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He’s, doing his best , 

When you're in love with a....
  • Aries Venus ♈: You'll never have a second to breathe, but that will feel amazing; it'll be like you're always on your toes, always learning new things about this amazing, wonderful human being. Yes, they will test you, they'll push your buttons and let you push theirs, but you will never feel so excited as you are when you're around them.
  • Taurus Venus ♉: This love will truly behold the definition of bliss, pure bliss in fact. "Love goggles" have never been so true when you are in love with a Taurus Venus because you will forgive all of their flaws as they will be so truthful and apologetic. A love truly mesmerising.
  • Gemini Venus ♊: This person puts the fun in your life. When you are without them you can't do anything but feel bored. This can cause you to feel incomplete without them at times too. This love will be like lightening roaring through your veins.
  • Cancer Venus ♋ : This kind of love is a hurricane; Cancer Venus are unpredictable in love but you'll love it. Nothing will fail to surprise you and you will have never felt so loved. Be prepared to give everything you've got, because they'll be expecting it. This love is a triumphant one.
  • Leo Venus ♌: This kind of love will feel effortless at time, almost like you're floating along with the biggest smile across your face at all times. You will find yourself dumbfounded by their presence and absolutely defensfless by their words, this can lead to some embarrassing moments, but it's a love you couldn't recreate.
  • Virgo Venus ♍: This seems to be what real love feels like. This love quickly consumes all of your waking days and becomes the air in which you breathe. It gives you energy and a spark in your eyes, but be careful not to disappoint this lover as second chances are rare. This love will send you into second heaven but will still feel like you're standing firmly on the ground with both feet.
  • Libra Venus ♎: You will almost always feel an overwhelming happiness. Your heart will feel like it's beating out of your chest at times and you might want to throw yourself at them arms open, more than you want to admit. You might struggle to always agree with their abstract opinions but your burning love will sort itself out in the end.
  • Scorpio Venus ♏: This love feels full, there is nothing more indulgent and crave-worthy than this love; you won't be able to get enough. When you look into their eyes you'll feel a connection, a fierce, true connection. You fault might be not trusting them even when they've only told the truth. This is a love that truly satisfies the heart but tests the mind.
  • Sagittarius Venus ♐: As cliché as it sounds for stereotypes this love is an adventure; you might feel like you never get a chance to sit down. Its not just physical adventure that you'll experience but an adventure to learn more about you.The grass seems greener, the water colder and the air fresher with them, it's a love you'll never want to leave.
  • Capricorn Venus ♑: A fairytale, not an old one with a princess or prince charming but a new one, where you don't exactly understand where the point was that you fell in love but now you're so deep you can't swim to the surface. A love that event the very last moment you'll come running back for. Be weary of how many times you might have to be forgiving, but this is a love you've dreamed of before.
  • Aquarius Venus ♒: This is a sweet love. Like have a best friend who you can hug and kiss and do whatever you wish with. An exciting experience as you slowly but surely become each others entire universe. This is a love where you will always feel complete even when they aren't with you physically because you know that you have more than just love; the bond of a friend or family.
  • Pisces Venus ♓: This is a certain love; you will never have to doubt their feeling for you and you know they'll never fail to pull of the most romantic, heart melting gestures without even realising. Understand they will put you edited them,and this is a hurdle you must face together. This is a love that you never want to leave as you never felt so loved in your entire life.


my angel, my sunshine, the light of my life, i can’t put into words how much you mean to me. every day you inspire me with your talent and passion and dedication. you make me smile and laugh on my darkest days. i’m so lucky to be alive at the same time as you.


“Jolyne and Jotaro Kujo. these are the siblings behind the performance simply named “Kujos”. Jolyne’s beautiful yet powerful vocals accompanied by Jotaro’s moving piano compositions are sure to leave you breathless!”

Jolyne (19) and Jotaro (18) are rising star performers recently signed onto Lucky Land Records. They write and compose their music themselves, and while they are heavily inspired by classical music, there’s always an overwhelming feeling of power and strength behind their compositions and performance. While Jolyne is the vocalist, Jotaro will occasionally provide backup vocals when needed.

