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When you notice shattering gems is not exactly killing them…

Is more like breaking them apart so theres little pieces of their mind spread around and they can still regenerate portions of their bodies to look for the others and be whole again…

Why no one is talking about that?

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how about the prompt "You could've died! What were you thinking?!"

Okay, first of all, I need to say that I adore your URL. Wholly and completely. Like it might be my favorite Rogue One related URL, in all honesty. So, you’re amazing, thank you for that. (Since you didn’t include it in here, if you have an AO3 username, send it to me!)

But here’s the prompt :) I hope you enjoy… Because I can’t resist writing First Kiss fics :)

Thank you to all my followers and those who have sent me prompts (and I’m sorry to those who are still waiting on their prompt to be published… I promise, it’s coming!), but I’m cutting off accepting new prompts! I still have several more to write, so you haven’t seen the last of this series, but no more prompts for now! Much love to you all!


Today is neither the first, nor Jyn suspects, the last time she’ll find herself in the Rebellion’s medbay. In fact, today seems fairly routine for what Jyn’s become accustomed to. No broken bones, no infected wounds threatening to turn septic. Just a blaster wound to the shoulder that didn’t even require submersion in a bacta tank. Piece of cake, honestly.

Cassian Andor, apparently, does not agree. Or, at least, that’s what Jyn’s gotten out of the long-winded lecture he’s spouting at her. (She may or may not have tuned out after the first time the words “following orders” came out of his mouth.)

Instead of paying attention to the captain’s words, Jyn has been ticking down the list of suspects that could have told Cassian exactly how she got injured on Rogue One’s most recent mission to the Outer Rim, because Jyn only gave an intentionally vague description of her activities to the man who is now formally her commanding officer.

After all, if Kestrel Dawn has issues with a few crime lords – crime lords that are likely looking for the thousands of credits Kestrel stole from them – then that’s up to Jyn Erso – who just happens to share Kestrel’s face – to deal with, not Cassian Andor.

Only one member of the crew knew exactly where Jyn was heading as she split off from the group. No matter how much Jyn trusts Bodhi Rook, however, she also recognizes the definite downsides to telling Bodhi she needed to settle a score with a previous boss. For all his bravery and learned composure in the face of Imperials, Bodhi still cracks under the pressure of Cassian’s intimidating commanding officer face, making him a prime suspect for telling Cassian how exactly Jyn returned to their U-Wing with a fresh wound in her shoulder.

However, in hind sight, Jyn also recognizes that K-2SO stood unfortunately close behind Bodhi as Jyn relayed her true plan. And Force knows how happy the droid would have been to report back to Cassian that Jyn Erso intended on traipsing off to start a fight instead of gathering reconnaissance on the local Imperial forces. (Because the droid, much like his still-lecturing master, can’t understand that Jyn needed to put the crime lords in their place to ensure Rogue One could leave the planet in one piece.)

Jyn can hear his complaining voice now: I’ve always said we can’t trust that Jyn Erso, always off stirring up trouble…

“Jyn, are you even listening?” Jyn assumes Cassian doesn’t want to hear the obvious answer of no, Captain, I haven’t been listening the entire time you’ve paced this room. “You could’ve died! What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that the entire crew would be dead if I didn’t do something first,” Jyn snapped, her frustration with the situation boiling over. “So I’m sorry if I’ve got a minor blaster wound, but, since we all made it out alive—“

But Jyn is cut off, rather unexpectedly, by Cassian’s face swooping in to kiss. His lips are rough, as forceful as the words he’s been throwing at her for the last fifteen minutes, and his hand reaches around to grip the side of her face, holding her to him. Jyn stills in shock for a moment; her lips just begin to move under his, her hand just brushing the side of his stubble, as he pulls back, breathing hard, his dark eyes intent on hers.

“That’s… new,” Jyn stutters after a moment of staring. Slowly, the edges of her mouth twist up into a smirk. “Honestly, Captain, how can you not expect me to not throw myself into danger if that’s the kind of response it gets from you?”

“Shut up,” Cassian mutters as he presses his lips to hers again.

i just remembered an art project i did back when i was 12 and like,,,, how did i not realise i wasn’t straight earlier oh my god

basically we had to design these bowl things and decorate them with an issue that was really important to us and most people did animal charities etc. but i did a whole gay rights themed bowl that was decorated with rainbow tissue paper and pictures of wlw couples and i just

i had a fact that was like ‘1 in every 4 ppl are lgbt’ and this kid was like ‘so there’s at least 7 of us in this class who are gay’ and i was like ‘oh shit yeah probably i wonder who they are’


i have some news for u buddy


Isaiah and Harry share cast secrets (aka the roasting of Matthew Daddario).



