always end up having to use ugly colorings for it to upload


I want you ladies to be careful, I don’t even know where I start but this is a tiny piece of our interaction. (I choose to put up those to show that when he fails to realize he’s making you uncomfortable, by pushing it that’s a red flag)

Have been talking to him for 2 weeks, the first week he “really wanted to meet” but I couldn’t since I was traveling for wok and already at plans with my sister. Anyways this is the man I thought I was talking too( firs pic) not the man I actually meet.

Super ugly, pot belly short little man, looked nothing like that.

Please bare with me and do not judge me for what I did but there were several red flags, one week into him texting me every day- some how he bought up the topic of sex, and I usually always shut that topic down but decided to go along since we’d talk over the phone about his foundations - a scholarship and a pediatric partnership with mayo clinic . I figured the guy seems legit and he’s doing things

Red flag number one :
1. Asked if I was on birth control because he like finishing inside, I replied I don’t have unprotected sex (I have screen shots but I can only upload 10 per post) with people I’m not exclusive with, he then said he was celibate for 14 months and really liked me and wanted me now. I told him there were a lot of factors to consider, like getting testing and building trust (I’m very picky about who touches me) and unprotected sex was out of the question and I tried to drop the topic.

2 . Week number 2 I had to travel again for work, while at the hotel I tried to FaceTime with him, the first time he was on the phone on an important call, if we didn’t tonight we can the following day. The following day I couldn’t since I decided I drive to Canada to visit family (wanted to spend time with my family) told him we can the following day when I was back at my hotel. The following day I asked him too, he said he was watching the debates and had people over, he would try after. I got annoyed and he then said I sounded exhausted and we can try the following day. Mind you he knew I was working a few cases that day and traveling back to MD , meaning that would be hard. Plus we’d agreed to meet the Saturday so I figured what the heck. But I should have been suspicious

3. He won’t tell me his last name because he’s “really important in politics” …….“ Hilary Clinton is a personal friend” (that slips out after I made a comment about how I’d never vote for her) … He wrote two pages of the Obamacare bill, one of his biggest clients was Mayo clinic…he said after we agreed to move forward he’d be happy to give me his last name and I can goggle him.

4. He insisted he star our arrangement at day one, because what the point if we have sex on the second or fourth meet, it wasn’t a relationship and he didn’t want to do that chasing thing and he was willing to wire $5k that day ….He was like I don’t want to be in a relationship and I feel like all the woman want that, he had everything in his life but the intimate part.

Now these texts above are from Saturday morning but I’m writing this because this guy turned out to be a creep
Mind you this was not his pics and he didn’t look a thing like that photo (he’s going to send you guys this pic above)

The following day I told him good luck, that’s when it got more creepy

He sent a message saying I was ugly and he wouldn’t have slept with me even if it was free hahaha I still laugh thinking about that because I sent him my actual pic and I look like my pic and he kept referring to me as “sexy and hot and he wanted to finish inside of me” before I turned him down but now I’m ugly, anyways I blocked him he sent me an other message using a new number, to which I blocked then he reach out again on another number and said something about “no wonder there is racism” I said don’t scope that low and I blocked the number . He then reached out on another number and said “

“I have student loans and I’m stupid and black and I’m not getting paid much. I’m slaving for a white man. Vote Bernie the Jew he will give you free tutu ion”

To which I replied to him on SA letting him know that , the color of my skin doesn’t define me, there’s nothing wrong with not getting paid much and I’ve never been called stupid , so he’s pretty low to scoop down that far, and I’d hate to hurt his feeling but that didn’t get to me as he’d thought it would . Told him to grow up and thought that was the end of it

Well today he sent me 3 text from a NEW number

“So I fucked my first black pussy ever. Was so good”
“Do all black pussy smell like rotten eggs”
“What does yours smell like”

This man has gone out of his way to reach out to me using 5 different numbers….please be careful and I know a lot of people have bills to pay but don’t let creeps like that have their way with your body. These men do not know how to take rejection.