Off-stage, Jolyne is very extroverted and likes to socialize with other musicians. She will often drag an uncomfortable and reluctant Jotaro with her to celebrity parties.



or: Four Times Moana and Maui Surprised the Crowd, and One Time They Did Not

My first shot at a 4-and-1 type gig! I tried to keep these short, but you know my writing, that didn’t end up happening. I think this is like seven thousand words total. Look, my hand just slipped for four hours straight. 

Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend @paperjam-bipper! You’re so old now, you shmuck. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous amounts of fluff I stuck in here, just for you. :) 

Fandom: Moana
Words: 7,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: Four times Moana and Maui surprised the crowd, and one time they did not. 


It’s when the first wave breaks on the deck of their ship that Aronui decides, quite firmly, that she does not like storms.

Even shielded as she is from the worst of the rain by her mother’s sturdy legs and swollen belly, there pellets of water sting against her eyelids, and Aronui has to squint to see the deck of the boat mere feet in front of her. Her hairband was lost long ago to the frenzy of the wind, which whips her hair around her face. When Aronui spares a hand to try and tame it, she ends up nearly ripping off the right half of her head.

“Hard about to port!” shouts a familiar voice, commanding against the fury of the storm.

Aronui looks over to see Moana astride the canoe. Despite the writhing waves that tower around her Moana looks at ease, balanced perfectly atop the edge of her canoe while wrestling with the halyard in both hands. She’s planted at one end of her tiny craft, which sways dangerously in the water, and is somehow using the boat’s instability to clamber up the side and look intently at Kara.

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Yamaguchi doesn’t really like to read minds. He always feels as if he’s invading people’s privacy. But, sometimes, he simply has to do it. What happens, when he tunes into some random person’s mind on a crowded train, though?

The poll is rather popular, here goes the winner (32%). The second fic was really close behind it.

Also - this is my 50th work published!

SFW, TsukiYama
Words: 1286
Also on ao3.

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anonymous asked:

Hey could you do a head cannon where the reader just got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and either Connor or Evan helping her with it💛🌻

Why not both! (I don’t know if this was requested twice because there’s another one similar to it, I’ll do that one later though)


•You had always had an overwhelming feeling in social situations or in public presentations but it only got worse when you got into high school. Connor started to notice it too.

•You would get what you called “mind
attacks,” which you learned was truly, anxiety attacks, when you felt a lot of attention on you. You learned to try to hide from social attention to try to prevent it but sometimes, it’s unavoidable.

•You knew it was a major problem when it interfered with your daily life. You couldn’t publicly speak without having an attack.

•Connor knew exactly what was happening. You have anxiety, and he didn’t exactly know how you didn’t realize that but he soon told you after.

•You had all of the symptoms, panic, fear, insomnia, nausea, and more and Connor knew exactly how to help you.

•At this point, you both had been dating for three months, so you both were comfortable with each other. When you had anxiety attacks or worries, you would tell him, and he would whisper things to you and hold you. You saw a side of Connor no else got to.

•If that doesn’t work, he would read to you. Softly, it’s like music to you honestly, he’ll read any book he finds to you. He only cares if it calms you down.


•He had experienced this before so he easily picked it up that you had it too when he saw you start shaking and breathing heavy when you were doing a presentation in English.

•He confronted you about it, in which you almost started to have an attack since you were so panicked that he would abandon you or break up with you, but he calmed you down, making sure that you knew he had it too, which you obviously knew, but didn’t think much into it.

•He made a music playlist for you to use when you have an attack. You use it to calm down when he isn’t there for him to do it.

•He teaches you ways to ride out an anxiety attack when they come. Either, letting them go through the process of panic, practicing breathing techniques, or yelling.

•You both try to do yoga to calm down but you both dropped it. Evan’s not exactly an exercise person. Evan also thought that it made you guys look like hippies.

•You help each other really, it’s not an one way thing. You both calm each other before a public presentation. If it doesn’t work out, there’s no disappointment but a bit of improvement of talking in public

icarusninja23  asked:

*skateboards into ur askbox* hey there bro u got any autistic jake headcanons?


