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honesty hour: i pretend that it's okay when others take ages to reply to me, or send messages that are so much shorter than any essay i send them. but the truth is that it kinda hurts even if they honestly are busy and have other things to do. i have so much free time that i obsess over little irrelevant things like this. and i do wish that my friends had time for me, or that my life was busy enough to not worry about things like this. it sucks not being important enough

lovely, I understand where you are coming from, but I can promise you that you’re so incredibly important!! we’re all different, and sometimes people get so caught up with living and feeling overwhelmed that replying to messages isn’t their first priority, and I know it can be hard to accept smaller replies as being okay, but what I would recommend is in those moments that you start over-analysing everything, turn to things that you consider to be a positive distraction, like start reading, or writing in a journal, or go for a walk whilst listening to music. you have so much worth, and try to not let your doubts about all of this diminish that xx

[inaudible shit talking]

anyway considering they’re literally the two POV characters I probably don’t pay enough attention to tris and noa

why is the mobile app making all my uploads look blurry?? it’s 100% fine on chrome?? I’m so not okay with this??

I used to believe that it was wrong of me, to be so sensitive. I would always feel everything, in it’s extremes. When I was sad, it was excruciating. When I was happy, I was uncontrollably joyful. When I was angry, I could feel my blood boil. And when I was unsure, I was completely hopeless. Everything I would ever feel, always felt overwhelming. Radiating off of my skin & consuming all the air around me. I used to question, why it was that I would feel so much. Emotions came in waves of “too much.” All of my life I questioned, whether this was a gift or a burden to feel too much. Too much, too much, too much. Staring into my own reflection, trying to pinpoint where it came from so maybe by facing it, I could finally make it all stop. But, if it were to all stop, who would I be then? To take away my sensitivity, is to take away the very core of me. It would mean to take away my consciousness, my awareness, my intuitive nature of everything around me. It would be stripping away all of my empathy. It would mean to take away all colors I see the world in. It would take away my creativity, my individuality, my passions. You remove sensitivity from me, and I might as well cease to exist.
—  The core of oneself | evwritings
Being in a relationship with Calum would include...
  • first things first…so many and i mean SO many philosophical talks at 3 AM
  • fight me on that one
  • hearing his raspy morning voice fUCK
  • lots of experimenting
  • lots of nudes
  • making a sex tape its bound to happen alright
  • praying it doesn’t get leaked
  • ‘can we get a dog?’
  • ‘cal we already have one’
  • ‘but y/nnnnnn’
  • ending up with 3 dogs before you’re even married
  • ‘who needs kids our puppies are cuter’
  • having kids anyway
  • him asking you for feedback on songs
  • you watching calum write and being so in awe of what he comes up with
  • asking him to go with you to get a tattoo
  • him getting one while you’re there just for the hell of it
  • netflix n chill
  • bc duh
  • him being shy in public but so fun and happy when alone with you
  • being there for him always even when he feels overwhelmed by all the fame n shit
  • ultimately being his home and where he feels safest
  • you two literally being so in love and just so damn adorable everyone wishes they ended up as happy as you

Luke  Ashton  Michael

what no one ever tells you about about long distance relationships

brought to by someone who lives 11 hours from their boyfriend
the hardest part is not
• lonely nights
• sexual frustration (if that applies)
• lack of overall physical contact
• any other sterotypically bad thing that springs to mind

no I had all that when I was single

no the absolute worst is even when you’re happy and having a good time or they’re having a good time there’s always this overwhelming feeling of
‘they should be here with me’ or ‘I should be with them’

when you finally have a person you want to share your world with and you can’t,
that is the absolutely most painful thing.

tbh, I don’t think I’ll ever be over how cute it is that in “Warp Tour”, Garnet and Pearl see Steven sleeping and so decide to bake cookies to surprise him with. I mean, it doesn’t work out because of plot reasons, but the sentiment is impossibly sweet to me. Like, their thought process in doing that, its entirely just because they wanted to make him happy.

Like, think about it. They had to leave the temple and go into Steven’s room in the morning (both are once? Or one and then the other?) and see him sleeping by the door. And they probably don’t think its that odd, because they’re aliens who don’t really understand sleep. But they see him and they must’ve been like “aww, would you look at him?” and then “you know what he’d love?” and then decide to make cookies. But, like, the kitchen is only a few feet from the door, so they’d have to quietly make cookies (was it from ready-to-bake cookie dough or did they need to mix a batch themselves?). And you know, when you decide to surprise someone with something you know they’ll love, its very exciting, it gives you a very particular kind of energy and can make you kind of giddy (especially if you’re working with someone else on it). And then, when it was ready, they couldn’t even wait for him to wake up, they went to wake him up to surprise him with them and they’re so excited and Garnet is hiding them behind her back so they can do a big reveal

like it doesn’t work out and that’s unfortunate but its still so sweet. Like, they’re super-powered, thousands of years old inorganic aliens and they baked cookies to surprise a small child. They were probably very proud of the idea, very excited to be able to surprise him and make him happy. I can’t properly articulate how cute this is too me, its too adorable that words cannot describe it



∟ He dwelt ever upon the marches of Doriath, and he was the greatest woodsman of those days…One only was mightier in arms among the march-wardens of Thingol at that time than Túrin, and that was Beleg Cúthalion; and Beleg and Túrin were companions in every peril, and walked far and wide in the world together.

