always educate yourself

You can always continue growing, educating yourself, changing your point of view, being more informed and compassionate on something. If you have a new perspective and you change your mind on something you believed in it’s not a flaw in character but an asset in personal growth.


Jin teaching Yoongi how to fold paper airplanes (feat. ‘help’ from JK).  

So I got a private ask recently basically wanting to know how I got to be so ‘successful’ as a writer, and it’s had me thinking a lot about what success is (and how that’s not a static variable) and how rarely creative folks talk about their failures, if they’re not public. Like if you’re livestreaming your failures, that’s one thing, and I’m sure all of you have caught typos or other things - tiny failures that just annoy or are largely invisible or are like ‘oh u miss that.’ But otherwise we tend not to say ‘oh ha this story got rejected again’ or ‘this publisher actually hates my work.’

My metrics for success have changed as I’ve attained them, and I think I’ll make a separate post about that. To be clear, the first time at age 11 I filled an entire page with Courier text from a dodgy old printer in like 1992, I felt like a huge writerly success. Later, my metric for success was ‘the first comment I ever got on an LJ fanfic.’ Later still, my metric for success changed again. So you know. Shifting metrics. Stagnating measures for ‘success’ for me mean…well, stagnation.

But I wanted to sort of document what I perceive to be my many writing failures, because I’m so grateful for them, and because I’m only here today, considered maybe successful by some of you, because of them.

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Be more Tango

One day Holster snaps at Tango.  He doesn’t shout but his tone is abrupt and cutting.  Tango slumps back into his chair picking at his pie much slower than before.  He doesn’t say anything, just sits there scraping sugar off the crust with a prong of his fork.

Whiskey watches from across the kitchen where he’s propping up the counter with his hip, orange Gatorade in his now much tighter grip.  He doesn’t know why Tango asks so many questions and sure the incessant barrage of them can be a bit much but even he thinks Holster was out of order for shutting him down so firmly and completely in front of everyone.

He doesn’t say anything to his captain but when he leaves the kitchen Whiskey makes his way over to sit beside Tango.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Tango takes a bite of pie and chews it thoughtfully.  “I just don’t know what Holsters problem is.  I was only asking a question.”

“Maybe it was because you were asking a lot all at once rapid fire? Whiskey explains in an attempt to make him feel better.

Tango does not feel better.

“I have my own question though.” Whiskey smiles wryly.  “Why do you ask so many questions?”

Tango blinks at him and replies, as if it were the most obvious explanation in the world, “How else am I gonna learn things if I don’t ask questions? If I don’t know something I should ask right? I mean, isn’t that how everyone learns things?”

Whiskey leans back sort of stunned.  Not just because Tango’s managed to answer a question with three of his own, but because when he puts it like that it seems so obvious.

Of course you have to ask questions to gain knowledge.

He thought Tango was just being nosey or maybe socially oblivious but after that Whiskey starts to see the true curiosity and hunger in Tango’s questions, he starts to admire the way he never lets embarrassment get in his way, that he doesn’t let ego stop him from sticking his hand up and declaring he doesn’t understand something.

How many times did Whiskey struggle because he was afraid to seem stupid by asking questions? He thinks back most recently to Blake and how he let her slip through his fingers because he was too afraid to risk rejection by asking her if she wanted to actually date him.  Sure she might have said no but she also might have said yes, but now he’ll never know because he never asked, never gave her the opportunity to pleasantly surprise him.

He’s been stewing in that regret for days.

Whiskey decides to be more like Tango after that.  Maybe not so constant but he resolves to be bolder when it comes to speaking up, that yes whilst some questions can unearth uncomfortable answers some will throw up good ones, useful ones.

He then finds himself admiring Tango’s tenacity when not even an hour later he’s asking Holster more questions.

I’ve taken the challenge floating around the internet & I’ve made it my own. I’ve made these rules pretty basic so everyone can use this legacy challenge.

Remember: These are supposed to be guidelines to help your game be more enjoyable … if you feel like you’re not having fun during a particular generation or objective, just skip it!
Also: if anyone has any ideas for a generation or objective please inbox me and I’ll add it to this list with credit.

