always each other

one of my very favorite clexa things is that whenever clarke is pissed enough to actually get aggressive with lexa, like physically grab her in her attempt to make a point or whatever,

lexa never retaliates the same way. all she does is she gets this dangerous look on her face and moves a little closer, puts herself in clarke’s bubble and like wordlessly asks her if she thought this through.

because we all know that lexa, as a well-trained warrior, could physically disarm clarke in about two seconds but no instead she unnerves the daylights out of her and makes her rethink everything she’s done in the last three years that led her to this point, just by getting really, really close to her face.

We all know John is protective of Sherlock. We know the chief called him a weirdo and John punched him in the nose without a second thought. But can you imagine how much even more that’ll show once they’re together, like

They’re walking in a tube station and someone shoves past Sherlock and John just yells “Hey! Watch it!” Or they’re on a walk in the park and somebody throws a ball that nearly hits Sherlock in the head but not before John can intercept it and calls out to them, “D'you mind?” Just motioning from the ball to Sherlock with a look of disbelief as if they’d been aiming for some expensive artifact

Listen I’m just trying to highlight that John loves his boyfriend and wants to take good care of him


CBX miss their members ; u ;


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.

do you ever stop and think about the fact that the ruthless commander of the thirteen clans, who wore war paint and kicked people off her big-ass tower, and the badass eighteen-year-old sky girl who took no shit, sassed who ever the fuck she felt like (even men who were twice her size) and was a fierce leader, held hands while they kissed in bed?