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PSA to the Emmerdale Fandom

Shipping Robron/defending Robert does not make you a toxic and abusive person.

Enjoying a fictional relationship just because its not portrayed as healthy or stable (Newsflash! No popular soap pairing ever is), does not in any way reflect the kind of person you are irl.

Loving Aaron and still calling out his problematic behaviour does not mean you have no empathy for what his character or anyone who has actually suffered through that kind of trauma has been through.

Sending anonymous hate to people because they do both of the above is what makes you an abusive and toxic person.

Defending fictional characters to the point where you’re being aggressive and making death threats to real people makes you a toxic and abusive person.

Targeting the Robert/Robron fans (individually or collectively), making them feel like shit for loving something which is not real makes you a toxic and abusive person.

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Hello! I'm really impressed at how much love your ship gets. I often hear that people hate OC x Canon ships. I have an OC x Canon ship myself but I'm way to afraid that it will get hated. Do you have any advice for me? :) <3

Heya !!

Aw, I was a bit afraid too when I started posting about them, it’s been a few months but I’m still overwhelmed by every like/reblog/message, or cute tag. 
I’ve often been too shy to show my art, but… I am glad I took the risk, because… gosh, every little thing from you guys means the world to me !

A lot of people are scared of getting hate. It’s sad because we should all be able to share what we love and create stories ! Especially shippings, it’s just crushes and love, it’s not meant to harm anyone. I do believe most people will enjoy stories with you, and share theirs with you too, and if they don’t like it, they’ll ignore it (it’s totally understandable that we don’t enjoy everything, too ! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if you don’t support everything from everyone !) 
What I mean is, creating stories, shipping, it’s not bad, not wrong. So you shouldn’t be scared or shy. You should only feel love for them, curiosity for their story, joy to build around these characters. Not shame or fear. 
And I think it’s important to feel good about ourselves and what we do, right ? ^^

But of course, if someone wants to be rude just to be rude, it’s hard to avoid ;;

So for advices… 
Don’t be ashamed of what makes you happy, what you love.
I think it helps when people can see how happy it makes you… happiness spreads, you know ? It shows in what you do, and people feel it when they look/read. So don’t be scared to show how happy it makes you !
Be optimistic, each cute message means the world, and if there’s a bad one ? Depending on the kind of message, you can either ignore or try to reply politely, but try not to get mad owo Don’t let this stop you ! The good it brings you is way more important ! ❤

I hope… it helps a bit. I hope you do post ! And I truly hope it brings you as much joy as Khadgrin for me ❤ 

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Ouran HSHC personality swap strain? Mikoto as Tamaki (his bro XD), Yata (the short one) as Honey, Fushimi (Yata's partner) as Mori, Kusanagi as Kyoya (the scheming one) and Anna (the princess) as Haruhi. Couldn't decide on which character to get the personalities of the twins so it's up to you whether or not you want to include them!

I’m just imagining chaos everywhere, like Mikoto suddenly goes from barely talking to long energetic speeches and emotional mood swings (imagine Anna saying something blunt to him and suddenly Mikoto is cultivating mushrooms in a corner) and no one knows what’s going on with him at first. Meanwhile Yata’s suddenly extra energetic and his temper has gone down a few levels, he is now pure sunshine child and just wants to eat sweets and look cute. He also spends a lot of time being carried around by stoic silent Fushimi, who at first doesn’t seem to have changed much since it’s not like he was ever very chatty except now he’s also pretty gentle and doesn’t grimace and glare at everyone. Kusanagi has become twice as shrewd, but on the bright side he’s still Mom like always (and now please imagine Mikoto referring to himself as ‘Dad’ and Kusanagi as ‘Mom,’ later once the power wears off Mikoto’s pretty much done with people calling him 'Dad,’ thanks). Anna has become twice as blunt and suddenly is dressing more androgynous, she’s mostly being swept up in all the craziness around her and just letting it roll. For the twins…since we haven’t given them roles yet imagine Munakata and Totsuka, both of them being mischievous together while also possibly hitting on each other and plotting elaborate pranks. Totsuka would be totally into that part too, Munakata fits into it way too well and the both of them together are a pair of holy terrors. The rest of the cast probably just tries to stay away from them all until the power wears off, it’s too much craziness even for the usually unflappable members of Scepter 4.