UPDATED: 2017/11/02

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⚔️⚡️🚫 Showing Disrespect to Zeus 🚫⚡️⚔️

Look I understand some of you don’t exactly care for Zeus. When I was a Norse Polytheist, I didn’t exactly care for Loki either. But the fact that you blatantly go out of your way to disrespect the Father and King of the Gods is gross. ❌😡😤👎🏻

Non-Hellenics, I know it doesn’t affect you at all but it always helps to educate yourself on Zeus instead of spouting off hate toward him. Hellenic Polytheists, y'all should know by now that the Theoi are a package deal. I’m not a huge fan of Ares or some of the violent/war deities. But guess what? Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I won’t show them respect. They’re still a part of the pantheon I worship. They still will get the honor that they rightly deserve. 💪🏻💯

So if you worship the Greek gods, I hope you crush your hubris and become aware that you CANNOT cherry-pick the Theoi. They don’t have to be your favorites and you don’t have to be their devotees, but you need to show your respect toward them. Especially someone that is King of the Gods. I mean that’s a pretty big deal.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) I have a question about something that I am writing. I am a cis female writer who loves fiction. I have an exiled queen who has to work with an empress. The queen is trans, and she's trying to get home to her people. This empress is a vile and nasty person who does what she wants. She hears that this queen's people are like werewolves and they can go into a berserker state. The queen has been through years of physical and mental training to control this form. The empress wants to test...

(2/2) her out and she does some cruel things. Is it okay to write that this empress starts to say some transphobic, racist, and cruel things to her just so she can get her to become upset. Also, is it okay for me to write this in my story? I don’t let people read my stories because I’m kind of embarrassed by them, but I write these stories for my own character and story development and to see how I can develop myself as a writer.

Hi anon,

I feel like you’re asking for our permission, and it’s not really our place to tell you whether it is or isn’t okay to write something. If you have concerns about transphobic characters, you’ll want to ask several people who are trans what they think of it, or do some research on the perception of racist or transphobic characters in fiction. 

However, from my perspective as a fellow cis female, I feel like using transphobic and racist comments as “bait” to get a rise out of someone minimizes the deep impact that comments like those can have, and if I were reading it, I would find any further cooperation between the two characters unrealistic. I wouldn’t want to work with someone who insulted not just one, but two very personal aspects of my identity, and if you were eventually planning on developing an amicable friendship between the two, it would be impossible, in my opinion, to get past these comments, even if they were only said to piss her off. 

If you want to intentionally piss off the queen, I would target aspects of her life that aren’t linked to her identity per se, but her personality, or choices she’s made in the past. If the queen made a huge mistake that resulted in something terrible happening, have the empress maliciously remind her of the consequences of a terrible mistake she made. Tell her she was weak, or indecisive, or tell her that she’s too cowardly to ever do anything positive for anyone.

My opinion is that attacks on identity cut deep and are often unforgivable, or if not unforgivable, unforgettable. Imagine you were a trans reader, and you were enjoying a story, and then suddenly it was littered with hateful comments from a character that they might have grown attached to? No matter the reason, it’s difficult to move past that (for a reader, or for the character being insulted). So again, I would steer clear of insults that target the character’s identity, especially if you’re planning on building a partnership between them. 

However, I cannot overlook an important thing you said in your ask. You mentioned that you never let anyone read your fiction. If you don’t let people read your stories, then you can write whatever the heck you want. I think it’s important to understand everything I discussed above regardless, but what you do in your own private world of stories you create is entirely up to you. You won’t offend anyone if nobody reads it, but it’s good practice to know how powerfully what you write may affect people someday when you do feel ready to share with an audience. 

I also would try to work through your insecurities regarding embarrassment. You’re always going to doubt yourself, and you’re always going to be overly critical of your ideas and how you execute those ideas, but try taking “embarrassment” out of your vocabulary. You’re a writer - that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You create worlds and people to live in those worlds, and your creativity allows you to constantly reimagine those worlds and make changes that ultimately make them better. Writers should never feel embarrassed by work they’re not necessarily proud of. They can be frustrated with themselves and irritated that they’re not producing good work, but your dedication as a writer is what enables you to push through insecurity and fix it, rather than feeling ashamed of it. 

I hope this response was helpful to you anon. It’s always good to educate yourself on the perspectives of individuals who aren’t like you - that’s what will make you a stronger writer. You’re writing a trans character, so my guess is you’re already doing your research. Expand that research to transphobic individuals, so you can understand the hurtful attitudes and behaviors they inflict on the trans community. That will help you know how to use it (or not use it) in a respectful manner. 