I know it’s all over the place but be careful with this man….I’m a bit sick right now but thought I had to warn you guys before someone falls for him - I’ll try to post the 5 numbers later

——————————————————————–As promised, Here are the 5 numbers he’s using, again be careful 651-666-8869 iPhone main number 267-517-8733 321-985-3377 610-609-2080 917-725-6023 A little more I learn from our talks He’s the partner at a law firm in 4 states (PA, NY, MN and I think FL) He’s a health care lobbyist He will claim he’s been celibate for over a year He will insist on have sex on the first meet and claim to wire 5k He will insist on have unprotected sex (don’t ever do that no matter what) Will claim he has results from last week since he renewed his life insurance Will refuse to give you his last name Will talk at you and not too you in person, Almost like you can’t have an opinion (but I stood my ground and let him know when I disagreed) He thinks most women on SA are stupid and he’s been on since 2013 and he tried to convince me I’m the first one he’s met, since everyone else is stupid and slutty (his words not mines) The love of his life/ soulmate is his firm partner named Layla (who just happens to be marrying the other firm naming partner- forgot his name) He got so intense and scary when I told him I didn’t believe in one soul mate and question why he was letting his go with another man He will say relationship isn’t for him and all the women he encounter want to tie him down, honestly based on his looks I find that hard to believe (nobody is trying to tie him down) He will try his best not to take you to lunch or dinner because that’s like dating and he’s looking for an NSA Which is why I think he tried to rush into sex, but will claim to be selective He will try to charm you into thinking he’s a good guy and other creeps onSA ruined it for him He will get aggressive once you turn him down He said I was miserable - I told him of course I was I had to stare at your ugly face, and you would too if you had to look in the mirror 😂😂 I suspect 4 of them might be texting apps
Beginning ~ Part 4 of 'Nightmares'

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Requested: yeah, in the comments section

warnings: a little bit of swearing

word count: tbh, I’m writing this at 02:49 AM, I don’t really ave the energy to count words, or even copy&paste it in word


   like I said (^) in my country, the time is currently 02:49 AM, so I apologize if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes (just please keep in mind that English is my 2nd language).  + THIS BLOG HIT 500 FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I finally got a new computer (my brother spilled water all over my MacBook, so I had to go computer-free for about a week and a half, until my parents could return from their trip and buy me a new one) BUT FEAR NOT, FOR I HAVE A BRAND NEW COMPUTER, AND I WILL BE UPLOADING MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE OFTEN. This is just ONE of the reasons so as to why I wasn’t uploading all this time, again, sorry about that, but if you are pissed, and want to find out WHY THE HELL I DISAPPEARED FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND A HALF, check the rest of them here. (check out the A/N at the end of this post since I have some more things to tell you there) 


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“What are you going to do about it?“asks James

“I don’t think you should make a move tonight” states Remus “she’s still pretty pissed at you”

“so I just let this guy take her?” I huff in frustration

“okay, firstly, she’s going to chose herself, no one’s gonna ‘take her’“ says Remus sternly “and, no, not exactly, but you let her enjoy her night”

   I huff in frustration

““what if she chooses him over me?”

“she won’t.” the other two boys say in unison, and I look at James for further explanation

“dude! wake up! you’re Sirius Black, Padfoot, her best friend! But, most importantly, you’re a marauder! The Sirius I know, wouldn’t worry about these kind of things! She likes you, and you’re gonna make you’re move, which, let’s be honest, will be smooth as fu-”

“James!” interrupted Remus

“-as always. You’re just not going to make that move tonight” finishes talking James

“he’s right, you know. now, where’s your date?” asks Remus

“I, uh, I don’t really have one one. with everything that been going on…”

““then go find one!” urges me James as Remus clucked his tongue

“m’kay…uh, hey! Maria Hamplanket, right?” I shout across the room and she nods “how do you feel about being my date tonight?”

“sure!” she shouts back

    I turn back to look at the boys.

“Doesn’t she have a date?” asks Remus

“Of  course she has, with me!”  I reply while Remus and James chuckle “anyways, James, you got the stuff?”

   He nodds.

