always forgetting adam


“The first episode that I was on, we go and have a beer together, and it’s extraordinary writing-wise to look at the dialogue from that scene. It maps out the next four years of our relationship. We brought these things out in each other that only happens when you meet the person that you want to end up with. The writers let it unfold in a real and lovely way.” —Adam Scott

Okay, so I have decided to start watching Supernatural, because none of you have stopped me. You are bad people. Enjoy my trip through the rabbit hole and straight to hell.

Here’s what I know about it without having ever seen it.

-There are two brothers and their trusty sidekick, a gay angel, who hunt demons. One has nice hair and is a moose (?!), one has green eyes and loves pie.
-One of the actors is Jensen Ackles, whose ass I’ve seen many a time here on Tumblr, and whose name, apparently, is Jensen Ackles.
-The other one is Jared Pajdhdmdodjbrnrjdjdiwolsnb'dj&3)3. I’m not sure how many times I’m supposed to punch the keyboard to spell his name. I hope 4 will suffice.
-The gay angel is played by Tumblr’s boyfriend Misha Collins. I’ve heard legends of this man. I’m not sure what the Mishapocalypse was, but I don’t believe Tumblr has ever recovered from it. From what I gather, he’s a wacky, philanthropic sociopath with a perfect face. He is 98% of why I decided to throw my life away and watch this show.
-“Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”
-“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole”
-Their mother burned to death, but on the ceiling, which is a thing that happens.
-Their father is the absolute fucking worst.
-Everyone who touches Sam’s penis dies.
-In fact, all the women die.
-I mean, apparently everyone dies, but it seems like the men usually come back more often.
-So I guess the moral of the story is, if you are a woman on Supernatural, you might as well fuck Sam, because you are doomed to ceiling immolation anyway.
-Carry On My Wayward Son will one day make me cry in a dejected pile on my kitchen floor.
-Lucifer is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to miss him?
-Crowley is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to talk of him like he’s a sad little teddy bear?
-Metatron is the bad guy, except nothing, because everyone hates him.
-Whoever names these characters has an unresolved drug problem.
-Charlie is the best.
-Charlie probably dies.
-I mean, honestly, why am I watching this show? Why am I signing up for this heartbreak? Why have none of you stopped me? Why?
-Everyone always forgets about Adam.

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I know it's not hc hour but ronan trying to teach Adam to play the St Agnes organ? And ronan only ever had lessons for a couple of weeks so they're both pretty crap but they're squashed side by side on the organ stool and ronan's banging out the bottom part of heart and soul and Adam always forgets to come in at the right time with the high part because he keeps getting distracted by ronan's eyelashes


its quiet and probably rainy outside which is like a really good excuse for ronan not to go back outside and go to his car and drive home. its a good excuse. it is. super good. 

So he sits down at the organ and starts aimlessly hitting keys. Adam’s probably leaning against a wall. you know. all casual. arms crossed i bet. for aesthetic. Adam probably says something like “do you actually know how to play that thing or are you just making noise”

“Fuck you Parrish” He scoots over and pats the bench with one eyebrow raised.

Adam makes his way over and plops down with a huff. He’s landed on the bench a little closer than he sort of meant to. But trying to scotch away now would only draw attention to how close he sat down. 

Ronan winks, “I wrote this one for you.”

He begins to play a tune. His fingers moving deftly across the keys. Swaying slightly. Its beautiful but it feels familiar. 

Ronan takes a deep breath in. He opens his mouth.


awake enough for them all (ronan/adam)

summary: (Lazy mornings at the Barns.)

notes: I’ve been in a terrible writing slump for the past month and a half or so. This is my attempt to dig myself out. Enjoy!

(words: 1,825)

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         Adam’s internal body clock wakes him just before dawn. It wakes him just as the heavy purples of night dissolve to a softer lilac, a gold hue of pink and orange following suit over the distant, looming silhouette of mountains hiding the returning sun.

    Adam always forgets how quiet it is at the Barns in the morning, how quiet it is to be the only thing awake in this fantastical pocket of eternal sleep. 

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Things I always forget about LL

1. Adam is around 19
2. One was only 14 when she died
3. Adam is a bookworm and a brilliant stratigist. I mean, he got the highest marks when he was in the academy for his papers on it. Foo isn’t just a computer nerd.
4. Sarah is older than John
5. One would be 19 or 20 if she was still alive
6. A Loric accent sounds similar to french
7. Even though Adam is lean, he’s not weak. After he came back from Africa he trained in the academy for about 3 years, including combat.

Supernatural Characters
  • Girlfriend: so I'm writing all the characters in supernatural starting with A.
  • Me: haha okay who do you have so far?
  • Girlfriend: Anna, Azael, Alistair, Ash, and Abaddon.
  • Me: Are there anymore? Check the wiki page.
  • Girlfriend: okay *checks*
  • Girlfriend: *silence*
  • Me: whats up?
  • Girlfriend: we forgot Adam...
  • Me: ...
  • Girlfriend: ...