always draw when i shouldn't

Put “GET FLUFFY” In my askbox and I’ll have no choice but to be a fluffy mcfluffertin and use a number generator to see what fluff u get

9. Piggyback ride

…Now before you get any /sick/ ideas, he fell asleep on my back. I found the poor thing on a train that I had to take for Prime Minister business. After giving him a proper meal and getting to know this bo- Eeez… I decided to at least let him stay with me for a few days. Or at least until he wants to go back with his little family. He told me he’s waiting for someone very important to come back. I couldn’t very well take him away from a promise so important. Its important to keep your promises, irmao. He wouldn’t stop talking about you and how much he misses you. Never break your promises to children, @badlydrawntykimikk.