“Stuff? What’s stuff?” asks Remus with a worried look

“Don’t worry, we’re not pranking anyone, at least that’s not what I’m talking about right now” I add with a sly smile “I’m talking about what we’re going to use to spike the drinks”

“James, you’re head boy, you shouldn’t approve of this” says Remus to James

“Moony, did that stop me from turning every single Slytherin’s robes bright, vibrant pink, about two months ago?” he replies “Did it stop me from dying the girl’s hair each a different color a week and a half ago? Did i-”

“Okay, I think we get it” I cut him off  


  I notice James and Remus practically dragging Sirius to a more remote end of the common room, for a moment, I worry that Remus might tell him, but I quickly shake that thought away, it wasn’t like Remus at all. Plus, this was my night, no more Sirius-related drama.

“Hey beautiful.” I hear a voice I recognize

“Oh, hi…” I reply, still thinking about what the boys were talking about

“What’s on your mind? A pretty lady like you shouldn’t really be worrying about anything” my date, Thomas Smith asks

“Nothing, I just feel like something’s going to go terribly wrong tonight”

“Nothing’s going to happen! We’re going to relax, drink- I can bet your friends are going to find a way to spike the drinks- and have fun!” he sighs

“What’s wrong with you now?” I ask

“Nothing, I’m just worrying about leaving my sister all alone for so long” he says

“Relax, I bet she’s going to be fine!” I try to reassure him

“You’re right, I just have this feeling-”

“That something’s going to go ‘terribly wrong’?” I cut him off, repeating what I said earlier, as we both laugh

“Now, if you excuse me, I have to go check on my sister real quick”

    I nod, understanding. His sister, Milena, was three years younger and had caught the goblin’s flew about a week and a half ago. Madame Pomfrey had dismissed her from the infirmary, because all she needed was rest, and due to the fact that it was full of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, because of the events in the Quiditch match three days prior. And that’s how poor Milena had ended up in her brother’s dorm, so that he could check on her.

  As he left, Lily and Marleen were trying to convince Alice that her hair wasn’t a disaster, and that Frank didn’t really care about these things anyways. I think at some point they asked me something, but I wasn’t paying attention. All I could think about was how Sirius didn’t even consider me being his date.  

stop it.” I suddenly hear Marleen say

“Hm?” I ask

“Stop what you’re doing.” she repeats

“I’m not doing anything” I say defensively

“yeas, you are, and stop it” she says again, and then, she sighs when she realizes that I’m not going to say anything “stop thinking about him”

I sigh and look down at my feet “is it that obvious?”

“yes” they all say in unison

“this is our last night here! and I’m not going to spend it thinking about and ugly-”

“ahem” interrupts lily 

“okay, fine, an extremely hot guy, who is so blind, he literally can’t see the beautiful girl that is standing right in front of him!”

“thanks Mar, I really needed that…” I say, slightly laughing 

“Hey, by the way, where is Alice?” asks Lily

    We turn our heads around, looking for Alice, until we hear the boys, from the other end of the common room,

“get some frank!” shouts James 

“get a room you two!” yells Remus

   we immediately turn around, to see Alice, flushing a red from head to toe, and Frank, grinning stupidly. I guess they were making out, but I don’t really understand why the boys had to make such a deal about this.

  out of the corner of my eye, I see Thomas coming down the stairs. 

“is everything ok?” I ask

“yeah, she’s fine, she was about to go to sleep, and I woke her up by coming into the room, so she was pissed, but now she’s sleeping again. 

“that’s great!” I say, and we fall into an uncomfortable silence

“yeah… shall we?” he asks, and extends an arm for me to take

“we shall!” I respond


“we shall!” I hear (Y/N) say

     my head snaps towards her direction and I see her placing her small hand inside Thomas’s. A feeling that was uncrown to me until these past few days bubbles inside me, fighting to get out. It’s not anger, it’s something more. it is  jealousy. I want to be the one that she is looking at. I want to be the one who gets to hold her hand. I want to be the one that gets to hold her all night long. I now knew why James was so angry all the time when Lily was hanging out with Snivellus all the time. I feel the exact way now. 

“You do?” I suddenly hear a small voice talking to me 

“I said everything out loud didn’t I?” I ask, flushing red

“Do you mean everything you just said?” (Y/N) repeats the question

I sigh, before I answer her “yes, I did, I meant every single word.” 