Creative Inspiration with Wim Wenders, Marina Abramović, Jonas Mekas, Patti Smith, & More

From words on sustaining a personal artistic voice–Don’t do anything that somebody else, that you know deep in your heart, somebody else can do better, but do what nobody else can do except for you.–to others on how building your brand leads to a promising future–Be concerned with doing good work, and make the right choices, and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency.–artists of renown share their insights and “advice” to stir your creative inspiration in this collection of video interviews. These artists of film, performance, music, literature, and more show us that the artist’s spirit needs constant care and feeding; and across the board, they emphasize the importance of intuition and instinct for the successful artist while maintaining the cultivating nature of consistent hard work.

Louisianna Channel presents the series Advice to the Young through which any artist regardless of age can seek creative inspiration and guidance. Read, watch, learn, and absorb.

Do what you want, make the things you want to see, because more than likely you’re not going to have any material rewards, so you might as well not sell that part of yourself out. You might as well be true to what you want to do and not turn art into another day job…Find a lot of like-minded friends, make a community, and don’t wait for the art world to make it happen, make your own art world…If you’re doing something counter to the zeitgeist, that’s probably a good idea, you’re probably on the right path. - Fred Tomaselli (American artist)

I believe that advice shouldn’t come from other people, but that each person should gain a direction for oneself by overcoming difficulty, and a true direction will come from overcoming adversity. Everyone, think deeply, fight harder, and obtain splendid direction for your life. I wish for you to gain guidance from your deep thinking and spread your ideas all over the world in order to establish a wonderful life and world. - Yayoi Kusama (Japanese artist and writer)

Don’t listen to anybody’s advice, just do…When you go to film school, you meet others. Otherwise, I say, don’t go to film school, get a camera, because you don’t know what you really are all about, what you really want to make. “I want to make films.” But what kind of films? When you go and begin to do what you think you want to do, and you discover, “For what I’m doing, I have to know more about lighting.” Then you go and study lighting. “I have to know more about lenses.” Then you go and study lenses…Maybe you’ll never need everything for what you want to do. - Jonas Mekas (Lithuanian-American filmmaker, poet, and artist)

If you want to make something of yourself, you have to work for it. You must never give up. If there are day or weeks where you lose faith in yourself, you must go on believing that you can work. You must practice your words just like a musician practices his notes. Non-stop. Write, write, write. - Herbjørg Wassmo (Norwegian author)

Don’t do art unless you have to. You can be creative in any field. It’s not just a little ghetto called “art” that allows you to be creative–too many people think that…Try not to be too misled by other people’s views of what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. Be a little bit crazy in your thinking. Don’t just think that what you’re doing is upsetting. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, in other words, in art. - Susan Hiller (American artist)

Know that genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. - Umberto Eco (Italian semiotician, essayist, philosopher, literary critic, and novelist)

My advice to young artists would be to follow the path they themselves recognize as the right one. Chasing after false idols or role models is always a dead end. Even if the path they want to follow might seem strange or doesn’t seem to promise much success, stick to it. It’s the only way to deal with the things that need to be dealt with. You can’t do it according to a recipe or instructions from others. Art doesn’t necessarily have to make an artist famous. Art can be very successful if a person carries through what he has to do. - Hans-Peter Feldmann (German visual artist)

My advice to the young artist, to the young architect, is, first of all, does architecture, or art, sculpting, painting, drawing, is that what you really, really want to do more than anything else in the world and you would do anything to be able to do it, because it really fires you. If that’s the case, you made the right choice, and you go for it, and you immerse totally saturated, you live it, every living second of your life. If you don’t believe in it that much, then you have to find something that you believe in, something else. And it doesn’t really matter what it is because in life I think you’ll find that everything is creative. - Norman Foster (British architect)

I think the best advice I got really came from work experience. I can’t remember anybody telling me the secret formula or anything…If you’re lucky enough to be a dreamer and to imagine how things could be, then don’t wait. You can always educate yourself and provide yourself with new information as you go along, but I think it’s a mistake to wait and to take a long course with the view of coming out as a professional. I think the earlier the better. If you’re lucky enough to love something as a kid, then pursue it with full passion and start into it right away, man. - Daniel Lanois (Canadian record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter)