-He has a lot of attachment anxiety (bc of his parents leaving) which is why he changes extracurriculars so often
-He LOVES soft fabric, like LOVES it. He wears his worn in letterman almost everywhere he goes (as long as it’s not too hot)
-Stims by tapping his fingers/chewing on stuff (he’s biting his lip/nails constantly)
-Can’t stand too much heat
-Loves hugs and cuddles but can’t deal w them if it gets too hot
-Like if he’s cuddling w someone he can’t stand blankets bc they make everything Overheat and he kinda freaks out 
-SI in comic books probably!!! He loves them. specifically DC!!! His favorite character Ever is Harley Quinn and he reads everything about her (he hates suicide squad but he went to see it JUST for some harley and was Very Disappointed)
-Always feeling kind of overwhelmed, even when not much is going on. He gets a lot of stress when he has to organize plants/parties/etc. 
-Can’t understand implications!!! (when christine said “prince and princess” and he came to the party as Prince)
-Too Loud sometimes
-More excited than everyone else about his SI
-almost always available for hugs!!! (not when he’s too anxious)
-Sometimes he throws up because he gets so overwhelmed
-Loves clicky keyboards
-Very sensitive and worries that no one really likes him and they just hang out with him bc he’s popular

T h i s  bo  y

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 12

Characters: Derek Hale, Werewolf!Stiles, PackMom!Reader.

“Tie them up. Now.” The figure emerged, a woman standing in front of you that you did not recognize.

Derek held onto you tightly. “Let her go. Take me instead.”

“Derek, no.” You cry out, clinging to his side.

“You’re not so tough on your own, are you? You act like you’re so big and mighty being the pack mother, but all you are is Derek’s little bitch.”

“Hey!” Derek steps forward. “You do not talk to her like that.”

You lunge forward, knocking her to the ground. She laughs, pushing you off of her.

“You and I have something in common, you know. We’ve both mothered disappointments. Only difference is, I actually birthed mine.”

“How dare you.” You grit your teeth, standing up before knocking the woman into the wall. “Come after me if you want to, but you will not come after my son.” You dig your elbow into her neck, Derek quickly approaching.

“You will not even speak about my son, Victoria. You won’t.” His hand replaces your elbow on her neck. “Now, I bit you once. Don’t make me do anything worse.”

“Oh stop acting like he’s your son. He was left behind. A boy born a werewolf should be way ahead than he already is. You two are failures. I can’t believe you call yourselves parents. Now, Allison may have disappointed me, but I raised her to have feelings, to know what is right and wrong. I can only blame myself for how she turned out.”

Derek’s claws come out and he starts to press them into her neck.

Stiles grabs him, slamming him down into a chair before he can do anything. “You may want to rethink that, Hale.”

You and Derek exchange looks. You have no idea what’s running through his head right now, but all you can think about is your son at home without his parents.

Stiles sits you down too, your chair back to back with Derek’s.

“Leave them. We have to go take care of things.” Victoria says to Stiles. He ties you up before following her out the door.

“Y/N?” Derek says quietly.


“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I should’ve come by myself.”

“Are you kidding me? Derek, I’ll always go with you. Literally and figuratively.”

“We might be here awhile.” He sighs.

You run your fingers over the knots on Derek’s wrists. “I know this knot. I can untie it.”

“Really?” He feels for your hand, squeezing it when he finds it. “Do your thing then.”

You begin to untie it, Derek sighing in relief when he’s freed. He gets you out quickly and the two of you run out to the car.

He quickly drives toward the house, the sooner you’re home the better.

“She’s right, you know.” Derek says quietly.

“About?” You look over at him, the marks on your wrist quickly healing.

“Max being behind. At that age I was already changing.”

“That sounds adorable.”

“Well, it is…but, Max should be changing now, he’s walking already so it should be anytime soon.”

“You know more about this than I do, Derek.” You look at him and he nods.

“I’ll work on it with him.”

You stare out the window in silence for while.

“Hey, D?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Who was she?”

“Allison Argent’s mom.”

“Scott told me you bit her and Allison’s dad killed her.”

“We thought so. I have no idea how she could be alive.”

You sigh, running inside the house before Derek even gets the car in park. You spot Max on the carpet, playing peacefully. You scoop him up, making him squeal in excitement. You kiss his head, bouncing with him as he comforts you.

Derek walks in, his eyes landing on the two of you. You feel this unspoken connection with him. You don’t break eye contact, neither of you moving. He silently makes his way to you, wrapping his arms around the two of you. He kisses the side of your head, a small sigh leaving his lips.



