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Feel free to send me a question about my current Hannigram fics!

Some of my favorite Manga and BL artists sometimes answer questions from their readers and I thought it would be great to do the same !

Anything goes…be as open as possible. Send it either in an ask, a comment on A03 or a direct message and I’ll post my favorites on my blog !

Thank you for reading and happy shipping fellow shipmates :)


P.S. I’m looking for someone to possibly create fan art for “Will you always love me?” to add visuals. I would sketch out some images myself, but I’m incredibly busy. Let me know if you would like to contribute to this story !! (you’ll get all the credit you deserve :D )

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Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!

In case you don't know what to draw

- Your favorite character with clothes they would never wear.
- A crack ship.
- Dance poses. Breakdance poses are always better.
- Backgrounds!!!!
- Think about a feeling/emotion, try drawing something that would make you feel that way.
- A magical/mythical creature.
- Modern day AUs are always fun.
- What would your fave’s room look like?
- Expressions! Extra points for making them exaggerated.
- Flying objects. Any kind of objects. Put some wings on a refrigerator.
- Your outfit!
- Design a mermaid. Or a sprite.



@randomlyrandon suggested with Grantaire, Enjolras and Drink With Me lyrics
also this is re-do of THIS drawing I did for 2016′s inktober