Perks of Moving in with Calum

•watching the sweat kiss his sculpted body as he moves the heavy boxes into your new home
•having him carry you over the threshold
•"babe that’s for when we get married" “same difference”
•having no furniture but still managing to christen every corner of the house
•soft almost inaudible “I love yous” whispered into your skin as you snuggle on a mattress with blankets on the first night you move in
•eating takeaway on the floor with just a candle between you illuminating his perfect features
•waking up to his sleepy pouty face every morning
•never teasing him about his awful morning breath because you’re still blown away by how beautiful he is that early in the morning
•always feeling an overwhelming sense of calm in your first shared home because Calum makes you feel so safe and it’s your shared space
•snuggling on Calum’s side of the bed when he’s on tour and inhaling his scent
•being able to steal your favourite pieces from his wardrobe even when he’s not on tour because you have 24/7 access to his closet
•hot shower sex
•hot kitchen sex
•hot hot sex
•lazy weekends lounging on the couch when he’s back from tour, him napping and resting his head in your lap while you play with his curls and catch up on reality tv
•you teaching him how to cook. well. you attempting to teach him how to cook
•"but baaaabe it just tastes so much better when you make it"
•always getting random kisses on your body from him any time he passes you in the house
•having his hands on your body constantly
•snuggling in bed when it’s cold
•him learning the little things about you that only come from living with someone and falling deeper in love with you than he thought possible
•finding out all his habits and teasing him
•"it’s unsafe to not have a night light in the bathroom. you could trip.“ “whatever you say Calum”
•hosting game nights with the boys and cuddling in his lap
•sitting in his lap on the back porch and watching the sun set and/or rise
•fighting and screaming and tears and slamming doors and not speaking for hours until he slowly opens your door and peaks in
•"babe it’s cold on the couch. I’m sorry. Cuddle?“
•him walking around naked all the time
•realising he was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with when you secretly caught him talking on the phone to his mom and gushing about how much he loved living with you
•being proposed to in your house one random morning
•"morning baby girl. how’d you sleep?” “better now that you’re back in my bed. still want to go to that concert tonight?” “sure. or we could get married?” “What did you just say?” “Marry me? Please. You’re the best part of my life and I want you to stay in it forever.”
•conceiving your first child in that house
•your water breaking in that house
•conceiving your third child in that house (second child was conceived in the bathroom at Michael’s 26th birthday)
•raising your kids in that house
•growing old together in that house
anyway someone pls stop me

i get so emotional whenever i see naruto in his hokage robes because i’ve been with him on this journey for so long and he gave me so much and all i wanted was for him to be happy in return and now he is, he’s achieved his dream and in the end that’s all that matters

I want to remember how my heart beats fast whenever my phone beeps for a message. I used to be always excited from the words that will show up. It may or may not make sense but every word coming from you makes my heart stops. It’s like your words have magic that it makes me feel so loved every time I’m reading them. They are so sweet that I couldn’t help but fall for you even harder.

I want to remember how fire starts building up in me whenever you skin kisses mine. There was this electrifying sensation all around my body whenever our skins touch each other before. It seems like a strong volt is hitting us for that intense love we have and it doesn’t feel nonsense because it actually makes a complete sense having you around.

I want to remember how my heart sinks whenever you hold my hand as we walk down each path. It’s funny that there has always been an overwhelming feeling whenever you hold me. It gives me the secured thought that nothing can break us apart and the warmth I’ve been longing for all my life.  As much as simple they look like, feeling them is an entirely different story.

I want to remember how your hugs stop the turning of the world. It used to be the most comfortable place I have been. I always wanted to stay there. Like, I could just let a day passed by staying in your loving arms and endless comfort. None of all the problems I have stays whenever you cling to me firmly.

I want to remember how my tummy ties a knot whenever you lips touches mine. It didn’t make sense in the past. It’s inscrutable having a home of butterflies in your stomach and not having the strength to stop them from flying all around. I never knew that was all because of your kiss. I used to look for that same sensation to others but it never showed up like the way you did.

I want to remember how it feels like when you’re falling in love. It’s been awhile and my heart has been empty all this time. I have almost forgotten every beauty falling in love can give me. The only memories that are so clear to me are all the hateful feeling I had when you shattered the most precious thing I have – my heart.

So I want to remember what falling in love is.. I want to fall in love again.

idk why but i always have this overwhelming feeling of being unloved, which is crazy because i know im lucky enough to know a handful of people that love/care for me…i just always have this empty feeling inside my heart and its been that way for as long as i can remember

I always feel overwhelmed when I meet brothers that are just so beautiful in their manners man 😭 may Allah grant us righteous companions. Makes a world of a difference you know, having someone in your friends that reminds you to do good and gives advice that reaches you. How you advise someone, it has such a huge effect. Hard words won’t reach a hard heart, remember that.

Look at the example of water dripping onto a rock, in an instant, the rock won’t be affected by the light small droplets of water. But over time, those steady, small, light drops of water, start to soften that rock. Knowledge and advice, it’s lighter and purer than water.

A Muslim, even though he does not pray, or he does some things which are haram, as long as he recognises that Allah is His Creator ‎and Muhammad ﷺ is the last and final messenger, surely his heart won’t be as hard as a rock! Advise with patience and softness my brothers☝🏽️

INFJ Confession #237

I feel like I’m too fragile for this world. Life is so hard and exhausting, and I have such a soft shell. I always feel idealistic and optimistic but I also always feel overwhelmed and scared.