“You deserve this. I know what you’ve been through, and you deserve the pack father role. You deserve an amazing baby boy.”

“I don’t deserve you. I’ve done bad things too.”


He looks at you with an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t deserve you. I know we aren’t together, but God Derek…the things that I feel with you..I always want to feel like that. I always want to feel overwhelmed with joy when you walk in the room. You are the missing piece for me. You’re it.”

He smiles, “Y/N, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” His lips connect with yours and he puts his forehead against yours. “I’m tired of this. Let’s be together.”

“That’s easier said than done.”

“We have a kid, we’re the pack parents, all we need is each other.” He kisses your nose. “Be mine.”

The perfect timing (Part III)

This is based on a prompt I got:
Soulmate AU: In which you turn 18 and see everything through your soulmate’s eyes when you’re not sleeping anymore but are not fully awake yet.

Part I

Part II

She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care.

The one sentence Sana keeps repeating in her head. She needs to make herself believe this before she goes to bed. 

Does it work? Hopefully. Probably not. But hopefully. 

Still a little hazy, eyes heavy, Sana slowly starts waking up. 
In that moment she forgets why this Sunday morning of her waking up is so special.  

It’s her birthday. Her 18th birthday.

In that hazy phase she doesn’t see her own room, she sees a dark grey wall.

Her view changes slowly. She realizes that the other three walls are white.

Shelves with videogames next to the window.

Her view changes once again, slowly. It’s very blurry. A long-sleeved, dark blue shirt. Grey-white dots over one side of it. Tossed over a chair.

And that’s it. 

She blinks one more time and it’s gone. The room of her soulmate is not in front of her eyes anymore.

All she can see now is her same old, blue room. 

Squeezing her eyes shut for a few seconds, Sana opens her eyes and hopes to be in that hazy phase again. To feel so peaceful again. To not see anything but what her soulmate sees.

No, just her blue room.

Sitting up, she frowns. 

That was not even a minute. Why was it so short? She feels a longing to that feeling of being completely content that she had just seconds ago.

“Sana, are you awake?”, she hears being called out from the other side of the door.

“Yeah.”, Sana answers.

Her brother opens the door and comes in singing.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to youuuu!”

Elias grins from ear to ear and finally jumps on Sana’s bed.

He immediately crushes Sana in a big embrace and pats her back lightly. “My baby sister is getting older. When did all this time pass?”

The thing is, he sounds genuinely sad and nostalgic so Sana can’t even give a sarcastic answer. She just hugs him back and leans her head against his shoulder.

When they part from the hug, Elias grins at his sister. Sana raises her eyebrows at him questioningly and sceptically.

“What?”, Sana asks.

“I’ve got you a chocolate-chip muffin!”, he declares proudly and shows it to her. He had been holding it behind his back the whole time. “I had to sneak in and out the kitchen without Mamma noticing. And I succeeded!”

Sana can help but burst out laughing. Her brother is the one person in her life that makes her laugh non-stop, no matter of what’s going on.

Elias joins his sister and Sana asks: “Okay, but you sure we’re not both still children?”

Her brother just smiles at that and stands up.

“Breakfast is ready.”, he says before walking towards the door.

Sana looks at the muffin in her hand and just decides to ask her brother something she will be wondering the whole day if she doesn’t ask.

“Elias!”, she calls out and he quickly turns around. With his eyebrows raised, he waits for her to continue. “Could you close the door and come in?”

This makes him worried. His sister is still sitting in her bed, looking a little tired but at the same time like something’s bothering her.

“What’s up?”

Sana hesitates. She tries to act like she doesn’t care; she tries to believe that she doesn’t care. But she has to ask.

“For how long did you see your soulmate’s room?”

As soon as the question leaves her mouth, Elias starts grinning and comes back to her bed. He sits down on one end.

“Did you see your soulmate’s room?”, he asks his sister. “Do you know whose room it is?”

Sana shakes her head: “How would I know whose room it is? But tell me, how long did you have your soulmate’s room in front of your eyes?”

“Couple of minutes. Two or three maybe.”

Oh, okay. So it is unusual that Sana only saw so little. Apparently her disappointment is clearly to be seen on her face because Elias’ facial expression changes, as well. He knows he shouldn’t push his sister so he’s just waiting.