I think that if you want to become a poet, an artist, you can’t fight it. If you want to be that, you will. It’s not about desire, it’s about necessity. There’s no other way. You can not give advice here. It’s impossible. You have to trust your inner drive. For the disappointments and the efforts are so tough that you must have an inner conviction that this is what you want. - Lars Norén (Swedish playwright, novelist, and poet)

Be very patient. Even patient with chaos. You have this beginning, and that beginning, and that beginning, and you’re just worried and unhappy, but I wouldn’t worry too much. I think it is a little chaotic. It’s not neat. You don’t start something and finish it and there you go, and then start another thing and finish it. - Lydia Davis (American writer)

My advice to younger artists would be something like: to be very sensitive to where they are, in what times, in what part of the world, and how that constitutes their artistic practice, their artistic inquiry. There’s lots of smaller advice such as make sure you’re not commodified by the very strong market and it’s attractivity…Just because you think about a work of art, it is not necessarily a work of art because thinking about it and a work of art is really quite far apart. - Olafur Eliasson (Danish-Icelandic artist)

Painter, photographer, filmmaker, video artist, whatever you do, nobody else can do that better than you, and you have to find what you can do better than anybody else, and what you have in yourself that nobody else has in themselves. Don’t do anything that somebody else, that you know deep in your heart, somebody else can do better, but do what nobody else can do except for you. - Wim Wenders (German filmmaker, playwright, author, and photographer)

How do you know you’re an artist? That is the main question. To know you’re an artist or not is like breathing. You don’t question breathing. You have to breathe otherwise you just die so you breathe. So if you wake up in the morning and you have some ideas and you have to make them and this becomes an almost obsession and you have to create, you have the urge to create…I think a great artist has to be ready to fail, which not too many people do. Because when you have success in a certain way and the public accepts you in a certain way, you start somehow involuntarily producing the same images, the same type of work, and you’re not risking. The real artists always change their territories, and they go to the land they’ve never been. There is unknown territory, and then you can fail and you can risk…“Ready to fail,” that makes a great artist. If you wanted to, as a young one, you wanted to be famous and rich, then you just can forget even the idea of being an artist because the money and the success are not an aim, they’re just a side effect, and sometimes it happens in your lifetime and sometimes not, but it doesn’t keep you away from working. - Marina Abramović (Serbian performance artist)

The only advice I have is probably something young artists and musicians already know. Although some of them may have the ambition to be the next Jay-Z, the number of those artists are very small. And often the artists that are very successful that way, they don’t have much flexibility. In achieving success, they kind of lose a lot of their creative freedom…If the musician or artist values their freedom and their ability to be creative, then they have to maybe realize that they won’t be making hundreds of millions of dollars, they might be making less money, but they might have more artistic satisfaction. - David Byrne (Scottish-born American musician)

When I was really young, William Burroughs told me–and I was really struggling, we never had any money–the advice that William gave me was “Build a good name.” Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises. Don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned with doing good work, and make the right choices, and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency. - Patti Smith (American singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist)

anonymous asked:

How hard was it to get into the mindset to lose the weight. I can get in the right mindset for like a day but can't seem to make it stick.

Good question Anon! You have to get mental. For me, its a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet. The term DIET implies restrictions in modern ideology; Lose weight on a diet and you’re done… Back to old eating habits. That will set yourself up for failure!!! So re-think… It’s not a diet! It’s a lifestyle change! Meal prep. Eat right, not less. Workout. Make it all fun. Eat good food and stuff you love to eat. But, it has to be healthy. Everything you eat and drink has to benefit your body. Fast food and processed food and sugar and sweets and soda does nothing for your body. Educate yourself. Always keep learning. Never quit. You will have bad day. Everyone has bad days and even bad weeks!!! Just don’t stop. Body is always in flux. Get mental. Accept your flaws. Move on. It’s hard. Trust me I know. I still learning accept my flaws. But keep pushing. Keep grinding. Cry. Scream. You aren’t perfect. You are human. Start of slow. Wk1-change breakfast to healthy. Wk2- now change lunch. Wk3- now change dinner. Get into it slow and gradual. Don’t put up with anyone that hates on you… Physical hate, mental hate… Emotional hate… Especially on Fitblr z where random users hate you for simply being a man with anxiety. Fuck them. Block accordingly. Be happy. Make it fun. That’s key. You do you.

Getting mental is huge… Anyone else wanna add…???????

