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updated money second years, may you always be blessed with good luck and fortune 


Pukwudgie edit:
“Although my heart may be weak, it’s not alone. It’s grown with each new experience.”

This is fun!
7000 divides equally into 7 days… 
= 1000 jumping jacks a day!
Which you could split up into 1/2′s!
500 Jumping Jacks in the morning ( to wake you up! )
500 Jumping Jacks at night!  ( to tire out, and help you fall asleep! )
= 1 extra lbs a week!

Losing weight will vary from person to person, 1lb is a average number but this also means this could lead to ever MORE weight loss for some people! How exciting!

Work hard, stick to your goals, and as always…


My Blog Archive - More Diet Tips and Tricks!

a lot of my friends seem to be having a hard time lately, so here’s a generally encouraging England

disclaimer: remember to take care of yourselves first - you’ve made it this far, and that’s amazing!


NHK Trophy 2016 short programme

Woohoo!!!!  So happy!!!!  Yuzu is the best.  Always and forever. :)  Good luck for the free skate!  Ganbatte!!!!

Wow, taking this class on food biology is sure fun! I like the way he makes us research the origin and usage of plants commonly used in cooking. I’m sure this won’t ever bite me in this ass.

*three days later* “wow, here’s an incredibly stupid meme about how white people don’t know what bay leaves are!”

*looks at the way one of the main originating locations for bay leaves was Europe*

*looks at prominence in cuisines worldwide, including many “white people” cuisines*

*looks at the way a lot of young people can’t identify the ingredients that make up their food because of the growing dependence on processed food and eating out (that disproportionally affects young POC in the US) which makes sense with bay leaves because they are generally taken out of restaurant/pre-packaged food for aesthetic reasons*

oh, this is gonna be a long…rest of my life…

Some of my favourite moments from The Final Problem

Mycroft’s sword/gun/umbrella

Everything Moriarty

Mrs. Hudson vacuuming and dancing to The Number of the Beast.

“I was Lady Bracknell.” “Yeah, you were great.” “You really think so?” “Yes, I really do.” “That’s good to know, I’ve always wondered.”

“Good luck, boys.”

Sherlock Holmes the Pirate.

John, sassy af: “What are you doing here?” “It’s a hospital, any work?” and “Ooh, doing a cavity search?”

Mycroft as a sailor and his little eyebrow wiggle.

“Oh, have you had sex?” after the first note of Irene’s theme.

“In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t really tell.”

Eurus couldn’t tell the difference between laughter and screaming.

“You’re not used to being unsure, are you?” “It’s more common than you think.”

John taking down two security guards like nothing.


“Red alert! Red alert! Big red bouncy red alert! Klingons attacking lower decks! Also cowboys in black hats and Darth Vader.”

“Do you like my boys? This one’s got more stamina, but he’s less caring in the afterglow.”

“Do you have cannibals here?” “Yes.” “How many?” “Three.” “That’s good. People leave their bodies to science, I think cannibals would be so much more grateful.”

“The Hungry Donkey”

Eurus and Moriarty’s little snake dance.

“Do shut up, dear.”

The entire scene where Mycroft and John couldn’t kill the governor. 

“Today we have to be soldiers.”

“This [coffin] is in the lower price range, although still the best available in that bracket.” “That was a lonely night on Google.”

“We’re experiencing science from the perspective of lab rats.”

Mycroft insulting John in an attempt to provoke Sherlock into killing Mycroft.

“Not in the face though, please. I promised my brain to the Royal Society.”

Redbeard being Victor Trevor was heartbreaking.

“You’re high above us all alone in the sky and you understand everything except how to land.”

Greg taking care of Mycroft.

“He’s a good one.”

“Sherlock, you were always the grown up.”

Sherlock and Eurus’s duet.

Mary’s cheesy P.S. message.

John spray painting the smiley face.

The two seconds of Sherlock with baby Watson.

“My Baker Street Boys” was so cheesy but I smiled anyway.

Powerhouse Live has announced a fourth date in the US leg of the WINGS tour that will take place in Chicago on Wednesday, March 29th at the Allstate Arena.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 6th, at 4PM local time (to the venue). The seating chart is not available as of yet.

If you have already purchased tickets for Anaheim or Newark… I feel for you. Try going to Twitter to see if you can find someone that wants to buy your ticket. I believe the Twitter account for various WINGS tour projects is helping people facilitate that. 

If you need help or advice regarding the tour, purchasing tickets, how to plan your trips for the concert, or anything at all - my askbox and messages are always open! Good luck, everyone. :)

thesimperiuscurse  asked:

4, 5 and 19 please! ^.^

Thank you so much for asking! <3

4. Best world to play in?

Unpopular opinion, but I like to play in EA worlds. I’ve always had really good luck with Moonlight Falls and Lucky Palms in terms of minimal lag and few-to-no routing issues, and I think they’re both relatively pretty worlds to look at. I don’t love the premade lots or families in any EA worlds, but those are things that can be easily remedied. (Plus, in my opinion, world makeovers are one of the most fun and rewarding ways to personalize and play Sims 3.)

5. Why did you join simblr?

My friend @heavensims​ had a simblr and seemed to love it here, so I bit the bullet and made an account too (over three years ago now :O), and I haven’t looked back since! For the most part, it’s been a really good fit for me here. <3

19. Which EP/SP packs do you own?Your favorite?

I own them all, Sims 2 through Sims 4. I probably shouldn’t admit that, lol, but I adore these games and they’re my favorite thing to splurge on. No regrets! :)

anonymous asked:

I don't want to be the pessimist one but I don't see any progress, yeah the trending topics and the signatures are increasing but I don't see a change in mind in the Dysney Studios so yeah, I am not saying to give up but there is a possibility that this project won't get any further, but I trust you guys and I believe in you mods, I'm saying goodbye to you all but don't fear, the shipping anon will come back, they always comes back hehe, good luck!!

It might be a quiet period for SaveWOY now but we will all stick with it. The SaveWOY blog hasn’t been very active because us mods are all very busy but the fans have been doing a great job of keeping SaveWOY going. But don’t fret, nobody is giving up! It’s not the end of the road, there are still new plans in the works, they just aren’t ready to be rolled out yet for numerous reasons. 

Take care and see you around.

- Mod Peepers

rikki-tiki-tavi replied to your post “@rikki-tiki-tavi U CANT KIDNAP MY KIDS”

Too bad. They’ve been kidnapped. They live with me now, u can have them on the weekends and every second holiday.

good luck with Piz and Harvey they’re gonna make ur life h e l l