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How would Wolffe Dogma and Echo react to finding a baby deer satyr out on a peaceful mission in the woods? Said baby is crying and wailing out for its mother that is nowhere to be found.

  • Wolffe just looks around awkwardly because he would have no idea what to do in the situation. He wasn’t even good with normal non crying children. After taking a few moments to wonder why it’s always him to get stuck with the weird shit, he finally approach the baby. He’d take off his helmet so he wouldn’t scare the poor thing, and try to calm it down. It be a little awkward, but eventually he’d be able to get it to stop crying. Eventually after some wandering around and doing some tracking, he’d find the mother and happily return her child. 
  • Dogma would be torn between continuing on his mission and leaving the wailing child, or taking a little bit of time to help it. The guilt of leaving a crying child behind though was just too much to bear, and he’d up going up to it. He be perplexed, he had never seen a satyr before and even wondered if this was some sort of hallucination. As he sat next to the child he’d try to talk to it, if anything just to calm it down. It does work after awhile and he’s relieved, then begins to wonder what he should do. He couldn’t take it with him, could he? He’s even more relieved when the mother actually ends up coming back, and awkwardly takes her gratitude. 
  • Echo would probably be the most prepared for this, though he’s still thrown off be the fact there’s an satyr in front of him. He heard of the myths, but he thought thats all it was. So that would be enough to get him interested. That, and he could never ignore a baby crying. He’d approach it, and let it know he meant no harm to it. He try to earn it’s trust, and give it some fruit he found nearby. When it’s calm down then he sit with it, and talk to it in a kind voice. He would know in these situations it was better to stay put, the mother would eventually come back, and distracted the child in the meantime. When the mother did finally come back he’d be relieved, but also a little sad he wouldn’t get to be with the child any longer. 
Protective older sibling sentence starters

“Look I know you’re old enough to date, but I am going to scare them first so they don’t even think about hurting you.”

“You have to do what I say because I’m older, so stop (insert dangerous thing here)”

“Those bullies aren’t going to come back again now that they know who your sibling is, come on let’s get ice cream.”

“I know I can seem a little grumpy sometimes, but know that you can always come to me if you have a problem.”

“It’s okay, everyone falls off their bike sometimes. It’s good that you were wearing your helmet, now come in and we can get that cut cleaned up.”

“I’m your big ___, it’s my job to worry.”

“No one gets to call you idiot but me, you’re my idiot okay.”

“I’m babysitting tonight, but we can still make cookies. Just don’t get too close to the oven okay.”

The Convention

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: There’s this HUGE female action hero marvel movie and it’s a hit! [Y/N] character is sort of like Buckys, and every fan wants to hug or comfort her and Seb is a total fanboy of hers. So, when [Y/N] crashes their panel, Sebastian freaks out! And it’s so adorable, because he can’t hide his crush on her/her character. Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera

A/N: Loved the prompt and writing this! Requests are open. Enjoy!

“Yeah, I mean we always have a good time on set, last summer when we were filming in Atlanta, it was so hot, it was beyond miserable, because you’ve got to think, we have to wear all of this fabric -most of which is long sleeve. I mean I have the metal arm and black leather, Chris he has that helmet and thick suit and Mackie, well I think he is the luckiest because he gets to wear short sleeves and only has those goggles. But anyways, there was this one day where I had just walked out of my trailer and everybody on set was having some fun pranking each other, so you always had to be aware, but I had let my guard down one day and [Y/N] was hiding around the corner with this huge ass water gun, needless to say, I never saw it coming.” Sebastian laughed into the microphone.

“Speaking of [Y/N] the first installment of her movie just came out and it was a HUGE success, I mean the fans are going crazy. There is all sorts of fan art and stories about her and your characters getting together because of how similar your characters are.”


“Yeah, there have even been some rumors that you are going to be in her next movie which begins filming next month. Know anything about that?”

“[Y/N] is always a wonderful person to work with, hell of an actress, we always have a great time on set so I think should I get the opportunity to work with her again, it would be a real pleasure.”

“So you don’t know if you will be making an appearance yet?”

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  • How old are you: 25
  • What is your dream job: I want to travel and take pictures to the places I go.
  • What is a big goal you want to achieve?(or have already achieved): Oh, I have so many goals, but right now is to get my degree.
  • What is your aesthetic? Jason Todd with a good writting and a helmet without mouth.
  • Do you collect anything? Comics, I like rings and bracelets.
  • What is a topic you’re always up to talk about? Batman I guess, idk I talk about a lot of things.
  • What is a pet peeve of yours? IH.
  • Good advice to give: I suffer from anxiety and depression, so if anyone has the same problem as me, I just want to say breathe and everything would be ok, don’t give up.
  1. Last movie you watched: The Lego Batman movie
  2. Last thing you listened to: Tell me I’m okay Patrick (Crazy-Ex Girflriend)
  3. Last show you watched: The Simpsons.
  4. Last book you read looked at :  After Dark (Murakami)
  5. Last thing you ate: Cookies.
  6. If you could be anywhere, where would you be: At the beach, or Cuzco.
  7. When would you time travel to: I guess when I was a child when everything was easier.
  8. First thing you would do with lottery money: I would travel to Greece, Russia and Egypt.
  9. Character you would hang out with for a day: QUEEN RUKIA KUCHIKI
  10. Time right now: 11: 22 a.m