INTJ x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindope: (Jk it´s Gryffindoll ok you´re perfect) The Gryffindor INTJ has accepted the fact that social interaction is the key to achieve their goal. They have adopted the manners, but not the mindset and the smile. They keep it real, and easily feel the pain of others - they just don´t bother pondering too much on it, they act instead. Think Sherlock: "Does me caring change anything?" - That´s the Gryffindor INTJ in a nutshell. Street smart (they´ve taken courses).
  • Hufflederp: Occasional derps indeed. At least with their closest friends from Ravenclaw. They treasure company in small doses. Love fog and thunderstorms, and the silence when it snows. Very confident. More body-conscious than most other INTJs, realizing that bodily happiness (organized by the mind) leads to the soul´s happiness. Hence, they like to work out, having their food schedule meticulously organized. Think Arnie S., also in terms of mental obstinacy.
  • Ravenclan: Manners maketh man - they resemble their Gryffindor counterparts in that regard. They think that you can always educate yourself, by watching silently, by reading a book, by checking tabloids (although they browse through them quickly, they know what kind of content they´ll encounter). If "brain sexiness" actually exists, out of all the houses and types, they possess it. Own a chat group with their ISFJ Hufflepuff friend and doesn´t know how to react to the selfie spams.
  • Slippery: They seem to be the scariest. And they are, in fact, very scary, because Slytherin minds are like the abyssal sea. They like to isolate themselves and avoid interaction at all cost. They have pondered the universe a million times, trying to get to the core of all being, and the core values for the future. Stern with the gaze of a wolf. They love to observe and have an obsession with anything that seems beautiful to them. They identify star constellations with their ISFP friend from Ravenclaw.

Legday Wednesday!!! Today I focussed on slow reps n lightweight for a full activation of the muscles but also to help my knee recovery. For the first time in months ive tried to hit some deep squats! Felt great but as u can see i need more practice to be more stable AND i still need to be very careful with my right knee and it’s recovery. Always be safe, educate yourself and really respect n listen to your body! Leggo! 💪🏾❤️
Much thanks to my lil bro @gainsandpizza and my broski @hoddenbach for keeping an eye out on me n for the great session as always! 🙏🏾❤️
“Strength Will Overcome Limitations Everytime” @swoleoclock
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as a growing human being, u should always educate yourself about the struggles of others to better understand the world around you. idk why people are mad at you

oh well.


a lot of things happened tonight at our show in mesa, but i’m gonna address this first and foremost. everyone who follows me knows i was pretty vocal about not liking dallon. i was holding a grudge based on something long in the past. i couldn’t have imagined that dallon weekes would know who i am, or know some of the petty snarky things i’d say about him. i kind of suspected but i thought it was irrational. turns out, based on tonight, it wasnt irrational.

i wrote him a letter that boiled down to, “thanks for always trying to educate yourself. it means a lot. i’m grateful for all you do for panic! and i’m sending support your way.” i was writing letters for everyone in the band and i gave them to zack to deliver. i have been trying to unlearn a lot of the pettiness i’ve felt towards dallon. he tweeted me the above tweets and i responded as such.

he didn’t reply to any of those tweets, but during the concert tonight, in between songs, i caught his glance and he pointed at me and said very clearly “thank you.” it was super surreal honestly and i’m still kind of going nuts.

so call this the end of an era.

TITLE: Judging Books By Covers

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Eight

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki is cast out into a castle in his Jotun form, under a spell that will return him to his Aesir one if he learns to accept himself for who he is, not what he looks like, and can find another who will do the same. Angry and repulsed by his own appearance, Loki fears he will live out his days as the monster he so greatly loathes. 


Lagertha paced for the entire morning. Stefan, though a cook, was more than happy to be able to do as Lagertha had asked and rode to the village with a letter for its magistrate, though completely unaware of the biological link between the officiate and the woman who as good as ruled the Winter Palace. He returned soon after with a verbal reply. Ever since his return, Lagertha had failed to sleep and was just as restless the next morn.

“Darling please, sit, eat, rest, do anything but pace, you are fretting far too much, I fear you will indent the floor such is the amount of times you have walked over it repeatedly.” Loki pleaded. He watched her helplessly from his own rooms.

“What am I to do?”

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anonymous asked:

what is advice would you give to girls?

never, ever base your education goals around a boy. If you want to get a banging education, you get a banging education. Always choose yourself over a boy, you are more important.