“I didn’t see much. Not even a minute, I think. No details. Basically, it could be any teenager’s room.”

She looks down on her hands fiddling with the hem of her shirt. Elias puts a comforting hand on her arm and tells her something that he hopes would make her feel better.

“Sana, you’re the one that told me that it’s not important to see your soulmate’s room. And like Mikael always says, the chances of finding your soulmate are always the same, doesn’t matter if you saw it or not. And look at it this way, at least you know how it feels now. That phase when you see things through their eyes.”

Sana nods with a small smile. “I know. It’s just… I’m one of the lucky ones. Not everyone gets to experience that. I just wish… that it was more than just knowing their wall colours, you know?”

Elias nods, smiling. “Yes, I get it. But Sana, if anyone is going to find their Soulmate it’s you.”


Her birthday being on the 24th December means a lot of things.

Her friends are all busy with their families and their holiday.

Most shops and public places are closed.

Her family spends all day together.

And since Elias’ close friends don’t celebrate Christmas either, they usually join them.

About half an hour after the breakfast Sana spent answering texts wishing her a Happy Birthday. To be honest, most of these texts also had the sentence: “Did you see your soulmate’s room this morning?” in them but Sana ignored those.

At around 12 am Sana is sitting at the kitchen table and reading while her mother is already cooking and backing for later.

Sana’s family will be coming here in the afternoon to celebrate her birthday which means that her mother will make so much food that they could feed all of Oslo and neighbouring cities.

The book she’s reading and the smell of delicious food calms Sana.

Somehow, she is still disappointed over the fact that she only saw so little of her soulmate’s room.

When she reads over the first sentences of the book she always reads when she’s feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do with herself and can’t understand anything for the fifth time, she closes it for a moment.

Her mother is singing along to the song playing from the radio.

Sana sighs.

“What is going on? You’ve been quiet all morning. Aren’t you happy to finally be 18?” Her mother asks without turning around.

Instead of answering her mother’s question, she asks one herself: “Mamma, can I ask you something?”

To that her mother turns around: “Of course.”

“What could be the reason for me to only see what my soulmate saw for less than a minute?”, now that she asked this she can’t hold back. “Everyone that told me about what they saw … well, it all was at least two minutes. They could make out a lot, even details. I couldn’t.”

Yes, the mantra in her head last night didn’t work.

“It could be that they were just waking up themselves or they were falling back asleep.”, Sana’s mother says and that’s all she can say.

She should have heard them before but now Elias and his four best friends storm into the kitchen.

“Oh, here you are!”, Sana hears Adam say before he runs over to her.

She closes her book once more, she had opened and closed it while talking one too many times, and stands up when Adam goes to hug her.

“Happy Birthday! Now you’re finally an adult!”, Adam says and squeezes Sana in a hug.

“Adam, she’s always been more of an adult then we all are.”, Yousef says with a smile.

Sana looks at him and just smiles. He was one of the first people to wish her a happy birthday over text.

Well, they have been texting a lot lately so it would’ve been rude if he didn’t. Especially because they were talking before Sana went to bed right before midnight.

“I take offense to that!”, Mikael objects but nobody reacts.

Instead all of the other boys join the hug. Usually, they are very reserved when it comes to show their love for Sana physically but since they found out that Sana doesn’t mind being hugged, they do it all the time. And on her birthday, it would be awful not to. 
Mutta is the first one to leave the hug to sit down at the table. Sana follows him and puts her hands on her book again. 
It’s the very first Harry Potter book she reads whenever she feels overwhelmed which was the case today, thanks to her stupid soulmate falling back asleep while she was waking up.

Mutta sits across from Sana and leans forward, resting his arms on the table. 
“So, Sana. Tell me, did you see your soulmate’s room this morning?”

Following this question, all eyes are on her.

She knows she shouldn’t, but the first person she looks at is Yousef. He’s standing behind Mutta’s chair, arms crossed over his chest, just smiling at Sana. 

That makes her look away. He can’t smile at her like that while other people are in the room and expect her to not break out in a grin. 

“Yeah.”, Sana simply answers. 