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The Signs as Palomo quotes
  • Aries: Take yourself. And fuck yourself. With yourself.
  • Taurus: Well now I'm way more aware of her butt than usual and it's throwing me off.
  • Gemini: Hey guys! Welcome to my helmet cam! Uh... today, we're gonna be trying to take down Felix. Soooo, let's see how it goes. Could be bad. Could be good. Could be in the middle.
  • Cancer: It's a trap!
  • Leo: Yeah we're like the Avengers. Okay Smith can be Captain America, Jensen's Black Widow- (Who are you?) Uhhggg. Tony Stark. Obviously.
  • Virgo: I've always loved you Katie!
  • Libra: That’s impossible. Nuts don’t have orifices. Go back to school.
  • Scorpio: ...the newly added pressure of my rank makes me second-guess my actions more frequently in hopes that I won’t let down my fellow peers.
  • Sagittarius: Also I’ve been trying to make a smiley face for like nine minutes. Nailed it.
  • Capricorn: Yeah, uh, just so you know, I’m fine!
  • Aquarius: Private Palomo. Slayer of women, woo-er of evil. ...Wait?
  • Pisces: I'm the only surviving member of green team. Suck on that.

February 20 2017

Almost finished Kali’s helmet! I just have to paint the green crayon line, and re-paint over all the colours one last time.
Then on to applying the stickers, then clear coat. :) I’m so excited.

I also booked my rabbit BRD tribute tattoo for this Saturday at 12:30am!
I’m getting her on my left forearm, so I always see it. I have 11 tattoos, with only 3 being meaningful, else-wise I just like getting tattoos. The pain feels so good. Haha

I’m excited to get my tattoo done before game season kicks in, she’ll be all healed for pictures.


1. Here he is! Grand Admiral Thrawn!

2. Hera doesn’t like him.

3. Neither do Zeb and Sabine. Hey look at the Convoree on Sabine’s shoulder!

4. Gathering intel on the Rebels. I can imagine Thrawn would be the adversary of Hera and Sato more than the others which is why he has so much Hera in his research. Baby Hera!

5. Hey look it’s that wimpy Admiral from Stealth Strike.

6. Maul’s manipulation begins. Looks like a fun place they’re in…

7. Two holocrons merging. This gon be good!

8. Kanan always on the backfoot.

9. He’s fighting Maul! And without his helmet on. Looks like his eyes are being fueled by some otherworldly source.

10. That might be it. I have no idea what’s going on in this shot and kinda love it.

Kylo Ren Imagine

Imagine Kylo overhears a conversation between Phasma and you where you tell her that you have a crush on Kylo.

Originally posted by reylooo

„You look concerned Y/N. Did something happen to you ?“ Phasma asked curious while she took off her helmet.
You hesitated for a moment. „Not really but.. I have a problem with Kylo. I think that he manipulates me with the force.“
Phasma glanced worried at you. „This doesn‘t sound good. Why do you think the commander would do something to you ?“
„Because he stares at me since a few weeks. I can‘t see his face through the mask but I feel his gaze on my body. Also I feel so weird when he‘s around me. My head is empty , my cheeks turn red and I start to sweat but I should be angry at him for his behavior.“
Phasma giggled.
„It‘s not really funny for me , you know. We used to be so good friends but now I think he‘s mad at me and I don‘t know what I did wrong.“
Phasma smirked at you. „I don‘t think the Commander uses the force on you. In my opinion you‘re just really sick. Both of you.“
You looked at her with wide eyes. „Oh no , do you think it‘s deadly ?“
She laughed and patted on your shoulder. „Not that kind of sick. I think you‘re in love. Like you have a crush on the commander. And after your description I think he likes you back but he doesn‘t know how to express his feelings properly.“
You thought about her words for a moment.
„Actually this makes more sense. Help me , what should I do now !?“
Phasma shrugged. „Tell him.“
„Really helpful , thank you Phasma.“
„How about you tell me what you like about the commander ? Maybe you will find the courage to tell him about your crush then.“
You started to blush. „Uh… okay so I like his sense of humor. His cheeky comments on General Hux are really funny. He‘s good looking and in my opinion he should never wear his mask. His fashion sense is really good too and I really appreciate his friendship. Also he‘s a skilled fighter and his lightsaber looks so cool ! But to be honest , I could never tell him all this stuff in his face.“
Phasma grinned. „I think you don‘t have to anymore. I‘ll leave you guys
alone now.“
She took her helmet and left you alone.
You turned around to find Kylo in front of you. Your cheeks flushed red and you had the bad feeling he heard everything.
„How long have you been standing here !?“ you asked embarrassed.
„Since you thought your crush is deadly. I‘m really sorry you felt so bad because of me.“
Your heart started to beat faster. „It‘s okay.. but please stop avoiding me. We don‘t need to start dating if you don‘t like me that much but don‘t end the friendship because of my feelings.“
Kylo took off his helmet and smiled at you. „I‘d never end the friendship with
you ! And to be honest… the relationship thing… Your words really touched me. I‘m happy that you think like that about me because normally people fear or hate me but you think so different. So… if you want to you could visit me later in my quarters. We could hang out and I can show you some force stuff if you‘re interested in it.“
You smiled. „With pleasure ! But… is this a date or are we just hanging out ?“
Kylo blushed. „A date ! I guess.”
You walked past Kylo and gave him a kiss on his cheek. „I‘m looking forward
to it !“

Small quick 400 followers appreciation giveaway!

Sorry it’s on mobile so I can’t make any fancy text post~ xD


- Must be following me! It’s a giveaway for my followers after all.
- Must have your ask box open!
- no giveaway blogs. Even if you’re following me.


- 1 million bells
- 10 lucky clovers
- 5 random streetpass items (probably 1 of each)
- newsprint helmet

There will be 3 winners and I will choose them with random dot org as always.

Ends on Friday night 3/20 at 6pm MST. A like and a reblog count as an entry each.

Thank you all so much and good luck ^_^