much. The knot forms in my stomach and my legs attempt to screw shut, but Harry doesn’t allow it. “No baby, I want to taste you. Let me, please?” His kind side begins to shine through again; until I feel my release and his dirty words fill the air again. “Fuck baby you taste good, why don’t you try it? Go on baby, you’re so sweet, mm shit.” He lifts a finger to my lips and I hastily lick it, and then proceed to wrap my lips around it in an attempt to tease him. My tongue caressed his finger, always keeping my eyes locked on his; pursing my lips and biting down on them when I finished. “You’re so dirty, god baby you’re disgusting.”

Harry wraps his arms around my waist and pushes me up to the top of the bed, and climbs on top of me, a leg either side of my waist. He kisses my lips passionately, pressing his lips hard against mine, his tongue sliding over his lips, wetting them. “Jesus” he mumbles against my lips and a moan reciprocates from mine. His hands grip tight to my hips and he immediately flips us over so my body rests atop his. There’s no clothing separating us and our bodies are pressed together, but I need to be closer to him. I need our bodies to be a part of one another. I place one small, lingering kiss on his plump lips and sit up. I take a deep breath and prepare myself for him. A hint of nervousness fills me, and he must sense it – the encouraging words of his sensitive side reassures me, and I slide Harry into me. The pain floods for a second until I adjust, and the pain is replaced my pure pleasure. “hey baby, you’re doing good” he tells me, and I begin to rock my hips back and forward, and moans tumble from him; his eyes screw shut and his grip on my hips gets tighter, his fingertips leaving white marks in their place. I lean down and kiss him, and he places his hand around my neck, pulling our faces closer together and deepening our kiss. The pressure of our lips moulded together and the small patterns he’s drawing on my back with his spare hand gives me chills, the pleasure spreading down my spine. I break the kiss for a second time and sit up; gaining confidence from the noises slipping from Harry’s lips. I circle my hips, deepening him in my, making us both feel each other completely. The passion between us; the eruptions of sound; and the way he reacts to my touch are enough to bring me to my edge for a second time tonight. “Oh god, Jesus, fuck, oh god damn, baby!” he roars and I feel the warmth spread inside me, and my own release coaxes his own orgasm to split from him. “Oh god, I love you” he whispers into my ear as he pulls me into him, our limbs tied together in a desperate attempt to be close to one another. I turn my body to face him and place a delicate kiss on his lips, and whisper in a faint voice “I love you, Harry.”- C x