At that Yousef’s eyes widen and he stands up a bit more straight. His eyes follow the small movements of Sana’s fingers on the book she’s almost covering completely with her arms. 

He doesn’t like to admit it, not even to himself, but suddenly he remembers something Sana has said about half a year ago. Not even to him. He was just arriving at the kitchen to take a break and have a minute of silence. 

She has a book she reads whenever she feels overwhelmed. Can that one she’s fiddling with right now be it? 

As soon as he had arrived in the kitchen Yousef noticed the worry line in between her eyebrows. That Elias had mentioned that they might need to cheer Sana up a little just confirms his thought. However, when Elias told him that Yousef thought Sana did not see her soulmate’s room and was upset because of that and not because she did.

“Aren’t you going to tell us what you saw?”, Mutta asks with a smile. He is way too into this soulmate stuff. Even more than Yousef. 

Sana looks at him and glances at her brother shortly. What does that look mean, Yousef wonders. 

“No.”, Sana says and presses her lips together for a second, “I couldn’t if I wanted to.”

“But didn’t you say you saw it?”, Yousef finds himself ask. Why did he ask?

He has this very adamant thought in his head. Please describe my room, please describe my room!

And at the same time he doesn’t want her to say anything. If she described something other than his room his heart would break.

Yousef had this tiny glimmer of hope. About Sana being his soulmate. They have been talking a lot recently. They get along so well. They can talk about everything and anything without feeling like they will be judged. They start texting in the morning and only stop right before going to bed. Yousef feels most happy lately, when he is near her. Even if she’s just sitting in the same room and doing her thing while Yousef is busy with the boys. 

Aren’t those all things that could hint that she’s his soulmate. Or is he just being too hopeful?

There’s one more thing he needs to sort out but when Sana answers him he kind of forgets it for a minute.

“Well, I didn’t see much. Not even a minute.”, she shrugs and stands up from the table, hugging her book to her chest and leaving the room. 


Adam, Mikael and Mutta had left and would come back to the Bakkoush house in the evening, with their families. Yousef, well, he didn’t.

He’s lying on the floor of Elias’ room and staring at the ceiling. 

“Elias?”, he asks. They have been in this position, Elias on his bed with his laptop and editing something, and Yousef on the floor for almost forty-five minutes. 

“Hmm?”, Elias says but doesn’t look up.

“What did your soulmate’s room look like again?”, Yousef asks, not taking his eyes away from the ceiling. 

That’s why he doesn’t notice Elias looking away from his laptop and to his friend. He narrows his eyes at Yousef suspiciously, having a small idea as to why he would ask that especially on the 24th December when he already knows it. 

“White walls, a lot of bookshelves, green bean bag, a wooden desk with school stuff and make-up on it. White fluffy-carpet, clothes hanging over chairs and the wardrobe door open.”, Elias lists. He might think of this one too many times. 

Yousef sighs.

“White fluffy carpet.”

It’s disappointing. The only thing Yousef saw from Sana’s room is something so many people have in their rooms. Elias’ soulmate, his cousin’s soulmate, his neighbour and all of his siblings. 

He wishes he could just stand up and waltz into Sana’s room and just see if she’s it or not. Not that it would change his opinion about or his feelings towards her. 

He just wishes he finally knew.

But he knows there are boundaries you don’t cross.

None of the boys was ever in Sana’s room. Nobody ever said they weren’t allowed to but it’s just a common understanding. It doesn’t matter how well they get along.

Yousef covers his face with his hands and sighs. This shouldn’t be this hard. He shouldn’t care if Sana is his soulmate or not. There is not just one person that can make you happy, that you can make happy when you’re together.

Sana makes him happy even when all they did so far is play basketball and talk. That’s more than enough for now. Yousef knows he wants to be with Sana. He doesn’t need to know if she’s the person whose room he saw… but it wouldn’t hurt. 

“Elias!”, both boys hear minutes later. It’s obviously Sana.

Elias and Yousef look at each other worried and both immediately shoot up from their spots and run out of the room.

Elias leads the way and finds Sana in the living room, and barges in. Sana’s call was very high-pitched and she never sounds like that.

What they find in the living room is … interesting. Elias doesn’t know if he should laugh or rush over to his little sister and help. 

Sana is standing at the window, holding it up with both hands and having to stand on her tiptoes for it to not fall. 