Reasons I love clace: They change each other completely starting on the day they met. Jace didn’t believe he could ever fall in love but in walks Clary who challenges everything he believes in, Jace on the other hand, shows Clary who she really is. He makes her stronger because he believes in her & her abilities. They fight for each other & beside each other. They are always their to support each other no matter what the cost. They make each other feel alive in a way that no one else ever could. I have always loved Clace but Dom & Kat have  really made me fall in love with them all over again.

I’m so sorry for barely posting any art man I’m just so busy? I have two jobs now so that means double the work and once I get home I’m super tired to draw so I’m wondering if you guys are okay with not seeing my regular coloring of posts for a while as I transition into these two jobs? I’ll be able to draw more on my iPad than anything else that’s why ahhh Im a butt.

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uhh sorry if this request is dumb, but how about the RFA + V + Saeran being MC's first kiss?

{ Haha my nap was a little longer than anticipated. Anyways; no it’s not dumb at all, darling! Don’t be afraid to send in anything you like, and i’ll be overjoyed to answer for you ^^ - Mod Kat }


♡ He hadn’t even realized that he had been shifting closer to MC
♡ That is, until, he felt his lips against hers and she had tensed next to him
♡ It was chaste, and sweet
♡ But the poor boy’s face was blistering red and his hands were trembling and clammy
♡ When they later told him it was her first kiss, he nodded wildly
♡ “It was my first kiss too! I hope you can be my last kiss as well!”
♡ He’s excited about it, honestly
♡ It feels good….knowing that he was her first kiss


♡ Their first kiss had been romantic, of course
♡ The moment accentuated with Zen’s arms tight around MC’s waist

♡ His lips tasted sweet, and he had been grinning widely against her lips

♡ He hadn’t even recalled her noise of surprise

♡ But he did remember the way she comfortably eased against his chest and leaned up to kiss back

♡ When she told him it was her first, he flipped

♡ Totally entranced

♡ His cheeks had promptly flushed and he chuckled

♡ “Oh? I feel bad, now. I should’ve set the scene like a true gentleman.”


♡ Her lips had tasted notably like the breakfast he had made her that morning
♡ She was sweet, and soft
♡ And initially, he had wanted to be careful and proper with their first kiss together
♡ But the moment he felt her lips against his, there was a spark of fire in his abdomen and he couldn’t help but rest his hand on the nape of her neck and urge her into it
♡ And she hadn’t any time to comply as she wished
♡ It was heat of the moment, after all.
♡ But still infinitely passionate and loving
♡ When she had told him later that it was her first kiss
♡ He was immediately embarrassed - how could he be so rough with something that important?
♡ But she had reassured him that she enjoyed it
♡ He couldn’t help but smile…..
♡ He’d have to kiss her more, then.


♡ She’s about skittish concerning romance

♡ But she is still rather flustered when MC grips her chin and leads her into a kiss

♡ It had been careful and affectionate

♡ And oh man did it alleviate a weight from Jaehee’s chest

♡ She couldn’t help but lean into the contact and hum in approval against their lips

♡ When MC later told her that she was her first kiss

♡ She was more than just a little flattered

♡ And poor Jaehee actually had to cover her flustered face


♡ With the cool breeze dancing across their skin

♡ And the warmth of one another’s company

♡ Luciel was hardly considerate of the tension that had been building up

♡ And instead he had decided to impose his adoration by turning to MC and interlacing their fingers

♡ Soon his lips had touched hers and it was a silent moment

♡ Where nothing but MC mattered

♡ Where nothing existed but their love

♡ So when she told him that he was their first

♡ He was absolutely enthralled

♡ He probably goes wild and presses another wild flurry of kisses all over her face

Saeran / Unknown

♡ Their first kiss together had been chaste

♡ They were curled up on the couch together with MC’S head resting against his shoulder

♡ They had been watching the snow fall serenely from the sky

♡ And they were occupied in listening to one another’s fears

♡ “I’m afraid of you not feeling like I do.”

♡ MC had looked up at him, her brows furrowed as they shift closer to Saeran.

♡ “I think I love you.”

♡ And they both knew it was one another’s first

♡ Especially as they bumped noses and awkwardly pressed against one another in the silence of the living room

♡ There didn’t need to be any confirmations, they just both knew.

♡ And Saeran was infinitely grateful she gave him something so special.

♡  He had truly been reluctant in the beginning
♡ There was curiosity welling up inside of his chest
♡ And he could feel his eyes being drawn to the silhouette of MC as they interlaced their fingers
♡ He had been the one to lean forward and capture her lips
♡ And she willingly complied; her hands gripping his
♡ When she had later told him that he was her first kiss
♡ He couldn’t help but give her one of those tooth-achingly sweet smiles
♡ And he embraced her and pressed another fleeting kiss to her lips
♡ Everything is warm….
♡ And they’re both happy