“Why did it take you so long?” she asks, and I realize she is still not convinced

“I-I’m just not used to-” I can’t believe I’m actually stuttering in front of a girl, what the hell is happening to me? “I’m jus not used to having a girl make me weak in the knees, feeling jealous when you do so much as to dance as another guys’ direction. And when you wouldn’t talk to me, it literally tore me apart.”

     I draw in a sharp breath, waiting for her to reject me right there and then. Instead of rejection hitting me right in the face, I feel her fingers lacing with mine. I open my eyes, and look down to our linked hands. After realizing what that meant, I smile and look up. 

  (Y/N) was looking straight at me, and she was smiling the biggest and brightest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Without hesitation, I take her chin in my arm, lift it up and kiss her gently on the lips. When we pull away, she is smiling even brighter than she was before, if that’s even possible, and I have a feeling that I am too. 

“By the way, where is everyone?” I ask, and we both laugh 

“They all left about twenty minutes ago…” she says “And don’t worry about Thomas, we’re not going to be seeing him much often from now on” 


    again, I am terribly sorry for the delay, but I hope it was worth the wait! I’m thinking of making some more parts, but let me know in the comments, or just message me. in the meantime, don’t forget that my inbox is always open, and for the next three weeks (until the 12th of August 2017), I will be accepting requests for imagines with any character you guys might like. I hope this was worth the wait, and you weren’t disappointed. Please give me feedback so that I can improve my work! 


    Fay 😘

under construction (N.M + J.S.)

This construction site around the building I’m living in has been rather stressful. I basically wake up at 6 am to the noises of workers renewing the rooftop, and to be even more specific, my apartment is at the fourth floor, under that roof. 

I actually crashed at Nate and Swazz’s place yesterday cause I wanted to have one morning to sleep in without having to deal with all the noise. Sitting together with them drinking beer, I complained to them about how those men were able to look through my window and have a great view into my bedroom and everything I do in there and they just laughed it off, saying I should at least give them something good to look at. 

Today they have a day off, so they decided to drive me back to my place and keep me company a little, just to get an idea of what’s going on in my apartment. 

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Mademoiselle Clé, Ch. 5

Word Count: 3,519
(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch. 5)

FINALLY! WE GET TO THE AKUMA FIGHT! and then later today i’ll upload the doodles i made of the akuma
I’m thinking there will be one more Chapter after this? I have an idea with how I want to wrap this up nicely.

Also I used Google Translator for the Akuma’s name, please tell me if it’s wrong/ how it should be translated so I can fix it, thank you!

Songs used in this Chapter and ones I highly recommend have playing whenever they pop up are these two: (X), (X)

The sun was starting to set as the day was coming to an end. Marinette couldn’t focus on her school work or even keep her mind occupied with sewing something, anything! She was starting to worry about Adrien. He agreed that he would come straight to her house after he talked to his father about his mom to tell her whether it was a success or a flop.

“Maybe he hasn’t shown up yet because he made headway and they’re actually talking about his Mom?” Marinette said aloud, knowing that Tikki wasn’t too far from her to respond. But before she could say anything, Marinette’s phone began to ring. She pounced for it, hoping it was Adrien with good news, but the ID picture showed that it was Alya. Marinette let out a huff as she answered the video call.

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[TRANS] TOP - V LIVE (Ghost T.O.P Will Answer You)

*This is not in order

TOP: Is the camera too far from me? Com'on! Come come com'on!

TOP: This is interesting. How should I host this? I don’t feel burdened. I will show you my natural self.

TOP: I chose the theme of a ghost for this live broadcast. It comes from the lyrics of Zutter.

TOP: The reason why I named this “Ghost” is… This room feels like a ghost, rigth? LOL It’s actually from the ZUTTER lyrics.

TOP: This show will be 30 minutes long. I’ll be on this very serious so please ask me something like that.

Fan: You have a mole on ur neck? Some say if u have a mole on ur neck, u’re a ghost.

TOP: I don’t. That’s why I’m the real ghost.

TOP: The reason why I started SNS. At first I wanted to check the reaction about BB’s album and promotion. But now I’m uploading some kinda furniture, artworks that I like.

TOP: People say the explosive updates are annoying. Theres too many photos. Are you crazy. But it’s my account.