“Could you maybe come over here and help instead of just looking?”, Sana asks through her teeth. 

That makes the boys snap out of it and run over to her. Elias takes one end of the window, Yousef the other so Sana can let her arms falls. She sighs in relief and watches as the boys push the window back into its place.

“How did you even do this?”, Yousef asks Sana, trying to look over his shoulder and almost letting his side fall. The part of the window that can be opened was falling out of it hinges. 

Elias knows what he’s doing because the same thing had happened to him the previous night. 

“I wanted to open the window for a bit of fresh air and forgot that the window will only be repaired after the holidays.”, Sana explains. She had feared that the huge glass would break.

Her older brother turns away from the window towards her and grins. Even Yousef doesn’t know why he’s grinning like that. 

Sana narrows her eyes at her brother. “What?”

She then quickly looks over to Yousef who has been already looking at her. How is he supposed to look anywhere but at her when she looks this beautiful? Instead of looking away, he smiles at her which she answers to with a smile of her own.

The moment is over when Elias says: “I just saw Aunt Aisha’s car pull up. You probably have 5 seconds before she rings the doorbell.”

Sana’s eyes widen and she sprints out of the room. Even Yousef knows that this aunt has this weird thing about being greeted right at the door, not wanting to wait a minute after she rings the doorbell. Yousef watches her run to the door and smiles to himself.

Yousef was so distracted by Sana being cute that he didn’t notice Elias sitting down on the couch. So he lets himself fall on it, next to his best friend. But he lands on something.

Furrowing his eyebrows Yousef fishes it out from under him. It’s a book. He doesn’t think much of it and leans back once again. Until he sees the title of the book on the back cover.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

His heart starts beating faster. He’s aware that it’s a book many people have read and a book many people love. 

But now, when he’s holding the pretty worn out book in his hands, he has a hard time breathing. The fear of being disappointed keeps him from turning the book around to look at the bottom right corner on the front. 

A few moments later, he takes a deep breath as he turns the book in his hands and stares at the big title on the front cover. His eyes wanting to wander south, to see if the right bottom corner is torn. 

He can’t even prepare himself, his eyes just slip down and see it. 

The torn bottom right corner of the front cover. 

Looking exactly like the book in his soulmate’s room. The same worn out, lightly torn, old book.

“Dude, be careful. That’s Sana’s book to always make her feel better.”, Elias says, not knowing how important that is. 

Reunion Scrapyard Makeout

I will never get over the reunion scrapyard scene. Its just the way they’re sat together in labourers clothes, far more alike then they’ve ever been, putting in some hard graft. Sitting impossibly close despite the stretches of space, just having casual banter, back and forth conversation. Its slightly out of character the amount Aaron talks, almost as if its Danny delivering lines, but its actually putting up a facade for Andy and Paddy. The constant stream of words continues as they walk away together with a natural sway to their strides mimicking one another like animals two by two. 

Then as soon as they enter the scrapyard portacabin both of them visibly relax as Robert leans against the door sexily and Aaron’s shoulders come down to rest with a sigh. Robert’s voice drops an octave and fills the room with a lightness and soft tone that’s both entrancing and soothing. Aaron seems entirely consumed by his presence, his body naturally leaning towards Robert. Robert too is thrusting his hips, his body begging for Aaron. 

When Aaron takes charge and totally engulfs Robert’s space I always feel so overwhelmed. Aaron’s dominance is charged with an urgency and aggression that is sexy and so Aaron. The way he attacks Robert’s jacket and tight white top pulling them off him is so desperate, like he needs Rob’s bare skin now. Robert’s eagerness is bordering on adorable, the way he helps Aaron get rid of his own clothes is strangely cute, like they’re sharing the workload again. The way Robert is grinning so cheekily, like he;s absolutely chuffed just to be in Aaron’s company again. When they do actually get their kit off Aaron presses his hand against Robert’s bare waist, his hand looks massive on Rob’s little tummy. My favourite thing though is through that whole manouvering they refuse to remove their lips off each other. They continue kissing repeatedly, mercilessly, like they’re making up for lost time. Even once Rob’s white top gets pulled over his head there’s not even half a second before they reconnect and reattatch themselves to one another. 