TOP: I scrolled up to the beginning of my photo album. I excitedly took pictures with a wig on at home I don’t know why. Theres about 30 pix

Fan: Do you have a gf? Be honest w/ me.

TOP: Honestly, I don’t.

TOP: My ideal type.. Am I being too cold right now? Should I talk more softly and smoothly?

TOP: I’m really simple when it comes to looking at the opposite sex. I like feminine girls. Who have some qualities I don’t have.

TOP: I’m going to answer the questions in different voices to make this less boring.

TOP: The quality in a girl that I don’t like is if she is too interested in other peoples lives and tries to take part.

What if a girl is farting when she’s around you?

TOP: Its okay. I will eat the fart.

What if a girl is pretty but dresses badly?

TOP: Thats fine. Personality sense is more important than fashion sense. And I can style her.

TOP: I used to have an image of a girl I would like in my head, but now I am looking for a friend that I can connect with.

TOP: If this show is not funny, then turn it off! LOL

How would you describe femininity? TOP: Hmm. You need a voice higher than mine.

What about age difference? TOP: Don’t be older than my mom or younger than a legal minor.

TOP: When does my heart flutter seeing a girl? When she sees me in my eyes? So my heart flutters when I’m on stage, seeing y'all.

How many times do you brush your teeth? Do you ever forget? How many cavities do you have?

TOP: Ghosts don’t brush teeth.

Do you have cuticles or dirt under your nails?

TOP: Cuticle? What is that.

Where do you have the most wrinkles now that you’re 30? TOP: My elbow! Oh another. My achilles heel!

TOP: What color is my underwear? …I don’t check out the color when I put it on.

TOP: Do I have a colorful underwear? why are you asking this kinda question? LOL

TOP: What did I eat for dinner today? All BIGBANG members came to my house and we ate sushi together.

TOP: What food that I can’t eat? I don’t like grilled beef tripe, beef entrails, and stuff… But I eat grilled pork tripe, oddly.

TOP: I really like vanilla ice cream. It matches really well w/ all kinda drinks, except for beer.

TOP: How long does it take me to take a shower? Not long. 15 minutes? I haven’t had a chance to time it.

TOP: When do I think I look ugly? I think there’s none who’s satisfied w/ their own appearances. I don’t like mine when I’m tired.

Whats a treasure that you cherish? TOP: Well my family, Big Bang members, my collectible items, my movie DVDs, and songs, and YOU ALL.

TOP: I like furniture and art because I grew up with it. There were a lot of artists around me. I always liked movies and music.

TOP: Music is music, but performing on stage is a visual art, so I think I am really into arts like that.

TOP: I had a hard time holding my temper when I was young, but I think I’m a bit more calm these days.

TOP: It makes you think about if you can be as perfect and beautiful as those art products.

TOP: Its a drama called Secret Message. I once posted a lot on my SNS as a spoiler. It’s a mellow genre.

TOP: Its about emptiness that current young people may be feeling. So the two characters meet and the story evolves.

Lee Soohyuk: You’re a ghost? I’m a vampire from Chosun dynasty.

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t tell me such a nonsense. We had a phone call this morning and he said he has a drama-shooting early tomr morning. Just go to sleep. ….I can’t end this like this, ppl will think we’re not good friends. I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t ask questions like this.

Support me for my test! I think if you support me I will do well!

TOP: Things like this really touch me. Good luck!! Do Well!!

When did you pick your ear recently?

TOP: Ghosts don’t pick at their ears.

TOP: Questions like these are boring. “What hand to use to pick your nose.” I use all my fingers!!

TOP: I will upload a video to SNS right now.

TOP: But if I start filming then there is no end.

TOP Instagram: Hi everyone. Todays the live broadcast on V App. It’s boring because it’s live. Sorry for being boring on live broadcast.

TOP: I will upload this video later.

Q: Choom god Choom top please show us your feeling in a dance.

TOP: Okay. I will show you.

TOP: Thank you for watching my broadcast today. I feel bad for being boring but I tried hard.

TOP: Next week is Seungri’s “Do it for me” Ah. No. “It’s Seungri.”

Translated by: @Huisuyoon & @kristinekwak