Then we see them getting redressed. I was surprised to see Aaron putting his jacket back on, I kinda presumed he only ever took his top off in really private moments when they’re in bed and Robert begs him. so I’m guessing Robert just pulled his jacket off him so he can appreciate those muscled biceps in his t-shirt. Robert is so much more blase about getting everything back on, taking his time, letting Aaron memorize his body. 

I’m not even going to get in the territory of Robert asking Paddy so kindly “not to give Aaron a hard time, because he doesn’t deserve it”, because that officially killed me and revived me. 

The New World - Part 5

Here’s part 5, hopefully, you all enjoy xox

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Daryl x Reader, Maggie X Glen, Ezekiel x everyone

Warnings: This chapter is pretty much just fluff and smut. #Sorrynotsorry More of the Negan mystery coming in the next chapter. Canon-divergence

Word Count: 3491

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Daryl sat down in the driver’s seat with a huff and turned the engine over. Putting the hulking vehicle into gear, it lurched forward causing a squeal of delight from the kids and Glenn to ask Daryl if he should do the driving.

Daryl silently flipped Glenn off in the rearview mirror, making both you and Maggie laugh. You took in a deep breath, exhaled and felt excited for the journey ahead. Once he got her going, the RV rolled on without a hitch as Daryl directed it out beyond the walls of Alexandria and onward towards the Kingdom.

“There’s gonna be a what?!” Shelby screeched and bounced up and down excitedly on Daryl’s lap. 

“A king, munchkin. The leader of this community is called King Ezekiel,” Daryl tried to hold her down as she squirmed on his lap. Sitting in the front seat of the RV, Daryl rode shotgun while Glenn navigated the vehicle down the last few miles towards the Kingdom.

“And when we get there, guess what they greet you with?” Daryl cooed to Shelby, her eyes big with wonder.

“What daddy? What do they have?” she was staring at his face, her eyes as big as saucers.

“Horses,” he raised his eyebrows and she squealed again, eliciting a strange look from her little brother.

“Shell’s loud,” Abe complained from the seat next to you on the bench. On his other side was Hershel, who was covering his ears every time Shelby professed her enthusiasm for their arrival at the Kingdom. You peeked over at Hershel and couldn’t help but laugh at the two boys as their faces scrunched up at the noise.

Glenn pulled the RV into the lot outside and brought it to a stop. Shelby instantly jumped up off Daryl’s lap and ran for the door.

“Shelby, wait!” you called after her, reaching to grab her waist before she went barreling out of the RV.

“No mama lemme go!” Shelby wriggled out from your arms and made a beeline for the door, but Daryl was there to scoop her up before she got far.

“Munchkin, you gotta be calm, ok? Remember what I told you about outside the walls?” Daryl crouched down so he was eye level with the chestnut-haired little girl, her blue eyes burning with curiosity and excitement.

“Be very quiet, cause the walkers can hear you,” Shelby repeated on cue.

“That’s right Shel,” Daryl smiled sweetly at her and ran a hair over the top of her long, wild hair, “you gotta be quiet, ok munch? But, once we’re at the Kingdom, you can make all the noise you want. Alright?”

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Imagine waking up Tyrion in the middle of the night just to remind him you love him

Tyrion, asleep next to you, looked very peaceful. In the silence of the night his breath was the only sound you could hear. He was so beautiful. You reached out your arm to brush a lock of golden curls over his ear. Sometimes there were moments when you just stopped to think about him and how much you loved him. And those feelings were always so overwhelming to completely fill your heart of joy and gratitude. This was one of those moments.

“Tyrion…” you whispered. He didn’t move, his breath still regular.

“Tyrion” you tried again, getting a vague mumble in return.

“Tyrion” you said once more, sweetly.

“What” he finally spoke, resigned, with his sleepy voice, his eyes still closed.

“I need to tell you something”

He opened one eye raising an eyebrow. “What is so important to wake me up in the middle of the night?”

You smiled. “I love you”

Tyrion, now completely awake, sat up leaning on an elbow, dumbfounded. He sighed and shook his head, smiling.

“My beloved lady, you never stop to surprise me. I love you too” He then leaned on you. “What should I do with you, uh?” he added.

“I have a couple ideas…”

He smirked and kissed you as you wrapped him in your arms.